Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stat Attack

I like stats, they can tell you a lot about a team. For instance, the ChiSox have only scored 226 runs and the AL average is 293...basically their offense sucks. Stats can also be misleading, as the Phils are tied for 1st in the NL with a .344 on-base percentage, but this stat fails to also tell you that they lead the league in runners stranded. I don't have a special formula that calculates the exact importance of any stat or a magical TI-83 that computes the relativity of run differential, I just thought it would be fun or possibly depressing to take a glance at the Phils stats thus far through the 2007 season.

Ranks 2nd best in the NL in runs scored (311), right behind those pesky Marlins who've played 1 more game. Team leader in runs is Jimmy Rollins with 49. Team batting average- .263, team leader Aaron Rowand .320. Team OPS .770, tops in the NL, team leader Chase Utley .941, who also leads the club with 48 RBI and 11 homeruns. I guess you could say this club is patient, as they lead the NL in walks with 243, and Pat Burrell tops the team with 43 free passes. Although it seems they're patient, they may be too patient and miss hittable pitches, as the Phils have struck out 440 times, with Ryan Howard pacing the team with 49 whiffs. One thing this club has done well is steal bases, ranking 2nd in the NL with 47 swipes at a dazzling 84% success rate, team leader the Flyin' Hawaiian Victorino with 17.

For as strong as our offense is, our pitching is the complete opposite. Entering play today, our staff ERA is 4.63 ranking near the bottom of the NL and MLB, team leader Yo-Yoel Hernandez 3.09. Starting pitching hasn't been too bad, as they've logged 33 quality starts, with Cole Hamels accounting for 9 of those. Just like our offense strikes out a ton, our pitching punches the k-card quite often too with a MLB ranked 4th 441 k's, team leader the man named Hamels with 96. Here's where we struggle, a .271 average against, a NL worst .810 OPS against, and a MLB worst 79 homeruns surrendered...ouch!

There ya go, so our offense scores a lot and our pitching gives up a lot. Run differential = +3 (311 runs scored, 308 runs surrendered)...that's why our record hovers around .500 (32-30).


Going for the series win today in KC is Grand Pappy Moyer, and he is opposed by fellow lefty Jorge De La Rosa.

By the way, check out Bud Selig's smile, he must be grabbing some booty.



Philly Sports Talk Now! said...

Selig looks like the father of 'Grand Pappy!' that is for sure.

Maria said...

Selig looks creepy. We need to win today.

BenJah said...

its amazing that with all the stiffs in the lineup (e.g. burrell, nunez, helms, barajas, etc) the offense is still that good. it also tells me that with just decent pitching -- not amazing, but decent -- we could be a wrecking ball in the national league

Jacobin said...

Lieber threw a good game when we needed it. It's too bad he seems to throw two good games and then three or four bad ones in a row. Considering our minor league pitching options, maybe we should go back to the old 4-man rotation until Myers or Garcia gets back form the DL (though the Phillies have said Myers is not an option to return to the starting rotation... morons).

The Jose Mesa thing still has me feeling ill. Mesa explains that his 12+ ERA is because the Tigers weren't pitching him enough (you think he would have been pitched more if he didn't suck?). I would suggest that the number one reason the Phillies went out and got Mesa is because, as we all know, they are cheap bastards. Since Mesa cleared waivers, the Phils are only responsible for the veteran minimum of Mesa's $2.5 million contract (Detroit has to pick up the rest). What that means is the Phils will wind up having to pay Mesa about $250,000 for the remainder of the season.

Maximis said...

Yea man, we should definitely swap links. I, however, have no idea how to do it...but I will find out from a fellow poster on our blog.

I also figured out the secret to why the Royals suck so much...stay tuned for the answer sometime this weekend when I update.

And seriously, did you ever think you'd utter the words 'Jon Lieber', 'Complete Game', and 'Shutout' in the same sentence again?

chuckm said...

The problem with Lieber seems to is/has been not "bad games" per se, but individual innings where he gas cans it. He can go out and pitch 6 innings, 5 of them could be either no runs or a lone run, sandwiched around a crap inning. Hopefully his 3 game crap streak was broken yesterday and he gets on a roll.

chuckm said...

Brace yourself Phans. Looks like the annual "pre-break tanking that starts with a dropped series to an AL doormat" is upon us.

Jacobin said...

I had to run out for a minute, when I come back in I see the score sitting at 17-5. This would be a "what the fuck" moment. I thought giving up 13 runs against San Francisco was disgusting. I hope all 40 Royals fans in Kansas City are enjoying this gift of a game today. Our team is so unfocused that they can't beat the American League version of the Washington Generals.

CLARE. said...

Ugh. Please don't ever run that photo of Cole again; the puka shell necklace looks a little too Kenny Chesney.

Also, Grandpa Jamie's haircut looks fantastic in that photo with Selig. Like, seriously, he looks great. (Well, as great as an octogenarian can look.)

ALSO, 17-5? To the Royals? Somebody shoot me in the face.

chuckm said...

I nearly started piunding my head against the bar after Mesa coughed up
2 consecutive run scoring wild pitches.

Los said...

Pat Burrell must be happy with the addition of Mesa ... it takes some of the heat off of him ... and Garcia.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies are a comedy of errors, but this comedy isn't funny like Tommy Boy. No, it's supposed to be funny but leaves you sitting there without laughter just like the last season of Friends.

17 f'n runs to the KC f'n Royals? C'mon!