Sunday, August 05, 2007

No Doubt About It

Bullpen throws 6.2 scoreless.
Wes Helms knocks in two in the 11th.
Jose Mesa picks up the save.
Never a doubt.


I hate to complain after a great comeback win, but...

It took Manuel some time to realize he wasn't in the AL anymore. The double-switch, pitchers batting, no DH...all very confusing things to Ol' Fuqua. He seemed to get a handle on these things and I thought he finally made the transition to the NL...but I was wrong. He thinks he's in the NPB, not the NL. From Wikipedia:

In the Japanese baseball leagues (Nippon Professional Baseball), games go no longer than 12 innings. Games that are still tied after 12 innings are officially declared ties and are reflected in the team's record.

All those years Fuqua spent in Japan have really made an impression on him. But to say he's managing games like they end after 12 innings is still giving him the benefit of the doubt. I'm not sure if he understands the concept of extra innings.

Sunday's game was a great case-in-point. He used up his entire bench by the ninth inning. To be fair, Eaton left early and Roberson was an okay move to PR in the 9th, but does he have to use multiple third basemen every game? Then, he pulls JC Romero after 2 K's and a walk for Myers in the a tie game...on the road????? Romero can't go more than 3 batters? And he replaces him with a guy who threw his shoulder out a few months ago and is their biggest asset in the bullpen.

Of course in Sunday's game Myers went 1.1 scoreless, the Phils scored 2 in the 11th, Mesa [and Rowand] saved the win, and Manuel looked like a genius. But that definitely is an exception to recent trends. Six of the last seven losses have been by a single run and unless he figures this stuff out soon, it's going to be more of the same.



GM-Carson said...

Fuqua will never figure it out, his mental handicaps doesn't permit it.

Some #'s for you- Adam Eaton's era 6.09, whip 1.59, and avg. against glad we've got him 2 more seasons.

No-Hit Nunez is 2 for his last 23 and is now 1 for 16 pinch hitting this season.

Jacobin said...

Only two starting pitchers have worse ERAs than Eaton and both of them are in the American League. He's been awful, awful, awful.

furiousBall said...

Mesa hardly saved the game. He loads the bases and was saved by Phils defense. I don't think Braun was induced into hitting a warning track shot?

As crazy as times were with Mitch Williams in the game, I'd prefer his wildness vs. the old hittable Mesa and Alfonseca. At least hitters were afraid of getting plunked with Mitch falling off the mound.

GM-Carson said...

As sad as this might sound, 6-Finger-Ant and Joe Table have been 2 of our most reliable relievers. Mesa may give you heart burn, but he's done a decent job since being picked up for vitually free.

Bob D said...

We can all recall atleast 5 or 6 games that were lost because of the bench and/or bullpen was mismanaged. How would 5 more wins sound right about now? Tied for first or leading the wild card!

Could you also picture Germano in the rotation instead of Eaton with the run support. He would be after 16 games not 6-6 but likely 9-5 with his 4.30 ERA.

GM-Carson said...

Of course there have been many mistakes this season so far, as is the case with every season. Letting Germano go for nothing was a mistake. Signing Eaton, Werth, and Barajas were mistakes. We had Jim Miller in Triple A and let him go in April, but now he's with the Marlins since some time in May and has an era in the low 2's...mistake! Then there's the mismanagement of the lineup, bench, starting pitchers, and bullpen all by yours truly...Sir Charles Fuqua Manuel. He's a legit retard on the IQ scale.

Frank said...

You all know I'm a fan of this blog. But, you know, it is about time people lay off Charlie.

The Phillies were behind the eight-ball the entire trip. Their ace got beat, no Chase Utley, Victorino, Bourne- that is two starters and their best sparkplug player (well, maybe Coste). Down a catcher too. A Vegas dog in every single game. They came into each series ultimate game needing to win to simply salvage the series- and to their credit they got both.

Basically, with the line-up, starting pitching and bullpen seemingly regressing each week, the Phillies do only one thing well right now. That is: show up and play hard for the manager.

They try. Facing each and every week with both, apparently, yet another heart sucking loss and injury, forced to rely on guys like Burrell and Jose Mesa, they grimly take the field with the sort of determination you associate with the defense of Bataan.

