Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eaton Thinks He's Good?

Following last night's crappy pitching performance, Adam Eaton had this to say, "This year mirrors '04. I was healthy all year with good stuff. But for some reason, I pitched great, but give up a three-run homer late in the game and we'd lose. It's frustrating not to produce when I have my health on my side." Sorry to burst your bubble there Eaton, but who the hell ever called your stuff "good" or referred to your pitching as "great"? If someone truly believes that garbage, then I have a unicorn and leprechaun I'd like to hire out to them for their 'shroom parties. Every time I think about Gavin Eaton I cringe, because I know we're stuck with this poop-popsicle for the next 2 seasons. Lets be completely honest here, Eaton has been one of the worst starting pitchers in MLB this season and currently is sporting a 5.87 era and 1.54 whip, so maybe it's him Kyle Lohse should be replacing in the rotation rather than JD Durbin.


Wake-Up Shake-Up:
Pay attention and keep pace please...Chase Utley, Ryan Madson, Shane Victorino, and Michael Bourn have all been placed on the 15 day DL. Tadahito Iguchi, Gas Can Geary, Jayson Werth, and Chris Roberson have taken their places. Kyle Lohse has been added to the rotation with JD Durbin going into the bullpen and Clay Condrey sent to Ottawa. Brett Myers is also back from injury and Mike Zagurksi has been sent to Triple A. Also of note is that the newly acquired Julio Mateo will be heading to Reading until the Phils figure out how to use him. *I've got an idea...plug him into the bullpen!


Joys & Concerns:
*Losing Vic and Utley from the 2 and 3 holes of this lineup is a big blow to the offense. Therefore we need our other players to step up. Burrell has been doing a tremendous job, and I'm sure he's sad to see July pass (.435 avg, 6 hr, 22 rbi). Rollins and Rowand continue doing things to help the motor chugging along, but our big man has fallen into a slump since his buddy Chase went down. Yep, Ryan Howard is in a funk again going 3 for his last 17 with 1 rbi and 9 k's.

*What to do about 3rd? Greg Dobbs and Wes Helms suck at fielding, but Abe Nunez is good. Wes Helms and Abe Nunez suck at hitting, but Greg Dobbs is good. That makes two sucks for Helms, and 1 suck a piece for Dobbs and Nunez. Based on this highly complicated equation I figure Helms should never start at 3rd base and Dobbs and Nunez should split time. Of note: No-Hit Nunez has no hits in his last 16 at bats.

*Our defense was horrible last night. Burrell, Dobbs, and Eaton all contributed to the loss and our big oaf Howard had a ball roll right under his mitt but it was ruled a hit. Our pitching is crappy enough, it doesn't need aided by sloppy defense.

*Hooray Chris Roberson, he of a career .195 MLB average coming into the game and was batting .266 in Ottawa, had his career game going 4-4 with a rbi and stolen base. Bask in the glory now, because it will never happen again.

*Iguchi was a great pick-up! In his first 4 Phillies games, he has 6 hits, 2 doubles, 1 homerun, 4 runs, 2 rbi, 5 walks, and 2 stolen bases, which is good for a .462 average and eye-popping 1.425 ops. It's safe to say he won't be continuing this level of success, but enjoy it while it lasts.



SirAlden said...

Bad Fielding Opened The Gates Last Night. *Yikes*!

Mets Lost!

"keep swimming, keep swimming..."

BenJah said...

i don't know why, but i hadn't counted on injuries to blow the season. horrible errors and a lack of timely hitting to rip my heart out, yes, but i figured the team would be healthy when they did that to us.

carson - i dont know if you saw this in the last post, but it's worth checking out!

Jacobin said...

Ha! See, I'm not the only person that gets news from the BBC!

I know we lost last night, but at least no one else went on the DL. And that's a minor victory considering how things have gone lately.

GM-Carson said...

Both Gavin's sucked last night. Gavin Eaton lost our game, and Gavin Floyd gave up 5 runs in relief in the White Sox loss. Floyd's current stats- 10.05 era and 2.09 whip...damn he's bad!

Injuries have been very tough our our Phils: Lieber, Garcia, Gordon, Myers, Bourn, Utley, Madson (twice), Victorino, and Howard. I don't count Rosario and Werth. Sucks the organization may use this as the excuse to keep Manuel around for next season.

Ben said...

eaton is worse than gavin floyd

GM-Carson said...

Eaton is heinous!

