Saturday, July 21, 2007

Canes, Prune Juice, and Levitra

Lets get right to the point...Jamie Moyer and David Wells are OLD! Both lefties are 44 years old and bring a combined age of 88 years with 42 seasons of experience under their belts to the mound tonight in San Deigo. In their careers they've combined for 6,853 ip, 4,238 k, 458 wins, 1,239 games, and 16 teams. Grand Pappy Moyer has been getting rocked of late (3 losses and 10.06 era in July), but should be able to pitch well against a pitiful Padres lineup in a spacious park. As Moyer has been getting worse as the season goes on, Hefty-Lefty Wells has been getting better steadily dropping his era every month; and we know southpaws give the Phils fits.


Game Notes:
*Pat Burrell's 10 game hitting streak ended last night, but he did walk twice and contribute and rbi. Pat catches a lot of flak on this site, and deservedly so, but I think we can all agree it is nice to have him hitting well again, if only for a short time. I'm hoping he can stay hot for the rest of the 2nd half, but then again I've been hoping for world peace since I was 5 years old and that hasn't happened either.

*Eaton Beaver notched his 9th win of the season. I'm not quite sure how he's managed to collect 9 wins with a 5.84 era and 1.55 whip, but nonetheless Gavin Eaton is on pace to win 15 games this season believe it or not.

*Update- Ryan Howard is back, Shane Victorino is fast, and Chase Utley is awesome!!!



BloodStripes said...

42 seasons of experience on the mound in one game. That is incredible. Fantastic. Good luck to 'em. Especially Moyer. I too like his chances against San Diego. Should be a ripper.

Gavin Eaton Beaver can thank a hefty offense for most of his wins with that ERA. And thank the Phils he did last night. ON MLBTV coverage stops about a minute after the final out. This allows for a quick switch to WPHT for the post game show. Last night Eaton was interviewd as star of the game. He was reluctant and said the star today should be Chase Utley. He's a good guy.

BloodStripes said...

Rowand has been hot all year but look at Pat in the last few weeks.

The highest averages in the Majors Since July 8:

Julio Lugo Red Sox .500
Aaron Rowand Phillies .485
Pat Burrell Phillies .464
Nick Markakis Orioles .444
Delmon Young Devil Rays .405


SirAlden said...

Given up on by the Reds, exposed to waivers by the Phillies who had 6 starters at the time, Germano was someone who was not suited, and had never pitched in relief in the minors.

Germano would have had to have stayed permanently on the 25 man roster in 2007, 2008 and beyond...

The Padres are now 1-5 over his last six starts. Germano was 1-4 with one no decision.

"I Pitty The Fool - Who Trash Talks the Team of Utley, and Rollins, and Howard" ~ Mr. T

Go make man love to Joe Roa, Jason Germano!

SirAlden said...

Check this out....

We are going to get Eric Bedard

GM-Carson said...

It's Justin, not Jason Germano SirAlden for future reference.

*I think I just farted a flower.

GM-Carson said...

What package could we possibly offer to get Eric Bedard. Bedard is in the midst of a breakout season, I should know I have him on my one fantasy team, so why the hell would the O's even bother dealing him unless they got some awesome package in return.

GM-Carson said...

The best line from that link SirAlden posted is, "Since then rookies Kyle Kendrick and J.D. Durbin have attempted to place their fingers in the widening dike with somewhat positive results."...sounds kinky!

SirAlden said...

The rummor flying around on Bedard, is this. The O's know that they cannot sign him, they know they are not going to compete with the Red Sox and Yankees, not to mention the Blue Jay and even Tampa Bay soon.

So they need to trade Bedard at his absolutely highest value, in prospects which is right now.

Bedard was Gillick's first target when he arrived here, when he came up with the shocking idea, (now seen as reasonable)to trade Abreu.

He tried to get the O's to take Abreu at his highest worth during the winter. So Gillick loves him.

Bedard is the kind of guy who, if he could get him to sign a long term deal, he would open the bank for.

Carrasco our top arm, Cardenas who is Chase Utley like and does not have the arm for 3B, and two interesting but not smokin' minor leaguers will do the trick.

SirAlden said...

A present for my pal GM "farts flowers" Carson.

Then the main link:

Hey Corey!

BloodStripes said...

Man the Phillies could do with Bedard. I would like to see that.

SirAlden said...

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- there's something deeply disturbing about you brain...I like it!

Jacobin said...

Erik Bedard... oh man, that's funny. It's nice to dream about getting a good pitcher to help this team, but it's not healthy if you start believing these fantasies to be reality.

BENTZ said...

Scott Olsen now gets arrested, this just keeps getting better...though driving intoxicated is no laughing matter...but I seriously hate this guy...

Bob D said...

I see Myers maybe back by next weekend. He has an appearance Monday followed by one more prior to being activated. Also Jake Blaylock is now back with the Phils in A ball. He was released by the Royals.

furiousBall said...

SirAlden - Strongbad is the best thing ever. I now have decided you rock.

Jacobin said...

Scott Olsen is a irritating little prick. It's sad to see anyone get in a situation where they are facing criminal court action, but combined with all the other bullshit around this guy you have to wonder what issues he has on a personal level. I'm just waiting for the John Rocker-esque story about Olsen to show up in Sports Illustrated.

Jacobin said...

Oh, and in case you missed it, the Phillies wonderful minor league system has just chewed up and spit out another pitching prospect. Young Mr. Drabek will be having Tommy John surgery that will cause him to miss at least a year.

BloodStripes said...

10 spot!

Offense wins again.

das411 said...

That's Offense 2, Pitching 1, at Pitching's home ballpark...and could this team actually pull out a series win tomorrow with slugger JD Durbin on the hill?

(nice inning from Flash too, wasn't it?)

SirAlden said...

Oh well Chris Coste fans....

Yankees trade for Jose Molina, 32, the brother of Giants catcher Bengie Molina and Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, is batting .224 with no home runs and 10 RBIs in 40 games.

They gave up Double-A righthander Double-A righthander Jeff Kennard.
(25 years old, and yes Virginia, this is the 5th year he has spent in AA).

Sounds like the Molina's are like the Baldwin Brothers with one good actor who married that crazy b*tch Kim Bassinger, and then 2-3 other bro's who kinda and really suck.

That makes Jose the William Baldwin of the bunch.

So...noone is gonna take Barajas, so I will go into my Barajas defense.

Judged as a back up catcher Barajas is better than 90% of the other league back ups. He is not a starter.

People hate him because he does not give up is body (and years of making money for no aparently good reason other then being a back up MLB Catcher), to block the plate like a REAL MAN. Yeah he sucks.

People hate him because they thought as a GM they would go into the season with a AAA catcher with shoulder issues, and Chris Coste.

That was GM Gillick's call that the team would be f*cked if Ruiz went down.

Here are 3 truths noone realizes.
Chris Coste is not on the roster because of having Bourne and Werth on the roster, not Barajas, the money spent on Barajas was chump change, Gillick had 20 mil set aside for signing a little 40 home run hitting guy from Washington who signed with the Cubs (so the the cash did not stop Gillick from signing free agent pitching). The pitching all basically sucked, was not worth 1st round pick LHP Joe Savery, or wanted to sign in Cali or with their current team.

2.5 months of Barajas boys who is a bit better than the New ork Yankees back up catcher Jose "William Baldwin" Molina.

GM-Carson said...

Kyle Drabek was a mistake. I wasn't too high on the kid when they drafted his cocky punk ass, and now I'm even more discouraged.

I can't believe we've won 2 of 3 so far in San Diego...surprising and refreshing.

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