Friday, July 06, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: Reggie Taylor

In 1995 with the 14th overall pick in the June amateur draft the Philadelphia Phillies selected a toolsy outfielder by the name of Reginald Tremain Taylor, otherwise known as Reggie "Failed 1st Rounder" Taylor. Throughout the minors Reggie displayed his dashing speed (267 stolen bases), but also showed his propensity at striking out (897 k's) and not being all that productive at the plate (.726 OPS). Despite his lackluster performance coming up through the ranks, he still got his shot at the majors (purely out of the fact he was a 1st round pick). In two seasons with the Phils (2000-01) he recorded 1 hit in 18 at bats with 9 strike outs...that was some quality scouting the Phils did in preparation for the '95 draft.

After 2 seasons of failure in Phillies pinstripes they shipped his carcass to Cincy for a different shade of red, netting the Phils lefty Hector Mercado. With the Reds is where Taylor experienced his most "success" as a MLB player, posting 14 homeruns, 18 stolen bases, 58 runs, 57 rbi, and 110 hits in 235 games in 2002-03. From here, things get dicey with Reggie, as he was released by the Reds then signed by the ChiSox, then granted free agency by them, then signed by the Rockies, then traded by Colorado to Tampa Bay (actually played for them), then released by the D-Rays and signed with St. Louis to later be granted free agency by them, then in 2006 he caught on with the Tigers, but Detroit parted ways with him once they broke camp in spring training. That's a-whole-lotta signing and letting go, professional bass fishers do less catching and releasing than that. In 2006 he went the independent route landing with the Atlantic League's Lancaster Barnstormers. His former GM when he was with the Reds, Jim Bowden, decided to throw him a bone this year with the Washington Nationals, but has yet again since been released. However he was picked up by the Mexican League's Olmecas de Tabasco and is currently ripping the cover off the ball. This just goes to show if you are a former 1st round pick your "chances" seem to always keep coming, even if you're a career .231 hitter with a No-Hit Nunez-esque .655 OPS. Too bad he couldn't hit more like Lawrence Taylor, of course I could hit like that if I were jacked up on cocaine and methamphetamines.


Weekend Series:
As a post-Independence Day celebration, the Phils and Rockies are set to blast off some fireworks this weekend in Colorado. Both teams have high powered offenses and the Rocky Mountain air doesn't stand a chance against a Ryan Howard or Matt Holliday shot. Lets just hope our pitching staff gives up less runs in the end and we come out of this with a series win and some momentum heading into the All-Star break. By the way, I love twins!!!



BloodStripes said...

Kendrick has done well since being called up and has been given run support. Another test coming up against a good Colorado offense. Have the Phils improved against lefties? Francis has been good of late. Come on Phightin's touch him up!

SirAlden said...

Big Big Series, Away From Home.

Kyle Kendrick, RHP (3-0, 4.38)
Jeff Francis, LHP (8-5, 3.56)

Jamie Moyer, LHP (7-6, 4.25)
Rodrigo Lopez, RHP (4-2, 4.77)

Adam Eaton, RHP (7-5, 5.67)
Aaron Cook, RHP (5-5, 4.54)

Can we be contenders or pretenders?

GM-Carson said...

I have no data to back this up, just recollection, but I do believe the Phils have played better against lefties over the last couple weeks. That said, Francis is a good lefty and will probably give the Phils' hitters fits. Sunday's starter, Cook, is a sinker-baller that has had success against the Phils in the past I believe.

I already think this team is a pretender, but I'd love for them to prove me wrong and be contenders instead.

Corey said...

they haven't seen many lefties in the last few weeks. the last lefty to start against them was cc sabathia on june 20th, which they lost. from june, they also lost to cliff lee, randy johnson, barry zito and doug davis, but beat jason stanford, noah lowery, and andrew miller and ND against jorge de la rosa, jon danks, tom glavine.

that is 3 wins, 5 losses, and 3 no decisions against lefies (won 2 of those games.) overall versus lefty starters - 5 and 6. typical mediocre phillies...

furiousBall said...

those two girls with the boobies, i like them

Jacobin said...

Wow, I just figured that Reggie Taylor had found a new home in the towel brigade at some car wash years ago. It's hard to fathom that teams are still taking a chance on that guy.

GM-Carson said...

Speaking of former 1st round phenoms gone bad...I'm sure our bullpen could use Todd Van Popple

GM-Carson said...

Sports Illustrated has Jimmy Rollins listed as one of the worst All-Star snubs, but has Michael Bourn's picture posted...silly idiots.

das411 said...

Carson, the proper term is "foolios"...

Like those fool Rockies we are going to pound this weekend!

BenJah said...

i'm with furiousball. forget the "toolsy" players and our tool of a manager. i like the boobies. we should have more of that.

the american psycological association defines "insanity" as the following: REPEATEDLY performing the same actions and expecting different results.

what does that say about our city, our franchise, and us?

GM-Carson said...

Well then, consider me insane.

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Jacobin said...

Jim Salisbury has a piece in today's Inquirer titled, "The $50 Million Mistake." He chooses to highlight the selection of the all-star teams to show out of 55 position players to receive contracts worth at least $50 million, Pat Burrell is only one of four such players to never make an all-star team. The others are J.D. Drew, Adrian Beltre and Eric Chavez.

Unsurprisingly, Salisbury goes on to point out that while those other four players may or may not be worth their contracts either, each of them has outperformed Burrell. Wow, what a shock? Anyone else think Burrell was seriously overpaid?

