Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another Series Win

Last night was just another loss. After all the Phils have suffered through 57 of them this season, and despite my hopes, I'm guessing they'll lose a few more along the way. Sweeps are sweet, but are rare; series wins are what is important. Therefore, when Kyle Lohse squares off against the Pirates and Ian Snell this afternoon a win is the only thing that matters and the series at Pittsburgh will still be deemed a success. If the Phils are to get to the playoffs, winning series is the route to take. Sure, if they threw in a 3 game sweep or a nice 5 game winning streak in there the road to the playoffs would be much easier, but for now 2 out of every 3 is huge.


Another One Bites the Dust:
Mike Zagurski is the latest Phil to be disabled, as he hurt his left ankle during mop-up duty last night. Yo-Yoel Hernandez was recalled from Ottawa following the game to take Fat Mike's roster spot. That makes 10 Phillies on the DL...10! Barajas, Bourn, Eaton, Garcia, Lieber, Madson, Rosario, Utley, Victorino, and Zagurski are all making close buddies with the training staff.

Another one bites the dust.
Another one bites the dust.
And another one gone, and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust.
Hey, I'm gonna get you too.
Another one bites the dust!


No Excuse for No-Hit Nunez:
Abe Nunez's only positive attribute is supposed to be his defense. I'm not expecting him to be the second coming of Brooks Robinson at 3rd base, but making an error of the magnitude he did last night almost calls for a public flogging. He is normally solid defensively at 3rd, but as Phillies fans we think he's actually better than he is because our other defensive options at 3rd are horrible so they make Nunez look good. Looking at the stats, Abe is only slightly better than league average in terms of fielding percentage (.962/.956). Lets forget about fielding for a minute and turn our attention to offense, or in Nunez's case the lack thereof. The man hacks/slaps at any pitcher's offering and constantly hits weak groundballs or pop-ups that barely clear the catcher's cutout. He sucks, hence the ungracious nickname of No-Hit Nunez. He strikes out when we need contact, or hits into double plays when all we need is a run. He's the anti-offense, he is horrible! His career OPS is .630, which is awful, but he's actually managed to out-do his crappiness and post a .620 OPS on the season thus far. How this man gets starts is beyond me...



chuckm said...

Disappointing outing from Old Man Moyer, but I'll not hate on him as he does seem to step up in crucial games. I'm a bit pessimistic about the Phils overtaking the Mutts as they just can seem to get on their heels. The Mutts have a soft Sept schedule and their final 2 weeks are all against the Nats and Fish. If the Phils can keep it no less than 2-3 games behind the Mutts by Sept 1st, they have a shot, any more is going to be rough. As far as wild card, lets give the NL West to the D-Backs and hope they own their divisional games in Sept and that NL Central cannibalizes each other. If it does look like the Mets are 5 or more games up by Sept 1, than we can just hope they own Atlanta in Sept. Whatever scoreboard watching we will be doing, todays game is a must win and the upcoming homestand may be pivotal. Hopefully they hang in there and have a banging September

SirAlden said...

Dear GM-Carson

As per your question, " How this man (Nunez)gets starts is beyond me...

May I please direct your attention young man and father to be to the screen on just below...

You will see that Pedro Feliz, SF of SF, (who has played at least 2 out of each 3 of his teams games)
has a Range Factor of 3.08 and a Zone Rating (that many like better) of .861 .

He is followed by Ryan Zimmerman, of Was, and Scott Rolen, of StL, with Range Factors of 3.03 and 3.01, and Zone Ratings of 8.02 and 8.55 which would place Zimmerman in second on RF, and Rolen in second if you liked ZR better.

Now click on the players who are unqualified (most will be with tiny samples - like pitchers hitting .500 with 2 At Bats, and what do we see? Look to see the first player on the list with a large sample and we find.....?

Abraham O. Nunez, of the Phillies, with 81 teams games played, and 44 starts (54%), and you will see a
Range Factor of 3.43 and a Zone Rating of .847!

Abraham O. Nunez, Range Factor is significantly higher than every top 3rd Baseman in the National League, his Zone rating is in a statistical tie with Feliz and Rolen.

If you were crafty Olde Owl Jamie Moyer, or Stomp some worms with your ground balls Kyle Kendrick, who would you like to be out there in the hot corner? Especially with Jimmy Rollins as good as he is being a medium range SS?

Mister Nunez is hitting his career average, the team is still leading the league in Runs by a wide margin, Bill James will tell you on average his is saving 1-2 runs a game. And finally, you be the GM, you be the Manager, we don't have a lights out third baseman, so what do you do?

You I sprinkle this utility infielder, and fielder extraordinaire, into the mix when you think it best.

It's like opening your fridge, and all there is is Corona, Limes, Salsa, and Cheese. You walk across the street and buy some Nacho Chips, and a can of Black Olives!

