Tuesday, July 31, 2007


In a span of a week, here's what the Phillies have lost from their roster due to injuries: 2nd baseman Chase Utley with a broken hand (.336 avg, 79 r, 82 rbi, .995 ops), Ryan Madson with a shoulder strain (3.05 era and 58 bullpen innings), Michael Bourn with a ankle sprain (.284 avg, 18 sb, .755 ops from the bench), and Shane Victorino with a calf strain (.284 avg., 72 r, 32 sb, and .781 ops). Utley and Madson are out for at least a month. Bourn and Victorino's injuries happened last night and the Phils are unsure how serious each case is. My guess is one and probably both end up on the DL, although they're listed as day-to-day right now. That leaves Greg Dobbs as our RF for the time being...scary!

Gillick did a good job of wasting no time in filling the 2nd base void with Tadahito Iguchi, who is doing a fine job with the Phils so far. For the time being, Madson has been replaced with Gas Can Geary, but I would not be surprised if Gillick didn't reel himself in a reliever today. I'm hoping he works the phones and lands an outfielder for the same bounty as it took to get Gooch. Outfielder names we could make a play for include Jacque Jones, Juan Encarnacion, Ryan Church, and Reggie Sanders. Even though Jayson Werth is set to come off the DL, I'd rather have another reinforcement for the outfield if both Vic and Bourn are gone for 15 or more days. Patty G has the golden opportunity to play hero to the city of Philly today, as we're very much alive in the playoff hunt, but obviously in need of some stabilizing players.

Yesterday Gillick ruffled some feathers by trading away left-handed 23 year old pitching prospect Matt Maloney to the Reds for Kyle Lohse. Lohse's win/loss record is and unimpressive 6-12, but that is due largely in part to poor run support. His 4.58 era, 1.34 whip, and excellent control seem like an improvement over "The Real Deal" JD Durbin. I see this as an okay trade, not a huge difference, but enough of one that may make the difference. Durbin can now fill the role of long reliever and continue working on his composure in the bullpen. I foresee Lohse putting up similar numbers to the ones he did for Cincy, but with more wins than losses due to our superior offense. As far as Maloney goes, he was a 4th/5th starter at best and was far from a "can't miss" prospect, so dealing him didn't sting too much.


Game Summary:
Phils won, picking up a 1/2 game on the Mets and in the Wild Card standings. Cole Hamels pitched brilliantly. Brett Myers looked filthy. Fence-Face Rowand continues to be a lineup savior. Tadahito Iguchi has transitioned well into the Phils lineup, stealing his 1st bag and hitting his 1st homerun yesterday. All of the positives are humbled though as we wait in limbo for the verdict on Vic and Bourn's injuries.



BloodStripes said...

Tough times with the injuries. It seems to have strengthened the resolve of the team though. They can pull through this in good shape. This team really are Phightin' Phils.

Hows the linep gonna look now? Rollins back in the leadoff spot. Dobbs in the three hole?

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- the Phils may have won last night, but if Bourn, Vic, and Utley aren't able to play this lineup becomes much slower and weaker. We know Utley is out, and Bourn and Vic are at least out for a few days minimum. I don't see how we can push onward without another offensive weapon.

Lineup I suppose Manuel uses today:
1. Rollins
2. Iguchi
3. Rowand
4. Howard
5. Burrell
6. Dobbs
7. Helms
8. Catcher
9. Pitcher

GM-Carson said...

For those of you who like to take a quick glance at some of the Phils prospects, I have updated that section found on the right side of the blog towards the bottom.

Bob D said...

Mets and Braves may add an arm for the pen today, however it looks as if the Phils will not. I still like the idea of Marte in the Phils pen.

Lohse is 28 and may end up being a decent pitcher. He is likely to be better than Gavin Eaton, but not as good as Moyer. He maybe someone we may see next year also. Losing Maloney for Lohse I do not like, he could have been in the majors as earley as late next year. Lefty are hard to come by and his upside is better than what most give him.

