Thursday, May 03, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Lowell Palmer

Today's Phlashback spotlight shines on former starting pitcher, Lowell Palmer. I don't know much about Palmer. Frankly, I've never heard of him before this year, so I'll have to trust somebody else. From commenter chuckm:

"Palmer was a promising young first round draft pick in 1966 who was sent down from training camp to the Phillies AAA team in San Diego really quickly in 1968 after he started dating manager Gene Mauch's hot 18 year-old daughter (or so the story goes)."

He dates the boss' daughter, wears cool black shades apparently all the time, and bears a striking resemblance to Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness. That's enough for me. It's enough to put Palmer pretty far up the list of my favorite Phillies, somewhere ahead of Dickie Thon, but behind Ed Delahanty. My only problem with Lowell is this: when you are this cool, why risk your baseball career on some 18 year old dime-a-dozen broad? The Fonz probably got less tail than Lowell Palmer yet he's in AAA because he had to mess with the skipper's daughter. I hope Miss Mauch was something special...


I have no idea what happened in the game last night...that is waaaaay too late for me to stay up to watch baseball (unless the show involves nudity or graphic violence, it's not worth watching after 10:00.) Apparently the Phils won, and Gavin Eaton still sucks...



GM-Carson said...

First off- Gavin Eaton...nice! I was going to go with Adamn Eaton, because he isn't worth "a damn" thing, but the Headcase known as Gavin Floyd reference fits nicely. For that matter, what about Wes Bell or David Helms?

Secondly, Social Distortion is really starting to grow on me, and I know that makes you happy to hear Corey.

So far for the tailgate we got ChuckM. Anybody else? Chuck- between you, me, and Corey we're downing a case of High Life in 2 hours...up for it?

GM-Carson said...

From the mouths of idiots- "Go 4-for-4 and hit two or three jacks." -- Manuel, on how Abraham Nunez might work his way into more playing time.

fans said...

Sounds like Victorino is not happy about platooning his position. Then last night he was taken out in the 4th for a pinch runner?

I did watch the whole game - 4 hrs - and am still dumbfounded by the poor coaching moves.

Corey said...

tailgating will start at least 3 hours prior to gametime. plenty of time to live the high life...

GM-Carson said...

3 hours prior to game time...we might need 2 cases of High Life.

Jayson Werth is proving to be a good bench player, but he should not be playing over Victorino. Victorino's speed and defense are top-notch. Werth should be the primary pinch-hitter and start once a week for Burrell and once a week for Victorino against a lefty, but Vic should be in there most of the time. 9 steals already and damn fine on base %...that's what guys at the top of the lineup do- get on base and run.

GM-Carson said...

It's time to say it like it is (keep it real)- Ryan Howard absolutely sucks this season. I am grateful for the 2006 MVP campaign, but right now he is killing this offense. 36 k's in 88 at bats. He is still getting walked (27) which makes his on base % decent, but he's basically living off of his reputation from the previous season. I am now officially worried.

GM-Carson said...

Here is someone more retarded than Manuel- a commenter named Mark posted this on BeerLeaguer "I think nunez came off a career year when he signed with us. He had a terrible first half last year. He rebounded from that and had a better second half. He started poorly again this season-but he is rebounding again. He is a winner, a versatile, team player who gets a horrible short shrift here. he is a valuable utility man. Y'all kill Nunez here; I ask- WHAT ABOUT PAT BURRELL????? Why don't you bitch about him? Is he the epitome of the word overrated?"

I am nearly speechless. A winner? Bullshit! Put Gavin Floyd on Atlanta's roster and does he become a winner? Hell no! This guy is a dumbass, he probably liked David Bell too.

Bob D said...

I think Burrell would be a better middle infielder than Abraham 'I hope my ground balls see thier way thru into the outfield and its not a double play' Nunez. I believe he hit 3 or 4 grounders last night but twice missed an infielder so he got some RBIs. One of those grounders he hit at the 1B which should have been a double play but he could not hit it hard enough for it to be one. His power is awesome! Mark is a genious! Don't quote his quotes with Manuel's quotes. And why has Nunez started 3 of the last 5 games? Why pinch run for Victorino when he was have a great game so far 3 for 3 and he was smoking the ball? Removed he defense and the Giants made it closer by the end of the game.

