Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Losing Win

Let me make this perfectly clear- I despise Charles Fuqua Manuel. The man has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not mentally fit to be a Major League manager. During his 3 seasons with Philadelphia he has shown that he cannot handle a bullpen, cannot execute double switches, cannot speak without needing a translator fluent in retardish, and cannot do his job requirements to a satisfactory level. When someone is that terrible at doing their job, usually they are handed their walking papers. However, in Philly we have a soft spot for the mentally challenged and are pro incest. Seriously, how can anyone make excuses for him time and time again? Latest blunder- bringing in Brett Myers with the score 7-3 Phils in the 9th inning. He's our closer, use him in save situations. "Jars of Clay" Condrey, Rosario, or Hernandez would have been viable options. If they get into some trouble, then bring Myers in. Oh, almost forgot the outcome- Myers sucked (that was his fault), but he's also hurt with a "strained shoulder". Good move Manuel, you're so smart, wanna cookie?

Unka Cholly isn't the only one receiving my verbal venom this morning...Rod Fat-Ass-Piece-of-Sh*t Barajas is horrible. We knew coming into the season he really couldn't hit all that well, and he's living up to that reputation (.208). However, he was being hyped as a defensive specialist behind the plate...that rumor has been dispelled. On a perfect throw to the plate by Jayson Werth with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th with the score 7-6 in favor of the Phils, Barajas stood up and allowed Hanley Ramirez to slide under his tag. The Phils website has him listed at 230 pounds, so why the hell is he pussy-footing around a dead-out at the plate? I hate him! Like I said this offseason, Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste should be handling the catching, no need for a 2.5 million dollar sack-of-crap. The big wuss had this to say following the game, "I caught the ball down low and wasn't sure what [Ramirez] was going to do. I didn't want to get down low and have him get a good shot at me and maybe knock the ball out. I wanted to make sure I was in a strong position."

Oh wait, there's more...Greg Sideburns Dobbs, why in the hell did you throw to home on that bunt attempt by Ramirez? First, your weak-armed throw to the plate wasn't even close. Second we need outs, that run didn't matter. As mentioned above, Ramirez came around and scored the tying run. That was an inexcusable play and you and Barajas should now be publicly flogged. Dobbs had this to say about his mental error, "I feel tremendously responsible for that inning because we should've had three outs. I should've taken the ball and either tagged Ramirez or gone to the bag, instead of being way too aggressive. It was just stupid. And now all those extra pitches for Brett. I'm praying to God that he's going to be OK. I'm praying that I didn't aid in him being out for an extended amount of time because of how important he is to us. I haven't talked to him yet, because I'm sick to my stomach. I want to eat, but can't."

After reading my tirade, you probably thought the Phils lost. No, those ass-hats managed to win the game 8-7 in 10 innings. Condrey did a decent job for the win, and the slumping Rollins came through with a hit and scored the winning run on a Sometimes-Hit Nunez single. Once again, we sit at .500 (23-23). Does it really matter? Manuel will continue to lead this team to failure, our bullpen still sucks, Myers is hurt, and our offense is inconsistent. This is the worst win I've ever witnessed.

For good measure, I'm throwing other players under the bus too: Rollins .265- start hitting again you silly slap-nut. Victorino .260- drive the ball, not slap it you hyper stick figure. Burrell .242- you don't get paid 13 million to watch called third strikes. Geoff Geary- "Gas-Can" is supposed to be a term of endearment but not if you continue to give up homeruns and doubles. Freddy Garcia- keep your pitch count lower so your whiny butt can actually pitch past the 6th inning.



BloodStripes said...

Like Dobbs I too had that sick feeling. I came home for lunch to watch the last hour or so of the game. I had just finished my tucker with the Phils cruising to victory. Then the debacle began and I almost puked up my lunch. Thank goodness we won or it would have been even more painful.

I like the fact that Dobbs has admitted his mistake and is taking some responsibility. Credit to him. Like Sarge said. It was a brain snap. daily rewind reckon Myers said he hopes to be alright in a couple of days.

GM-Carson said...

If Myers doesn't end up on the DL, I'll be surprised.

I really don't understand how this organization can proceed with Manuel in charge of the field operations. He's horrible.

I'm so disgusted about last night that I don't even know how to make sense of it all.

michael said...

i think Barajas thought Ramirez was going to leap over him yelling 'sucka!' willy mays hayes style (from major league 2) that game was so bad in the 9th that after all of those stupid mistakes i didn't care if they won or lost..i honestly wanted them to lose because i felt they didnt deserve the win after how stupid they played in the 9th. gillick needs to address this fast.get rid of barjas and manuel!

GM-Carson said...

Once again, I hate Charles Fuqua Manuel. I'm not exaggerating...I hate the dumb bastard!

