Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Saturday Shuffle

In a world where most 44 year old men are popping Viagra and flipping through the obituaries to see what high school acquaintance died from congestive heart failure, here stands Grand Pappy Moyer looking young and spry in his most recent triumph over the St. Louis Cardinals. Most baseball enthusiasts would call him a crafty-lefty, but I'll refer to him as a southpaw with a blistering slowball and rolling offspeed pitches. Call Jamie whatever you want, bottom line is he's a quality pitcher that proves speed isn't everything, as he now has 7 wins on the season with a fine 4.12 era.


Relief Hunting:
Patty G has already tagged and bagged the likes of J.D. Durbin, Francisco Rosario, Jose Mesa, and Rick Bauer in an attempt to find relief help after the season started, and now his quest has brought him to J.C. Romero. Romero is a lefty that has been recently released by the BoSox, and Gillick signed him to a minor league contract. He'll be reporting to Phillies' rookie-level Gulf Coast team in Clearwater to get himself back into pitching shape and allow time for the Phils to evaluate him. I look for him to make an appearance in a Phils uniform following the All-Star break and with Fat Mike Zagurski being optioned to Ottawa. J.C. may have a decent era this season of 3.15, but his WHIP is an atrocious 1.95, so basically he's been lucky. Overall, his career has spanned 9 seasons with the Twins, Angels, and Red Sox pitching in 415 games with a 4.54 era, and 1.53 WHIP. He's held lefties to a .233 average over his career compared to a .279 average against righties. I think this is a worth while signing, as he's an experienced lefty that might be able to handle pressure situations better than the youngster Zagurski.


Pitchers Hit?:
Last year our pitchers were the worst in the NL with a measly 29 hits on the season, all but meaning an automatic out. This year they have done a complete 180, while leading the NL with 25 hits as a staff...only 4 less than last year's total. Hamels leads the way with 7 hits, but Eaton and Moyer have chipped in 6 a piece as well. I know pitchers are supposed to pitch, and ours could stand to do a better job at that, but swinging the stick with the intent of hitting is better than Kevin Millwood ever did for us.

Quick Hits:

*Believe it or not, or like it or not, Jose Mesa's era as a Phillie stands at 3.18.

*Shane Victorino has a nice 14 game hitting streak going on.

*Chase Utley continues to play his way into early MVP consideration (with Jose Reyes, Prince Fielder, and Matt Holliday), as he's now batting .322 and plays a high energy all-around game.

*Ryan Howard may get bashed on by me, but his average is now up to .253 and despite a 15 day stay on the DL he has 50 rbi.

*Pat Burrell is mired in a 1-for-17 slump and hitting .149 since April 25.



GreggyD said...

Grand Pappy Moyer sent shockwaves through the sports world yesterday. Everyone knows how old he is, but I think he came out last night and showed how much heart he has by grinding out that base hit, sliding hard into home, and making that great flip to Ryan Howard to get the out at first. Moyer may be 44 years old, but he plays with more gumption than a lot of players in this league. I like seeing him come out every 5th day and consistently put his critics' mouths to rest. Teams wish they could have such a great force in the locker room and on the field and I'm glad he's in our clubhouse.

Maria said...

Hey, did you guys hear when Chris Wheeler kept saying that Chase's hitting streak ended in St. Louis? I know that's when there was that dispute over the error or hit for Chase, but didn't it end in New York?

And I still love Jamie :)

GreggyD said...

I try my best to block Chris Wheeler out when I am watching a game. I seriously cannot stand that man. Did anyone see the other day when Sarge caught that foul ball in the booth and Wheels seemed so annoyed that they were making a big deal out of it. Lord knows that the Phillies will never let him go, but god he irritates me to no end.

GM-Carson said...

Maria- you are correct, Chase's hit streak was halted by the ass-hat Mets in New York.

Sarge was cracking my wife and I up last night because he insisted on calling Albert Pujols "Pool-house"...what a retard!

Jamie Moyer isn't dazzling, but he routinely gives quality starts and that's all I care about. It's by and large Gillick's best trade.

GM-Carson said...

Potential free agent CF's:
Ichiro Suzuki
Andruw Jones
Torii Hunter
Eric Byrnes
Corey Patterson
Milton Bradley
Aaron Rowand
Mike Cameron
Kenny Lofton has Rowand signing with the Padres and the Phils filling their CF void internally with either Bourn or Victorino.

Whelkman said...

We had a blast of a time with Sarge's speech, too, except we heard "Poo House". Items to ponder:

* Should Albert Poo House get a crescent moon placed onto his jersey?

* Will Verizon run FiOS to my Poo House? I spend a lot of time on the can and need fast Internet.

* What's the reaction if you asked a Southwest Airlines flight attendant if you could use the Poo House?

* WB Mason claims their paper is blinding white, but why is it always a dull brown after leaving the Poo House?

* Why do I always end up in the Poo House immediately after eating Graham Slam ice cream?

BenJah said...

i'm laughing so hard reading welkman's items to ponder i may need to visit my own poo house!

i happy to sign romero b/c we have nothing to lose, but i remember he was caught using steroids so it's likely we wont ever be that good again.

since we will prob fill our CF void internally, who are the potential free agent corner outfielders and thirdbaseman next year?

BENTZ said...

I think it was Juan Rincon who was the Twins reliever getting caught on steriods, not JC Romero...same initials and I always got them mixed up anyway.

Jacobin said...

Ugh... the game sucked and the news about donut eating Lieber is even worse. He has a ruptured tendon in his foot that they are saying must be operated on if he does not want permanent loss of strength in that leg. The optimistic timetable for his return is 8 weeks!

Dear morons that run the Phillies, put Myers back in the rotation when he's ready to come off the DL.

fans said...

Yes, from
Lieber Could Be Out for Season

Phillies righthander Jon Lieber could miss the rest of the season because of a torn tendon in his right foot.

Lieber, who injured the foot Wednesday in Cleveland, said he has been told it would take six to eight weeks for the tendon to heal without surgery. At that point, Lieber then would begin a throwing program. But being realistic, it would take Lieber at least a couple weeks to get his arm back into shape and by that time it would be the end of the season. Lieber also said he has been told that if he does not have surgery on the tendon, he might lose muscle strength in that area. Lieber is seeking a second opinion Monday in Philadelphia with team physician Michael Ciccotti.

The Philllies expect to fill the hole in their rotation from within at the moment.

kentucky phils phan said...

hey guys i went to the game friday was my second ever phillies game and it was great. i was one of the few phillies phans in the stadium and i loved every minute of the game...i even got a foul ball that abraham nunez was awesome to watch the phils get a win. the 3 hour drive and getting lost on the way back from st. louis was made worth it by the great game. GO PHILS

Jacobin said...

Kentucky Phils Fan, that's awesome! It's great to hear that you had such a wonderful time and got to see the Phils put up a victory to boot! And nice job on getting the foul ball (nice to see no-hit Nunez is good for something!).

Whelkman said...

With the news of Lieber's injury, those ten losses to ten thousand will arrive that much sooner! Who's excited?!

das411 said...

Hmmmm 9-2 Uberpitcher Cole Hamels vs 3-11 not-even-a-Phucco Kip Wells...I have a bad feeling about this one, now that we have them just where they want us...

GM-Carson said...

Piss-poor effort yesterday against a piss-poor team...this is why we end up 3 games short at the end of the season.

This organization lies about every injury. A pitcher could break his damn arm on the mound and their initial report would be "tired arm" or some bullshit like that.

I'm afraid the human rain delay Steve Trachsel is going to appear on our radar again.