Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Morning News: Fathers Day Edition

Happy Fathers Day!

For your Sunday afternoon enjoyment will be Gavin Eaton pitching for the Phils facing the no-hit wonderboy Justin Verlander. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm confident in saying Verlander will not duplicate his no-hit performance today like he did against the Brew Crew. In fact, I'm even hoping for a series win over Detroit, and that would be a huge accomplishment and continuance of positives for our beloved Phightins.


Drugs Are Bad:
Another no-talent ass-clown has juiced himself up in hopes of making an impression in the minors for the almighty call-up to the majors. Earlier in the season Hector Made, a 2nd baseman who we acquired from the Yanks for Sal Fu Manchu Fasano, tested positive for steroid use and was suspended 50 games. Yesterday Ottawa starting pitcher Matt Childers, who has seen action with the Brewers and Braves in past seasons, was the lastest casualty of the 50 game drug ban. Seriously, either use the untraceable HGH or stay clean you idiots!


Roster Moves:
Francisco Rosario was disabled yesterday and Brian Sanches (what's with the "s" instead of a "z" at the end of his name) was summoned from Ottawa. Rosario was pretty much a worthless reliever that we claimed off waivers from the Blue Jays and losing him to the DL is no loss at all. The man has a nice fastball, but drunk drivers are less erratic. This gives me the perfect opportunity to complain about Chris Coste not being on the roster. I was hoping the Disney inspired Coste would get the call to the Phils, but no, instead it's a guy not worthy of a MLB uniform in the form of Sanches. Sanches didn't impress me last year when he pitched with the Phils (5.91 ERA), and he's been sucking in Triple A (1-2, 24 games, 30 IP, 41 hits surrendered, 5.40 ERA, 1.50 WHIP) not exactly a compelling case for promotion. Only positives I can see from Sanches is that his control has been good issuing 4 walks, and he's also k'd 39 batters in 30 innings and has 10 saves. But back to Coste, he's done nothing but hit in the majors, so wouldn't it make sense to have him in case you needed a hit?! Maybe they'll recognize the error of their ways and cut bait with Jose Mesa. Then again, Mesa will probably be our predominant setup man by season's end blowing leads...yeah!


At the Brick Cit House:
Besides the awful traffic on the way down to the stadium, it was a very pleasurable day. Moyer pitched a Moyer like outing, baffling guys with his offspeed stuff, and only surrendering 2 runs on solo jacks. The Phils offense was steady throughout the game, posting 1 run on the scoreboard in 6 of their 8 innings. Homeruns by Vic and Fence-Face got standing ovations. Phils win 6-3.

The Phillies winning and moving to 2 games back on the NL East leading Mets wasn't even the high point of my day. I got to meet one of my baseball idols- ESPN's Jayson Stark. He was signing copies of his new book, The Stark Truth, about the most over and underrated players in MLB history. We had a short conversation about how "awesome" (my words) he is, his Useless Information column on, and how Petter Gammons loves the Dropkick Murphy's. He even posed for a picture with me, which will be posted on the blog sometime later this week. Jayson Stark, you're my homeboy!



Bob D said...

Why bring up another pitcher - they have only 4 hitters on the bench each game. They have run out of pinch hitters, or forced not to use someone in key situations many times because they were almost out of hitters. Usually its the b/u catcher for the day that stays on the bench.
If they call up Coste they have a 3rd catcher and another hitter, which I think is more valuable than have 7 relief pitchers. Some of the guys in the pen are being over used while others won't see any action for 4 or 5 games while the other pitcher may have appeared in all of those games. But that is poor management by the coaches/manager.
This team can survive with 6 RP's, it just means more use frequently and on a regular basis. The extra bat may mean another couple of wins over the course of the season.
When Myers and Gordon return I believe Condrey and Sanche'S' will go and Mesa may not stick around either. Hopefully they will see the value of have Coste & 5 pinch hitters and 6RP's than having 4 pinch hitters and 7RP's. I remember when the bullpen was only 5 relievers and the rotation 4 or 5 starters. That meant 2 extra bench players.

GM-Carson said...

It's official Kyle Kendrick will be getting another start on Tuesday. The Phils contemplated going with a 4 man rotation for a bit with all the off days coming up, but opted not to.

Verlander is going to be tough competition today. He can crank it 100+ mph. Hopefully we smoke him.

Jacobin said...

That's really cool that you got Stark to sign the book for you. And even better that you got to see the team put up an important win!

Yeah, I agree that it would make a ton of sense to have another bat on the bench rather than another reliever that they won't use in the pen. And I've been arguing for the return of the Great Space Coster since they hosed him at the beginning of the year and again after his brief call-up this season. The only problem here is we are talking about something that would be sensible to do (and good karma!). But we've all been fans of this team long enough to know that sense and the ability to exercise it are not strong points of this organization.

Jacobin said...

Oh, and take a look at the following statement in this blurb from the Inquirer. If what Arbuckle says is true, then the suspended guy is a total moron. But you can't trust anyone in the Phillies front office because they lie so often.