At least Myers closed the door.

Bob D said...

New Phillies Job Opening:

Major League Manager
must be dumber than GM so GM looks intelligent
remove guys after 3 hits, they may get 3 more.
play people with less talent than the regulars.
stick with players who were good 5 years ago.
use lineups like they did in the 80's
never make a double switch
use all bench players as quickly as possible.

GM-Carson said...

I grew up loving Schmidt (3rd baseman). Then there was Dave Hollins for a few good seasons. Then came golden boy Scott Rolen (you may hate him, but he did well here). Since then- David Bell, Wes Helms, and Abe Nunez...our 3rd baseman suck the past few seasons.

GM-Carson said...

I usually don't suggest lineups, but based on the season's performances so far, he is a lineup that makes sense in my opinion-
1. Rollins- he's thriviving here, so let him continue to do so
2. Victorino- good on base %, plus has 9 sb's
3. Rowand- great with the bat this season
4. Utley -our only true RBI man right now besides leadoff stud J-Roll
5. Burrell- needs to up the power, but continues to draw walks
6. Howard- horrible this season
7. Ruiz- nice showing for the rookie catcher so far (bat Helms here if Barajas starts)
8. Helms/Barajas- neither are very good, but at least they're not Bag-of-Crap-Nuni

GM-Carson said...

The Phils entered last night with a 50-36 record in May since 2004. That's tied for second in the NL with St. Louis, behind only San Diego (56-30). Too bad they play like crap in April (31-42) past 3 seasons.

Why is Manuel using Madson as a setup man instead of the trusty reliable Gas-Can Geary? Oh that's right, Manuel is an idiot!

Barry Bonds spent time with Ryan Howard before last night's game- thanks Barry...4 k's in 5 ab's.

Looks like Gordon is going to be DL'd. Possible callups- Condrey, Bisenius, Ace of Walks Matt Smith, and even Yoel Hernandez. I say to hell with another pitcher, give me Chris Coste!

furiousBall said...

Eaton does suck, I'll keep saying it - Lieber is a better pitcher than Eaton.

Here's my line-up...
1. Rollins- I was a non-believer, but he's undeniably hitting the snot out of the ball
2. Victorino
3. Utley - you have to have your best hitter in the 3 spot
4. Burrell
5. Rowand- gangsta at the plate
6. Howard - earn your spot back monster
7. Ruiz
8. Helms

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- I typically agree the best hitter should bat 3rd, but I'm tired of potential RBI's, I want actual RBI's. Burrell may be walking, but his hits aren't exactly doing much damage. That's why I was suggesting getting Rowand in the 3 spot and letting Utley clear the bases from cleanup.

Reagan316 said...

Just when I thought we freed ourselves of Gavin Floyd, we go out and re-up him for $24 million in the form of Adam Eaton. Good one Gillick.

Born To Lose by Social D has Adam Eaton parody written all over it.

GM-Carson said...

Reagan- I think Social D's "Born to Lose" has a Phillies in general parody written all over it.

Battle of the meds tonight- Moyer vs. Bonds aka Geritol vs. HGH.

BenJah said...

lowell palmer? i like the attitude, A LOT!! i think some of these phils could use it -- cole hamels has enough, though i think

'gavin eaton' is great, and david helms is better --
-- pretty soon it's gonna be pat-the bat-howard

McD said...

I like Palmer sporting the shades all the time. I guess his future was so bright he had to wear them. The question is, did he don them during night games?

GM-Carson said...

Lowell was the only one who thought his future was bright. Career stats- 5 wins 18 losses, 5.29 ERA, 1.59 WHIP, 316 2/3 IP, 202 Walks, 239 K's...not too good for a pitcher in the late 60's/early 70's. He did rock some kick ass shades though...