Kent said...

The Eaton signing was an absolute slap in the face. We overpaid an average starter when we, at the time, had Jon Lieber and Justin Germano on the roster. Eaton's $24 million could have brought in two relievers. It's hard to justify.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not giving Gillick an excuse, but a lot of GM's were retarded this offseason throwing years and big money and not very good starting pitchers. Jason Marquis and Miguel Bautista are two that come to mind. I guess if you can average 6 innings a start even with a horrible era you're worth millions...that's just disgusting. And Adam Eaton digusts me!

Jacobin said...

Although I don't care about it, Clay Condrey cleared waivers and made it back to AAA Ottawa. In a league filled with teams suffering from bullpen help, Condrey cleared waivers. I think that's apt commentary on how the Phillies bullpen has been.

BenJah said...

jacobin - bbc news is awesome! they're liberal, but not american-biased

GM-Carson said...

I'm cool with keeping Condrey in Ottawa. At least we know what we're getting when we keep shuttling him back and forth.

I wonder how long Gillick sticks with our current outfield situation. I know the trade "deadline" has passed, but I'm sure some outfielders will sneak through the revocable waivers and be able to be dealt.

GM-Carson said...


Randy Wolf may miss the rest of the season with a bum shoulder.

Phils made a big for Troy Percival but fell short.

Jack Wilson could be heading to Detroit.

Matt Morris became the highest paid player in Pirates history yesterday when they got him for San Fran.

Jose Cruz Jr. and Bobby Kielty are two outfielders that might be targeted for depth by Gillick.

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Jacobin said...

Yeah, I'm slightly confused as to why the Pirates traded for Matt Morris...

GM-Carson said...

Chris Roberson a double to leadoff the 1st. Now 5-5...what the hell gives?

Phils bases loaded in top of the 1st, and Howard and Rowand each k. Only ended up scoring a run because of a wild pitch.

I think the Pirates traded for Morris for the respectability factor and to have a veteran pressence in the rotation. Not a good move now, but it may end up being...time will tell.

Philly Sports Talk Now! said...

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Jacobin said...

You know what a rally killer is? Ryan Howard thinking he's fast enough to go from second to third on a loose ball in the infield. Rowand comes up and hits a home run, but it only ties the game instead of putting the Phillies ahead.

Jarex said...

Thoughts on whether Cholly should have pinch hit for Moyer to end the 5th? He's already at 89 pitches, which means he's probably only got an inning in him. Not sure if Durbin's available in the pen, but seeing as he would have started tomorrow, I reckon CFM could have sent up Dobbleroni then brought Real Deal in for the 5th, 6th, and potentially 7th.

But what do I know?

Jacobin said...

That's a tough situation. I'd be tempted to pinch hit there, but knowing Charlie it would have turned into a double switch that in the end probably would have wasted a total of three guys off the bench. Howard really hurt us in that inning. There wouldn't have been a worry about Moyer batting for himself with one out because you call on him to advance the runners with a bunt. We should have been up by one with Roberson having a chance at putting more runs on the board (though that's no sure thing either).

Jacobin said...

Disgusting and reprehensible loss. You can hang the blame all around for this one -- pitching, fielding, base running, and managing. We had a great opportunity to at least assure a split in Chicago, now we're looking at possibly dropping 3 out of 4 there.

das411 said...

Welp, chalk this one up as payback from the Baseball Gods for that J-Roll game-ending flyout the other day bouncing out of two OFers gloves to tie the game...but if Brett Myers is BRETT MYERS or Howard does not get excited from actually being on base, that game goes down as a W...guess we'll just have to see how the new guy does tomorrow eh?

(notice I do not mention at all how i *finally* found space on my fantasy team for Myers when Victo was DLed on Weds...kinda like how I needed a spot to open up for Piazza last week and, sure enough, later that day the 2B/MVP goes down...)

GM-Carson said...

First I want to apologize, I was only half watching the 1st at bat of the game and had the tv on mute, so I thought Roberson got on base via a double not an era...he sucks!

Ryan Howard is back to sucking! F'd up by making the 1st out of an inning at 3rd (then Rowand goes deep), struck out with the bases loaded, dropped a foul pop-up, and failed to throw Soriano out at 2nd on Romero's pickoff. All he can do is slug, and he does that well, all other facets of his game are lacking. In fact every time he throws the ball I'm expecting a botched play.

Screw Manuel, screw the Phillies.