Thursday, August 02, 2007


It was a shame that Chase Utley, Ryan Madson, Shane Victorino, and Michael Bourn got hurt when the Phillies were playing arguably their best ball of the season and making a push for a spot in the playoffs. However, the way the Phils have played the last two games is shameful, because they're back to pitching poorly, playing shoddy defense, and performing like crap in situational hitting. Utley and Victorino did "all the little things right" that were important to winning, and without them this is going to be a very long DL stint.

Shame- Ryan Howard can't play defense, make consistent contact, or do anything beside hit homeruns. He dropped a foul pop-up and botched a throw on a JC Romero pickoff of Soriano that cost the Phils 2 outs last night. Howard also struck out with the bases loaded and no outs in the 1st inning and made the 1st out of an inning at 3rd base later in the game. I'm a fan of Howard's because I like sluggers, but that's all he can do. It's a shame that he doesn't play smarter more fundamentally sound baseball. 4 k's last night...good job buddy!

Shame- Our left-handed relievers can't throw strikes. JC Romero loaded the bases last night with walks, but luckily escaped without giving up a run (not that it mattered in the end). Our lefties in the bullpen have combined to walk 37 batters in only 36 innings: (walks) Romero- 11, Matt Smith- 11, Fabio Castro- 5, and Mike Zagurski- 10.

Shame- Our leadoff hitter hasn't been Vic, Bourn, or J-Roll the past 2 games. Who has it been? The prototypical leadoff hitter Greg Dobbs on Tuesday and the strung-out coke-head Chris Roberson wonder we're back to losing.


*Afternoon game in Wrigley today to wrap up the 4 game series (2:20 start). Phils desperately need to win in what will be Kyle Lohse's Phillies debut. I hope he throws a gem just so we can get some momentum back on our side and head to the land of beer and cheese (Milwaukee) on a high note.

*To answer the question of Iguchi moving to 3rd when Utley comes back- (from Though he doesn't have to think about it yet, Manuel said that playing third base is an option for Tadahito Iguchi when Utley returns. He said Iguchi will probably take grounders there. "You have to watch him take ground balls, see how he reacts," Manuel said. "He's played mostly second the last two or three years. I'd like to see how he throws and how he reacts. It's a reaction more than a range."



BloodStripes said...

That would be a good idea having Gooch play third.

Jacobin said...

Considering how Burrell has been hitting and getting on base for over a month now, he should be batting third where is lack of speed will not be a detriment with Howard hitting behind him. Burrell's walks and double were wasted last night in the six hole... with Pat hitting third, Rollins can stay in the lead-off spot.

At least that's how I'd handle the lineup with Utley out, but we already know that I'm not a major league manager... speaking of boneheaded managerial moves, did you notice Pinella pulled his starting pitcher in the middle of a Jamie Moyer at bat? Is Fuqua rubbing off on Lou?

GM-Carson said...

Jimmy needs to go back into the leadoff spot immediately. Iguchi then bats 2nd, with either Rowand/Burrell in the 3 hole (other bats behind Howard in 5 spot).

These injuries are going to screw us!

BloodStripes said...

Yep. Jimmy back at leadoff. Dobbs bat sixth.

Kent said...

Rollins has to leadoff right now. The team would be better suited to plug him at the top, then fill the third hole with any one of three or four guys. Rowand, Burrell, Dobbs... they'd all be better suited to hit third than Dobbs is to hit leadoff. Crazy,

GM-Carson said...

Gillick really needs to find a fill-in outfielder too, because I don't know how long we can suffer through Werth and Roberson...they suck beyond belief.

Scotty said...

I think you have to bat Rowand in the 3 spot right now, for two reasons. 1). he is arguably the hottest hitter in the bigs since the all-star break and with Rollins and Iguchi at the top of the order, he will have a chance to drive in more runs instead of hitting behind Howard (who isnt on base enough, and often ends scoring threats with double play balls or wiffs) and Burrell, (who although is on base often due to his recent hitting surge and walks, doesnt run well).
2). Rowand runs better than Howard and Burrell and by hitting in the 3 hole, he has a better chance of scoring from 1st on a double or socring from second on a base hit than either of those two do. It could lead to the Phils scoring a few more funs and to Burrell and Howard picking up a few more RBI's. Of course Howard has to hit something when he swings to do that but thats another post.

I think I would forget about the traditional righty, lefty, righty lineup and I would hit Rowand, Burrell, Howard in the middle of the order. I think that due to the higher on base percentages of Rowand and Burrell, Howard will get a few more pitches to hit in the fifth spot because pitchers will have to come into the strike zone to get him out.

SirAlden said...

1 Rollins SS
2 Iguchi 2B
3 Rowand CF
4 Howard 1B
5 Burrell LF
6 Dobbs 3B
7 Coste C
8 Robertson RF

If only one of the two OFers were not hurt!

GM-Carson said...

Let me take this opportunity to make it abundantly clear that I hate the Phillies option of starting RF's right now. Dobbs is not meant to field out there, Roberson can't hit, and Werth sucks!

J-Roll back to leadoff immediately, with Gooch 2nd, and Rowand 3rd...better chances at runs like Scotty suggested.

Jacobin said...

