Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rumors & Teamwork

It's that time of year again...rumor season. With only 8 days to go until the non-waiver trading deadline (July 31), the Phillies are finding themselves linked to almost every pitcher on the market. Here are some of the names being tossed around- (starting pitchers) Josh Towers, Kyle Lohse, Jose Contreras, Joe Kennedy, and Steve Trachsel; and (relievers) Frank Francisco, Joaquin Benoit, Ron Mahay, Mike Myers, and Luis Vizcaino.

Make no bones about it, our pitching staff has been horrible this season, but things could actually improve over the remainder of the year without making a trade. Tom Gordon is off the DL and is a better option at 80% than almost any other one of our relievers are at 100%. Brett Myers just made his second rehab appearance in Clearwater last night with no ill effects and could be activated later this week. We now have two lefties in the form of Fat Mike Zagurski and the son of God J.C. Romero. A bullpen of Zagurski, Romero, 6-Finger-Ant, Madson, Gordon, and Myers is an improvement over what we've had out there for the majority of the season. When Myers returns he will be displacing Jars of Clay Condrey or Joe Table...both suck. That leaves 1 sucky reliever in the mix, meaning we should try and upgrade with 1 bullpen addition as long as it's not at the expense of the club's future (meaning don't deal Michael Bourn for a reliever unless that reliever is named Eric Gagne). The guy I would add to the staff would be the Rangers Joaquin Benoit which could probably be had for a marginal starting prospect like a Zach Segovia. The names listed as possible trading fodder as starters do not excite me and I would rather stick with Hamels, Moyer, Eaton, Kendrick, and Durbin than waste a prospect or two on a piece of feces like Contreras. Realistically Kendrick and Durbin won't continue their success, but it could happen, and I'd rather hold on to young players like Victorino, Bourn, and some minor league guys than mortgaging them off for a rent-a-pitcher-piece-of-crap. The only way I'd take in a starting pitcher is if we could get one on the cheap, but that doesn't happen too often. Don't get me wrong, Kennedy, Lohse, or Towers could probably help this team, but at was expense? Lets just go with what we have...teamwork!



GM-Carson said...

TAMPA, Fla. -- Philadelphia Phillies closer Brett Myers struck out three and allowed one hit over 1 1/3 scoreless innings in his second minor league rehab appearance Monday night with Class A Clearwater.

Myers has been out since straining his right shoulder in the ninth inning of a game at Florida on May 23. He has six saves in seven chances and a 2.61 ERA since moving to the bullpen.

Pitching against the Tampa Yankees, Myers threw 19 of 25 pitches for strikes. The right-hander said he felt "good" after the outing and that he was scheduled to pitch again for Clearwater on Wednesday night.

BloodStripes said...

I'm with you there GM. I don't wanna see our future disappear for some lame-ass. If anyone is to be added, go with Benoit. He can throw hard, get a few K's and would compliment 6-finger Ant for a 7th inning setup.

With Durbin and Kendrick putting it together lately the Phils have done well. With the run support they receive they should be confident to continue the good pitching. Stick with them and the awesome teamwork of our Phightin's.

GM-Carson said...

With this offense, all the Phils need is starting pitching that keep their era south of 5.00 (ya hear that Gavin Eaton?!). Kendrick and Durbin have been suprises and each has the ability to be a back-end of the rotation pitcher in the future, and as we're seeing possibly now. I know I'm getting my hopes up with these two, but I honestly couldn't stomach a trade for a Contreras or someone like that.

Bob D said...

A trade for those names mentioned for starter would be only a marginal improvement and definetly not worth the long term loss of a good player.

BenJah said...

you would trade bourn for gagne?? please tell me you meant 2003-2004 gagne. but we already have a closer who used to be great and is now one awkward sneeze away from the DL (gordon). and i thought you were the smart gm.

SirAlden said...

Agreed Carson. People think that Dontrelle Willis (whose stats are worse than Eaton's this year 1.65 WHIP - 5.15 ERA) are available at the Pitcher Store for Rod "my face is too pretty to block the plate Barajas.

Pull the trigger on a Santana or a Bedard, and give up the farm; or pick up a Morris or Lohse for a medium gear guy like Maloney, but leave the Paul Abbotts of the world rotting on the shelf.

Picking up what could be deemed a solid middle reliever is more do-able.

Let the minor leagues grow and recover. Not every arm will pan out but Kendrick, Zagurski, Carrasco, Outman, Savery, Happ, Maloney, Castro, Edgar Garcia, Bisenius, Hernandez, Segovia, Carpenter, Cruse, Monasterios, Overholt, Freeman, Pfinsgraff, Mitchinson, and Savage represent 20 arms with talent;

Add them to waiver wire high talent/low resulters who are out of options pickups Durbin, Garcia, and Rosario;

Add Tommy Johners Mathieson, Drabek, and Smith and you have 26 affordable arms I would rather see pitching for the Phillies more than any old Abbott or Mesa or broken down dirt bag who pitched 2 innings last year (and everyone says "give him 5 million dollars this year and see how he does").

