Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Make Em Say "Uhh"

The Phillies are No-Limit Soldiers, so salute and pass through the door son. Make 'em say uhh...UHH! Na-nah, na-nah...Na-Nah, na-nah! Phils are gonna make 'em say UHH, gonna make 'em say OW, they're guaranteed to move the ever-lovin' crowd.

This offense is explosive, posting yet another 10 Spot last night. Ryan Howard walloped two offerings from Florida Marlins pitchers over the fence, Fence-Face added one of his own, and the rest of the crew was patient enough to walk 7 times and bang out 6 more hits other than the longball variety. You know things are going well when Nunez and Moyer each hit a double in the same game. The pitching was excellent last night and Grand Pappy went a solid 6 innings giving up only 1 run on 5 hits, and then The Real Deal Durbin came in and recorded his 1st save by pitching 3 shut out innings in relief of Moyer. Also in need of mention was Chris Roberson's soaring catch in CF during the 9th inning...he can't hit, but field he can. *Burrell's hit streak was snapped at 14 games though; and here I thought Joey D was in danger.


Smooth Criminal:
Jay Baller of totally awesome chest-hair fame and marginal pitching ability was arrested for playing with a gun and using drugs. He was apparently walking the line in his post-MLB days...a little white powdery line that is, as the drug was cocaine. Baller pitched in relief for the Phillies in '82 and '92 (first and last year of his career) and is also a Reading Phillies Hall of Fame member for his remarkable minor league stay there in 1979-1982. He now joins the loser ranks of Derek Bell.



goDuke said...

Its great to actually live in Reading (Muhlenberg Twp) and have seen the article in the Reading Eagle about that dude already. What a dumbass, snorting coke and playing with a gun, in the car, in broad daylight, in front of someone's house. Too funny. And some people have a problem with Mateo.

furiousBall said...

Dude, Jay Baller is encroaching on Paul Stanley territory with that sweater.

Kent said...

What's crazy is that the Phils are putting up number with Jayson Werth and Honest Abe Nunez in the lineup. What the hizzy is going on? Are they going to score 15-20 per when Chase and Shane come back?

Corey said...

furiousball, maybe they are the same person????

Jacobin said...

Okay, the Baller/Kiss picture kind of gave me the creeps. I'll try to keep an eye on what's going on with the former Phillie/current defendant. It's amazing how stupid people can be considering where he was doing what he was doing and the time of day it was going on. To say it was poor judgment may be an understatement.

GM-Carson said...

Nice Kiss/Baller pic...excellent body hair!

Hey Corey, maybe you could photoshop some of the Phillies players' heads on to players that are actually winner hoisting the World Series trophy, because that's about all the closer we'll get with this group.

GM-Carson said...

J-Roll running his mouth again (from FoxSports)- The way Jimmy Rollins and Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez exchanged laughs before Tuesday's game, it was hard to tell if Ramirez had any hard feelings toward the Phillies shortstop. But for a while earlier in the day, Ramirez suffered a bruised ego over a comment Rollins made. Talking about the high stock of talented shortstops in the NL East, Rollins was quoted in the Philadelphia Daily News as saying that Ramirez won't matter until the Marlins matter. "Hanley, in Florida, is just Hanley in Florida. I can throw him out of the books," Rollins told the newspaper. "Jose (Reyes) in New York - he's the man. He's in New York." When the Marlins clubhouse opened to the media Tuesday afternoon, players were huddled over a copy of the story, laughing and teasing Ramirez. Ramirez made a copy of the quote and taped it over his locker. Talking later to Marlins writers, Rollins said he did not intend to take a shot at Ramirez, but only meant to emphasize that Ramirez doesn't get the publicity he deserves because he plays in a small media market with poor attendance. "Put (Ramirez) in a big-market city and he'll be getting talked about the same way that guy in New York is," Rollins said. "You've got to have the fans show up the game in order to get that praise. Right now in Florida, they just don't come out.

*Maybe that's why Hanely promptly took Moyer yard in the top of the 1st...thanks Jimmy.

Also, word outta Phily is a late August/early September return for Utley...dammit!!!

GreggyD said...

I don't think Jimmy was trying to be a douchebag with his comment. Hanley Ramirez really doesn't get much face time because he plays for the Fish. People might be saying he's one of the best shortstops in the league if was putting up his numbers elsewhere. He's hitting .342 with 20 HRs and 55 RBIs. All going along with 33 doubles and 32 stolen bases. Those numbers are very good, but you don't hear people ranking Hanley up there with J Roll and Reyes very often, even though he is beating Reyes in every statistical category except for stolen bases.

The NL East is home to the top 3 shortstops in all of baseball. That's pretty amazing.

GM-Carson said...

GreggyD- don't forget Edgar Renteria of the Braves, he's pretty damn good in his own right. In fact, based on his age and hitting ability, he has a good shot at 3000 hits and the Hall.

GreggyD said...

You're absolutely right about Renteria. I just didn't include him because I was focusing on the top 3, but Renteria actually is probably the 4th best shortstop right now. .336, 11 HRs, and over 50 RBIs...pretty nice. Four of the best shortstops in the league and then you have...Felipe Lopez.

I know that the Red Sox love having Josh Beckett up there, but Hanley Ramirez would look pretty nice in their lineup. Beckett's worth more than Hanley simply because he's a pitcher, but the Marlins found a good trade partner in Boston for Beckett.

BenJah said...

rollins will always be ranked first in being a loudmouth fuck who shoots his mouth off when it is totally unnecessary. he's really good, but he's still soooo overrated. as long as he plays for my team, however, i will root for him. he'd still be better if he'd just shut up. you my boy j-roll! and burrell too!

Jacobin said...

It looks like we better put up another 10 tonight...

Bob D said...

Aaron Rowand with 34 doubles and 18 Hrs is now becoming our righty power bat. And now even Burrell doing well to balance out the lineup.

Jacobin said...

That's three wins in a row... we could use some more. It's hard to figure how I want this Mets and Braves series to go considering both of them are our competition.

GM-Carson said...

At this point in the season, I just want the Mets and Braves to beat up on each other and when it comes time for one of those teams to play the Phils we handle business, or like the homies would say "bidnit". Braves are coming to town this weekend, a sweep or at least 2 outa 3 would be ideal.

Jacob said...

Carson, thanks for the comment on my blog ( I am from good ol' Lancaster, PA. A strong Phillies area which, somehow, can't get its own radio broadcasts of the Phillies... having to rely instead on catching a station from Reading or Philly itself. (At least I've had cable this year so I can watch 'em when I'm at home.)

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