Philadelphia newspapers are reporting that the reason Mateo was sent to Reading instead of Ottawa is totally related to his pending legal issues. Basically he needs to stay in the U.S.

GM-Carson said...

Thank you Mr. Lawyerman Jacobin. So will you be puttig the bad guys like Mateo behind bars or fighting for the scum bags?

Anonymous said...

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GM-Carson said...

Have fun in Cali whoever the hell you are!

Anybody tuning into the game this afternoon? I'll be on here if so.

GM-Carson said...

This is ridiculous. Kyle Lohse gets nailed by a line drive and is knocked out of the game after one inning with a contusion on the right arm. This madness needs to stop!

Also ridiculous is Jayson Werth batting leadoff today...get a clue Charlie!

GM-Carson said...

From ESPN's Jayson Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings- Another GM told us he felt sorry for the Phillies because they'd just suffered an injury to the most irreplaceable player on their team. Chase Utley? Nope. He was talking about the Flyin' Hawaiian, rising star Shane Victorino. "Losing Victorino is probably as devastating as losing Utley," the GM said. "And I really mean that. He just has an energy about him. He's a smart, tough player who plays the game with an energy that affects other players."

While the Phillies' trades for Lohse and Julio Mateo didn't cause much applause, their quick acquisition of Tadahito Iguchi after Utley went down was nominated by two NL executives as the most underrated deal of the week. "I like Iguchi with that team," one said. "When the White Sox won the World Series, I thought he was the energy of that team, the way he played. He's one of those guys who does all the little things that makes everyone better." And another GM suggested that if the Phillies were smart, they wouldn't banish Iguchi to the bench after Utley's return. "When Utley comes back, I'd put him over at third," he said. "I don't have a doubt in the world that guy could play third for them in September."

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard's defense, or lack thereof, has cost the Phils 2 runs today. Really, he sucks all-around defensively. Misses a lot of grounders, throws like shit, and doesn't scoop low throws all that well. Hello AL, hello DH.

Pat Burrell is on fire still! 2 more hits today, one being a homerun.

Maximis said...

Why God why.

Just like a Philly team to make a decent trade and have him get hurt after one inning.

I hate my life.

BenJah said...

it is a shame. it's also a shame the the hottest girl at work is only 17. *sigh*

Jacobin said...

To answer the question, I will be putting the scumbags behind bars. I'm a prosecutor, and where I work at the crime rate is more than adequate to keep people like me busy for several lifetimes.

The new guy got hurt already? Wow. Unbelievable.

BloodStripes said...

Burrell continues the hot streak. He's our boy!

C'mon Phils....tack on another run or two.

Jacobin said...

Burrell's average has crept up to .268! He's not far from Howard's average (.271). I don't know what changed with Pat (and neither does he according to an interview I read the other day), but I hope he keeps it up.

BloodStripes said...

How hot is Chris Coste? .365 on the year. 3 for 5, 3 runs today. Awesome.

Put the ball in the vines Phillies.

Win it!!!

Jacobin said...

Well, there's another 10 spot. And yes, Coste was great today and he's been good all year... too bad the front office wasn't clamoring for him to be playing in Philadelphia the entire season like the fans were!

Los said...

Hey, at least the Phils found a way to win today. Hopefyl Lohse isn't hurt too bad, but the bullpen toughed out 8 innings today.

We need the starter to pitch a complete game tomorrow.

Bob D said...

Rollins SS
Iguchi 2B
Coste C/3B
Howard 1B
Rowand CF
Burrell LF
Dobbs 3B/Ruiz C
Roberson/Werth RF
JD Durbin and his 364 BA at pitcher

Barajas/Helms not in the lineup permanantely.

knicksgirl0917 needs to just leave for that trip, my advice is to take I-35 to Cali.

Lohse will likely not miss any games with his injury.

Jacobin said...

When Carson was going on vacation, he had predicted (as a joke, I assume) that Pat Burrell would go on a 23-game hit streak. While Pat has not hit in 23 consecutive games (he has hit safely in the last 11), it is notable to point out that Burrell is batting over .500 in his last 23 games. Un-fuqua'ing-believable.

Jacobin said...

I should also add that Burrell has reached base for 23 straight games. Oh, how the improbable has come to fruition.

das411 said...

damn and that bullpen sure does keep things interesting, doesn't it?

SirAlden said...

Justin Germano Watch...

San Diego Record During Justin Germano's Last 8 Starts

1 Win and 7 Losses

GM-Carson said...

I can't believe the Phils won that game, it felt like they were losing most of the way. Yet another 10 Spot for the good guys kicks arse!

That prediction I made for Burrell and his hitting streak was made in jest, but now the man is the hottest hitter on the planet...I'm loving it!

BloodStripes said...

Very good win. Good to see Werth come through. Burrell is ripping. I think even he is suprising himself. He sure looks happy, even bemused by his streak. Ha! Its great to see. He's always had a good eye right? Able to draw walks. Just too often he didn't swing at the good pitch. Now he's swinging at them his average is skyrocketing along with a few of those balls going yard.

Kicking arse! Phils have won 10 of their last 13 games.

Brewers are getting the wobbles. Lets take advantage. Good luck rookie Kendrick to start it off.