Friday, August 03, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Phamily Reunion

It's been a year since WSBGM's launched the Phillies Phlashback Phridays tributes to Phillies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. We have featured some players that were fan favorites (Juan Samuel), some that were hated (Gregg Jefferies), some no-talent ass-clowns (Reggie Taylor), and some that were simply forgotten (Dave Stewart). Please take this time to reminisce with me and flashback on the Phlashbacks.

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: (from most recent to oldest)
1. John Mabry
2. Reggie Taylor
3. Glenn Wilson
4. Juan Samuel
5. Terry Harmon
6. Bobby Munoz
7. Lowell Palmer
8. Ricky Williams
9. Vuk
10. Ken Jackson & Brad Moore
11. Barry Jones & Don Robinson
12. Hanukkah Edition
13. Black Phriday Edition
14. Jay Baller
15. The Jordans
16. Gregg Jefferies
17. Chuck McElroy & Todd Frohwirth- my personal favorite.
18. Tom Prince
19. Doug Jones
20. The Contributors
21. Rico Brogna
22. Dave Stewart
23. Mike Maddux
24. Lenny Webster
25. Norm Charlton
26. The Dickies
27. Danny Tartabull & Mike Jackson
28. Joe Boever- the man who started it all off.


Something in the Water?:
*I think the Surgeon General and FDA need to come an examine the Phillies water coolers, because this injury bug is spreading quicker than Pamela Anderson's legs. Latest victim- Kyle Lohse, who was knocked out of his Phils debut after just 1 inning because he took a seething liner off of his pitching arm...this is just getting ridiculous.

*Whatever is in Pat Burrell's water (more like hip flask) needs to be pumped intravenous into his body for the remainder of his Phillies contract. At the beginning of July his average was down to .201, now with 3 more hits including another homerun yesterday, his average is up to a respectable .268.

*Yesterday was a strange game for the Phils offensively, because all 3 of our catchers had at bats in the game and all 3 came through with base hits (Coste 3, Barajas 1, Ruiz 1). I know that doesn't sound all the amazing, but Barajas was batting .207 entering the at bat and Chooch was marred in a terrible slump. Also of note in the victory was Jayson Werth's day at the plate from the leadoff spot knocking in 4 runs on 3 hits including his 2nd and 3rd doubles of the season. Hell, even Chris Roberson added to the hit parade, upping his season average to .500. All this offense brought in another 10 Spot for the good guys. So seriously, what's in the water?



BloodStripes said...

A very fine collection of Phlashbacks there bro. Top notch work.

What's in the water?


Go Phillies!!!

GM-Carson said...

Word is Lohse will be ready for his next start. Durbin did a good job filling in for 3 innings. He may have given up 3 runs, but Howard's defense and the homeplate umpire squeezing him lead to some of that.

Kendrick needs to go at least 7 strong tonight.

Jacobin said...

I know we split against the Cubs, but I'll be happy if we don't see that umpiring crew again for a while. The strike zone was squeezed more than in a few games there. When Romero got two quick outs and then walked the next three batters, I swore two of those walks should have been strike outs. Anyway, onto Milwaukee where we need to take at least two out of three!

goDuke said...

Go Phils! You're my boy Burrell.

GM-Carson said...

Burrell certainly is everyone's boy lately. I'm loving it, because it was so unexpected.

2 out of 3 against the Brew Crew would be good, sweep would be better though.

Cubs need to beat up on the Mets this weekend. Hope Zambrano chucks a shutout tonight.

GM-Carson said...

I usually don't talk much about other teams on here, but the Braves are scary good now that they've added Teixeira to their offense. Take a look at this lineup: (avg./ops

1. LF- Willie Harris (.324/.82) & Matt Diaz (.345/.848) platoon
2. SS- Edgar Renteria (.336/.879)
3. 3B- Chipper Jones (.335/1.010)
4. 1B- Mark Teixeira (.296/.936)
5. CF- Andruw Jones (.219/.749) and improving of late
6. C- Brian McCann (.264/.773)
7. RF- Jeff Francouer (.306/.804)
8. 2B- Kelly Johnson (.296/.887)

Bench- Yunel Escobar (.329/.787)

Holy Sh*t!!!

GM-Carson said...

Howard in the last two series:

5-26, 3R, 3RBI, 0HR, .192/.343/.269

And the big number: 15Ks

We can get this type of production from Nunez.

Tony said...

We can get this type of production from Nunez.

We can probably get that kind of production from a randomly selected group of bloggers.

GM-Carson said...

You heard it here first- Ryan Howard has a huge series in Milwaukee with 2 bombs and a handful of rbi. That's what I'm hoping for at least.

Kendrick against the Brewers' lineup is kind of scary because they're loaded with young guys that like to hit...hopefully he can keep rolling.

Bob D said...

Carson, that will be two bombs a night from Howard. Also Burrell will end the year with 42 HRS. Whats in the water here?

Kendrick ROY canidate if he keeps winning??? maybe

Bob D said...

