Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pucker Up!

Happy Mother's Day.

The Phils just lost 4-1.

Our team is still a joke (17-20).

Anway, here's an email I received from the author of Bugs & Cranks Phillies' section: "I'm fairly new to the whole blogging aspect of the internet. Not to sound all Unfrozen Caveman lawyer or anything, but up until last year, I heard the word "blog" and all I could think of was some loser that I could care less about rehashing his trips to CompUSA or what he had for lunch. The extent of my sports news came from ESPN & Sportsline. Then an e-friend (I've actually e-known the guy since '97 from a message board) tried to convince me to write for the Phillies for a website idea that he had. Now, I have never done any creative-type writing in my life, never took a writing class in college (that I paid attention to, at least) and had zero interest in blogging about the Phillies. I mean, I have a full time job in the UPenn Hospital, a wife and a 6-year old, so unless the money was good (which it wasn't) I was gonna pass. But this kid's persistence and genuine excitement about it sorta piqued my interest.

So I started looking at sports blogs, specifically Philly sports blogs (which, in my opinion, are 10X better & more creative than any other ghey-ass cities ghey-ass blogs) and stumbled upon 700 Level & BeerLeaguer and from there found PhilliesFlow, BS&S & you guys. Anyways, my life has been so much better since then. As a newbie, I feel like I should pay my respects to yous. Especially the GM's -- between the humorous analysis, the pictures (I love the pictures) and the shout out to the Phils of old -- I'm pissed I missed an entire season of your stuff last year.

Over at Bugs & Cranks, I hardly get into my analysis of the team just because it's done so well here, BeerLeaguer & PhilliesFlow so I usually stick to obscure or funny Phillies news stories and dick jokes.

And I'm not lonely or anything, but my boss is off today and I felt like writing this. Sorry if I wasted your time, but usually people don't mind someone writing a few paragraphs kissing their ass. Me & my buddy are thinking of heading to the Bank on Saturday, if we end up going - I'll stop by your pre-game jamboree and pay my respects.

Keep up the good work,
Mike Milici"

*Glad to see Corey and I entertain someone besides ourselves.



SirAlden said...

Corey is the greatest thing since Feldman, and I now love Carson daily.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- love "the Corey's" reference...but where's Haim? Carson Daily was a fag...I'm much cooler. Although he did get some of Tera Reid.

GM-Carson said...

Turns out Michael Milici doesn't really give a crap about us. Here is his follow up email that he sent me after he saw I posted his first one- "
Thanks for ruining my e-reputation by posting that e-mail on your site. My tens of adoring fans were highly disappointed by the level of respect I showed and how polite I was. I spent a grueling 6 months to build up an e-rep of being a complete asshole with total disregard for others. You've managed to single-handedly destroy that within hours. Again, thank you.

hahaha, I was thinking how funny it woulda been if I was a total douchebag and I sent the exact same template of an e-mail to every Philly sports blog and it turned out that I was an insincere jaggov just looking for a couple of links.

Thank god I'm just a partial douchebag! Rest assured, GM's, your website was the only one that received such an adoring e-mail -- I sent the other sites Vermont Teddy Bears with a personalized, handwritten note attached. And chocolates in a heart-shaped box. And I named a star after them. But enjoy that e-mail, fellas!"

*You know you love us bro!