Friday, June 22, 2007

Phlashback Phriday: Wells for Howard

I'm not phlashing back to a player today. Instead, with the Phils set to open a series against the Cardinals, I thought I would look back at a rumored trade between the Phils' and Pirates for current Red Bird Kip Wells (who starts game three of this series.)

Rumors and stories about trades, especially at deadline time, are so rampant and random, they are often forgotten shortly after conception. Today I look back at one such rumor: Ryan Howard to the Pirates for pitcher Kip Wells in July of 2005.

At the time, the Phils were in a Wild Card chase, or at least they thought they may be in one, as they were sitting right around .500. Jim Thome had been hurt but the offense motored on; Lofton and Abreu were getting on base and Pat Burrell, Chase Utley and young Ryan Howard were knocking them in. David Bell still sucked. Lieber, Myers, Lidle, Padilla were racking up innings, but Wolf got hurt and the Phils needed a more reliable 5th starter than Tejada, Brito or Floyd to make a playoff run. Hmmmm, where to get pitching???

Pittsburh is always trading pitching, right? And sure enough, along comes Kip Wells, the available Kip Wells, to throw a 12 strikeout complete game shutout against the Phils on July 4th. When the available pitcher thows a shutout against the team that is interested in him, he immediately has the value of Nolan Ryan. So soon after, the Howard for Wells rumors start.

Needless to say, the deal never happens. Thome doesn't come back and Howard is deemed too valuable. As is Kip Wells, who the Buccos don't end up trading him at all...until the next year, when he is shipped to the Rangers for a minor-leaguer. Way to sell high, Buccos!

Howard goes on to win NL MVP in 2006.

Wells goes on to have a record of 5-16 after 2005 with ERA's in the 6's. Ouch.

So, as the Phils prepare to face Wells, remember this almost-Phucco and the greatest none-trade of the last decade...



GM-Carson said...

I remember the Pirates thought Ryan Howard's power wouldn't transfer to the Majors. Seems like their talent evaluator sucks as much as the Phil. I also remember a Kris Benson for Ryan Howard rumor, but supposedly Howard wasn't enough to land Benson and his Penthouse Pet of a wife. I'm glad we have Howard.

GM-Carson said...

From my homeboy's Jayson Stark's Rumblings & Grumblings- One NL executive says he can't figure out why teams keep intentionally walking Ryan Howard when the Phillies player they should be walking is Chase Utley -- to pitch to Howard: "At least Howard has holes -- a lot of holes -- especially this year. In a big spot, Utley fights you. He fights off tough pitches. He's hard to strike out. He'll take your heart out to win a game. Give me enough players like that, and I'll win a championship. I guarantee you."

michael said...

ugh, the worst trade that could of been. thank god the Pirates are so stupid. the Phils really don't know how to value their talent sometimes.
A new sign for Harry the K's for a top prospect?? OK!

Spencer said...

I remember a lot of teams passed on Howard. I shiver every time I think of Ed Wade thinking to trade him. Ugh

On the Stark article - I have to think Cleveland isn't thinking Howard has "a lot of holes". I might agree with the quote though - because Howard strikes out so much - you at least have a fair chance of getting away with no damage. If he puts the ball in play though - watch out. He doesn't ground into double plays the way a guy who runs the way he does should. Chase on the other hand, will fight you and hurt you and you have to work incredibly hard to get him out.

We need a Howard/Utley type at 3B.


Bob D said...

That was one of a probably a dozen or more rumors that year for Howard. Best trade is the one that is not made sometimes.

Just remember Phils spelled backwards is slihP. Just like Mesa is aseM.

GM-Carson said...

BobD- I have no idea what the hell you're talking about in regards to spelling stuff backwards but I like it. Better yet, I "evol" it!

Howard is slowly coming around, but some of his at bats are down right ugly.

GM-Carson said...

Another almost trade to "phlashback" on is the Pat Burrell to the O's for Rodrigo Lopez. Burrell nixed the trade with his no-trade clause, and I was thankful for that at the time, as Rodrigo was leading the AL is losses with 18 and an ungodly era of 5.90. Things are different this season though, as Pat is a 13 million dollar waste of space with his batting average of .208 and absense of power, meanwhile Lopez is 4-0 on the season with a 2.93 era pitching for Colorado. Dammit Burrell!!!