I was never a big fan of Charlie- let’s call it neutral. But let’s face it- the manager has kept the guys moving forward for about a year now: fire sales, injuries, bad starts, mis-cast players- the team just keeps playing.

The book on Charlie has always been he isn’t the best game-day leader. He makes mistakes, he plays weird hunches.

But his one catagorical strength is guys play for him- and these guys absolutely play for him. No matter what has been thrown at the Phillies the last eleven months, the club definitely shows up.

And we all know that under Nick Leyva or Jim Fergosi this club would have been left for dead May 1st.

Jacobin said...

Germano has not been good for quite a few starts now. This may be because he's been around the league long enough for teams to have a better idea of what he's doing and he's yet to adjust, or maybe he was getting lucky early. That being said, he'd still be better than Eaton has been.

As for laying off Charlie, I will admit that the one thing this team doesn't do is quit on him. His in-game decisions and moves are often suspect, and too many times moronic. But the players keep trying for him, and that does mean something. So perhaps if you can say there are 5 games he blew outright, you might be able to argue that there are another 2 or 3 that they might have lost for not pushing the whole time under another manager.

The team seems to like him, as no one as thrown him under the bus. Does that count for something? Yes, I think it does. But it doesn't give him a free pass on his penchant for making jackass tactical maneuvers.

goDuke said...

I saw that dude that we got from Seattle last night in Reading. He pitched the 9th, looked pretty good. I saw that he had a 9.00 ERA coming (I think he gave up 2 in one of his first 2 outtings). He gave up one hit on a sawed off bat blooper over the 2nd baseman's head. I don't really care who he smacked around. He can't do worse then Clay Condrey or any of the other crap we trot out there. I say we bring him and see what he's got. He and Myers can be boys in the pen

Jacobin said...

I'd like to give Mateo the benefit of the doubt, if he's taking care of being a better human being. I was kind of put off from reports that seem to suggest that he's had two physical altercations with his wife this year (one in Seattle and the other in New York where the charges are pending). If he walks a clean line and goes through whatever the New York courts mandate him to do, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt that he's achieved some sort of rehabilitation. So, for now, I'm with you that we should probably see this guy pitching in Philadelphia sometime soon.

das411 said...

Would you guys really rather have a man still sitting on the bench when the game ends in a loss, than an empty bench in a tied game that goes into extras? I mean, I don't exactly expect Chuck to pull the old Davey Johnson trick of stashing a pitcher in RF and swapping guys between there and the mound if the game goes too long, but isn't it to his credit that the game even got that far?

Eaton, on the other hand is what he is, and not much more. He'll throw 8 shutout innings, like that Thome game vs the Chisox, and follow it up with bombs like his last few. That's who he is, and that's why he was available for us to sign this winter. Even after all of those bad Eaton innings, I'd still rather have him in the rotation for the next two years than Gavin Floyd or Ryan Madson, and the starter he came in to replace (the dearly departed Wolfman) has already suffered his annual injury. There's no point in revisiting what else would you have had Gillick do this past winter, but now that Loshe is here the team can use Durbin as the emergency long-man when Eaton does go bad, or they can actually get some damn offense from Ryan Howard and win some of these Eaton starts the fun way, no?

GM-Carson said...

Manuel keeps his players playing hard...well congratu-f'n-lations! I'm willing to admit this is probably the man's only strength. Thing about him being the manager is, he makes the decisions, and his decisions are retarded!

Das411- No, I wouldn't want a player sitting there on the bench to never be used if he had a chance at helping the club tie or take the lead in a game. Thing is, Manuel inserts players into situations where they're unlikely to succeed, or uses 3 f'n 3rd baseman in a game, and other bull shit like that.

GM-Carson said...

Our other blog, More Harball, is finally back with a new piece for those of you that actually care.

Jacobin said...

Here's one for the "where are they now" files. How dumb can people be?

Former Phillie found with loaded gun and cocaine.

GM-Carson said...

Jay Baller was one of the Phillies Phlashback Phridays. Check this past Friday's post for the link to his own corner of the WSBGM's world.