Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kentucky Fried Phillies

I was in Philadelphia this weekend on a "weekend getaway" type visit, and because it was supposed to be a relaxing trip, I refrained from hopping on the Orange Line to catch one of the debacles down in south Philly. I did watch a good bit of Phillies action though. Problem is, the freaking Doubletree charged 10 bucks a day for internet access so I wasn't able to throw down any words until now. Here is my take on the weekend action.

First, Milton Bradley. Lots of things can be said about his actions on Friday and Saturday. Words like arrogant, selfish, inappropriate and disrespectful come to mind. But regardless of what you, I or anybody else thinks about his infuriating performance, what he did do was come in to Citizens Bank Park and dominate. He made Philadelphia - the fans, the team, the cheesesteaks, everything - his bitch. I wouldn't want Bradley on my team, but just once I would love to have a Phillie stick it in the face of the opposing team like that. Was there any doubt the Padres would win the game after his 8th inning shot? No way. Bradley had won it with his bat and his mouth.

Of course, Bradley can pose and jabber all he wants, because the Phils aren't going to stop him. The title of this post isn't in reference to the Phils' playoff chances, but rather their unwillingness to stick one in Bradley's ribs. With two outs in the top of the 5th and the Phils holding a 10 run lead, Bradley flew out to centerfield. No way should he have gotten a chance to swing. The Padres made sure to impress upon Carlos Ruiz their feelings about his slide into second on Friday, yet Bradley's actions go unpunished. It shows a lack of heart, a lack of fight, and a lack of leadership. I don't mean to bring up 1993 for every topic, but would this have happened then? Would Hollins, Kruk, or Daulton be satisfied by the Phils' response? Probably not, they would be as disappointed as I am now..
Bob Ford Is Retarded
Bob Ford, "writer" for the Inquirer, is described on their website as a "general assignment writer with a specialty in Olympic sports." I think they meant to write that he participates in Special Olympics, because Bob wrote a piece for Sunday called, "Believe it: Manuel is manager of the year," that is truly "special." Here are the reasons Ford gives for Manuel as Manager of the Year:

1. He has "[held] together a team that should be splintered and sinking."
2. "They have played every game hard."

That's it. Twenty paragraphs. One thousand words. Two crappy arguments. One giant cliche.

His points against Manuel are better. "Charlie Manuel hasn't become more adept this season at public speaking. He hasn't trimmed the wild hairs of his in-game strategies...He hasn't challenged his team publicly." So he's an unintelligent, poor game manager who's laissez-faire attitude has seemingly created a team susceptible to intimidation without the fire and fortitude to fight back? Okay, I buy that a little more.

And just in case you do see how ridiculous his article is and may want to disagree, Ford preempts your alternate viewpoint by mocking you. He says, "This won't sit well with the howling hyenas of this town, who, right this moment, have gone to the kitchen drawer to find crayons so they can scrawl their e-mails on the screen of mom's computer." What a pompous ass. What's worse than insulting your readers, is recycling an old blond joke (white out on computer screen, yadda, yadda...) to do it. Weak, Bob, very weak.
Also from the Inquirer: "General manager Pat Gillick said the Phils had no interest in the Braves' Bob Wickman (3-3, 3.92 ERA, 20 saves in 26 chances) or the Dodgers' Brett Tomko, who were designated for assignment. "We just can't fit them on our roster," Gillick said." Is Wickman better than Tom Gordon? Yes. Okay, found a spot for him. Seriously though, they can't find a roster spot for a veteran reliever with a sub-4 ERA and a chip on his shoulder? Is John Ennis that valuable? I just don't get it.



GM-Carson said...

I give credit to Milton Bradley, the man had a helluva series against us. He should have taken one in the spine yesterday. How many teams has he gotten himself essentially kick off of now?

Bob Ford is a moron. This manager of the year stuff for Manuel needs to stop. If anything, the Phils are winning despite his retardedness. I'm sure he's a great motivator, but I'm also sure he sucks at managing.

Bob Wickman is a funny fat guy, and I'd much rather have him on our bullpen instead of about every single member of our current crapfest.

Series against the Mets starts it matters.

Maximis said...

I saw the Manuel article and went to the game on Saturday.

That article was hilarious (I especially liked that he started by comparing Manuel and why he's better than the Nats manager), and the Saturday game now marks the second of three late inning Phils defeats I've been at in the last week (the other being their collapse at Pittsburgh before the rain delay). I'm feeling like I may need to avoid going to Phils games for awhile...

And how are we still in 2nd for the wild card?

Bob D said...

4 against the Mets. A sweep could really help. But I believe Eaton will be serving up batting practice on Tuesday, even though Castro proved to be better.