Major League Baseball yesterday suspended Phillies minor-league pitcher Matt Childers for 50 games for violating the drug-prevention and treatment program. Mike Arbuckle, the Phillies' assistant general manager, said Childers was taking authorized prescription medication but failed to fill out the proper paperwork that would have made him exempt from the suspension.

One more thing, Childers was on the DL anyway.

Maria said...

I want a win today more than anything else. I guess I was wrong. Jamie pitched really well. & Alfonseca had another "good" outing even though he ran into some trouble. If Kendrick pitches well today than Brett Myers should stay in the bullpen and we can bring Chris Coste back up.

BenJah said...

i really never liked jayson stark until you told me about your fishing dream w/ him. since then, i've really lightened up on the guy.

ps: philly management is case you weren't sure

GM-Carson said...

Today's game is perfect reason for why Charlie Manuel should not be allowed to manage the Phils. Although some players performed poorly, Charlies decisions are what lost the game.

Here's the layout- Adam Eaton is pitching a nice game through 6 innings, and the Phils are ahead 3-1. Eaton gets the first batter of the 7th inning then surrenders 2 hits. Personally, I say stay with him for one more batter then bring in Zagurski to face the lefty Granderson. Instead, Charlie brings in Gas-Can Geary who promptly gives a hit up to Sheffield and score is now 3-2 still with only 1 out. Charlie lifts Geary after only one batter (like I said, should have left Eaton in). Zagurski is brought in to face Granderson, but Leyland pinch hits Infante for him (a righty) but Mike retires him. 2 outs 3-2 Phils. Charlies is now really being retarded and goes for the 4th pitcher in the inning, pulling Zagurski in favor of Yoel Hernandez to face Placido Polanco. Polanco hits better against righties, and that's what Yoel is...see how Manuel is stupid?! Yoel throws 2 balls, then Manuel intentionally walks the bases loaded...I hate that! Of course it back fires mightily and the score by inning's end is 6-3, when it was 3-1 to start the inning.

The madness is not done. Phils leadoff the bottom of the 7th with back-to-back singles. But of course Howard k's (that's about all he does) and then Rowand lines out to RF. What does Manuel do but pinch-hit the piece of crap known as Wes Helms in place of Greg Dobbs, because heaven forbid Dobbs bat against a lefty. Helms strikeouts to end the inning. That's not the worst part, Helms does come in to play the field, instead Werth has to be used to replace Dobbs who was playing LF and Rowand hurt himself, so Bourn is put in CF.

In the 7th inning, 4 pitchers were used and 3 extra men...ridiculous!!! Charlie Manuel is an idiot, and anybody who can't see that is an idiot too!

Bob D said...

Lets not forget the 3 ejections including the catcher Ruiz - Now Barajas has to catch. Then the last bench player Burrell comes in the 8th and they are all out of hitters. Wouldn't it be great if there was another hitter available for the 9th inning? Wheres Chris Coste?

GM-Carson said...

These are the type of losses that piss me off, because it shouldn't have been a loss. I know you can't win every game, but you need to win the ones you're supposed to win. The Phils were playing a good game until that 7th inning, and Manuel is the one who royally screwed everything up. I hate that man, he's not mentally fit to manage a MLB team, especially not my team.

Maria said...

Charlie Manuel is inept and we should HAVE won today. If Charlie wasn't our manager than we'd probably be leading the division.

Jacobin said...

Carson, you left out that Manuel used the four pitchers in the inning immediately after allowing Eaton to hit for himself with 2 outs and men in scoring position. Of course, Eaton got a hit there (which was great), but who expects a pitcher to come through like that?

I watched the game with my father (it being Father's Day and all), and his words regarding Manuel's use of the bullpen were spot on (I think the exact quote was, "What, is he retarded? Who makes moves like that?"). I'm not saying the Phillies would have won the game, but the for shit managing job in the 7th certainly helped doom the chances.

My father also offered the sage suggestion that Manuel and Smith being thrown out actually increased the team's chances of winning the game. Personally, I felt we would have won this game had Manuel been thrown out prior to the 7th inning.

das411 said...

And with all of that nonsense we still had the defending AL champs on the ropes through 6 innings. If not for Leyland having some SERIOUS firepower on his bench (Sheff and Guillen) and the balls to roll the dice by burning through HIS bench at the same time, this game could well have been a Phils win.

Oh well, at least the Mutts lost again, now all we have to do is go win tomorrow with...who? The league leader in wins and strikeouts? on the mound. Lookin forward to it!

BloodStripes said...

Tha was a crappy 7th. Puking. The King will make up for fuquas ineptness. Go King!

GM-Carson said...

Cleveland is throwing 3 lefties against us this series. It's going to be a reunion of sorts for the Phils as they say hello to old "friends" Aaron Fultz, Jason Michaels, David Dellucci, Paul Byrd, and Roberto Hernandez.