Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Camels, Metacarpals and Lies

The straw that stirs the drink, may have just broke the camel's back.

There are no positives to take from the news that King Cole Hamels will be getting an MRI today for a sore elbow and is likely headed to the DL. He joins Brett Myers (bullpen/shoulder), Donut Eater (random Bear Claw injury), Chief Garcia (shoulder), and Adam Eaton (fake injury) as starting pitchers lost from the rotation.

The extent of the injury will obviously not be known until after the MRI. But what we do know is that our Wild Card hopes now rest with Kyle Lohser, JD Durbin, Kyle Kendrick, an 87 year old Jamie Moyer and...JA Happ? Fabio Castro?

Manuel's words of wisdom? "I think he's going to be OK, really. Stuff like this is kind of natural." Oh, well, I feel better then...
Other Injury News
Chase Utley's metacarpal must be healing nicely. The AP reported that he took BP and is looking for a return to the lineup next week. In the report, they had this funny little exchange between Chase and the skipper.

Utley: "Put me in the lineup!"
Manuel: "Yeah, he's in the lineup. He's hitting 10th."

What a master of wit and humor. He should have his own blog...

Other updates from the article: Shane Victorino (calf) could rejoin the team on Wednesday; OF Michael Bourn (ankle) might be back in two-to-three weeks; LHP Mike Zagurski (hamstring) is likely out for the season; RHP Ryan Madson (shoulder) might return for the final week of the season; and RHP Adam Eaton (shoulder) will throw in a bullpen session on Wednesday.
Gavin Eaton
Eaton may throw a bullpen session on Wednesday. Hamels has arm pain and the "injured" Eaton is throwing in the pen the next day. Hmmm, I'm starting to think he may not have been hurt as bad as they say. They wouldn't have made up an injury to take a struggling pitcher out of the rotation, would they? Maybe his arm has hypochondriosis. If Myers' arm can talk, Eaton's could fake an injury. Or maybe the Phillies have Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy. Gavin von Munchhausen, I like the ring of that one...



GM-Carson said...

Screw me sideways, this injury to Cole sounds worse than that bumpkin Manuel is leading on. Mitch Williams sounded pretty concerned following the game, because pain in the elbow can mean bad, very bad things. And it's not like the Phils are always truthful and forthcoming with information on injuries.

My guess is thee Model Dictator takes a turn in the rotation, but even if he pitches awesome for 5 innings Manuel yanks him because, "He was only looking for 5 innings from him tonight.", as the assbag Chris Wheeler would put it.

GM-Carson said...

Phils prospect Carlos Carrasco pitched a rain-shortened 6 inning no hitter for Double A Reading last night. He's young yet and just moved up to Reading a couple months ago and had been getting battered around, nice to see this type of a performance though. This was the 2nd no-hitter Carrasco had been part of, as he pitched in relief during a no-hitter last year in Lakewood.

Everybody hurts- (Phillies.com)Considering the injuries that have decimated the Phillies, the sight of Jimmy Rollins favoring a left knee wrapped in ice was jarring.

Rollins explained that it was chronic tendinitis that affects him each year at this time.

Like I mentioned in the above comment about Castro, here's what Charlie had to say, Castro had been starting with Triple-A Ottawa recently, but will be used as a long reliever with the Phillies. "He can pitch at least two or three innings," Manuel said.

*I don't understand! He'd been starting in the minors, but now that he's in the major he can't go as long...I must be stupid, because this makes no sense to me.

Utley's recovery- "I took some swings and felt pretty good," Utley said, coming as close to a smile as he can. "I started with a fungo for a few swings and then went to my regular bat. I'm not swinging 100 perfect, but I swung pretty hard and I feel fine."

SirAlden said...

24-14 here we go!

90 Wins Baby.

90 Wins.

michael said...

because if you put castro in longer than 2 or 3 innings in the majors he's going to get his ass handed to him he's still young and has plenty of time to develop into a starter. cole's injury was to be expected with it being his first full season as a top of the rotation major league starter.

Bob D said...

Carrasco started of shaky in AA Reading but has been pitching great as of late, he may end up in Philly but it is highly unlikely. But we never know: Eaton gets hurt or thats what we are told, Zagurski takes his spot pitches 1 inning and is hurt, Hernandez takes his spot and pitches 1 inning and is hurt, Castro takes his spot and....has not pitched just yet. I see a pattern here. Soon we will hear "now pitching, making his major league debut straight from the Mexican Independant League Speedy Gonzalez." Or "straight from a Velenzuela jail break Ugutha Urbina"

Cole at best is having "dead arm" and worse is injured and out for a few weeks.

As for the rest:
Lohse has been a pleasant surprise lately and seems to be the 3rd best pitcher on the team right now.
Kendrick has been surprisingly good and the best pitcher on the team now.
Durbin has been solid and the 2nd best pitcher.
While Moyer has struggled with up and down outings lately which is of some concern.

michael said...

thing about moyer is he's been lights out at home and dreadful away for the last month..strange.

