Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fast Facts

*Ryan Howard has more rbi's (62) than hits (61). 33 (over half) of Howard's 61 hits have been for extra bases (13 doubles and 20 homeruns). He has also stuck out an astonishing 90 times, a margin of -29 when compared to his hits; no other player in the majors has that much of a deficit (closest being Adam Dunn with -25, 102 k's 77 hits). Ryan also has one of the worst fielding percentages (.989) and zone ratings (.773) among MLB first basemen. I still love having Ryan Howard on my team though, and he's young enough to make the proper adjustments...he was the 2006 NL MVP after all.

*Sparkplug, Shane Victorino, has stolen 25 straight bases without being caught and has swiped 27 on the season. I predicted that the Flyin' Hawaiian would be capable of 30-40 thefts, and he may even eclipse that mark. Vic also has an NL high 10 outfield assists and a MLB leading .934 zone rating in RF.

*Chase Utley is by far the best 2nd baseman in the game. Here's how he compares with other MLB 2-sackers: his .982 OPS is over 120 points higher than the next closest (Brian Roberts .858), his 15 homeruns are ranked 3rd, .324 average 2nd, 66 rbi are 16 better than anyone else, 61 runs 2nd, and 33 doubles 1st. MVP?

*Despite how poorly the Phils have been playing lately, and how mediocre our record is (43-42), we remain only 4 games back of the NL East leading Mets.

*Although No-Hit Nunez has his average up to .265, he'd still be ranked 3rd worst 3rd baseman in MLB if he had enough plate appearances, as his .644 OPS would rank just above fallen-star Nomar Garciaparra and former Phillie Nick Punto.

*Fan favorite, Chris Coste, is batting .429 in limited plate appearances this season and .335 for his career. There is absolutely no excuse for not playing this man. His defense isn't spectacular, but it's adequate, and he's proven he can hit. Insert him in the lineup until he goes into a guess, he'll keep on hitting at a +.300 clip, which is far better than that fat bastard Rod Barajas can do.

*Pat Burrell may be hitting a weak .207, but he has actually coaxed more walks (57) than strikeouts (56). Burrell has already scored more runs in July (5) than he did in all of June (4), and he's matched June's homerun total with 2 longballs in July thus far.

*Wes Helms has hit 3 homeruns in his last 33 at bats, but didn't hit any in his first 151 Phillies at bats.

*The Phillies as a team have 70 stolen bases (thanks to Rollins, Vic, and Bourn), but have only been caught 10 times for a lofty MLB leading 88% success rate. We may not have Willie Magee, Ozzie Smith, and Vince Coleman (who was actually drafted by the Phils in '81 but never signed) circling the bases, but that's a damn fine trio in their own right.

*The Phillies offense is ranked 3rd in the majors and 1st in the NL with 439 runs scored. Too bad our pitching staff has surrendered a NL worst 446 runs for an depressing 4.89 era.



Tony said...

Coste's defense can probably be considered adequate overall, but the pitchers seem to perform well when he's behind the plate. Granted, Hamels is the exception of the staff already, but he'd been rough his last couple of outings. The results last year down the stretch speaks volumes, even if only to his stabilizing effect.

And the strike he fired to second, from his knees, on Lee's stolen base yesterday was impressive. He didn't get him, which seemed more Hamels than anything. If he's standing with time to set himself, Barajas throws that ball to Bourn.

Keep Coste in the show.

GM-Carson said...

Coste amazes me with the way he hits. I never thought he'd amount to anything as a big leaguer, but I am obviously wrong. I'm glad he got exposure last season and he was a big part of the late season playoff drive. I still can't believe he got screwed this season. I understand getting an insurance policy at catcher in case Coste or Ruiz totally tanked, but we didn't have to spend 2.5 million on the no-talent ass-clown Rod Barajas.

michael said...

In regards to the whole Bourn for Otsuka trade rumor, i think gillick would be a moron to do this trade.

From ESPN Insider: Akinori Otsuka, the middle reliever most preferred by the Detroit Tigers, may be available to pitch Friday, or maybe he won't be, because of forearm tightness. The volume of teams interested in Otsuka won't be diminished by his recent health concerns, but the offers may be. Nobody is going to give up a top prospect unless they're sure Otsuka will be a rock-solid option. said...

Great stats, Carson.

I'm still holding out hope that Howard gets his opposite field stroke back.

Coste & Bourn = guys that need to be in the lineup all the time

GM-Carson said...

I like how the Phils have been bringing Michael Bourn along slowly this season. I'd like to see him get about 5 starts a week unless he stops hitting. It's nice to see Burrell coming to life a little, but lets not fool ourselves and think "he's back", because I'm not sure that will ever happen again.

