Saturday, May 26, 2007

Strangely Familiar

20-20, 21-21, 22-22, 23-23, and now...24-24. .500 baseball at its finest. That my friends is the definition of mediocrity. There's an old saying "you win some, you lose some", but this is getting ridiculous. Today is the perfect opportunity to break down that "wall" and make this a "winning" team as the Phils face Buddy Carlyle (career 7.41 ERA) and the Braves. When manager Charlie Manuel was asked about his team's constant seesawing record, he had this to say, "It's nice to win then lose, 'cause I'm tryin' to learn my countin' past the teens, and it's been real tough on me, that darn 2nd grade teacher never gave me a fair shake."


*Greg Dobbs continues to hit. I don't know about the rest of you, but I like it when our players get hits, that to me seems successful. Then again, the organization obviously doesn't think too much of it as Chris Coste was sent packing to Double A Reading...what a kick in the balls.

*Our defensively dumb slugger is back with vengeance. Ryan Howard helped seal the victory last night with a 2 run double, but also cost the Phils 2 runs on a throwing error. This man has DH written all over him. I know I'm being overly critical of him, but I hate bad defense.

*Novel Idea- a left-handed reliever that throws strikes. All hail Mike Zagurski. First off, awesome last name. Secondly, he was spotted chilling with Burrell in the dugout after working a perfect're alright in my book kid.

*Since surrendering that homerun to the first MLB batter he ever faced, Yoel Hernandez has calmed down and pitching respectably. I'm not suggesting he's a long term solution, but I like to point out positives when I see them.

*Brett Myers has been DL'd and his arm in devastated. WSBGM's tried to reach "The Arm" for comment, but it was too saddened to speak to reporters. The Arm did give a visual gesture which seemed to be the middle finger waiving at Rod Barajas though...hmm?

*I'm not a huge Jayson Werth fan, or a fan of his at all, but the man is a decent bench player. He can do spot duty at all 3 outfield positions and is a quality pinch-hitter.

*Solid effort from Grand Pappy Moyer last night, and he needed that after last weekend's slugfest against him.



Bob D said...

The dumbness we talked about continues Asst GM Amaro said ""We had some people see him, and he's always showed a lot of gumption," what the heck is gumption?

Yoel Hernandez has potential closer ability, he would've been on the team last year if not for an injury.

On the positive side Manuel actually put in the lineup last night that I have been saying they needed since April: Ruiz @C, Dobbs @3rd and the rest of the regulars.

Werth is showing that he is a valuable bench/part time player an actual good pick up by our GM. Dobbs another good pick up. Sending Coste bad move - time to designate Barajas for assignment, maybe someone will take him. We always have Jaramillo waiting at AAA.

GM-Carson said...

I am not impressed with Jaramillo at all and don't see a bright future for him. Now he is still young, 24 I believe, and has time to mature as a hitter, but his minor league numbers aren't that overwhelming. Hell, they don't even "whelm" me whatsoever.

Dobbs should continue to get starts at 3rd along with Nunez when he's back from his headache, I mean mild concussion.

Frank said...

Have to be greedy now- Atlanta is running out a guy today who hasn't made a start this year- an 88-win team has got to beat a tream in this spot, right?

getting these three would go a long way toward erasing their brutal start. I know on 4/25 I'd have signed for two games back from the wild card.

michael said...

phils should of did that trade that Milwaukee did this offseason involving johnny estrada if they were really looking for a good veteran backup not named chris coste.

Bob D said...

Chris Coste is the 2nd best catcher this team has, Ruiz being tyhe best. Dobbs the best 3rd baseman with Coste being the 2nd best 3B right now. Why is Coste not on the team? Barajas should be designated for assignment and keep Coste up. As of June 1 freeagent signees can be traded (Barajas, Eaton, etc...)

I agree that Estrada would've been a good player to aquire and that Jaramillo is not ready yet.

Maria said...

Jamie had a good game last night (even with 2 hits!) and Greg Dobbs made a mistake last night too. He could have just tagged the 2 runners at 3rd. But Ryan Howard needs to pick it up defensively. There was no reason for him to throw that ball.

chuckm said...

Nice win last night aside from the continued brainlocks in the field. Couldnt help but notice that Old Man
Moyer can really get over to cover first base. Dude is in tip-top shape. Congrats to "Fat Mike" Zagurski for the3up/down debut even though he looked like he was ready to drop a load in his undies.

Los said...

I was off in Cali for a week, and I was hoping I'd come back to a Phillies team above .500 ... sadly, it's the same team.

BenJah said...

this organization must hate coste, or something: they sent him to DOUBLE A!!??

so much passion from the fan base, and so little brains from the management -- no wonder this team sucks all the time

chuckm said...

Wuddya know..The Phils win and at least take the series. Great day from Vic and Fat Mike gets the job done again, nice to see a lefty in the pen who doesnt give up the complimentary BB every outing. I was a bit leery of Alfonseca coming in to the 9th being that Geary had thrown but two pitches in the 8th, but it all worked out. I sweep would be sweet and I dont forsee two rough outings in a row for Hamels.

Maria said...

Chris Coste wanted to go down to the minors...only because he'd be able to catch every day now there. Hopefully we can get rid of Rod Barajas and we can bring him back up. Over .500. It feels nice.

BloodStripes said...

Feels great. Go Phils!

Bob D said...

Coste requested AA Reading to get more playing time. Amaro was defending Barajas on the radio prior to the game.
An area of concern Howard's BA 200, Burrell 225, Barajas 217, and Coste 333. Who should be on the team here? I say cut Barajas. I'll give Burrell and Howard some time to turn things around.

Good game today, need to put the Braves away tommorow and bring them 2 games behind the Braves.

das411 said...

Didn't even see his inning-plus today and yet Zags is rapidly becoming one of our best relievers. One can only imagine the awesomeness of cast of characters we'll see back there when, BM-Arm, Flash, and the Model Dictator are all able to join him there...sounds like a sitcom!

And does anybody else remember a certain game in I believe May 04 that a pissed-off lefty threw against the Braves?

chuckm said...

Speaking of strangely familiar, The Phillies are at the exact same 25-24 record that they were after 49 games last season. It was noted by the FOX announcers yesterday that since the 4-11 start, they Phillies have the 2nd best record in the NL (behind the Mets). We can just hope they avoid the tankings that started right around interleague time that occured in the past two seasons, go into the break comfortably well over .500 and that they continue to be a strong second half team.

GM-Carson said...

Chuck M- Is "Fat Mike" a NoFx reference? I love me some NoFx, punk in drublic.

Above .500 for the first time all year feels nice. Now the key is not keeping building the record upwards and not falling back again.

chuckm said...

Carson, yep and I use Fat Mike as a term of endearment. I like NoFX a lot and I can brag that I promoted their first Philly appearance at the Pi Lam frat house at UPenn in 1985 when they were just a somewhat obscure upstart band. Actually, they werent originally on the bill but had a last minute cancellation in Baltimore, found out about the show at Pi Lam, sped up to the show, talked another band into letting them jump up and plug into their equpiment after their set and begged their way into playing a 15 minute set. I had time constraints but they begged so hard and were so eager that I let them play, if only to shut them up. Fat Mike took a shining to my then-girlfriend and was such a puppydog about her that we both found it funny. Those guys worked hard and hustled for a long time and eventually it paid off for them.

GM-Carson said...

NoFx is one of the hardest working punk bands ever. I love Fat Mike's work with the punk cover band Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies too.