Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tantalizing & Torturing Thoughts

Recipe for runs- put the top offenses of their perspectives leagues in the same series mixed in with pitching staffs that are ranked near the bottom of MLB. Outcome- 20 total runs scored in the 1st game alone. I head down to the Brick Cit House tonight to watch a pair of lefties duel it out (rookie Andrew Miller for the Tigers vs. Grand Pappy Moyer for our Phightins), so I hope I see some offensive fireworks again, this time solely by the Phils.


*Yo-Yoel Hernandez was pretty much an unknown commodity when he came up to the Phils early this season, and his first impression was not a good one (homerun surrendered to first batter faced). However, he has calmed down nicely since then and has become a decent reliever posting a 2.70 era, 0.75 WHIP, and issuing no walks in his 13 1/3 innings pitched. In a bullpen that reeks of crap, he comes out smelling like a rose.

*As mentioned earlier, our offense is tops in the NL, due largely in part by the bats of Chase Utley (.960 OPS), Ryan Howard (.915 OPS), Fence-Face Rowand (.885 OPS), Greg Dobbs (.867 OPS), and Jimmy Rollins (.860). OPS is one of my favorite stats, and although it doesn't give you a complete snapshot of the player's abilities it does tell you his tendency of getting on base and slugging the crap out of the ball...two very important things in the game of baseball in my opinion.

*King Cole is the man. He currently leads the NL in wins (9) and strikeouts (104), and put his 3.47 era and 1.16 WHIP into the fold and you have a potential Cy Young on your staff (that is if Jake Peavy stops ruling the world for the next few months).

*The Flyin' Hawaiian now has 21 stolen bases on the season, and hasn't been caught in 18 straight attempts. Victorino's speed coupled with his outstanding defense make him an exciting player to watch and an easy guy to root for.

*Six-Finger-Ant has been a pleasant surprise, and I believe he deserves more respect for the job he has done. Yes, Alfonseca had a stretch of two terrible weeks, but other than that he's been a bullpen savior with 3 wins, 5 saves, 7 holds, and a 3.49 era.


*Like I said above, OPS only gives you a snapshot into a player's skills, and that leads me to the reigning NL MVP Ryan Howard and his .915 OPS. That's a great OPS, and he now has 14 jacks, which isn't bad considering he's missed about 20 games due to injury, but there is concern with his batting average (.238) and his k's (63 in 49 games and 168 at bats).

*Pat Burrell may be WSBGM's boy, but he sucks. I've defended him for years, but it's now come to a point where there really isn't any defense for him. The man is making about 13 million dollars this season to play a shoddy leftfield and bat .216 with little power (8 homers). The only things he does well anymore is draw walks (52) and throw from the outfield (5 assists).

*Our pitching staff sucks, and here's why- Gavin Eaton and his erratic performances (5.42 era), the letdown known as Freddy Garcia, Jars of Clay Condrey, the crapfest of lefties Matt Smith and Fabio Castro, Jose Joe Table Mesa (I can barely believe I'm typing those words), Francisco Rosario, and...please hold applause...a MLB leading 85 homeruns surrendered. Once again, thank you Pat Gillick.

*For as outstanding as some of our players have been offensively, there have been some dismal performances as well- Rod Barajas (.207 avg), No-Hit Nunez (.637 OPS), Wes Helms (.631 OPS), and Jayson Werth for not being worth much at all.

Look Alike:

I think I found a logical explanation for why Chase Utley is awesome...his mother was implanted with Michael Jack Schmidt's super-sperm. Seriously, look at Utley's father (middle) and compare it to this picture of Schmidt...hmm?



Bob D said...

The Phils may go with 4 starters to the all star break. They have 1 day off each of the next 3 weeks. This means Kendrick would be sent down and someone replace him. My bet is that they would recall a hitter and very likely it would be Chris Coste. They have not made that decision yet, but it should happen by Tuesday. The other option is to let Kendrick pitch on Tuesday and re-evaluate.

Yoel Hernandez has been a blessing for the pen. He has the ability to be the closer on this team in the future - he is that good. He was injured last year and that delayed his debut.

I disagree with you Carson on Werth - unless you are just dissing on him so he will hit for the cycle later today. It has worked with others!

Polanco hitting 343? would he look good at 3B? At least we got Ugutha the Machettee Urbina for him.

GM-Carson said...

Werth is only a bench player and a mediorce one at that. I've seen him do some nice things, but then every time I watch that horribly long slow swing of his I cringe. I can't believe he actually gets hits with that swing, it's ugly.

I read on about them not really needing a 5th starter until June 29th (a double header). I'm cool with keeping the regular 4 (Hamels, Moyer, Eaton, and Lieber) on a 5 day schedule with the off days and sending Kendrick down for Coste in the meantime.

GreggyD said...

I have to say, when I was looking at that picture of Utley and his father I really had to convince myself that it wasn't Mike Schmidt.

As for Coste, I want him back up here so badly, but the Phils must have something against him. We all know that he shouldn't have been sent down at all once he got here, let alone to AA. I think Patty just doesn't want to look like an ass and is keeping Barajas on the roster. But, here's hoping something changes their minds and Coste is brought up sooner rather than later.

Bob D said...

Another problem for Coste is Myers should be back as earley as the end of next week. However that will likely mean that Condrey or even Mesa may get sent down/released. Gordon may only be yet another week or 2 later - meaning another roster move.

As for Werth he does have a good arm - I believe 5 OF assists.

Jacobin said...

The really depressing thing is the frigg'n Mets and Braves both won last night. We're three back and back in third place in the NL East. Blah.

BloodStripes said...

Is Myers gonna be closer or put back in the rotation?

Bob D said...

They say closer, but we will see

GreggyD said...

Francisco Rosario Dawson was put on the DL today. Oh what another horrible loss...

Brian Sanches was just called up from AAA. Imagine, the Phillies bringing someone from Ottawa and not Reading. Sanches can't do any worse than the man he's replacing.

Jacobin said...

Good win tonight! Gotta keep the winning ways going (Mets lose, Braves win... we're getting closer). Speaking of Phillie's pitching, here's a happy story regarding one of their AAA hurlers (from ESPN):

Major League Baseball suspended Philadelphia minor league pitcher Matt Childers for 50 games Saturday for violating the drug prevention and treatment program.

Childers is 4-1 with a 3.41 ERA in seven starts this season for Triple-A Ottawa in the International League. The 28-year-old right-hander has appeared in 11 games in the majors, with Milwaukee in 2002 and Atlanta in 2005.

GM-Carson said...

That's the 2nd player suspended in our minors for steroids. First player being 2nd baseman Hector Made that we got for NYY in return for Sal Fu Manchu Fasano.

I was at the game last night...AWESOME!

Moyer pitched well besides the 2 jacks. The Phils offense was balanced throughout the game. Oh yeah, I got to meet Jayson Stark, pose for a picture with him, and have him sign a copy of his new book for me...he's my homeboy!