Sunday, July 15, 2007

10K Perspective

I wasn't going to do a 10,000 losses post, but ignoring problems doesn't make them go away and this has been out there so much in the last few weeks, I figured something needed to be written. So, here are a few odds and ends relating to the occasion.

Look at it this way, the Phils have won more games than the following organizations: Arizona, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago (AL), Colorado, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, California/LA/Orange County, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Oakland, Sand Diego, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Texas, Toronto and Washington. Granted, most haven't been around nearly as long, but I don't care, they've still won more.

The next team to ten thousand losses will be the Atlanta Braves, who are at a little over 9680 and should reach 10K by about 2015. The second losingest team of all-time has won 17 pennents. Proof again that this is as much about longevity as ineptitude. Although it was a lot of ineptitude.

Also, the Phillies' winning percentage is far from the lowest in major league baseball history. That distinction belongs to the Wilmington Quicksteps who went 2-16 in 1884 before folding. Take that Wilmington, not only is your rate of murder, robbery and aggrevated assault twice the national average, your major league baseball team sucked.

The player who lost the most games for the Phillies is Hall of Famer Robin Roberts, who took the L in 199 of them. Lookin' good Robin.

The player who played in the most Phillies losses was Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, who stood on the flaming-hot astroturf of Veterans Stadium and various other away parks for 1140 of them.

The biggest single season contributor to losses was John Coleman. In 1884, he lost 48 games. He lost another 17 the next year before being released. That is 65 losses in two years. After a year with the other crap-factory in town, the Athletics, Coleman went to Pittsburgh in 1886, making him the very first Phucco. Yep, the first Phucco is the single season record holder for losses. Seems appropriate. (Of coure, he played for the Quakers and the Alleghenys, so I guess he was a Quallegheny, not a Phucco. His place in Phucco history is under debate...)



GM-Carson said...

10,000 losses...who gives a shit?

I'm more pissed off that I just got done doing my 2nd "10 Spot" post and then they go give up a 10 Spot to the Cards after doing it to them the previous 2 games. I hate our pitching staff. I truly hate them!

Last night's loss was just another typical Phils loss in my opinion. Shitty pitching and horrible situational hitting...way to go Greg Dobbs!

BloodStripes said...

Put Coleman down as a Phucco. Close enough. He is the champion of the 10K milestone. Wow, 65 losses in two years. Man he really got things going eh?. What a legend.

Stand tall Phils phans. May as well be proud.

BloodStripes said...

It was fitting Eaton rung up the 10k. Nice way to earn a few mil. Good job Gavin.

GM-Carson said...

Eaton is horrible, and we have 2 more seasons of him. Seriously, Gillick sucks at signing free agents. Gavin Eaton had this to say following the game, "After 125 years in existence as an organization, by far more than anybody else in professional sports, I think you should be the first team to get to a great milestone like that". *Do us a favor and shut the f*ck up!

Still, at 8,810-10,000 overall -- the Phillies also have the 10th most wins in history -- Philadelphia would need 32 straight 100-win seasons to pass the .500 mark as a franchise.

Phils signed 1st round pick Joe Savery for $1.37 million and is expected to report to Class A Williamsport by the end of the week. The young cocky kid had this to say, "I really believe that either by late next year or Opening Day of 2009 [I'll be in the big leagues]," Savery said after he was drafted 19th overall. "The bottom line is I've never focused on pitching. I relied on athleticism. I'm really excited about the opportunity to focus on pitching and being around professional instruction."

Good news (maybe)- Tom Gordon has been activated and Brian Sanches has been optioned.

Phillies pitchers have 30 hits this season, best in the National League.

Bob D said...

Gordon will help the pen and Myers shouldn't be too far behind, maybe a week or so. The 5th pitcher worries me unless Myers ends up there.

Carson, I thought your post yesterday titled "10 spot take 2" was a prediction of the final score.

GM-Carson said...

I know Manuel wants Myers in the closer role so we have a shot at holding down a victory, but he won't be needed most nights the way this shitty starting rotation pitches. Kendrick's success has been unexpected, Hamels is good but getting roughed up lately, Moyer isn't doing so hot lately, Eaton sucks donkey dong, and we don't even have a 5th why the hell do we really need a closer. Just plug Gordon back in at closer and move Myers back to where he belongs...the rotation.