It is far from perfect, but it works for me. Bottoms up GM-Carson and Corey *clink-chink* !

These lesser of two evils choices are the same issues GM Gillick has to deal with everyday (until he signs Cabrera at 3B and sends him to Weight Watchers)...

Jacobin said...

What the hell is "range factor?" Is that the show where you have to swim in septic tanks and eat aborted yak fetuses?

When looking at those statistics, the one thing I did notice regarding "range factor" is the absolute highest numbers seemed to be there for the players that have played in the least number of innings this season. So there seems to be a correlation with high innings played to lower "range factor." Somehow I doubt Nunez's "range factor" would still be where it was if he played more than twice this innings he has this year (like a starter would).

But I'm sure Nunez would do great on the TV show, he already eats shit.

Los said...

Nunez made me throw up a little in my mouth ... Moyer was throwing meat-balls last night ... just not a good night all around ... hopefully, Lohse can win the series for us ... PLEASE!!!!

Maria said...

Their starting pitcher last night, ended up pitching 7 innings. We didn't even score after the 2nd. That was such a bad game.

We go back to 4 games behind the Mets. Hopefully we win and they lose.
Micah Owings last night...4-5, 2 HR
6 RBI?

SirAlden said...

Jacobin Jacobin Jacobin....

In the post I showed that you have to drop out the tiny sample guys at the top of the list just like pitchers with only a few at bats who might hit .677

RFg - Range Factor by games played (A + PO) / G

Range factor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRange Factor (commonly abbreviated RF) is a baseball statistic developed by Bill James. It is calculated by dividing putouts and assists by number of innings or gamesplayed at a given defense ...
Zone rating. The percentage of balls fielded by a player in his typical defensive "zone," as measured by STATS, Inc.

Zone Rating (ZR): Is a stat which measures a player’s defensive ability by measuring plays they should have made.

What is Zone Rating? -- The Hardball TimesBIZ: Balls in zone Plays: Plays made in zone ZR: Zone rating OOZ: Plays made out of zone Chances: BIZ + OOZ Total Plays: Plays + OOZ Plays above average is found by finding the league average ZR, ...

Bob D said...

How come I want Jacobin to explain range factor to us sober people???

Actually I understand - he is OK as a utility IF, but his bat does not allow him to start regularly.

What is piglets range factor?

GM-Carson said...

Let me make this clear and keep it simple- I don't give a shit if Nunez has the best range factor of any 3rd basemen ever in the history of the game, because his career OPS is .630 and that sucks hairy goat testicles! Screw Abe Nunez, screw Bill James, and screw Scott Rolen while I'm at it!

Anyway...bottom of the 5th and Lohse is looking good, but our offense isn't. Rollins with a leadoff homer being the only run on the day. C'mon Phils, just need to keep winning series.

GM-Carson said...

Russell feckin' Branyan- 3 run bomb- hells yes!

BloodStripes said...

These defensive moves have been coming too early. Did Fuqua forget our bullpen sucks? 6th inning D moves. Its a joke. Fuqua and our pitching (minus Hamels) sucks. Bumbling dumb-arse!

Maria said...

What happened? My god. 7 runs and all with 2 outs. Our pitching is a crapfest.

SirAlden said...

* Ouch *

Mets, Braves, Padres Win

Phillies give up 7 runs in the 7th to Lose.

* Ouch *

SirAlden said...

You can score runs with your Bat or save runs with your glove.

Player A scores 4 runs a game with his bat if he batted 27 times, and loses 2.0 runs with his glove - He is a Net 2.0 Run Player.

Player B Scored 2 runs a game with his bat if he batted 27 times, and saves 1.0 run a game with his glove - He is a Net 3.0 Run Player.

Abe O. "piglett" Nunez is a "type" B Player. 3.0 vs. 2.0

Jacobin said...

Today's weather has me feeling a little down (at least I hope I'm not getting a cold). And the game didn't help anything either. Things were looking good, but we couldn't get a damn third out in the seventh!!! Ugh... that was just painful and disgusting.

Free Pacman said...

The Phillies almost traded Ryan Howard to the Pirates for Kris Benson for 2004. (

You're lucky Dave Littlefield couldn't manage a McDonald's, let alone a baseball team.

Bill said...

Based on how the Pirates played the Mets, I was expectant of another 1-of-3 from the Phillies.

And that just makes me less expectant of the Phillies in their next 10 games, regardless of whether or not Utley comes back (I think they're rushing him, anyway).

4 of 6 from the Padres and Dodgers is a must, and at least a split with the Mets is a must.

The Phillies only play the Mets 3 more times in September, so the next 10 games may be their best chance to make up some ground.

GM-Carson said...

Trying to catch the Mets is all well and good, but I personally believe our only shot at the playoffs lies within the Wild Card, but winning period should be the overall goal no matter who the opponent, then things will take care of themselves.