Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kick, Punch, Bite, and Claw our Way to the Top

Who cares about the moral character of a player when it's the playoffs that are on the line. We already have one supposed wife abuser on the pitching staff in the form of closer Brett Myers and Patty G went out and got us a dude that takes wife beating to a new level...hello Julio Mateo. Mateo hasn't pitched much in the bigs this season for Seattle due to his alleged wife beating/biting incident. Gillick dealt recently promoted to Ottawa middle infielder Jesus Merchan to the Mariners in return for the much maligned relief pitcher. The 29 year old righty has done well in the majors, accumulating a 18-12 record with a 3.68 era and 1.20 whip in 318.1 ip. He was toiling away in Triple A Tacoma before the trade with a sparkling 0.83 era in 32.1 ip. I just hope he doesn't turn out to be an a-hole and can actually help this tired and beaten bullpen. By no means imaginable do I find female abuse funny, I'm just reporting the facts here people.

A poster on BeerLeaguer had this to say in regards to the Mateo acquisition, "I don't care if he beats his wife. I just want him to be able to throw low fastballs for strikes." Gotta love Phils Phans...we want to win and nothing else, ethics be damned!



GreggyD said...

ESPN states that "Mateo will be assigned to Triple-A Ottawa, though he could end up with the Phillies quickly."

I don't understand this. Is it because we don't have room for him on the roster? Because if we do have room for him and we leave him in AAA, it doesn't make sense as to why we traded Jesus Merchan who was having a very nice season in the pharm system.

This move better work out because our bullpen needs help as we all know. I would've rather seen an outfielder brought in, but what can ya do.

BenJah said...

now if we could just trade for julio lugo, we'd be able to keep all the wife beaters in one place.

you're right, female abuse isn't funny....unless they like it. i used to date a girl that actually enjoyed a little "rough play" in bed -- no joke!

Bob D said...

Merchan wasn't a real prospect anyway. Costanzo, Donald, Harmon, Baez, Cardenas, and Henry would jump over Merchan in the next year.

Mateo will put Mesa/Condrey on the bubble.

Werth and Roberson activated? Iguess Vic, Bourn went on the DL, and Lohse will be activated as Durbin get sent to AAA.

GM-Carson said...

Mateo will be in Philly in no time, we just need to find out who gets cut and who gets sent down to the minors first. A lot has happened in a week. Utley, Madson, Bourn, and Vic injured while Iguchi, Lohse, and Mateo acquired.

Good news about Mateo, he has a 1.5 mil option for next season and that may end up being a decent deal.

Jesus Merchan hasn't been very good until this season and he is on the older side for Double A (just promoted to Triple A). His future at best with the Phils was as a utility infielder like Abe Nunez. Getting Mateo for Merchan was worth it.

Rumore has it Bourn and Vic both to the 15 day DL with Werth and Roberson activated/recalled...Gillick go get an outfielder pronto!!!

GM-Carson said...

By the way, Pirates got Matt Morris for a player to be named later and crappy outfielder Rajai Davis. Morris could be a good stabilizing veteran in the Buccos rotation, and he's under contract for 2 more seasons beyond this one. I think the Pirates are going to try and make a real run at the NL Central next season.

GM-Carson said...

Jars of Clay Condrey has been waived in order to make room for Kyle Lohse.

I need to go update the Phils roster on our sidebar.

BenJah said...

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Jacobin said...

Hmm... I was behind the times and posted this on the earlier thread. Should have put it here:

Wow, what the hell is going on? Roberson is 3-3 so far tonight, putting his major league season average at 1.000! Pat Burrell hits another home run!

Of course, Eaton promptly chokes away the lead by having his usual high ERA game.

SirAlden said...

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Jacobin said...

Roberson is now 4-4. I'm going to go outside and look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and check for flying pigs.

das411 said...

Seriously, why did we need to hold onto Bourn so badly? Did Bourn have *any* 4-4 games this season?

GM-Carson said...

Hope you all enjoyed Chris Roberson's only good game of the season, because it won't be happening again. This offense is screwed without Utley, Victorino, and Bourn. Iguchi is decent, but Werth and Roberson are horrible compared to the Vic/Bourn duo.

I hate Gavin Eaton. I cringe at the thought of 2 more seasons of that low-level ass-clown.

Anonymous said...

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