Wickman rather than .... Mesa? Gordon? Sanches? and the list goes on.

Bob Ford doesn't hit on bench and bullpen mismanagement.

BenJah said...

just to continue from yesterday:

the yanks do outspend everyone, but they aren't so far ahead of the red sox and mets that those teams get a pass. they have just as much money, or very nearly as much, so why do they bitch like they are mid market?? if you still don't get it, i have three words for you: J D Drew! 75 million for that loser, and 100million for dice-k. we're not talking about cleveland or kansas city here. and as far as the yankees spending habits, it's not like they dont have the money either. none of these teams are going to the poor house by paying these players.

i am going to stop this thread now. i have arguing about yanks and sox b/c it's so stupid. it's like trying to walk fuqua through the double switch routine, only it makes less sense.

SirAlden said...

It used to be you could sign Great Free-Agent Starter. Those days are long gone.

Take a look at this - from a good site

Bob Dutton's article notes that the Royals have a good $30MM to burn this winter, but want to focus on adding a starting pitcher. Here's another look at the list. There are a number of interesting plays the Royals should consider - Freddy Garcia, Matt Clement, Bartolo Colon, Kyle Lohse, and even Curt Schilling.

After reading this three things come to mind. One, these guys are not Great Free-Agent Starters. Two
they will be significantly overpaid (Garcia current MRI, or the much moaned about lack of an MRI last winter are non-issues).

Three, the Phillies have an in with the best three options of the five luke warmers - Garcia, Lohse, and Schilling. Because I see Schilling only being able to get one year, I think we will see him back here next year.

SirAlden said...

Next Years Free-Agent whoopies are

Santana LSP

Cabrerra 3B-LF

I think we are targeting them both and will have stuff to trade by then.

SirAlden said...

What is important about Wickman, is not signing him, but that a good team gets rid of people.

furiousBall said...

Milton is an idiot, but he's actually kinda funny. Guys that demonstrative usually can't handle frustration well. (e.g. Terrell Owens) His numbers speak for themselves...but he also speaks for them. A lot.

The Phils are still in the playoff picture because the NL is so weak. I think Charlie has done well with a couple of players, Pat Burrell being one of them.

I feel bad for Tom Gordon, that shoulder is killing him. Phils should shut him down and pick up Wickman. If anything, Gordon is only going to hurt his value pitching right now from either from the medical or the performance perspective.

Jacobin said...

It's off topic, but I just heard the Michael Vick statement where he apologizes for lying to the NFL Commissioner, the owner of the Falcons, and his head coach for lying to their faces. He mentioned how he has found Jesus. I can't help but thinking that the dogs would have liked it much better if Vick had found Jesus prior to hanging, electrocuting, and drowning them.

Jacobin said...

Oh, I also heard that Lo Duca will be activated for this Mets-Phillies series. If I remember correctly, he's still owed a fastball in the earhole for the little homo dance he did earlier this season in a game against the Phils. But considering everybody's favorite teammate and fan friend Milton Bradley didn't get put on his ass on Sunday, I don't expect Paul Lo Douche-bag will get his comeuppance.

McD said...

I agree that Ford's article was absurd. Anybody who honestly feels that Charlie Manuel should be the Manager of the Year needs to have their head examined.

Ford's article was insulting and petty. The only reason he likes Manuel is because Fuqua had the balls to go after Howard Eskin....something the pussys in the print media have not had the guts to do, despite all their whining about The Chief and 610.

You can see why print journalism is in such decline. Bob Ford is exhibit A.

GM-Carson said...

I can understand giving Manuel credit for keeping the players motivated, but to go as far as suggesting he's deserving of manager of the year is retarded...just about as retarded as Manuel is.

I hate Paul LoDucca and want him beaned, but we've got pansy pitchers. Seriously, Durbin is going to suck and give up runs anyway, might as while put him in the dirt instead of giving up a hit.

GM-Carson said... has the Phils being interested in former Phillie Carlos Silva as a starter next year. How about...NO!!! He is a pitch-to-contact pitcher that gives up plenty of hits with very low strikeout rates...basically like Kyle Kendrick. Our rotation does not need 2 of those type pitchers, plus Kendrick is younger and cheaper, with much more upside.

Los said...

Good to see the Phils saved all of their run scoring for Sunday ... ugh!

Bob D said...

The SP freeagent class is very weak. We will likely see the Phils keep Lohse and/or trade for a starter. Another move that may be made is put Meyers back in the rotation:
And/Or a player traded for.

With Carrasco, Mathieson, Castro, and a few others in the mix for call ups.

However more $$$ should be put into the bullpen with a complete rebuilding.

Next years position players will remain mostly intact and resigning Rowand will make a trade more likely.

chuckm said...