Paul Hagan must be smoking pot, heres a quote from an article he wrote "Manuel is in the last year of his contract. He deserves to be told as soon as possible that he will be back in 2008. Because even if it all comes crashing down now, it's difficult to see how, under the circumstances, the blame can be pinned on him.

He probably won't be manager of the year, but an extension would be a fair acknowledgment of a job well done."

Bob D said...

I can't wait to read the response to that! LOL

GM-Carson said...

Paul Hagan was just sent an annoymous letter bomb (j/k). What the hell is snortin'? I do have the bad feeling of Manuel getting a contract extension though, I actually predicted it before the season started, even down to the Manager of the Year which he's in the running for despite being clinicly retarded.

Jacobin said...

The Braves adding Teixeira bothered me less than their picking up Dotel. Even still, I saw screw the stinking Braves. I'm sick of seeing that team choke in the first round of the playoffs in a ballpark with a ton of empty seats. I'm glad the Braves traded away pretty much the top 4 or 5 prospects they had in their system. Teixeira was offered a contract extension totaling about $180 million by the Rangers... he and Scott Boras turned that down. So if the Braves are planning on holding onto him, it's going to cost a ton of money (good, screw them into an untenable position).

Jacobin said...

But hey, the news of the day may be that Barajas has just been placed on the 15-day disabled list! The Phils claim he has a groin pull (I figure it is self inflicted because this guy has been a jerk-off all season).

GM-Carson said...

I don't give a flying flip that Barajas ended up the DL, but it's another injury nonetheless. Looks like Jars of Clay Condrey was recalled for the 107th this season...frequent flyer miles to be sure.

GM-Carson said...

From Second baseman Chase Utley, first baseman Ryan Howard, right fielder Shane Victorino, outfielders Jayson Werth and Michael Bourn and pitchers Brett Myers, Gordon, Rosario, Ryan Madson (twice), Jon Lieber (twice), Freddy Garcia (twice) and Scott Mathieson have been or still are on the disabled list...and now Rod Barajas. Francisco Rosario has been moved to the 60 day DL to make room on the 40 man roster.

Reagan316 said...

My Rod Barajas voodoo doll that I kick in the groin every day has finally worked. Coste should be a lock to stay up in the majors now, but you never know with the Phils.

Now I just need to get my Gavin Eaton voodoo doll to work.

Jarex said...

A couple of thoughts after watching yesterday's win:

-Lohse is a nibbler - his ball seems fat heading up to the plate. Durbin seems to have good movement on his fastball, and the ball seems small. I'd rather have him in that slot than Lohse.

-Durbin was completely hungover during the game, or was still drunk. He looked like he'd gotten hit by a car in the 4th inning.

-The umpire will pinch you until you prove you can throw strikes. Unwritten yet well known rule.

-At one point, Burrell and Helms were on base while Coste was hitting. I'd never seen so many concrete feet in one place in my life.

-Pat Burrell has a great life. Makes $13 mill to bat .268, hit a few dingers and not even have to play the entire game. Talk about banker's hours. The guy must laugh himself to sleep at night (on a pile of money, surrounded by beautiful women no less)

That's all I got - here's hoping for a sweep of the 'Crew while the Cubs do the same to the Snets.

Bob D said...

Barajas injured? Long Live Coste!

Kendrick needs to go 8+ innings tonight to give the pen a rest

Jacobin said...

I'll be surprised if Charlie let's Kendrick pitch that many innings. So far he's kept the kid to low pitch counts. We just need to keep winning.

Bob D said...

All right Burrell another dinger!

Who would pinch hit for Dobbs with Nunez??? Manuel apperently

Bob D said...

Maybe Jacobin could find "just cause" to detain Manuel for the remainder of the season.

Jacobin said...

Burrell keeps hitting... too bad no one else really did. Kendrick pitched well enough to deserve a win, it's a shame he didn't get it.

Jacobin said...

Bob, I'm considering your suggestion, but the problem is that without just cause you can't really detain him for that length of time. You'd need for someone to be charged with a crime serious enough to keep him within the state. While it is true that most bail conditions will require someone to stay within the county the offense took place (if the person lives there), it is not unreasonable or unlikely for someone to get a bail condition that would permit them to leave the area (especially for work). You could keep him in the country (consider the Mateo situation), but the Expos are now in Washington so that doesn't really help him.

I think you need a non-criminal solution. Perhaps involuntary commitment in a psychiatric institution initiated by someone with the proper relationship to bring such an issue to the forefront. But while I may consider the managing moves to be insane, I don't think that would fly with the courts and professional psychiatric caregivers.

Maybe there's a 12-step program out there for shitty baseball management?

BloodStripes said...

We missed Utleys bat today. Burrell is cutting sick. Hamels to go get 'em tommorrow.

GM-Carson said...

That game was bull shit. Both rookie pitchers pitched nicely (Kendrick & Gallardo). Last night's loss gets blamed on Howard and Coste. 3 more k's for Ryan and Chris didn't hold on to the out at homeplate costing Kyle the deciding run.