As for the outfield, man this is a tough break. I expect Werth to be activated shortly if one or both end up on the DL. Vic and Bourn will likely not be available tonight at all, so the bench will be short. If Gillick can find out early today if they are both out for 2 weeks then he may just make a move for someone like Church. I would expect a fast OF to be added for the speed lost. Roberson and Thurston have the most SB at Ottawa.

At least the Phils continue to roll and close the gap on the division and the wildcard.

Jacobin said...

Word is that Madson's injury is pretty much the same as what Myers suffered from, only not as bad. The suggestion from Rube Amaro Jr. is that Madson could be back in a month. The ass(istant GM) also conceded that since the pitchers suffered similar injuries, the organization would try to find a way to prevent such things (this seems to be code speak for "fire Dubee").

We lost Utlety on Saturday, Madson on Sunday, then Bourn and Victorino yesterday. Think we can get through today without losing anymore?

GM-Carson said...

As this afternoon's non-waiver deadline looms, it'll be interesting to see what Gillick does. Before Pat traded for Lohse, he was talking to the ChiSox about Javier Vasquez...I still would like to have him too. Ken Rosenthal reports the Phils are one of the many teams looking for bullpen help, and my guess is that Gillick gets something today, but nothing earth-shattering like Eric Gagne or Jason Isringhausen.

Personally, if I have to suffer through another Chris Robberson stint, I might stab myself, so an extra outfielder would be nice depending on the severity of Bourn and Vic's injuries.

Jacobin said...

I'm feeling mildly neurotic today. I keep checking the usual places to see if there is word on the injuries to Victorino and Bourn. What is going on with those two really dictates what needs be done regarding a potential extra outfielder. The part of all this that really irks me is I can see this clusterfuck of a situation turning into another opportunity for Gillick to rip out Coste's heart.

BenJah said...

after utley went down, i was worried. but then we won a couple of games and i felt like the team might be able to hold it together until he came back, mostly b/c of what we had going at the top of the order. then not one, BUT BOTH of them get hurt. WTF!!

i had an idea for today's lineup:


with corey getting the start, and jacobin and bob d working the bridge to meyers

GM-Carson said...

Benjah- thanks for slotting me in the 3-hole.

Even if Bourn and/or Vic are hurt, we don't necessarily have to deal for an extra outfielder today. A lot of trades go down in August now-a-days (remember Conine and Moyer?).

das411 said...

Yknow if yesterday's deal had gone down after the game instead of before, I'd say there would be about a 150% chance of Javon Moran and Jeff Conine being part of it...

Jacobin said...

I'd fit right in with the Phillies bullpen if my youth baseball days are any experience. I could throw hard, but the question was whether it would hit the batter or the strike zone. A strong arm without a pitcher's accuracy generally relegated me to playing 3B or CF. But at this point, I don't have the wheels to be out in center (maybe if I'd start exercising more than sitting at my desk). Shit, I couldn't be any worse than Jose Canseco when he pitched an inning.

Still no word on our hobbled outfielders!

GM-Carson said...

We all know losing Utley sucked, but our offense was still stacked. Then Vic goes down and we're like "oh shit!" then Bourn goes down and we're like "this is bull shit!". It would have been very difficult to overcome the Utley injury, but now Madson/Vic/Bourn all injured makes this up hill battle all the tougher.

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- Talks between the Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies regarding center fielder Michael Bourn, a Houston native, have ended, a baseball official said. The Phillies appear content to keep Bourn, who sprained an ankle Monday, in case they lose Aaron Rowand to free agency.

No Pirate in 2007 is hitting better than the average player at his position except Xavier Nady and Ryan Doumit, and Doumit's edge has shrunken considerably by going 5 for 38 since the break. Even Freddy Sanchez, despite a freakish power surge, still trails the average NL second baseman in on-base average and slugging average.

Bob D said...

Benjah, Thanks for letting Jacobin and Myself replace Six-finger Ant and Mesa in the pen. I will do my best to lead the league in 1 catagory: the most Marlins (especially Olsen) hit by pitches. Also the most blood drawn. I will do my best to keep the fans happy and prevent any fans from commiting crimes such as the Met's fan who was so upset that his team lost, that he beat his Mom to death with a barbell.

