Friday, June 08, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phriday - Terry Harmon

The Phillies have a tradition of completely useless middle infielders. You don't have to go back far to think of a few: that No-Talent-Ass-Clown Danny Sandoval racked up a .200 average over 2 seasons recently; Alex Gonzalez was so bad he retired before the Phillies could release him (he was batting .111 at the time); David Doster hit .233 in two years with the Phightins.

Those three are bad, but they couldn't do what Terry Harmon did. Harmon, a 5th round pick in the '65 draft, worked being a horrible, usless middle infield substitute into 10 major league season. Basically, he was the 70's, non-Hispanic version of Abe Nunez.

In 11 years from 67 to 77, Harmon spent time with the south Philly club in 10 of them. He compiled a lifetime .233 average and hit a total of 4 home runs. Hit under .200 3 times. In his next to last year, he had an offensive explosion, hitting .295-0-6. The next year he sacrificed average for power (he's the original Bobby Abreu...) and smacked a career high 2 homers while knocking in 5, but his average dropped to .185. Despite his late-blooming and career number the previous two seasons, he never played for the Phillies again. He was released April 5, 1978.

Take a look at the baseball card Harmon signed above. He put the years he suckered the Phillies into paying him on the card! How wide is Harmon's smile when he writes 67-77 on an old Topps card? He knows it was a joke that they kept him around and he revels in it, like a little kid who got away with something. In fact, Harmon is the human embodiment of the "Flaming Bag of Dog Crap" Halloween prank, except it took him 11 years to run away after he rang the doorbell. And now Harmon smiles and signs 67-77 and the Phils haven't scraped the crap off their boots. Typical.

Thanks to Moe Ville for the heads-up on the less-than-spectacular career of Terry Harmon.
Game Notes:
- Once again, Billy Wagner acts like a little girl. After Burrell's game-tying homer in the 9th, the Rat had this to say, "He has a one path swing, and I threw it in it's path." Waaaaaah. The man that nicknamed him "Rat" takes him deep and that midget loser won't own it like a man. Instead he has to crack back on Pat the Bat, who's "one path swing" has beat down Mets closers for years. Also, I don't care if his did have 31 straight saves before last night. The man shows his true height when the pressure is on, like facing his old team, Wild Card chases in the fall or the postseason (8.71 postseason ERA!!!!!) He doesn't even know how to "clutch up."

- Speaking of little bitches: Paul Loduca. The whole bat-flipping, running around the bases screaming like a fat kid who sees cake, and dancing like David Bell back to the dugout, was disgusting. That was the classic example of how to show up a pitcher. I will be very disappointed if, the next time he plays the Phillies, he doesn't get a pitch directed his way. Last night I wanted one at his head, but that probably shouldn't happen. Getting one between the shoulder blades, now that'a different story. Loduca needs to be reminded that he's been the Phillies' bitch every since Victorino rolled his ass last year.



Corey said...

I won't see any of the KC series, I'm off to the Delaware shore for the weekend. Let's go for sweep #2!

GM-Carson said...

Have fun in the sand, surf, and sun my brotha!

LoDuca is a bitch and so is his lover Billy Wagner. I have nothing against H-Mo's, but the Mets are have a roster full of 'em. Seriously, I hate the Mets. I hate some of them because of their attitudes (LoDuca, Wagner, Pedro), and I hate others because they get knob-jobbed by the press because they play in NY (Wright, Delgado), and then there's the one I hate because he's so damn good that I can't stand it (Ho-Say Ray-ass...thanks Wheels).

Going to KC seems like a gimmie series, but Phils need to take advantage of this schedule.

BloodStripes said...

The Phils clutched up big that series and put those cry baby mutts to bed. Wagner is a full-on wanker! Someone really has to nail that Lo-ass Duca prick. Despicable!!!

GM-Carson said...

Don't worry BloodStripes, I'm sure LoDuca soothed Wagner following the game with a reach-around in the communal shower.

BloodStripes said...

LOL. Bloody mutts. Phils have gotta take 'em in the standings this year. Its just gotta happen. C'mon you Phillies get up there.

GM-Carson said...

I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but taking 2 out 3 or better yet, sweeping the Royals would make our record look a helluva lot more respectable and make me think better things in the future for this club. I'm still not sold on the Phils. I know they swept the Mets and Braves (tough competition), but then played horrible against the Diamondbacks and Giants. More consistency will lead to more wins, and that's all we can hope for...stay in this race fellas!

BloodStripes said...

As you mentioned GM, Corey slammed Burrell then Burrell promptly proceeded to clutch up. The Phillies respond to this mighty fine blog after we give them a verbal shellacking. No more Mr Nice guys. Its abuse all the way.