BloodStripes said...

Its O.K mate. Myers is gonna be alright and the Phils will power on. Donut eater to continue on his donut scoreboard way. Phils have gotta nail Willis and win.

Good news is Howard homered and is feeling good ready to came back and finish some pitching careers.

Skeeter said...


Its been awhile since I've been here but I am back. Unfortunately, I picked a shitty/depressing day to return. Watching Myers walk off the field...almost felt like a karate kick to the balls.

GM-Carson said...

I'm really worried about Myers. We made a huge investment in him this offseason, we need him this year and the following years. We may of won, but it felt like we lost.

Phed-up said...

New here - thanks for the rant space.

WHAT AN F'ing MESS!!! I was seriously too shocked to even yell at the TV last night. I made my wife watch the non-tag at the plate, because I couldn't believe my own eyes.

What was almost as shocking was hearing Kallas and no-clue Wheeler screaming that Barajas blew the play.

I saw this coming as soon as Kallas announced that Myers, not Rosario, was coming into the game in the 9th. Manuel needs to go - NOW.

I hate myself for still rooting for this mess of a team. I need help.

GM-Carson said...

Phed-Up...welcome to WSBGM's, and it seems that you are fully entrenched in the hell that is known as being a Phillies fan.

I know it's only a game and I have no control over it and I shouldn't be some emotionally invested in a team, but that sad pathetic truth is that I am. I'm sick in my stomach from last night. Manuel is the biggest retard I've seen manage in my 27 years on this planet. My t-ball coach had a better grasp of the game. That play by Barajas was unbelievable. Ramirez was a dead duck at home and Barajas just decided to be a pussy...inexcusable. said...

Not to pile on here, because I'm trying to forget everything that happened past the top of the ninth, but it looked to me like Myers just wanted to get the hell out of that game. Even before he supposedly got hurt, he completely abandoned his fastball and was trying to snap his curveball over the plate to every hitter.

There is no excuse for what Dobbs or Barajas did. None. If a kid does that in a little league game, he'd get benched immediately. The problem is, that's where these two mopes belong anyway. And while I was watching, I could've sworn that line drive by Linden hit Clay Condrey in the jaw. I thought the sound of the ball going into his glove was the ball breaking his face. I love how he nonchalantly let the ball slide out of his glove while walking off the field.

To look at the bright side (come on, GM Carson!) -- Helms got a big pinch hit RBI and Nunez won the game for us!

Chris Coste > Rod Barajas

BENTZ said...

Dobbs screwed up. Plain and simple. It's unacceptable at the MLB level. But at least he just made a mental error. Barajas made a mental error AND got lazy. And Dobbs owned up to it after the game while Barajas blamed the umpire for not calling him out just for the ball beating the runner to the plate. It's called a tag play for a reason!

BENTZ said...

On the positive side, I only heard Wheeler refer to Kim's "frisbee" once. Then again, I listened to all but about one inning on radio (while of course watching it on TV).

Jacobin said...

When Fuqua used Myers in a game at home with a four-run lead, he explained that four runs at Citizens Bank Park was like a two-run lead somewhere else. Now we're on the road in a much more pitching friendly stadium, and he brings Myers in with a four-run lead. It doesn't matter what his excuse is this time, because there is no excuse for Fuqua.

Dan said...

I have to agree with bentz: At least Dobbs copped to his mistake. Barajas suggesting that everyone can laugh about it later because they won?! What an ass.

Hey GM-Carson, thanks for the post the other day. I'm slowing getting back into the Phillies blogging game after getting married and switching jobs last season. I added a link to your blog on PhogLights.

Anonymous said...

I am down in Florida this week and thankfully missed last night's debacle. Thank God FSN Florida show the Devil Rays instead!

Manuel finally got burned with using his closer when he didn't have to.

Since I am out of town I did not hear the rest of the Monty/Gillick episode. Did Mr. Burns really take Patty G out to the woodshed? If so, the ownership has stooped to an all-time low.

Viva La Revolution!

klkatz said...

i am curious about Manuels decision to bring in Myers. It is not as if he hasn't gotten any work... and I'm not saying a 4 run lead with 3 outs to go is that secure, but you're right, we should have used some of our situational guys there.

And where is the Garcia they had in Chicago? That guy is gone.

GM-Carson said...

Rod Barajas effectively placed himself right along side DAvid Bell and Rob Ducey as most hated Phillies of all-time. No matter what he does from here on out, I will not forgive him.

I truly wish I could go into Pat Gillick's office and ask him- How long will you allow Manuel to make poor decisions time after time? How many screw ups must he commit before you pull the plug on him? How bad must our record be before you show him the door? How much abuse and mismanagement of the bullpen is he capable of before you say "enough is enough"? My goodness man, step up and make a difference, fire Charlie then do something, anything with Barajas, just as long as he's not a Phillie much longer.