GM-Carson said...

There's all this hype about the trade deadline today and the only deals to go down so far are Proctor for Wilson Betemit, and now probably Gagne to the BoSox. Starting wheelin' and dealin' already!

Bob D said...

Phils just acquired Don Knotts to pitch.

"NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- The Philadelphia Phillies acquired right-handed pitcher Gary Knotts from the Newark Bears on Tuesday.

Knotts was 7-5 with a 2.65 ERA in 16 starts for the Bears, who play in the independent Atlantic League. He struck out 86 in 108 2-3 innings, and ranked first in the league in ERA, second in strikeouts and third in innings pitched. Philadelphia assigned him to Double-A Reading.

Knotts was 13-16 with a 5.45 ERA in 38 starts and 48 relief appearances for Florida and Detroit from 2001-2004."

Bob D said...

1.5 Hrs left. Chad Cordero could be a surprise acquistion along with Ryan Church both from Washington. Pat will likely wait till last minute before any deal announced and also med news on Bourn and Vic. Only good thing that may come out of Bourn's injury is that he will stay with the team and not be dealt since he is hurt. Atleast bloodstripes will be starting in RF tonight and batting second.

Jacobin said...

Oh, BobD, to answer your question from yesterday, the Mets' game that preceded the man murdering his mother was the second game of their double header against the Nationals on Saturday. Pedro Feliciano lost that game for the Mets. Unfortunately, I don't think we can charge the Mets pitcher with any kind of accomplice liability.

Bob D said...

Dr. Jacobin, Thank you for clarifying that.

GM-Carson said...

Braves are going for broke. Apparently they traded 5, not 4, prospects for Tex and Mahay. They also sent Kyle Davies to the Royals for Dotel, and are working on a deal to get Bronson Arroyo for Escobar and JoJo Reyes. Basically they're trading away their farm system for a playoff push. Here's to hoping the prospects dealt end up being awesome and the players acquired by the Braves end up sucking.

It's also being rumored the Chris Roberson has been recalled so that he is ready in the event Bourn and/or Victorino end up on the DL.

Jacobin said...

I read a press release from Ottawa that states Roberson was recalled by the Phillies, but it fails to mention what roster move was taking place by the Phillies to facilitate such a move. I have nothing but dread at that announcement. I fear someone is going on the DL for a while, or that they'll bitchslap Coste again.

Jacobin said...

More trade moves! The Phillies pick up Julio Mateo from the Mariners for an infielder that was hitting at a .330 clip in AA. Mateo and Brett Myers have something in common seeing as Myers faced charges of assaulting his wife and Mateo is currently facing charges for beating, biting, and choking his wife.

Still no word on what is happening with the injuries to Bourn and Victorino.

GM-Carson said...

Seriously, we traded with Seattle. Does Gillick know there are other teams besides the Mariners, Rangers, and White Sox? I remember this Mateo being good a couple seasons back, but haven't heard much about him since. I need to go look into this deal more closely.

Jacobin said...

For a brief moment the rumor was that Danny Sandoval was the player traded for Mateo. Had that been the case, this would have been a great trade (even if it is for a lousy wife biter). But such euphoria was quickly dashed when it turned out the deal was for Jesus Merchan (who was hitting well in AA).

Jacobin said...

Word is that Victorino and Bourn have both been put on the 15-day disabled list. Wow, that really, really sucks. Who the hell is going to be playing right field? Chris Roberson sucks. He hit .195 in the bigs last year and this year he's not hitting for shit in AAA either. My guess is that Dobbs will be put out in right field and Charlie will now use Roberson as his pinch runner/late inning replacement for Burrell.

Maria said...

Jason Werth is coming off the DL and I think he'll be with the team but won't be available tonight.

Jacobin said...

Wow, what the hell is going on? Roberson is 3-3 so far tonight, putting his major league season average at 1.000! Pat Burrell hits another home run!

Of course, Eaton promptly chokes away the lead by having his usual high ERA game.