GM-Carson said...

Garrett Anderson had 10 rbi against the Yanks last night. That's deserving of a More Hardball entry, so it will be up shortly if anyone cares to check it out.

By the way- I think at "worst" this could mean surgery for young Cole. I know that's glum outlook, but hey, this is the Phils.

Jacobin said...

This organization has had a number of pitchers get the dreaded Tommy John surgery over recent years (Kyle Drabek this year!). I pray that Cole is not looking at that kind of situation. With this many pitchers getting injured and with so many bullpen hands pitching like shit this season, is it unreasonable to scream for the umpteenth time that they should FIRE DUBEE! (rather than firing up a dubee)

Maria said...

It says Cole will miss at least his next 2 starts. I really hope we can play well without him.

But in good news, Chase may return to the lineup next week. So we'll have to out slug teams like we have all year.

CLARE. said...

This is just awful. I can barely muster up the enthusiasm to be happy that Chutley's coming back. I have a horrible premonition that Tommy John is in Cole's future. See you in '09, Hollywood.

However, if the MRI comes back negative, and this does just turn out to be a bit of late summer "dead arm," and it's nothing more than that, I would just LOVE IT if Grampy Jamie pulled him aside and gave him hell for being a pansy.

Maria said...

I just hope it's not serious. He's our best pitcher and then it would be obvious that God hates the Phillies.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not sure if God hates the Phillies, but it's obvious someone does. Seriously, the amount to injuries sustained to key players this year is nearly unbelievable.

Maria said...

If we DO make the playoffs then most of the important injuries should be back. Chase, Cole, Ryan Madson, Michael Bourne, and Shane Victorino.

Bob D said...

Hamels was placed on DL and able to return Sept1. Victorino was activated today. There is another move likely within a few days to bring in another pitcher.

Jacobin said...

Hamels only has a mild strain! WOO HOO! Oh wait, isn't that what Myers was suffering from? Aw... fuck.

GM-Carson said...

Cole is hurt and that's bad no matter what way you look at it. A trip to the DL is killer, I'm not sure how we were going to make playoffs with him in the rotation let alone minus him. SCREWED!!!

Maria said...

Sweet game. We're trash with a stagnant offense. Pitching is such a problem and Jose Mesa is useless.

furiousBall said...

C'mon, two touchdowns and we're back in this thing!

Maria said...

Bullpen line:

3 IP, 11 H, 10 ER, 2 BB, No SO.

Jacobin said...

The bullpen gives up 10 runs tonight! Nice work by Mesa and Condrey... it's pretty much what I've come to expect from Condrey, but Mesa had been better than that (maybe he's too old to pitch too days in a row?).

Look on the bright side, we could have done what the Orioles did tonight. The Rangers put up a 30-spot on the Orioles! That would be the most runs by a team since 1897 (my great-great-grandparents would have been around for that). Even more disgusting is it is the second most runs ever given up by a major league team (the most runs scored by a major league team was 36 by the Chicago Colts against the Louisville Colonels back in aforementioned 1897). Marlon Byrd even had a grand slam for the Rangers...

Wow, the Phil's coughing up 15 runs makes me nauseous, but 30 runs would probably give me Crohn's Disease.

Bob D said...

Eaton will likely be pushed back onto the club asap now that Hamels is out till Sept 1.

From Phillies.com "Pitching coach Rich Dubee allowed for the possibility that Eaton could slide into Fabio Castro's spot on Aug. 28, unless "Castro throws a no-hitter."
Lets Hope for a No-hitter by the Model Dictator.
Castro is starting Thursday against Los Angeles, then could shift to the bullpen.

Hamels- no damage to arm WHEW! Good news. He should be ready to start Sept 1 just a week and a half from now.

As for the game: Condrey will be gone shortly, we may even see Mateo or Mathieson to take his spot. This last week we have seen the bullpen of old after they had a run of 3 weeks of an ERA under 3. Mesa maybe losing it as he has let up runs today, Aug17 and 18th after going a few weeks with nothing allowed.

Coste just keeps hitting and is proving its not a fluke, he deserves to stay on the team.

GM-Carson said...

I just kept watching the ticker on the Texas/Baltimore game and the Rangers kept tacking on more and more runs. 30 runs is unbelievable.

15 runs sucks in its own right too. Last night was disgusting. Durbin showed how hittable he is. Mesa showed the magic is wearing off, and Condrey did exactly what Condrey does...sucked!

By the way, I like how all of you are so optimistic about Cole's return on September 1st. My guess is that gets pushed back, and he may be possibly shut down for the season.

CLARE. said...

Carson, I do think Cole will be back. I even have about it.

GM-Carson said...

I'm a pessimists when it comes to Phillies injuries, so I have come to expect the worst even when that's not what the liar organization is telling me. Call me skeptical by nature.