26 Arms and if 2 pan out golden and 2 pan out servicable in the next 2 years we are in good shape.

Unlike others I see the tending of the garden as compared to the Wade Era of losing top draft picks with contentment.

With our payroll flexability after 2008 (dropping the Burrell 14 mil and Thome 7 mil off the books), begining with this off-season look at our Phillies as a HUGE SHARK ready to strike when a true franchise Starting Pitcher like Santana, and a true franchise position player like Cabrera become available.

SirAlden said...

A comment posted on Phuture Phillies about Bill Conlin
by moi...

"Every constituency needs a mouth-piece.

The Montgomery/Giles Ownership ERA has created a generation of depressives who say they root for the home team while they live at home and cheer when someone like Drabek is injured. They cheer! They cheer because it feeds their hatred.

The blame for birthing this kind of “spawn” lies clearly with ownership, and the terrible economics negotiated by the city at the Vet. Like Zombies these fans will forever feed on the flesh of failure, cherry picking poisonous information while Conlin the Chef of misinformation stirs the pot."

CLARE. said...

siralden, please tell me you're joking.

Even with Burrell and Thome off the books in '08, I really do not think the Phillies have enough clout to get get a Johan Santana, and I wouldn't want lazy Miggy Cabrera (that IS who you're talking about, right?) at third.

It sounds facile, but I think the front office needs to take a hard look at what's going RIGHT with this club and figure out how to build off that...and offer Bacon Pants Rowand a monster contract.

SirAlden said...

Nope.... sadly I am not claire...

I do not take kindly to people who say they are fans, who are happy when someone like Drabek blows his arm out because it proves to them that the Phillies are stupid.

I forgive them. They were spawned by the awful ownership group.

But they give people who rightfully "booed" Santa Claus a bad name.

GM-Carson said...

If the club were to re-sign Fence-Face Rowand, I would hope it would be for no more than 3 years 21 million. He's mostly likely outta here next year though with Vic or Bourn taking over in CF.

SirAlden- there's no way in hell we end up landing Johan Santana unless he start completely sucking. Miguel Cabrera is getting fat, but is still under 25 and is an awesome talent at 3rd, we may have a shot at him, but the Marlins will most likely deal him before he becomes a free agent.

SirAlden said...

The Phillies will have 30-40 million dollars a year after they pay Howard.

SirAlden said...

I love Fence Face but he should be in RF not CF his Range Factors are sadly among the lowest in the league....

Tying him up at 10 mil a year for 5 years may not be the best thing for the Phillies. Getting a Second 1st Round Draft Pick and a 3rd round sandwich pick just might be.

GM-Carson said...

The Marlins have looked around for a long-term solution in center field, with Franklin Gutierrez of the Cleveland Indians, Michael Bourn of the Philadelphia Phillies and B.J. Upton of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays coming under consideration. But they might wait until the offseason to intensify its search.

*I'd deal Bourn to the Marlins for some of their starting and relief pitching talent.

GM-Carson said...

Josh Towers remains a Blue Jay and the Pittsburgh Pirates' Jack Wilson will not become one. Those were the answers that Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi gave regarding the trade rumours surrounding the Philadelphia Phillies being interested in Towers and Wilson being acquired by the Jays. That doesn't mean Ricciardi isn't willing to listen to offers. "We'd listen on anybody, we'd be foolish not to listen," he said with the non-waiver deadline just nine days away. "We're not going to trade Josh Towers for a bag of donuts. I've got to get something back who is a very good player for us to say, 'Hey, we can hang our hat on this guy.' I don't need somebody who's going to come to the big leagues right away, but I'm also committed to winning as many games as I can here and Josh gives us that opportunity." Ricciardi, who said he has had no discussions with the Phillies regarding Towers, was emphatic about Wilson, Pittsburgh's shortstop who has about $14 million US remaining on his contract that runs through 2010. "We have no interest in Jack Wilson, absolutely no interest in Jack Wilson. None," he said. "I have Jack Wilson. I have John McDonald (a light-hitting, good defensive player)."

furiousBall said...

I am for the standing pat stance this year, the only trade I'd do is to trade Mesa or Burrell or Barajas for a bag of shit. Actually all of them for a steamy bag of Tommy Lasorda's shit.

SirAlden said...

CABBY is gettin' Chubby. He is a FA after 2009 season.

Still would be the best at 3B then out to LF when a Travis Mattair develops at 3B


Santana is a free agent the year after 2008.

As for "fence face" check out 30-30 guy Eric Byrnes .370 OB on track for 30-50 year. How sick would it be if the Phillies had yet another 30-50 base stealer to go with Victorino, Rollins, and Bourne.


furiousBall said...

Umm, the Rangers want to trade Teixeira...he's played 3B in his career...umm...please take barajas, burrell, mesa for him...and a bag of poop.

Bob D said...

