Monday, July 02, 2007

Odds & Ends

Hey now you're an all star, get your game on, go play...not only is Chase Utley "the man" in Philly and an obvious fan favorite, he apparently has won the nation over as well with his all-out play and has been voted an all-star for the 2nd straight season. Joining him in the City by the Bay are Fence-Face Rowand and King Cole, who are each making their first appearance at the mid-summer classic. Personally I feel Jimmy Rollins got snubbed, but I guess a quadruple-double is something every player accomplishes by mid-season...not quite. Have fun in San Fran gays (oops I meant guys), and remember "this time it counts", so win it for the NL so the Phils have home field advantage in this year's World Series.


Can you spare a quarter?:
Holy Heck-a-Mecca, sweet Jeebus, thank goodness that series is over. I was tired of all those fruity fraternizing Mets fans molesting each other's rumps after every strike thrown by a Mets pitcher and every batted ball by a Mets hitter...shut the hell up! Yesterday we avoided complete disaster as Kyle Kendrick came out and pitched a helluva game and the bullpen managed to hold the lead down, leaving the weekend with a quarter percent of victory...doesn't sound as bad as saying "1 outta 4".


Week Ahead:
On tap for the upcoming week is a 3 game set with the ASStros in Houston then a weekend pit stop in Colorado to inhale some of that "thin" Rocky Mountain air, chug a few Coors, and rock the Rockies.



Anonymous said...

Wow, first post this morning! What an honor!

Now that the 10,000 loss monkey is off their back the Phillies can focus on the prize of staying in contention until the final week only to come up short.

Thank God that series is over. The only thing more annoying than listening to Mets fans, is listening to Mets fans gloat.

GM-Carson said...

McD- you keep mentioning this 10k loss thing, but I'm pretty sure the Phils still have 3 or 4 more losses until they reach that "milestone"...might want to check the mathematics there Manuel Jr. (just kidding).

The Phils always seem to suck against the 'stros, but hopefully we can knock the crap outta them for a 3 game sweep while the Mets vanish into "thin air" playing in Colorado to start the week. said...

Big start for Granpappy tonight. They need at least 2 of 3 vs. the 'Stros.

And, Carson, it's hard to deny the mighty influence of the GM's, but I've been calling Ryan Howard "Blastmaster" (not Blaster) since Thome was around.

It wasn't even so much an ode to his power at the dish, but having the same exact nose as the original "Blastmaster," KRS-One.

and yeah, they are still a few away from 10K.

fans said...

The inquirer does a 10,000 loss countdown each day. We have 5 to go.

michael said...

i'm so glad this mets series is over as well. watching all those gaywads on tv wanting jump out of the stands every time beltran came to bat to make out with him was annoying as all hell. watching the game yesterday did we really need to see that mets dork in the front row get all into every mets at bat in the 8th and 9th. i find the mets to be the corniest franchise in pro sports from mr. met to the stupid song, the dopey song drops they do at home games every 5 seconds (if i have to hear "everybody clap their hand" one more time i'm going to clap my foot with my tv). oh look the apple came out at the home run...uuuuuuuughhhhh.

BENTZ said...

I actually heard "everybody clap your hands" at Busch when the Phillies were playing there. Fitting that it was the Cardinals, another team I hate besides the Mets. Now we just need Dolphins' Stadium to start playing it to complete my trifecta of most hated NL teams - Mets, Marlins, Cardinals...

BenJah said...

2 of 3 from the ASStros?? hell, we need to sweep the next couple weeks after that pathetic showing against the faggot mutts.

geez, siralden laid into you yesterday, carson, but i don't know if he made as much sense as he thinks he did. i look forward to future exchanges between you two.

Jacobin said...

I'm trying to look at the positives today. Over the weekend, I heard a lot of talk of other teams and how they are a pitcher and a bat away from being serious contenders. On the bright side, the Phillies are not a team that needs to be looking for a bat to add to the lineup. Of course it would be nice if Howard would cut down on the strike outs and if Burrell would suddenly stop sucking, but even still this team scores a ton of runs (most in the NL).

Honestly, if Myers and Gordon come back to the bullpen healthy we should be in pretty good shape there (yes, I would like Myers back in the rotation... but that doesn't appear likely).

The real issue, which wasn't supposed to be an issue when the season began, is the starting rotation. Kyle Kendrick has done an admirable job so far, but I wonder what happens when he's been through enough games for other teams to get a good read on him. The one thing that seems like a plus with Kendrick is he has so far induced more ground outs than fly balls (which in the Citizen's Bank Bandbox is a good thing). So adding someone of some worth to this starting rotation (or two someones) could really make a huge difference.

The other thing that could really help would be if the moron of a manager would stop abusing the bullpen, but unless we have a Flowers for Algernon experiment for Fuqua that will not be happening.

The bad news is that everyone else will be looking for a starter or two before the trade deadline, and most of those teams won't be cheap pricks like the owners of the Phillies. Anyone else getting sick of "wait until next year?"

BenJah said...


furiousBall said...

I think the Mets just scored again...

BENTZ said...

The good thing about Kendrick is that 3 of his 4 starts were at CBP so he has shown a tendency to be able to pitch there. Also, he hasn't faced terrible opposing line-ups: Mets and Indians are good and even the Reds can slug even if they can't do much else right.

I really liked the way he pitched at the game I was at on Tuesday. Worked out of disaster in the first (only 1 run after bases loaded, 0 outs) and pitched with the lead. Not afraid to challenge hitters which led to 2 solo homers which are irrelevant with 6-7 run leads.

GreggyD said...

