Sunday, May 06, 2007

Screw This!

13-17, 6.5 games back in NL East. 2006 NL MVP- .198 batting average. Staff ace- in the bullpen. Staff ERA- 4.75, 25th out 30 MLB teams. Offense- 205 k's and 26 ground into double plays. Manager- complete R-Tard. GM- lousy. Fans- disgruntled.



GM-Carson said...

From Ryan Madson couldn't take it any more. The reliever had been pitching with discomfort in his left oblique muscle since Spring Training, but continued because the pain didn't affect his throwing motion or his pitches' movement. But when the pain accelerated warming up before Thursday's outing against the Giants, he knew a trip to the disabled list was in his future.

*Oh, that explains why he has sucked so bad. I thought it was because he didn't know how to pitch anymore, and all along it has been an injury. Are the Phillies sure this injury doesn't date back to August of '05?

GM-Carson said...

Minor League News- Infielder Bradley Key, one of the players acquired from the Reds for outfielder Jeff Conine, has been released. ... Infielder Michael Garciaparra, Nomar's younger brother, was removed from Double-A Reading's temporary inactive list and assigned to Class A Clearwater. ... J.D. Durbin joined Triple-A Ottawa on Saturday.

*Another player acquired in a trade that is no longer with the team. Basically Pat Gillick just gives our players away for free. I hate him!

furiousBall said...

Are we rebuilding this year too? I think it's all how you label it and gussy it up. "Goosebumps" campaign should be changed to some sort of skin disease and we could consider the eminent firing of Fuqua as "ointment"

Anonymous said...

The Jeff Conine trade was simply about money. The Phillies did not want to pay him the $2 million he was due in 2007. Gillick got him at the end of last season for a song after the Phils stumbled into playoff contention. So they traded him in the off season and acquired Jayson Werth instead for $850,000.

Oh and by the way, Conine is hitting .275, with 2 home runs and 12 RBIs in just 51 at bats. He is a clutch hitter in big situations, and has two World Series rings. Its great to see the Phillies essentially got nothing in return for him, but hey at least they saved some money!

The #1 goal of this team is to make money. Putting a champsionship caliber squad on the field will always come second.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils also got Javon Moran, an OF playing for Clearwater I believe, in the Conine deal. He's not all that great though.

Hamels vs. phenom Lincecom making his debut on primetime Sunday night ESPN and I'm not even excited. That's how crappy this season has been, I'm indifferent. This club is going to have to get to .500 and above before I give 2 shits.

Jacobin said...

Who gave up more runs tonight? Cole Hamels or Wes Helms? I have Helms the winner at 3-2... I also believe that Hamels had a better night at the plate than Helms! Our 3B situation this year is as brutal as it was last year.

But on the bright side, the Fly'n Hawaiian has had a hell of a series against San Francisco! And perhaps my favorite moment of the evening was prior to the game starting, a public service announcement about the dangers of steroids aired on ESPN... even though Balco Bonds didn't play in the game, you really felt like he was there with such wonderful commercials.