GM-Carson said...

From Foxsports- Ryan Howard hit .204 with six homers and 23 RBIs in 29 games before the Phillies placed him on the disabled list May 10 with a strained left quadriceps. He has hit .293 with 10 home runs and 26 RBIs in the 25 games since his return. And despite his slow start and time spent on the DL, he is on pace to finish the season with 42 home runs and 130 RBIs.

furiousBall said...

You read Conlin's article today?

Bill, when you diss the Jeltz, you diss yoself

michael said...

heres Howards stat before and after he went on the DL

Before DL:
AB: 98
H: 20
HR: 6
BBB: 29
IBB: 11
K: 39

AB: 92
H: 27
HR: 10
BBB: 14
IBB: 8
K: 32

GM-Carson said...

I don't understand how anyone can dis on Steve Jeltz, the man is a legend. Not to mention, he's the best MLB that was born in that's an accomplishment.

GM-Carson said...

Looking at the series and one would think the Phils are favored to take at least 2 outta 3, and they better. Anthony Reyes has ZERO wins on the season and 8 losses (pitching tonight). Kip Wells has only 3 wins on the season and a whopping 11 losses...they better beat up on each of these fools.

BenJah said...

those punk slanidarC are goin nwoD tonite!! i think the phils have a better chance in the NL central than the AL central....just a hunch

goDuke said...

And in case you didn't hear, I heard on ESPN radio that St. Louis got Mike Maroth from Detroit, apparently Maroth was expendable now that Kenny Rodgers is back. It wasn't reported what the Cards gave up for him... no doubt Maroth will pitch against the Phils and probably beat them within the next 2 days.

GM-Carson said...

My guess is that Mike Maroth (a lefty, oh no!) will take Kip Wells' spot in the rotation because St. Louis is pretty disgusted with his abysmal record. Maroth isn't all that good, but he's a serviceable 5th starter, much like Adamn Eaton, except he's not getting paid like Eaton.

Jacobin said...

The team really should take it to the Cardinals tonight... but when they run into a train wreck like the guy who's pitching tonight (0-8), they seem to make such pitchers look like Warren Spahn.

Bob D said...

How come I feel that these Cardinal pitchers will throw like CyYoung this weekend?

michael said...

Phils today signed J.C. Romero. Romero, was 1-0 with one save and a 3.15 ERA in 23 games for the Red Sox this season before being designated for assignment by the club on June 8 when righthander Mike Timlin was reinstated from the disabled list. Romero was released on June 18.

Nineteen of his 23 appearances for Boston this season were scoreless and he posted a 1.88 ERA (3 ER, 14.1 IP) in his final 15 games. I pray this means the end of Joe Table for good in this town.

Jacobin said...

It's nice to see Moyer win on a night where he hustles on the bases and in the field... showing everyone that you put your head down and play hard when you want to win. Sadly, the Mets also won tonight, but at least the Braves lost so that we could slide back into second place!

St. Louis won the world series last year by sliding into the playoffs with a worse record than the Phils... that still pisses me off. Keep the wins coming, and beat St. Louis!

das411 said...

Ahem, and who closed out tonights ballgame fellas (and/or Maria)?

BloodStripes said...

Mesa pitching the ninth with a six run lead......and holding it........thats a bloody save GM's!

Go Phillies! I hope you like the view of our arse Atlanta. Your gonna be chasing it for the rest of the year. Look out mutts! The Phillies train is comin'!

SirAlden said...


Braves in the rear-view mirror again...


BloodStripes said...

Here's a difference from the norm......."Phillies pitchers lead the NL with 25 hits, one more than the Mets". Go boys!

GM-Carson said...

I'm glad to see J.C. Romero was signed. He may end up sucking, but he's worth a shot. Mesa is probably here to stay unless he ends up having a very high era. Remember Manuel loves veterans.

Great win last night, and Grand Pappy Moyer played a helluva game.

Just last season the Phils pitchers had the fewest hits in the NL (29), this year they lead the NL with 25 and it's not even the All-Star break yet.