Anonymous said...

I feel so empty now that the Phils have notched loss #10,000. Where do we go from here?

Kent said...

On 10k. It's an overblown situation. No badge of honor or disgrace. The team's been around forever and they stunk for a long time. It happens.

On pitching. Myers should be back in the rotation. Who knows if it will ever happen. He wouldn't be ready to come back for 2-3 additional weeks if they brought him off the DL as a starter. That said, if they can acquire better relievers than starters, it might have to be considered down the stretch...

But, this front office hasn't exactly gone the predictable route, so who knows.

GM-Carson said...

McD asks "I feel so empty now that the Phils have notched loss #10,000. Where do we go from here?"

Answer- loss 10,001 tonight against the Dodgers and Brad Penny.

Do we really need a 10 million dollar closer next season in the form of Brett Myers when our rotation will look weaker than Corey's bicep? If we were going to blow that much cash on a closer Billy Wagner should have been retained. Let me remind you that Myers isn't exactly tried and proven as a closer, he could still falter big time.

michael said...

i find this whole 10,000 losses thing annoying, espn news had it as 'breaking news' last night. the thing is every team who has been around as long as the phils are below or barely at/above the .500 mark, its such a 'who gives a shit' moment. i liked Joe Savery's comment "being around professional instruction". professional instruction? well.......

GM-Carson said...

Who would you rather have? Adam Eaton for 3 years 24.5 million with an 8-6 record 5.98 era, 1.54 whip, and a .225 average as a hitter or Justin Germano who we let go at the end of spring for free at $380,000 and a 6-3 record with 3.55 era, 1.13 whip, and a .333 average as a hitter.

F-U Pat Gillick!!!

Jacobin said...

Considering the shape the pitching is in, Savery should have said he expects to be with the big team by next week. And it's great he wants professional instruction in pitching, but perhaps he would have been better served going to a team that spends money on things like player development and scouting. He thinks he'll be on the major league roster by 2009... I think it's more likely he will be returning to the DL for the third time and facing his first Tommy John surgery if the Phils continue to "develop" pitching the way they have since Anti-Phillie devil-man Bill Giles brought the unholy alliance of shitbag partner owners to town.

BenJah said...

with 10 run losses and all-time futility stats and the current state of the pitching staff and the season as a whole, it's hard to find the proper perspective. as the great taoist philosopher lao tzu once said: 'fuck it'

GreggyD said...

I was over at and a rumor was posted on there that said the Yankees are looking for backup catcher help and they are willing to trade relievers to get it because they can fill their bullpen with kids from AAA.

One rumor had them sending either Luiz Vizcaino or Mike Myers to the Phillies for Rod Barajas.

I would dance around for days if this happened. I hate him so much and to actually trade him away for something we need would be so amazing.

Jarex said...

There's so much going on in your 10K post. What I'm hearing is:

-With the exception of the Red and White Sox, the Phillies have more wins than a short list of expansion teams
- Robin Roberts' sex change really went well
-The first PieRat was actually TOO BAD to play for the Phillies.

I could probably go on, but it's a Monday.

furiousBall said...

I don't really care that much about the 10K loss. And chalking a large responsibility on the shoulders of Robin Roberts and Mike Schmidt is silly. That's right I called you silly. Silly.

GM-Carson said...

I too stumbled upon that Rod Barajas to the Yanks for a reliever rumor...should have posted it. I can't believe the Yanks would do that deal, but hell, consider it done...I hate that fat-ass-piece-of-shit-waste-of-money-and-roster space Rod Barajas.

GM-Carson said...

From BeerLeaguer- "Only veterans with big-money commitments can last with a 5.98 ERA after 19 games. The uneasy feeling of sub-mediocrity started way back in spring training and the feeling hasn’t subsided. Measured using Baseball Prospectus’ VORP stat, which tallies the number of runs contributed beyond what a replacement-level player at the same position would contribute if given the same chances, Eaton is the worst pitcher in the National League over 100 innings, ranked 47 out of 47 starters."