Otsuka would look nice in our bullpen but so would the majority of relief pitchers around MLB.

GM-Carson said...

Release Jose Mesa and pickup the recently designated for assignment Scott Williamson of the Baltimore O's. At least he hasn't proven to be a failure twice in Philly like Joe Table has.

michael said...

i would love Otsuka, but not for Bourn. Williamson wouldn't be a bad look I guess as long as that means getting rid of Mesa I'm all for it.

furiousBall said...

I would be so happy with a Ruiz-Coste battery behind the plate. Gotta keep playing Helms now that he's hot and sub Nunez for D late in the game.

How about the job Davey Lopes has done with this team? I hope he gets a shot at the helm once Fuqua is shot out of a cannon.

I still like Bourn over Burrell in left, both defensively and offensively. Burrell should be the guy were shopping for relief in the pen.

CLARE. said...

furious one, I'd like to see Pat go, too, but remember he has a no-trade clause and can veto any trade he doesn't like.

I was so happy for Chris Coste when he hit that pinch-hit homer. It just seemed like a giant, beautiful middle finger to the front office.

Jacobin said...

This from the Inquirer:

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Phillies were among the teams with a scout at U.S. Cellular Field when White Sox lefthander Mark Buehrle started against the Orioles on Monday night.

Do you really think the team is interested in Buehrle and his $9.5 million contract? Or do you think it's more likely the scout was there to check out Oriole's crapfest reliever Scott Williamson that was just designated for assignment!

All mean-spirited kidding aside, there is no reason to trade away anything good for Buehrle unless you are going to sign him to an extension. If Chicago is looking to do a salary dump, that's one thing. But like I said before, the Phils are usually the rube in deals like this.

SirAlden said...

We have what it takes especially if Howard, and now Helms keep up the good work and barely adequate fielding.

We lost 650 innings in Garcia, Lieber, Myers, and Gordon.

If we even get back 250-300 of that back with Myers, Gordon, Kendrick, et al, a trade for a significant pitcher, with Carrasco a September call up we are positioned to have a playoff shot.

Any major injury now and we are toast.

What people forget is every single Met had a career year last year.

Our core 3 infielders remain an unusual and significant asset you should have heard the Astros announcers talk about them constantly the last three games.

Question you are starting a MLB Team and you can have Reyes SS, Wright 3B, and Betran CF - or Rollins SS, Utley 2B, and Howard 1B. What do you do?

Good news from the minors --
6 Players Selected from High A
to their All-Star Game - 3 Pitchers and 3 Batters.

June 25th, 2007 — ThreshersNewsMan
The Clearwater Threshers earned their best first-half record in their short four-year history going 39-31. The team had six players selected to the FSL All-Star game: pitchers Carlos Carasco, Andrew Carpenter, Pat Overholt, OF/DH Jeremy Slayden, and catcher Lou Marson were elected by the managers in the league and Greg Golson was selected by the commisioners office to attend the game.

Jacobin said...

It's not just the Houston announcers, did you see what Craig Biggio had to say regarding Utley?

"I love Chase Utley," Astros second baseman Craig Biggio, who has 3,009 career hits, told the Houston Chronicle. "I told him, 'Whenever I'm done, I'm going to call you, and I want you to leave me tickets. If not, I'll buy my own tickets. I'll pay to watch you play.' There aren't a lot of guys that I get excited to watch play. Chase Utley is one of them."

SirAlden said...

On a certain other terrific blog where most Phillies Phans go for group therapy for Depression, and ODD Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which were hard wired during their childhoods from 1994-2001. Folks who had to dream about Ricky Botalico for salvation.

There are 3 major posters to whom everything is negative no matter what. One of these posters said there were over 30 MLB Free-Agent Relief Pitchers we should have could have signed.

I asked who they were a number of times and of course bully depressive ODD poster number one never responded. Bully's boy - depressive ODD poster number two posted these 11 (not 30) names
of MLB Free Agent Arms. Poster numeber one still has not responded with the other 19.

I posted the following list which I remembered just now when Williamson was posted today (he is at the bottom of the list look at his 2006 and 2007 stats).

Here on this wonderful Manic-Depressive Blog site which is fair and balanced, I have a question for my fellow Manic Depressives.
Remember the first MLB team I ever followed pitch by pitch at age 10 was the 1964 Philadephia Phillies, so I certainly have my credentials in order.

Could everyone please take a look at this list and agree, disagree, and add to it for me with Pitchers I missed? I looked at the Mets box scores the last 3 games, their relievers after Wags are still pretty average, we are the worst ever, and if we get to sub average we will win the division.