Well since the Blue Jays won't trade Towers for "a bag of donuts", it looks like we will not be getting him.

Siralden, I agree with you. All of those 20+ names you threw out there are legit prospects and I would be reluctant to trade them. Most of these prospects are in AA or lower. That would mean they will start making a significant impact next year. 2009 this team could be a pitching rich team with alot of young arms.

I feel this year is a year to stand pat and improve by bringing back Gordon, Myers, and possibly Mathieson (due back in Aug) back from injury.

Trading Bourn, Vic, or fence face would be a mistake. I hear alot of this team missing a right handed power bat, but Rowand is on a pace to hit approx 25 Hrs with Vic around 20. Bourn may not hit many this year but he may start hitting much more in a year or two. There is a large improvement having him over Roberson from last year. He is not just speed but he does have some pop that will develop. Burrell may hit 20 but with the low BA I would rather have Bourn play and get experience.

Pitchers to trade for??? Santana or Bedard and nothing else - they are not worth it.

Jacobin said...

Today was day one of the Pennsylvania Bar Exam. One more day to go. What horror and misery this mess is.

Speaking of horror and misery, I just read that Pat Gillick says the only pitcher that fits in the Phillies' budget plans right now is Brett Myers. Not that there are any great pitchers out there, but I just want to say...

Woo! Thank you cheap ass gang of seven mystery owners, and your devil-man anti-Phillie bastard creator Bill Giles.

Los said...

I still think that we need some help with pitching - I just don't have my crystal ball to see where we are going to need it.

SirAlden said...

Correctomundo BobD.

Good Luck Jacobin with setting the Bar.

What Gillick means is cost in talent not cost in cash. Would you give up Victorino for a re-tread? That is what other clubs are asking for.

For the first two years of his reign GM Pat Gillick drafted Arms to repair our minors that were destroyed by Wade/Montgomery. This year after drafting LHP Joe Savery and RHP Brandon Workman, he was able to draft 6 postion players
in first 6 rounds (we had 2 extra picks thanks to Pat Gillick)so that our minors have some bats.

After round 6 he then went back to drafting pitching.

Jacobin said...

I don't have any problems with the recent drafts. It's unfortunate that Drabek is already having his first Tommy John surgery, but I've grown accustomed to Phillies pitching prospects having horrific arm injuries over the years. Sometimes it happens, and the kid's mechanics didn't look stellar (which is odd, you think his dad would have taught him better).

I just dread hearing about things being "out of the budget" from this team. There were too many years of complete cheapness going on. I'd like to think the team would open up the bank a little bit if a player of good caliber were available (I realize this is not the case this trade deadline). However, news reports from people close to the owners stated that they were not going to take on any salary long before it became apparent nothing good was to be gained.

I like Gillick, but in the end he has to answer to these asses of owners. Patty G griped about the production from the middle of the lineup earlier in the year and he was rewarded with a trip to principal Montgomery's office for a lesson in massaging player egos rather than challenging them.

BloodStripes said...

Yes!! Rowand clutching up!

Bob D said...

The owners are cheap, what we need is Jacobin to work his way upto judge and rule in my favor in a stubbed toenail lawsuit that I suffered at Citizen Bank Park and award me the Phillies franchise. I won't care if I make any $$, but I would buy and trade for the best talent and forget these retreads, retards, and morons. I'll throw all management out and put Carson in as GM with a few blank checks.

WooHoo! Rowand with a go ahead HR!

BloodStripes said...

Phils win....yes!!!

I love it.....hahaha hahaha!

SirAlden said...

So nice to see Madson get the win after all the early season melt-downs he is doing great.

It almost felt like we had a bullpen tonight, a very rare feeling.

das411 said...

"son of God J.C. Romero," wow of all the things I never thought I'd read here...

DAMMIT and while the Giants did an admirable job blowing up the Braves' bullpen and wrecking another Hudson gem, all 3 NL East teams win again...back at it tomorrow peepz!

"We're not going to trade Josh Towers for a bag of donuts." - I guess this means Lieber is not headed to Toronto?

And, I'm sorry, how many homers does that make for J-Roll this year? Less than 2/3s through the season and he has *how* many?

SirAlden said...

That was J-Roll's 20th Homerum das411.

The good news is the Phillies a few weeks back paid way over slot for their 30th round pick Diekman, they paid 8th round money for him.

Hopefully now the Owners have learned what Gillick has to teach them and are eternally greatful.

GM-Carson said...

Jimmy Rollins is having himself an amazing season. I didn't think he'd be able to keep the power stroke going this season, and only predicted 18 homeruns...he's blowing that number out of the water (or maybe I should say, out of the park). I still can't believe it wasn't an All-Star, what a crock!

Sarge and his "clutchin' up" comments kill me, but Aaron Rowand did just that last night with that long bomb he hit with 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th.

GM-Carson said...

Just read the Phils would reacquire Kenny Lofton if they were to deal Shane Victorino...please God no!!!

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