New motto.....Abuse for Pennant!

BloodStripes said...

Gotta take the series in KC. Just think 1980 Phillies!

BloodStripes said...

KC are 9-21 at home this year. Good opportunity Phils. Keep on clutching up! Ha! I'm gonna be saying that all year. Sarge rocks!

goDuke said...

You're my boy Burrell! Someone had to say it. Its nice to break out the brooms on a team with a good record (I refuese to refer to the Lets goes as a good team). Now we have to bust out the broom on the Kansas City High School All-Stars (aka Royals). Let's go Phillies!!!! oh yea, and I finally linked you guys up, damn I'm lazy.

Bob D said...

Harmon looks like Bell on that card. Is Nunez gonna be that good? Maybe he will clutch up late in his career and hit for awesome power! And hopefully this year is late in his career for the Phils sake and our sake. We will just need to find another whipping boy.

Moe Ville said...

The heartfelt Terry Harmon Story brings me back to my first game in 1971. The power-house Phils with Tim McCarver, Rick Wise, Chris Short, Willie Montanez, and future right-wing yahoo Jim Bunning. They also had Deron Johnson (my favorite), a 23 year old Vuk, and a 20 year old Luzinski. I also can't forget Oscar Gamble. This amazing line-up managed a stunning 67 wins and were only 30 games out. You have to give credit to Harmon for paving the way for every Steve Jeltz of the future.

BENTZ said...

The Mets need to pick it up right now though, they next play six straight series against teams that made the playoffs last year (at DET, at LAL, at NYY, vs. MIN, vs. OAK, vs. STL). Plus those series are bookended by sets with the Phils, who had a better record than STL last year. Meanwhile the Phils SHOULD have a slightly easier road until the teams meet again (at KC, vs. CWS, vs. DET, at CLE, at STL, vs. CIN) as two of those teams are bad, two are mediocre and two are very good. The Braves have it tough too: vs. CHC, at MIN, at CLE, vs. BOS, vs. DET, vs. WSH. The Phillies really have a shot to make hay here, but it needs to continue tonight in Kansas City.

Skeeter said...

I got a chance to watch the game last night with my father, and during the 10 seconds as Lo Duca was doing his shitshow/fagloving run around the bases, I think me and my pops said "fuck" a combined 21 times. That isn't an exaggeration. Lo Duca used to be one of the Mets I didn't view has changed now.

All is right with the universe though, I think Hamels nailed Paul's wife last night after the game.

goDuke said...

I knew I heard someone screaming King Cole at the top of her lungs... I should have known it was Loduca's wife.

GreggyD said...

I cannot begin to describe how happy I was to see Pat Burrell jack that homerun off of Wags last night and then see Chase "I always clutch up" Utley bring it home again for the Phils. This sweep totally negated all of the negative feelings I had towards the Phightins after that abysmal homestand. I just hope that they can carry over their winning ways into interleague play.

I was scrolling through some rumors this morning and stumbled across a list of players who could potentially be available at or prior to the trade deadline and two names that caught my eye were Mark Teixeira and Eric Gagne of the Rangers. Granted, Gagne is nowhere close to what he was with the Dodgers, but if he gets healthy, he is a veteran arm that could be valuable in our bullpen of inexperience. Also, Teixeira has experience at third base and could be a nice pickup. He can hit and he is not too bad as a fielder. He would definitely add some pop to the hot corner, which we have not had since Scott Rolen left. I don't know what the Phillies would have to trade in order to get this deal done, but I personally would not mind seeing Freddy Garcia dealt back to the AL, and Michael Bourn is also getting some attention with teams trying to figure out if he is a quality prospect. The Phils would also probably have to throw in a pitching prospect which we are running thin on, but a deal that brought Teixeira and Gagne to the Phillies would sound good to, Teixeira's contract isn't up until after the 2008 season, so we would have him for all of next year.

Jacobin said...

I think the biggest issue with trading for players of any caliber is that this ownership group will not take on any kind of substantial additional salary. So unless you can convince Texas to take on the majority of Burrell's remaining contract ($13M this year, $14M next year), I don't think you can reasonably expect the team to pick those players up.

What do you mean the Mets need to pick it up Bentz? The Mets need to lay some really rotten eggs the next two weeks and drop behind the Phils in the standings. Now wouldn't that get Bitching Billy Wags' tongue flapping!

BENTZ said...

You know I read my post...and realized I had copied and pasted the schedule from a post on Sporting News that I put up today...and left my first sentence there...yeah...that looks bad. Mets need to continue sucking!! :-)

Jacobin said...