So, the Mets series isnt even like a showdown at this point, but in a weird way, the Go Phigures could actually surprise us. I will just hope for a split and not to lose any more ground to the Padres.

Jacobin said...

I'll be amazed if they resign Rowand. He's played himself into a position to receive a big payday, and that is something this team is unlikely to give. The Yankees had interest in Rowand when he wound up going to the Phillies, and those overspending goons will be looking for a centerfielder this offseason.

SirAlden said...

Should have kept Branyan, and dropped a worthless shitty pitcher.

How many mop up pitchers do you need till Sept 1st?

Jacobin said...

Here's some random crap I've read this evening.

John Ennis having pitched this weekend became the 27th pitcher used by the Phillies this season, which is pretty remarkable/pathetic when you consider the roster is 25 players total.

Brett Myers said he should not have called a reporter a "retard" after the game he blew the other night. Myers said that he should have called him an "idiot." It's nice to know Brett is still focused on the asshole reporter rather than the shitty pitches he threw.

Utley will be back in tonight's lineup, which is good. However, Charlie Manuel said this will move Uguchi into a utility role because he will not be playing third base... what's the utility then? I don't see him lifting Utley or Rollins for a late inning replacement. Uguchi seems destined to get very few starts and will serve as a pinch hitter (probably when the bench is completely used up by Fuqua in the sixth inning of most games).

Bob D said...

Yeah, Phils activated Rheal Cormier!

Oh sorry that happened 6 years ago (2001). Now there was real pitcher.

Jacobin said...

Ha! Burrell goes deep again against the Mets. I love how he kills that team. It's been his one redeeming quality, even through his shittiest of seasons.

SirAlden said...

Durbin Pitching a Perfect Game through 4.

Fewer hits than innings pitched this year, lots and lots of walks though.

Bob D said...

Interesting stat here:
Jason Werth (who has double twice tonight with 1 RBI) in the last month has 368 BA, 4 2B, 1 3B, 3 HR, 17 RBI, 2 SB, 12 Runs. That is actually quite impressive for a part time player (68ABs).

Maria said...

Good to see Chase hit that homerun.

SirAlden said...

Never ever comment on a No-Hitter. Next batter up doubled.

If we can keep Eaton off the mound it will make me very happy.

Get rid of Mesa for god's sakes.

das411 said...


Maria said...

What the hell has gotten into Jayson Werth? 9 for his last 9.

Welcome back CHASE!

BloodStripes said...

Awesome win. Way to go Phils. Utley is awesome.

BloodStripes said...

Everything is awesome after a good win over the mutts.

chuckm said...

Meet the Mets
Eat the Mets
Step right up and beat the Mets
Bring your crack pipe, bring your knife
Guaranteed the worst time of your life
Because the Mets are really scratching their balls
Watching their bullpen lose them all
East Coast, West coast
Everybodys coming down
to BEAT the M-E-T-S of New York town

Jacobin said...

I hate hearing the lousy Mets fans chanting and cheering when they games are played at Citizen's Bank Park. Well tonight our boys shut those lousy f^@#ers up. So very, very nice. I realize we are still five behind the queens from Queens, but I loved this win.

Let's recap some magnificent highlights!

* Utley returns and goes 3-5 with a homer to center. Finishes the night with two RBI and raises his average to a NL leading .339!

* Pat Burrell remains in the three-hole and produces! Another home run for him against the Mets.

* Jason Werth goes 4-4 and, let me get this straight, is 9-9 over his last few games?!?

* Charlie gets thrown out of the game with one out in the home half of the first inning. Somehow this does not prevent the team from using five pitchers on the night during a 9-2 blowout...

* Alfonseca, Romero, Gordon, and Condrey do not give up any runs in relief tonight. That right there's gotta be a first for this season!

Anyway, I'm way too excited right now to get to sleep like I should. Hopefully the offense keeps pounding these NY pricks over the next three games.

GM-Carson said...

While watching the game, I just kept muttering, "I hate the Mets". I truly do hate a lot of the Mets players for various reasons. Ho-Zay Ray-Ass and the 2nd coming of Jesus- David Wright being the top 2 hated queens from Queens.

Last night we found out Jimy Williams is just as big of an idiot that Manuel is. Why take Durbin out? Let him finish his inning or at least go another batter since you were only brining Alfonseca in for 1 batter anyway with only 1 out. Why not let Gordon go 2 innings? We were winning by 7 runs, no need to use another pitcher unless Condrey is the one being sent down for Eaton today.

My guess is Branyan is back with this team by the weekend when the rosters expand unless some other teams picks him up.

Chase Utley is awesome!

Jayson Werth is being awesome!

I was happy for Iguchi too. This guy has been a very good addition to our team