Thursday, June 21, 2007

10 Spot

This is something I'm becoming accustomed to- watching the Mets and Braves lose while picking up no ground in the NL East because our pitching staff sucks. I like to blame Charlie Manuel a lot of the time, but even Harry Houdini couldn't work magic with this crapheap of arms. Last night Donut-Eater served up his typical big inning and then the bullpen unmercifully blew the game wide open, and such is the story of the 2007 Philadelphia Phillies pitching woes. In fact our staff's ERA is 4.93, which is good for (or should I say "bad for"?) 27th out of 30 MLB teams, 2nd worst in the NL. Opponents OPS against us in an NL worst .803, and the Phils pitchers have served up 90 homeruns. To date, the Phillies have allowed the opposition to score 10 or more runs an outrageous 9 times.

10 Spot:
*April 9 vs. Mets loss 11-5
*April 28 vs. Marlins loss 11-5
*May 19 vs. Blue Jays loss 13-2
*May 29 vs. Diamondbacks loss 11-5
*June 1 vs. Giants loss 13-0
*June 10 vs. Royals loss 17-5
*June 15 vs. Tigers loss 12-8
*June 18 vs. Indians loss 10-1
*June 20 vs. Indians loss 10-6


*"We're going to find out because I'm going to put him in some tight spots," Manuel said. "I like his experience and I've known him a long time. His arm is sound, and his velocity is getting better." (In regards to using Mesa...oh sh*t!)

*"It's way too early to scoreboard watch," Aaron Rowand said, stating the obvious. "If we don't win games, it's not going to matter." (Spoken like a true gamer)

*"We gave one game away in each series," Manuel said. "We definitely can play with them if we fill our holes. We definitely... whatever." (Ladies and gentlemen, the brilliant Charles Fuqua Manuel)

*"I felt a pop, but had it checked out," Lieber said. "But it's fine. It's more muscular than anything. I have to make sure to ice it the next couple of days. I was backing up home plate and it gave right there. Right now, it feels like a cramp." (Said with donut in cheek and powder on lips...disgraceful)



BloodStripes said...

Charlie is very articulate. Its not like him to be lost for words and get confused. Not!

Long neck Rownad rocks. We can count on him to give it his all.

We have gained considerable ground on the mutts and braves only to halt over the last week. 2 out isn't so bad. Just gotta maintain the overall good going the Phils have had this month. Testing times ahead with Donuts down a while.

Imagine where we would be if we had a good bullpen. Jose Mesa........crikey!

GM-Carson said...

I read on that with the upcoming off days the rotation can be shuffled so that Lieber won't be needed until June 29/30. If he indeed isn't hurt that bad and doesn't need a DL stint, we may be alright. Once again, thank goodness Kyle Kendrick has pitched well so far.

BloodStripes said...

Kendrick has been a good find. Great experience for him. If he can keep it up he is most likely here to stay. Good to see.

Jarex said...

Thought: next time the Phillies rattle off 4 or 5 wins in a row and everyone gets "excited" again, can you throw up a picture of Larry David for a "Curb your enthusiasm" entry?


Bob D said...

Good news the Phils should be able to walk away today with loosing any ground on the Mets:~}

Who's the new guy? Charlie's offspring and the Phils new pitching prospect?

GM-Carson said...

JareX- a "Curb Your Entusiasm" post is a wonderful idea. Expect that after the next stretch of "good" Phillies baseball.

Going into the season, I knew our bullpen wasn't top-notch, but I didn't think they'd be this bad, and I certainly didn't thinnk the rotation would be such a letdown either. Thanks again butt-dart!

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- Phillies manager Charlie Manuel has had to mix and match 14 relief pitchers at different times this season. Just two pitchers have been in the bullpen since the start: Geoff Geary and Antonio Alfonseca. Brett Myers, Tom Gordon, Ryan Madson and Francisco Rosario have spent time on the disabled list. There is Clay Condrey, who was designated for assignment once and outrighted once. There are Yoel Hernandez, Mike Zagurski, Matt Smith, Fabio Castro, Brian Sanches and Joe Bisenius, who have either been called up from the minors or optioned to the minors. The Phils also signed Mesa on June 8 after the Detroit Tigers released him. He has a 3.86 ERA in four appearances so far.