I actually found myself yelling at the TV yesterday when the Phils tacked on those runs in the 7th because it finally shut up the Mets fans. The entire time they were up the "Let's go Mets" chants were raining down. And as much as people were saying "come on Phillies fans, get on their asses and shut them up", I think it just got to the point where all the fans at CBP were just rolling their eyes and wondering how one group of fans could be so damn annoying.

Well so sad for those Mutts fans that Victorino put a sock in their mouths with a home run and then they added on another run. I was absolutely loving it.

Battle of two old men tonight when Grand Pappy goes up against Uh oh I popped a Woody Williams. Woody is having an abysmal season with a 3-10 record and a 5.58 ERA so hopefully the Phils can rack up some runs tonight and try to forget that Mets series.

Jacobin said...

You are spot on GreggyD. I wanted to jump through my radio this weekend and start a fight with all those bastard Mets fans that were at the park. It was disgusting.

Jacobin said...

Down on the farm...

I just heard from my mother who went to the Reading Phillies game today that the AA club put up 13 runs in the fifth and won 21-4 overall. That must have been a hell of a thing to see. Too bad the big club couldn't have laid that kind of beating down on the Mets this past weeken.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden is my boy...confusing and amusing at the same time. Much appreciated commenter, even if he doesn't agree with me. That's the beauty of this blog, we don't have to agree. Hell, Corey and I don't even always agree, and that spices things up.

All fans can be obnoxious, really...we are Phillies fans after all, but those fucking Mets fans were the worst this weekend. I would have been arrested if I were at the park because one of those rim-jobs would have got kicked in the teeth.

GM-Carson said...

We've got nothing to show for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle. CJ Henery is a complete mess in Single A, the other 2 "prospects" are organizational fillers, and Matt Smith is being shut down for the year as he heads under the knife tomorrow for Tommy John surgery...f'n great!

GreggyD said...

Pat Burrell is starting tonight. If he goes even 0 for 2, his average will fall under .200. I just find him laughable.

Jacobin said...

The past and future collide to show us how shitty the bullpen was and will be! Mesa and Sanches combine to walk in Houston's winning margin!

Pat Burrell swats a home run, and in doing so goes 1-3... thus raising his average by a few points to .203. The race to .199 hits a bump in the road!

I was trying to stay positive earlier today, but this team doesn't do anything to allow you to sustain such a feeling. Woody f'n Williams raised his record to 4-10 by winning. The Phillies can't even beat a dead horse.

furiousBall said...

I'm writting in Mesa for the All Star team.

das411 said...

Carson, that "organizational filler" was turned around and dealt for Moyer and Conine and Jose the K, and the $$ cleared by dumping Abreu and the late Mr. Lidle went towards locking up Eaton and the regrettable Garcia incident, plus the spare-change pickups this spring (Alfonseca anyone? Werth? Rosario?) that have turned out to be so important so far this season.

And Benjah, it was pretty well reported that the Wolfman took less $$ for a chance to pitch at home in LA, just watch his press conference when they intro'd him and Juan Pierre and Wolfie *totally* embarassed that chump CF who actually did go for the money.

Now for the really important question: who else no longer wants to call Victorino "The Flyin' Hawaiian" because he might try to actually fly again and hurt himself?? Leading the team in steals, one of the best arms in the league, all that pop and the hula-bobblehead on top, is he not the anti-Abreu?

SirAlden said...

Dear GM-Carson

This is what we got for Abreu.

We will be able to have the cash for Mid-Season off-season BIG Signing. Last Winter we almost got Soriano.

We got to take a

We got a supposed quality lefty better than Fultz, SMITH. Last season, Smith went 0-1 with a 0.87 ERA in 26 combined appearances with the Phillies and Yankees.

(the Braves Traded LaRoche for Gonzalez and his arm fell off too).

C.J. Henry a SS-3B the Former #1 pick the Yankees got when Wade Signed Donut Eater Leiber.
Henry is a totally toolsy young guy
with the Lakewood BlueClaws who will be nothing or something in 2 years we cannot predict.

Catcher Jesus Sanchez and Righthander Carlos Monasterios are both young guys signed from Venezula, Sanchez is playing for GCL and Monasterios with Lakewood.

When you dump salary, you don't get nuttin' back but a bag of rocks. We got pet rocks.

We could have kept Abreu and not have a chance to sign someone BIG like CABARA this Winter. We got the best offer we could get because of the WADE Contract.

I do not know if you noticed but an expert no less than Andrew Jpnes the finest CF of his generation singled out Victorino one of the best CF he has ever seen.

If you are with a girl.
She sours. Gets a bit chubby.
Makes you feel like she is doing you a favor when she gets down on the knees. She makes a scene.
She / you dump eachother....

Then next year you see this Angel and she looks up at you and...

It is addition by subtraction my dear Watson. Elementary.

SirAlden said...

I never laid into Carson.

Carson farts flowers in my book.

GM-Carson said...

I "fart flowers"...tell my wife that, she seems to think differently.

Last night was further proof for me that this team simply isn't playoff caliber with a joke of a bullpen that walks in two runs. By the way, the Carlos Lee shot off of Mesa was amazing, damn thing went a long way. Houston's radar gun must have been off as well, because it was clocking Mesa at 98 to 99 on his fastball.

SirAlden said...

Definately not a playoff caliber anything with 4 Experienced Pitchers counted on for 650+
Innings on the DL.

We are in a better place record wise then the last 2 years, we will be the in the playoffs if Myers rocks, Gordon is servicable, and we pick up 2 relievers in salary dumps.

If we are in it we will see a Marty Bystrom Sept out of Carusco.

I also liked A.J. Happ who was tippin' his change-ups. Say ommmmm rub your buddha beer belly and hope for divine grace. The Phillies thanks to possibly the finest SS, 2B, and 1B in Phillies History for the next 4 years will be a glass which is half full, not half empty.