Saturday, June 02, 2007


The Phillies should hold their heads high with dignity today, because it's not every day a team loses 13-0 to extend their losing streak to 4 games and fall 2 games under .500. Charlie Manuel should be swollen with pride for the magnificent job he's done at getting this team ready for the trials and tribulations of a 162 game season. Pat Gillick should be applauded for amassing such a talented and driven group of men that will forge on to victory. The fans should be adoring the ownership group of these beloved Phillies praising them for bringing us the beautiful new stadium and increasing payroll so that a contending team can be fielded. Hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-ah-who-the-hell-am-I-fooling? This sucks! After the sweep of the Braves and sitting 2 games above .500 (26-24), I was high as a kite and I just might stop to check you out. But let me go on, I'm like a blister in the sun, as I now sit here completely devastated at the recent turn of events that has led to me giving up on this season. I love baseball, and therefore will continue to watch the Phils and be mildly entertained, more so when they win. But that foolish optimism of a predicted 92 wins is gone and aspirations of a Wild Card have vanished. 2007 will inevitably once again equal failure.

What's in the 2007 Phillies future?
Throw in the towel, these guys suck
Hover around .500 all season
Fall just short of the Wild Card
October here we come! (Obviously delusional) free polls



BloodStripes said...

I think the Phils are good for another 2 or 3 game miss of the wild card.

Hamels has to pull out a gem to get us back on our feet. C'mon Phillies, get your arse into gear and have a win!

GM-Carson said...

This is all so sad. This town wants nothing more than for its team to win, yet they just can't do it. We're starved for a real deal contender. When the Phils sucked in the last 90's I was excited just to get back to .500 ball. It's time to step it up again though, as we've been treading water the past 5 seasons around .500, now it's time for playoffs. But that's only a dream, because this team officially sucks.

GM-Carson said...

Pitcher Matt Morris out hit out entire team last night 3-2.

BloodStripes said...

That was horrible. How can we dive so fast after such a solid effort in Atlanta? The Phils should have come home and blitzed it.

Bob D said...

I voted for October, I am an oppomist.

Corey said...

"fans should be adoring the ownership group of these beloved Phillies praising them for bringing us the beautiful new stadium and increasing payroll so that a contending team can be fielded" - are you saying this hasn't happened? we do have a new stadium. payroll has gone up. and this team is competative. they have winning seasons in 5 of the last 6 years.

don't let your bipolar, PMS-like mood swings cloud your vision from the truth that this team and organization, while not perfect, are far from pitiful and far from the worst in the league.

there are 13 teams with worse records this year and a win tonight would put them 4th in the NL wild card chase with 2/3 of the season to play. this giving up and "throwing in the towel" gargage is bullshit.

GreggyD said...

I was at that game last night and it was quite possibly the worst showing I have ever seen from the Phillies. By the second inning I was bored out of my mind and steaming at the same time. I am sick and tired of this organization saying they have the right pieces and they're "building around a young core." Let's have a look at this "young" core:

Ryan Howard - 28 yrs. old
Chase Utley - 28 yrs. old
Jimmy Rollins - 28 yrs. old
Cole Hamels - 23 yrs. old

In other words, out of their "core", only one of those players is truly "young." The Phillies are 18th in baseball in average age at 29.3.

I'm not saying that I don't want these players around, but the club needs to stop making the excuse that they're young and building. We as Philadelphia fans have suffered enough and I just don't understand how fans can see things that the upper level management cannot. And I hate to say it, but the Phillies aren't going anywhere until the current ownership is out of town. We don't necessarily need to spend MORE money either, we just need to do a better job of evaluating talent and finding what pieces will best fit into this puzzle.

ps - Carson, I definitely was booing the whole team by about the third inning last night haha

chuckm said...

With the Phillies you just throw your hands up and expect anything on a given day, but in the big picture, I can only use the ole Groundhog Day reference as it fits. I dont think too much of the Braves but the Phils are not going to catch the Mutts and it looks to me like its gonna be another year where they pull up short behind the 2nd place NL West team. The late Tacony Lou Perfidio referred to them as Team Schizo. I will be at the game tonight, hope Hamels stops the bleeding.

GM-Carson said...

Corey- Yes ownership has come through with a new stadium and has increased payroll, but they've put the kabosh on increasing payroll anymore, and it's difficult to add solid pieces when handcuffed by contracts like Burrell's. That said, Gillick is the one to blame, as he has unwisely spent the money alloted.

I don't think they're the worst in baseball by any stretch of the imagination, but I don't even see this current team contending for the Wild Card, and may even struggle to stay around .500. Wild inconsistency in all facets of their game leads to this.

Sorry, but I threw in the "towel", but doesn't mean I can't still enjoy the season. Throwing in the "towel" is a way to save myself the emotional investment of thinking this team really has a shot. If they end up proving me wrong, then I'm ok with being the fool of the year.

Bob D said...

The team does have the wrong chemistry here. How many times have they run out of bench players and Eaton has pinch-hit? Too many. They should have one more bench player. Barajas is not a good fit on this team and they could have Chris Coste with Werth as the 3rd catcher/outfeild. The outfield is setup rather well, however Burrell does not need to be the starter, Werth and Bourn both could give starting a try. Both have good potential. This team should of had a good set-up guy during the offseason, I said it and other here have said it -WHY LET FULTZ WALK?! Now they should throw Madson, Geary, Zagurski, Hernandez, Alfonseco, and Myers and Gordon when they come back. Condrey and Rosario need to work thier problems out more in the minors. Alfonseco is almost ready for the chopping block and its not to remove the extra fingers. Best senario would to trade for a closer and move Myers back to the rotation. Then decide who should leave via trade: Eaton, Leiber, or Garcia. Atleast Leiber is pitching well the other 2 have shown some promise but nothing exceptional.
So basically they need another bat preferably a utility IF, replace Barajas with Coste, play Bourn and Werth in LF, and have 1 less RP and use the others more consistantly. Plus decide which starter needs to go.

fans said...

Did you see your blog referenced in's Zo Zone?

BloodStripes said...

It is an absolute pleasure watching Phillies baseball when Cole Hamels is on the mound. That was a gem.

The man is poetry in motion.

SirAlden said...

We will have a Wild Card Run.

Jacobin said...

Hamels did what an ace is supposed to do tonight. He stopped the bleeding by preventing a losing streak from getting any longer. Too bad this kid only pitches every fifth start. Tomorrow we have Freddy Garcia and his one win on the hill against Linecum. But out in San Francisco, Victorino torched this kid... hopefully he does it again (of course, Uncle Charlie will probably sit Victorino tomorrow now that I've mentioned that...).

Skeeter said...

yo fools....just saying whats up.

i suck for not commenting on here recently

The Lone Blogger said...

I don't think any NL team with have the money to challenge the Mets for NL supremacy any time soon.

The Lone Blogger

GM-Carson said...

Fans- no I didn't see my blog referenced on the Zo Zone, but I'm going to go check it out.

Awesome performance by our staff ace last night. Hamels may actually win 20 games this season. The offense wasn't superb last night, but they got it done enough to win the game.