GM-Carson said...

Looks like Yoel Hernandez has been called up to fill the Tom Gordon roster spot. I'm surprised with this call-up. Now he will just sit out there and rust with the likes of Francisco Rosario and Fabio Castro. Why bother calling up a guy Manuel won't use? Charlie is a dumb creature of bad habit.

Jacobin said...

If Nunez starts, I'd suggest the bottom of the batting order look like this:

8. Pitcher
9. Nunez

Since Eaton is this year's Gavin Floyd, I guess we have to see if the team decides to do something with him in his 11th shitty start (isn't that how many they gave Floyd last year?). I didn't remember this but according to Floyd's stats, he pitched a complete game shutout for the Phils last year (and still had a 7.79 era). I thought I would have remembered if our team played a game against the school for the blind.

Skeeter said...

Am I the only one who thinks its an absolute fucking disgrace that Adam Eaton gets a "w" after last night's shit show? He has just as many wins as hamels and moyer. This just goes to show that pitcher's records mean barely anything.

Gavin Eaton
Adam Floyd
And my favorite, suggested by Carson last year: "Eaton Pussy", which should now be changed to "Eaton Dick"

GM-Carson said...

Jacob- how the hell could you possible forget Gavin Floyd's complete game shutout? It was the 5 inning, rain shortened, shutout when Aaron Fence-Face Rowand made "the catch". So, it was only a complete game because the game was over after 5 innings, and it was only a shutout because Rowand sacrificed himself.

Jacobin said...

Carson -- Damn! Now it makes sense. I was trying to remember Floyd going nine innings... it didn't dawn on me to think about a weasel stat like that! Like many traumatic, horrifying memories suffered by people, I have seemingly repressed my recollections of Gavin Floyd pitching for the Phillies.

Any chance the Yankees would take Eaton? Or maybe any other team in baseball? Perhaps the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters could use Eaton, we could get back a third-string no-hitting utility infielder Abrahito Nunazori...

Reagan316 said...

Skeeter I agree. Eaton Dick should be 0-for however many starts he's made.

Actually, I think he might have pitched well and deserved one of his wins.

His ERA speaks volumes of his suckiness!

Bob D said...

My line up since we are at it:
1 Victorino great speed and OB%
2 Rowand continues to hit well and has some speed
3 Rollins he looks like the best hitter so far, better use of his power
4 Utley he is the best hitter
5 Burrell some concern over his O'fer lately
6 Howard showing signs of life this last week with 3 HRS, however has struckout 18 times against leftys in 40 ABS
7 Ruiz great prodution possible rookie of the year
8 Helms he has been decent so far
9 Pitcher atleast Eaton can hit
10 No hit Nunez he should be told he will bat in the 10th spot for now on and told he can go home and wait for his atbat.

GM-Carson said...

I took a nap this afternoon so I could stay up and hopefully watch the entire game tonight. Moyer is pitching, and I love watching him pitch.

Howard needs to start a hit streak. Homers are nice, but we need the big man just to get some hits now too.

GM-Carson said...

Josh Hancock was pronounced leagally drunk at the time of his fatal accident. This is on the heels of a tin of mary jane being found in his SUV. Live life in the fast lane long enough and you're bound to get hurt.

Jacobin said...

Not only was he drunk in a car with marijuana, he was talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident. Now there is a lethal combination.

Damnit, it looked like we'd win that one... and then it all fell apart. Speaking of falling apart, Howard's average is in Nunez territory now (sub .200).

das411 said...

HAHAHA damn that could be a whole 'nother post, things Barry Bonds said that have royally messed up Ryan Howard's mind...

Here's a seconding of the call to move Geary to the 8th inning. How has Rosario looked lately?

GM-Carson said...

Moyer pitched admirably again. Too bad the offense couldn't score more than 2 runs off of a not-very-good Matt Morris. They had Morris in trouble all night but managed only 2 runs off of him- same ol' shitty Phillies baseball.