Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Rookie, Fence-Face, and the Much Maligned 3rd Basemen

Kyle Kendrick did better than most expected. I was hoping for 6 innings and 4 runs surrendered, but he only allowed 3 and probably could have gone a 7th inning if it weren't for his spot in the order due up in the bottom of the 6th. It's only 1 start and it was only his MLB debut, but I'm hoping he can continue with performances like this in the future. All we really need from him is to give us 6 to 7 innings every 5th day while keeping his era around 4.50-5.00. Added bonus- the 22 year old pitcher got a hit in his first MLB at bat. Congrats on an all-around fine performance.


Aaron Rowand has been simply awesome this season. I never expected him to hit this well. Of course we all know he's a fan favorite in Philly because of his gritty and ballsy style of play, but the man is keeping this offense afloat too with the help of NL MVP candidate Chase Utley. Rowand is having an All-Star type season, still batting over .300 (.318), his on base percentage is near .400 (.389), and his OPS is .881. I was all for trading him during the offseason for relief help, but he's far more valuable than a setup man now. Latest rumor I've heard, Rowand to ChiSox, Phils get lefty starter Mark Buehrle in return. Nice offer, but this team needs its Fence-Face right now. As mentioned above, Kyle Kendrick was lifted in the 6th for a pinch hitter, which happened to be Rowand who had an rbi groundout. Later in the game he hit a beautiful game-sealing grand slam. That's 5 rbi in a game where he didn't even start. *Notice Rowand's eyes are shut on this swing...interesting, maybe Pat Burrell should try that.


Much Maligned 3rd Basemen:
In yesterday's post I blasted Abe Nunez and Wes Helms. No-Hit Nunez got this verbal jab, "Have no fear, the flail-and-bail fruitless hack is back, with a measly 3 hits in his last 35 at bats dropping his season's line to a .252 average and .627 OPS. His mitt remains his only draw, but his bat is too much of a drawback." I still believe Nuni sucks at hitting, as he's only 4 for his last 36 now, but his pinch hit go-ahead rbi single was nice yesterday. I wouldn't mind seeing Dobbs start against righties and flip-flopping Helms and Nunez against the lefties, and of course have Nunez come into the game as a defensive replacement too.

Helms got a tongue lashing yesterday as well, "Helms has played his way out of playing time with horrendous defense and an anemic bat (.245 average and .606 OPS). Wes has been a huge disappointment in my eyes because I was hoping for 15-20 homeruns from him (currently zero) and adequate defense, but he has supplied neither." Once again, I still think Helms sucks this season, but it was nice to see him hit a homerun yesterday...about damn time! Of course his dazzling defense came shining through with his 7th error at 3rd later in the game.


20 comments: said...

2 games back!

I'm enjoying the Mets & Braves freefall almost as much as I'm enjoying the Phillie resurgence. Almost.

Aaron Rowand proved once again that he's a gamer. With so many CF's becoming free agents next year (Andruw Jones, Torii Hunter, Ichiro, etc.) we should have a good shot at re-signing him somewhat cheap.

I'll be rooting for S.A.N.T.A.N.A. to shut down the Bravos tonight leaving the Fightin's all alone in second place heading into the weekend series vs. Detroit. Justin Verlander just made me purchase some nice Father's Day tix. Now I gotta watch him pitch live.

Damn you, Justin Verlander!

TJ said...

The Phillies could call up almost anybody from the farm system that would serve as a better short-term solution at third base than Nunez or Helms. I don't know why they insist on keeping BOTH of them around.

Anonymous said...

The sweep of the Sox was a real confidence booster, but I am still wary of what they will do against the Tigers and Tribe.

Rowand is proving to be the team MVP thus far, I hope he can keep this production up!

Wes Helms finally has more home runs than me, but I usually don't get hot until after the All-Star break.

Go Phils!

BenJah said...

kendrick was awesome, and its not like he has to be an ace or anything. just a quality start every 5th day would be more than sufficient. i agree that rowand has been awesome and incredibly valuable: never underestimate the motivation of a contract year. i don't know if he's that kind of greedy player (he doesn't seem it) but whatever it is, it's working for us right now

GM-Carson said...

I'm loving the Mets and Braves fall from grace. I hate the Mets because I hate New York. I have respect for the Braves but 179 straight seasons of them winning the division was enough already.

Count me in the crowd that is very worried about the Detroit and Cleveland series, those 2 teams are stacked!

I'm going to the game Saturday with Grand Pappy Moyer on the mound for the Phils.

Jacobin said...

Provided we catch the Mets, will we be able to stay ahead of them? That team will get healthier at some point and Pedro is coming back.

Hmm... well, first thing is first. Catch and pass the Mets!

GM-Carson said...