*Wow, now that's a bad list to be on.

CLARE. said...

Aaron Rowand: speaker of baseball wisdom, hustler, grinder, wearer of bacon pants. I'm going to miss him next season.

michael said...

Just announced Vuk will be inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame on August 10th. Very fitting choice I think.

Maximis said...

Can I also just point out that 5 of those 9 huge losses have come in June? And its currently the 21st of June?

And also that 2 of them came 3 DAYS APART.

I could go on, but I don't want to.

By the way, did you see that the Orioles are interviewing Joe Girardi? I was thinking in the deep recesses of my mind that maybe somehow Manuel would realize he's too old and fat to coach and we'd somehow get Girardi...I guess it was never meant to be...

Aw who the hell am I kidding...It's the Phillies.

GreggyD said...

There wasn't a more appropriate inductee for the Wall of Fame this year. Vuk is terribly missed by both the organization and it's fans. I'm just glad to see that the fans got the vote right.

Also, regarding Joe Girardi, there is no way that the Phillies would ever be so lucky to have him set foot in their dugout as manager. He turned down the Orioles job earlier today and one has to think that he is holding for something better, most likely the Yankees job even though Don Mattingly seems to be the heir apparent for when Torre either gets shafted or retires. Some are saying that Tony LaRussa is on the hot seat in the StL, but I highly doubt that coming off of their World Series win.

Girardi is playing his cards right by waiting this out. He will be the most sought after manager in this offseason by any club who is looking.

kentucky phils phan said...

charlie really pisses me off...he is dumb, can't manage a baseball team, and needs to be fired, i agree with you carson on that. what do yall think about Girardi managing here or maybe, if he gets fired, ozzie guillen? it's far fetched i know, but interesting to think about.

GM-Carson said...

Ozzie Guillen worked some magic in Chicago for a while, but his abbrassive managing style is too much for me to handle. He's smarter than Manuel strategy-wise, but he makes some dumb moves too and says really stupid things in the media, while Manuel just stammers over his words. I doubt we could get Girardi, he wants to go somewhere he can be successful and that's not guaranteed with this group of owners.

By the way, Good ol' Fuqua is listed at 220 pounds in the Phils media guide. Maybe the midget he ate weighs 220 in the enormous gut of his.

kentucky phils phan said...

yeah i see what you're saying about ozzie...i heard buster olney say today that philly is potentially one of the places girardi could end up, i'm kinda like you tho i doubt it would actually happen.

Bob D said...

Here's another player let go by Philly from last year:
Josh Kroeger OF on the Tennessee Smokies - Cubs (AA)
Leading AA in batting 382, 11HR, 50RBI, 8 SB in 11 attempts, 449 OBP%, 1.058 OPS.
I am glad we gave another hitter thier release - our farm system is too crowded to have this guy in the minors - just like Germano

Jacobin said...

Isn't Fuqua one of the lowest paid manager in baseball (not that he deserves to be one of the highest paid)? The point is this team goes cheap where they can, and you cannot tell me that going with Charlie Manuel isn't cheap!

What a surprise, another player that was in this organization left with nothing for us to show for it and now he is doing well elsewhere.

das411 said...

Why the infatuation everywhere with Girardi?? Ok, so he took a team that had Han-Ram and the Babyfaced Assassin to a sub-.500 record last season, wow, congrats, now he gets to pick which of the 30 MLB teams he wants to manage next year? Excuse me but when did he turn into Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa and Jim Fregosi combined?

And does anyone else think the Phightins have a HUGE opportunity coming up as they play the Reds for 3 games while the Mets get the Athletics? It'd be awfully nice if that 2 games behind were to get even smaller before the All-Star Break...

GM-Carson said...

I don't think the Phils catch a break playing any team because their pitching is so bad that they could easily get outslugged by the lowly Cardinals or Reds over a 3 game set. Our pitching is really terrible.