Damn right! Down with the Mets!

Hey, the Phils just spent the 503rd pick of the draft on Brian Schlitter out of the College of Charleston. He's a right-handed pitcher. And with a name like Schlitter, he should fit right in with out bullpen (that is if he pitches like schlit).

Anonymous said...

Excellent point on how gay LoDuca's little dance was last night. Is there anything sweeter than sweeping the Mets at Shea, and having the last win come on a blown save by Billy Wagner? If there is...I haven't found it.

You are so right in that Wagner can't handle pressure situations. Remember when he imploded against the Astros in September 2005? I still have nightmares about that home run by Craig Biggio.

Now it is time to relive the glorious year of 1980 and kick some Royal Ass!

I wish I could head down there and chant "Willie Wilson" over and over.

furiousBall said...

Pat was so clutch last night. If you go back and watch his AB, that was grace under pressure, Billy couldn't locate his fastball, I have no idea why he didn't throw a slider. Billy still doesn't look 100%, I hoping for elbow reconstruction and long excruciating rehab.

Maria said...

Billy's going bald. David Wright and Paul Lo Duca are homos. I wish Jose Reyes played 3rd base for us.

We need to win this series and take advantage of the schedule. The fact that we don't have to play Boston, Oakland, and the Angels.

GM-Carson said...

I have Wagner on both of my fantasy teams, but screw him!

I used to not hate LoDuca either, but now he is on the "Dead to Me" list.

Phils need to make Tug smile in heaven tonight, and this whole series against KC.

I can see the Phils turning their 2007 #1 pick - Joe Savery into a reliever. Imagine the corny headings, "Savery saves the day"...oh, now that's original.

Jacobin said...

LoDuca's little dance should be rewarded with a fastball in the ear hole, but we'll have to wait to see what happens.

Hey, the Phils grab Jeremy Penn (RHP) from All Saints High School with the 1,449th pick of the draft. I'm thinking that might have been a reach... umm... does anyone have any idea who these people are at this point other than their own family?

Looks like "Five Inning" Freddy is doing his best John Lieber impersonation tonight by letting a guy hitting .129 crush a double to deep center to start a big rally for arguably the worst team in organized baseball over the last decade. Good thing the Phils spotted him a three run lead, otherwise they'd be losing by more now.

das411 said...

So does Garcia now officially lead the league in doesn't-give-a-shit?

Jacobin said...

Stop me if you've heard this one before. The Phillies are looking like the season is heading for another year without the playoffs when they go into a series against a good team and play that team hard, sweeping the series! Such behavior is quickly followed up by playing some also-ran, bottom-feeder of a team that goes out and makes us look stupid.

Here's to you Freddy Garcia. Guess how many fingers I'm holding up.

Jacobin said...

Oh shit, as if Freddy Garcia's outing tonight didn't get the bile churning in my stomach enough... the Phillies announced that they have added a "veteran" to the bullpen. I can't type his name. I'm just going to copy and paste this piece from Todd Zolecki of the Philly Inquirer:

Jose Mesa is back.

The Phillies on Friday agreed to terms with their former closer, who was released Sunday by the Detroit Tigers. The Inquirer reported earlier this week that the Phils had interest in Mesa and planned to work him out.

They must have liked what they saw.

Mesa, who could join the team this weekend, likely will be a front-end piece to the bullpen, meaning he will not assume a late-inning role currently held by Brett Myers, Tom Gordon, Antonio Alfonseca, Geoff Geary or Ryan Madson.

The Phillies have Clay Condrey (2-0, 11.57 ERA), Yoel Hernandez (0-0, 3.38 ERA), and Mike Zagurski (1-0, 4.26 ERA) in their bullpen. It was not known which pitcher Mesa would replace.

Mesa, 41, went 1-1 with a 12.34 ERA in 16 appearances this season with Detroit. The righthander, who pitched for the Phillies from 2001 to 2003, is their all-time leader with 111 saves.

He went 1-5 with a 3.86 ERA in 79 appearances last season with Colorado.

The Phillies also were interested in righthander Troy Percival, who has not pitched since 2005 because of arm problems. But he agreed to a minor-league contract with the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday.

p.s. - No word on whether or not Turk Wendell, Dennis Cook, and Don Carman will be making similar Phillies comebacks.

GM-Carson said...

The Jose Mesa signing is complete bullshit. He's horrible. The only person I could see him subplanting is Clay Condrey.

Speaking of sucking, that's exactly what Freddy Garcia has done. Big game pitcher my ass. He can barely pitch anymore. Total letdown this season.

KC is horrible, yet we lose to them. That tells you something about the character of this team.