Pat's only 30 years old. He should be in the middle of the best years of his career, unfortunately he's hitting, what, .204 right now? Pat seems to be incapable or unwilling to make adjustments to his hitting (well, I lie... over the last two years he's made the adjustment of just not swinging most of the time, which has drastically increased his walks and instances of him getting called out looking).

Do I blame Ed Wade for giving Burrell such a huge contract? Yes, but I'll admit that at the time it looked like Burrell was going to have one hell of an upside. What I do find disgusting is that they threw that much money at Burrell and still gave him a no-trade clause. That's what makes a bad mistake into a colossal fuck-up. That's what puts Ed Wade's stamp of authenticity on the Pat Burrell contract.

GreggyD said...

Nice post as usual Jacobin. I find it entertaining that so much stuff is coming out about Burrell and I am glad that both the fans and the media have finally come to the conclusion that Burrell will never pan out to be what was expected of him. I don't know how he lasted so long in this city getting second, third, fourth, and fifth chances in the fans' eyes. He is already starting to feel our wrath, and it will just get worse for him as the season goes on. Those couple of home runs in Houston didn't even come close to bailing him out of the mess that he has been in for so long.

It will be interesting to sit back 20 years from now and evaluate Burrell's career. Who knows, maybe he'll go to an AL team as he ages and be their DH and succeed, but he doesn't even hold much hope there seeing as he can't even make the bat come in contact with the ball anymore. I thought Burrell would be the cornerstone of this franchise back when he was signed to his huge deal. I guess I, and a lot of fans were fooled.

GM-Carson said...

We here at WSBGM's (Carson & Corey) always liked Burrell even when he was batting in the .250's, because he had pop and was always a threat. The only threat he is anymore is a threat to make an out via a pop-up or called 3rd strike. I'm tired of waiting for him to perform, he gets my support no longer. Sure I wish him well and hope he can magically turn it around, but I'm not holding my breath.

Talked to Corey on the phone today and we think Kendrick is going to get torched for 6-8 runs through 4 innings tonight. Sorry, but I'm not optimistic heading into this series.

GreggyD said...

I agree with you Carson. With this hot Rockies team, especially their lineup, coming off that huge sweep, I think the rook gets torched for the first time tonight. As long as it doesn't become a normal thing for him, I'm fine with it because I too am not that optimistic and think the Phils could be in for a pounding this series. Kendrick won't deliver quality starts for the rest of his career, whether it lasts another month or 15 years. Might as well get his first blowout of the way sooner rather than later.

SirAlden said...

Kendrick is due to be torched.

Fingers Crossed. Keep swimming, keep swimming, keep on swimmming!

Reagan316 said...

Gavin Floyd is getting torched in his first ChiSox outing. He has a very Floyd-like ERA of 27.00 after one inning.

If we can't revel in the current situation of our awesome pitching staff at least we can enjoy when our tanked prospects continue to suck it up elsewhere.

Bob D said...

Looks like the Phils are doing the torching tonight

BloodStripes said...

Bloody hell. Minnesota scored 32 runs today in their double header.

Phils took care of lefty Francis. Can we close it out. Come on PHILLIES!!!!!

BloodStripes said...

Why is Mesa out there? Drag him Fuqua. Don't you want to win?

Jacobin said...

Kendrick came through again with another decent start. The kid is starting to grow on me. Fuqua leaving Mesa in longer than he probably should have is nothing new, this guy either pisses through pitchers or leaves a reliever out just long enough to cough up a run. That being said, 6-5 going into the 9th. I'd like some insurance, considering player in Denver is one fly ball away from a tie game.

klkatz said...

oh no... .Reggie Taylor... its amazing some of the names that stick with you... i definitely remember taylor being heralded as the savior of the franchise... much like Gavin Floyd...

Jacobin said...

Like I was saying... one long fly ball away from a tie game. Think I just threw up a little bit. Larry Anderson is bitching about why you don't throw anything over the plate when you have a batter 0-2 in a situation like this. I'd say another extra innings game will really grate on my nerves, but there's no guarantee that the Rockies won't score again this inning.

GreggyD said...

Alfonseca just blew the save. I am so sick of this bullpen. Another quality start from Kendrick, but it was blown by the pen. I agree with you Jacobin, Kendrick is starting to grow on me as well.

I could do without this bullpen though.

BloodStripes said...

We are screwed again. Gordon and Myers can't get back soon enough.

Jacobin said...

Is Kendrick's pitch count set at 90? This is two games in a row where he's lifted right around there (89 last game, 91 today). Considering how wonderful our bullpen is, wouldn't Charlie want to keep the starter on the mound a little longer? But what do I know, I'm not a major league manager like Mensa charter-member Charlie Manuel.

Oh, and while I'm picking on Charlie, here we are in another extra innings with no bench left. I'd ask how many times this has to happen before he learns, but we all know he won't learn.

Jacobin said...

Anyone know how many games this bullpen has crapped away so far this year? I'm too discouraged to try to track that one down at the moment. You can point out that they squandered chances to put more runs on the board, but 6 runs should be sufficient (especially when you jump out to a 6-1 lead). Despite losing all the starting pitchers, they rotation is still in better shape than the bullpen. Blah.

SirAlden said...


GM-Carson said...

I hate Jose Mesa. Hated him when he left the 1st time, hate him now that he's returned.

I hate Charlie Manuel. How many fuck ups are you allowed before you get fired?

*By the way, SirAlden, when you said "keep swimming, keep swimming, keep swimming", you sounded like you were talking to sperm...made me giggle.