Here' some reasons I think the Phils stand a chance to keep winning and actually improves:

1. The return of Brett Myers and Tom Gordon.

2. Greg Dobbs playing more at 3rd base.

3. Yoel Hernandez and Alfonseca have done decent jobs.

4. Ryan Madson is better than last season.

5. The return to dominance by Ryan Howard.

6. Kyle Kendrick sloting into the 5th starter role.

Jacobin said...

I like those reasons! There's just one thing that screws everything up because it has influence over all of it...


Maria said...

It'd be a dream to win 2 out of these 3 games from both the Tigers and Indians. I think the loss might come from Jamie who has not faired well against the AL this year. He gave up like 6 runs to the Royals...imagine what the Tigers will do. But hopefully he proves me wrong.

Jacobin said...

It looks more and more like Garcia is done for the year (not that he was doing anything particularly good while he was pitching). The Phillies are saying that he is shutdown indefinitely.

Chief, we barely knew you. But I blame this squarely on Gillick and the other morons in the front office. To not have a physical done on this guy before finalizing the trade is ludicrous.

Bob D said...

Carson, keep trash talking the players - they must read this blog, get mad, and vent that anger on the opposing team.

Dobbs can handle third very well and not be a liability at the plate.
Hernandez has been very outstanding so far. He looks like a keeper for the pen. Mesa, Alfonseco, and Gordon they look like, uh well, they look like a most wanted poster.

As for Kendrick I root for him to go 7+ innings each time out with a quality start each time.

GM-Carson said...

Maria- Grand Pappy Moyer better pitch a gem against the Tigers, because that will be Saturday while I'm at the game.

Every time Mesa is mentioned as to being on this team I kind of chuckle. Then that chuckle turns into an upset stomach and shortly thereafter I am puking in my mouth...thanks again Patty G.

SirAlden said...

So nice to see you in an UP mood Carson. What I love about you is you have balance, you can hate hate hate when people suck, and be open and gracious when players do well.

We all thought the Helms pick up would be like a right handed Dobbs when he was signed, I would like to see a platoon of Dobbs/Helms with Nunez being back where he should be *a superior tomas perez*.

If you look at Gordon of KC, and Fields of the CHI SOX, 3rd Basemen up from the minors they are struggling. I am surprised how poor the talent pool is with 3rd Basemen in all of baseball after the top 3-4 guys, and that goes for Catching as well.

Still all in all our hitting weakness at 3B, C, and LF (with Burrell seeing Zero balls to hit)
we have a great offense which is still tops in the National League in runs scored.

Travis Mattair 3B our 2nd Round Pick was signed yesterday.

Pacman said...

Thanks for linking my blog.

Jacobin said...

The Braves serve up a ninth inning choke job and just like that the Phillies are alone in second place in the NL East. I know it's not even the all-star break, but you need something to get excited about.

das411 said...

Say, wait a minute, was that a properly-executed double switch that Uncle Cholly pulled off to put ArRow into that game?? Funny how these things aren't mentioned at all when the team is winning...

That said, who sits out of the Tiger lineup when they come to the NL, the AL leader in RsBI or the always dangerous Gary Sheffield? And will Justincredible still have that awesome stuff of his when he has to step into the box and see pitches coming at him?

These two series will be a MAJOR test for this team. I for one will consider an overall split (3-3 vs both) a very good sign, and anything better than that will just be that much more awesome!

BloodStripes said...

Yes Das411, even Fuqua is hot.

Detroit may seem potent but they arrive to face a potent offense themselves in the Phillies. Lets not worry too much GM's. The Phils are playing good baseball and deserve a certain amount of favouritism in the upcoming series. The Phils lift against good opposition. 3-3 in the next 6 games will go down well with me too.

The slumping mutts take on a red hot yankees with Atlanta away to Cleveland. It will be tough for all in the NL east. On form the Phillies are the best bet. I belive we are still good to become the team to beat over the next week.

By the way. A certain non-starter for Detroit is Craig Monroe. Leyland has already said he is resting after going 0 for 5 and striking out 5 times last game. Let him play Jim!

GM-Carson said...

Das411- we don't really point out the things Manuel does right on this site because as a MLB manager that is expected of you in your job title. I will say he did a fine job managing that afternoon game on Wednesday, but that's what he supposed to do.

I hate to root for the Yankees, but I hope they clobber the Mets this weekend for a sweep. I have no problem rooting for the go Tribe!

michael said...

i watched the end of that braves/twins game last night, it was really awesome seeing the braves totally get their asses handed to them.

Corey said...

praising someone for things they are obviously supposed to be able to do is a strategy for young children and the retarded. so i guess we should do that with fugua. i'll start: did everyone noticed fuqua put his shoes on the correct feet on wednesday? yeah, fuqua, you're super!!!