I knew he slurped gopher testes!

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- Mike Lieberthal still has his sense of humor. Randy Wolf remains one of the nicest players in baseball. Both have their sights set on their first trips to the postseason, with the Dodgers currently in first place in the National League West. They came close with the Phillies in 2001, '03, '05 and '06, but fell short each time. At least there's no pressure in L.A., right? "There is a lot of pressure to win here," Lieberthal said. "If you don't win, they're not afraid to make changes. It's the same as the Phillies or Boston or New York." But at least there's no booing? "My last game before I went on the DL, I got booed pretty badly," Wolf said. "I didn't pitch very well. A couple of my buddies were like, 'Hey, they booed you.' I was like, 'Dude, you're allowed to get booed.' They boo on the West Coast, too."

GM-Carson said...

Somebody on another blog said Aaron Rowand has no trade value and directly compared it to the Bobby Abreu situation last season.

I replied as followed:
Comparing Aaron Rowand's trade value to Bobby Abreu's last season is retarded.

1st Rowand is having a bettter year than Abreu was.

2nd Rowand is younger than Abreu and probably at the peak of his career rather than the decline like Bobby.

3rd Rowand's 4.35 million dollar contract is easier to pass off on teams than Bobby's 10+ mil last season and this season.

Jacobin said...

If the Yankees would take Rod Barajas, it would mark two years in a row that they are willing to take a crappy catcher off the hands of the Phillies. Sal Fasano was at least a fun guy, but I think I pointed out earlier this year that Fasano and Barajas have very similar lifetime statistics. I'd also be ecstatic if the Yankees would want to take Barajas... who wouldn't be?

Jacobin said...

This piece of information is in the Philly news today regarding Mr. Eaton shit the pitching machine:

In a career that dates back to 2000, he never has won more than 11 games, never recorded an earned run average under four runs per game, never eaten up a bunch of innings. In 13 starts of an injury-plagued 2006 season, he averaged exactly five innings a game. In eight seasons that have included six stints on the disabled list, Eaton has averaged just under six innings per start.

Nice, Randy Wolf signed out in LA for the same price as Eaton signed here... oh yeah, for two less years though.

Bob D said...

Eaton makes up for his 5.98 ERA by hitting in a few runs here and there. But I would trade him for John Coleman and his 65 loses in a 2year span.

I would trade Barajas just to make room for Coste to stay. Who knows when Werth will be back. But bringing in a RP along with Myers being back will mean 2 of the following will be sent packing and possibly 3 if JA Happ or another starter brought in:
Mesa 0-1 4.20 ERA
Durbin 0-2 13.50 ERA
Condrey 3-0 6.98 ERA

Corey said...

yeah, well, you're silly too.

Jacobin said...

I get done playing a bar gig, and after loading my car I turn on the radio... first thing I hear is Franzke saying, "And that's Jamie Moyer's worst outing in a Phillies uniform. And his worst overall since..."

Wow, how inspiring is that. I turned the radio off nearly immediately after hearing that.

Jarex said...

You should have stayed at the bar.

Jacobin said...

Considering that the Dodgers are not a great hitting team, I guess the skewed baseball adage that we can take of out this is, "Bad offense beats bad pitching nearly every time."

Jarex said...

Moyer's ERA is now dreadfully close to 5. He's looking more Eaton-esque as the season goes on.

If a team that is 1000+ games below .500 for a lifetime is playing .500, shouldn't that be considered a small victory?

SirAlden said...

We need Myers in the bullpen Mike Myers. We need innings! We need Brett Myers in the rotation.

We need Fabio Castro too! That will give us 4 lefties in the pen.

Myers, Romero, Zagurski, and Model Dictator! Bring Garcia back up as a lefty outman that will make 5!

GM-Carson said...

Like I said earlier, this team is done. They'll be lucky to hover around .500. I foresee a big downfall soon. Our pitching sucks and we simply can't overcome it by blasting the ball every game.

I like Jamie Moyer, but his age, you had to figure this decline would happen.

SirAlden said...

Mets Lost.

Braves Lost.