My point is that Gilick tried, and the talent was so thin, he refused to give up draft picks much to his credit.

2007 Jun-Reg Joe Savery P
2007 Jun-Sup Travis d'Arnaud C
2006 Jun-Reg Kyle Drabek P
2006 Jun-Sup Adrian Cardenas SS
2005 Jun-Reg None - - - - - - -
2004 Jun-Reg Greg Golson OF
2003 Jun-Reg None - - - - - - -

This is Gillick's Hand 4 picks in 2 years after 1 pick in 3 years!

Here is the list and who would you have wanted on your team who might have cost us Joe Savery P or 2nd Rounder Travis Mattair 3B?

We Should Be GM's who do you sign?

Here is the list:

David Weathers Resigned Reds
2006 ERA 3.32 WHIP 1.00
2 years/$5M
2007 VS. LEFT: .211 BA VS. RIGHT: .185 BA
Great Experienced guy, had been with Reds for 3 years, resigned.

Joe Borowski FA Marlins 2006 ERA 3.75 WHIP 1.38
1 year/$4.25M 2007 VS. LEFT: .305 BA VS. RIGHT: .316 BA
Terrible reliever. Just terrible. Over .300 BA against, injury concerns.

Chad Bradford FA Mets 2006 ERA 2.90 WHIP 1.16
3 year/$10.5M 2007 VS. LEFT: .355 BA VS. RIGHT: .275 BA
Great signing on paper, big money, Terrible this year, W 0 – L 4 so far.

Aaron Fultz FA Phillies 2006 ERA 4.54 WHIP 1.52
1 year/$1.65M 2007 VS. LEFT: .154 BA VS. RIGHT: .152 BA
The one that got away. Stunk big time last year. Matt Smith seemed better.

Octavio Dotel FA Yankees 2006 ERA 10.80 WHIP 2.90
2 year/$10.5M 2007 VS. LEFT: .240 BA VS. RIGHT: .250 BA
10.5 million for someone with a 10.80 ERA, and 2.90 WHIP? Pass.

Alan Embree FA Padres 2006 ERA 3.27 WHIP 1.24
2 years/$5.5M 2007 VS. LEFT: .283 BA VS. RIGHT: .263 BA
Not doing well in large park, 37 years old, was awful for Boston prior to 2006.

Eric Gagne FA Dodgers 2006 Pitched 2 innings, Herniated Disks
1 year/$6.00M 2007 VS. LEFT: .111 BA VS. RIGHT: .200 BA
Great Reliever, talk about injury issues, only human ever to have 2 Tommy John.

Steve Kline Resigned Giants 2006 ERA 3.66 WHIP 1.53
2 years/$3.5M 2007 VS. LEFT: .302 BA VS. RIGHT: .340 BA
Always liked this feisty lefty from Sunbury, PA. Best years behind him.

David Riske FA White Sox 2006 ERA 3.89 WHIP 1.29
1 year/$1.25M 2007 VS. LEFT: .208 BA VS. RIGHT: .273 BA
Average Guy, average career, average year.

Justin Speier FA Blue Jays
2006 ERA 2.98 WHIP 1.33
4 years/$18.0M 2007 VS. LEFT: .154 BA VS. RIGHT: .107 BA
16.0 innings pitched on DL 18M contract Walnut Creek, CA boy signed with LAAngels

Scott Williamson FA Padres 2006 ERA 7.36 WHIP 1.82
1 year/$0.90M 2007 VS. LEFT: .375 BA VS. RIGHT: .156 BA
13.2 innings pitched on DL.Trash. No thanks.

Thsnks, looking forward to everyone Opinion.

SirAlden said...

I was 9 actually Birthday in Dec.

Jacobin said...

The only other FA reliever that came to mind right away was Doug Brocail (of Clearfield, PA), but I think he's on the DL for San Diego now. If you want to go really crazy, you can look at ESPN's Free Agent Tracker.

I'm not sure how to comment other than to say if your point is there was a lot of crap available in free agency, you're right. Most players become free agents because their teams have no interest in retaining them (players that play themselves into being worth more than a team is willing to pay make up the smaller percentage of the free agent pool). Gillick has done a good job of not throwing away the team's draft picks, but I think the short-term issue that people do have is that the pitchers we have recently left go under Gillick have for the most part been superior or on par with the crap that he picked up to replace them!

GM-Carson said...

I agree the free agent pool for relievers was weak this offseason, but I would have liked to sign some combo of the following Rudy Saenez, David Weathers, Justin Speier, Aaron Fultz, Alan Embree, Chad Bradford, and or David Riske. 1 righty and 1 lefty from that group would make our bullpen a whole lot better. Also, allowing Justin Germano and Justin Miller to be claimed on waivers is inexcusable.

GM-Carson said...

So, what do you think will happen to the Phillies this weekend against the Rockies? I'm thinking losing 2 outta 3...this bullpen is dying to give up 10 runs in Colorado.

BenJah said...

i dont even know what to say about this team right now:

the phils need a new kidding!

sir alden needs to paraphrase more....def kidding!

what about some bucco blog updates, eh GMs??

GreggyD said...

I think this Rockies lineup could be a tough test for the Phillies, particularly our bullpen. Colorado's lineup is fast becoming one of my favorites in the NL. Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki, Brad Hawpe, Willy Taveras, Garrett Atkins, it is pretty solid.

The Phillies bats should be able to take advantage of that light mountain air and hopefully take a couple of games, but I agree with you Carson, they will probably lose 2 out of 3 in this one. The Rockies are coming off a huge sweep of the Mutts where they outscored them 34-12, and put up 28 runs combined in the last two games of the series. Pretty impressive.

We'll see what Kendrick can do against this lineup tomorrow night. This might end up being the kid's first loss, but hey, ya never know. Another quality start would be nice so we can avoid our bullpen setting foot on the field.

Jacobin said...

Kendrick's tendency to induce ground balls is encouraging going into his start in Colorado. My hope is that coming off the sweep of the Mets, the Rockies have a Phillies-esque letdown (when we sweep good teams, we usually play like shit for the following series). I think we can win all three, but I think it's more likely that we win one, have an asshat of an umpire piss another one away, and lose one all on our own.

BloodStripes said...

Nice bunch of facts. Victorino is proving to be an excellent everyday player and Chase Utley is the first half MVP.

das411 said...

There is very very little wrong with this team that cannot be solved by starting Burrell every day (and batting him 2nd) and trading Bourn or one of the endless clones of him the Phils always seem to produce (anyone heard from Chris Roberson lately?) for a Moyer-esque league average pitcher.

Assuming Myers and/or Gordon return healthy, this team as constructed will not need an Otsuka nearly as much as it will need a Cory Lidle-type solid back of the rotation guy, to eat up those innings Siralden mentioned and keep games close for the offense. I suggested over at TheGoodPhight we try to pick up Woody Williams the other day, got laughed at, and he promptly went out and beat the Phils...

...and why in the world would anybody trade *for* Barajas? He is pretty clearly the winner of this year's Tomas Perez Award, for the Phillie with the least value to any other team in MLB!

SirAlden said...

Doug Brocail Resigned Padres
2006 ERA 4.76 WHIP 1.24
1 year/$500K
2007 VS. LEFT: .127 BA VS. RIGHT: .288 BA
Lefty Out Man. On DL 40 years old, two heart angioplasties, only 28 innings pitched in 2006.

Not a Type A or B Free-agent.
We could have tried for him but at 28 innings and heart issues might have been hard to get him away from SD, depends if he wanted to come home.

Thanks for that link Jacobin.

The issue of letting Germano and Miller walk is another issue (not Free-Agent Relievers) and I agree. The call was Rosario and Durbin with high skills and little success vs. control guys.

Rudy Seanez Resigned Dodgers
2006 ERA 4.92 WHIP 1.70
1 year/$700K
2007 VS. LEFT: .290 BA VS. RIGHT: .258 BA
38 years old released by 2 teams signed a minor league contract, average year so far.

Weathers - Lose Joe Savery P
Joe Borowski - Lose Joe Savery P
Chad Bradford - Lose Joe Savery P
Aaron Fultz - Travis d'Arnaud C
Octavio Dotel - Free
Alan Embree - Travis Mattair 3B
Eric Gagne - Free
Steve Kline - Free
David Riske - Lose Joe Savery P
Justin Speier - Lose Joe Savery P
Scott Williamson - Free
Doug Brocail - Free
Rudy Seanez - Free

Knowing this I would have taken a flyer on Gagne and made a run at Speier who signed in his home state of California for 18 million.
Have to rememeber we were fighting over the 40 and 38 year old bones of these guys with 29 other teams.

Would anyone have tried to sign anyone else and lose our draft picks? If they were great arms sure, but they really were 6 finger types.

GM-Carson said...

Das411- I have to disagree with you on a couple fronts. First, I believe that Michael Bourn is a superior player to Chris Roberson and actually has MLB value unlike Roberson. Secondly, getting Gordon and Myers back healthy is a huge "if". Also, I feel this team needs more than a backo-of-the-rotation starter in order to actually compete for the division title. Sure it would help having another reliable starter, but our bullpen is atrocious, and batting Pat Burrell on sense in fantasy leagues, not actual baseball because his entire lack of any speed.