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- The Phillies will eventually take a look at righthanded relief pitcher Troy Percival, who has not pitched since 2005 because of arm problems. Percival, 37, has plans to throw for scouts in Southern California, but when is unclear. The Phillies are unsure what to expect from Percival, but they figure there's no harm in giving him a look.

The Rockies are 2-20 when scoring three runs or fewer. Only the Phillies (0-15) and the Marlins (1-16) are worse.

Jimmy Rollins, who once led the National League with nine home runs, is 7-for-47 in his last 12 games, including a single in his final at-bat last night. The Phillies shortstop hadn't homered since April 27. He is hitting .265 after sitting at .301 before the slide. The slump coincides with the exit of MVP slugger Ryan Howard, who landed on the 15-day disabled list with left leg injuries.

Make no mistake: The Phillies despise Marlins lefty Scott Olsen, whose antics Tuesday - throwing a ball over Chase Utley's head in the third and taunting Utley as Utley walked to first base in the sixth - made them dislike him even more. One Phillie said he screamed himself hoarse from the dugout, riding Olsen. *

TJ said...

I don't necessarily see how Dobb's mistake was anywhere close to being on par with Barajas'. That ball was in and out of Dobb's hands in a hot second. It was a brain fart, pure and simple.

Barajas' non-tag at the plate happened in slow motion. Werth's throw got there with plenty of time to spare and Rod had time to think about how to apply the tag. The decision to get up out of his crouch was pure self-preservation -- his wish to not get tackled, cleated, or hurt in any way, shape or form transcended his desire to get the crucial out and end the game.

Dobbs gets a pass from me, even if he almost lost the game last night. Barajas gets filed in the same drawer as Ricky Williams and Todd Pinkston - and if I were the GM, he'd be gone today.

GM-Carson said...

I'm already forgiving Dobbs, because he at least had the balls to admit his blunder. Just like Rowand accepted the blame the night before for the bad route he took on a fly ball. Barajas was a pussy last night in the game and an even bigger pussy after the game with his comments. I hate him now...worthless!

Walter said...

Watching the highlights (or should I say lowlights) on ESPN this morning, it was hard to watch the Phils' meltdown in the bottom of the ninth. The bad-decision throw to home and the missed tag at the plate was one of the most painful sequences I've seen this season. And, hey, I'm a Braves fan from Atlanta! Anyway, I wanted Carson and all to know that "We Should Be GM's" is featured today on BaseballNooz in Blog Spotlight. To see it, just click on the myNews tab.
Good luck getting above .500,
lead editor
P.S. If you get a chance, check out our new "Widgets," like Player Tracker, Team Tracker and Team News.

Phed-up said...


Brooks Kieschnick, reincarnated: With Ryan Howard expected to be activated Friday, manager Charlie Manuel is weighing whether to keep Chris Coste as a bench player, which would mean going with 11 pitchers. While he's still leaning toward keeping that number at 12, Coste offered another suggestion.

"Brooks Kieschnick," Coste said, with a smile, referencing the former Milwaukee Brewer who carved out a niche as a pitcher and hitter for the Brewers. "I can do that. I can throw strikes at 68 miles per hour."

Coste, who lists catching, first base and third base on his resume, then launched into a story about his days pitching for Concordia College, in Moorhead, Minn. In 1993-94, Coste went 14-2 with a 2.62 ERA with the Cobbers, in addition to hitting .434.

He's willing to pitch again, if that will help. It might not.

"It depends on if we had a strong enough staff to carry 11," Manuel said. "I don't know if we're there yet."

Explain to me again why bwah-has is playing on this roster, and Coste is sitting, with one foot in Ottawa?

Phed-up said...

By the way -

In case I have to provide my bona fides as a long-suffering fan...

I've followed the Phils regliously since '77, cried through '80 (happily), cried through '93 (bitterly), and have now subjected my 8-year old son to the same curse.

I'm attending Phantasy Camp with former players in Clearwater in January, and if I see ANYONE affiliated with this current roster, I'm giving them my therapy bills.

GM-Carson -- Love the site. Now part of my daily routine.

GM-Carson said...

Keep the kudos coming, I love being told how great my site is.

No really, I do.

I'm anxious for tonight's game, because I want to hear what the announcers have to say in response to last night's shitfest.

GM-Carson said...

From One of the most popular Phillies blog sites has an usual name. We Should Be GM's entertains Phils fans with huge helpings of satire and a host of funny graphics to punctuate the points. So far this season, Philadelphia has given its followers a whole lot to criticize and host GM-Carson weighs in like a champ. Today he takes on manager Charlie Manuel (among others) with "verbal venom" and cartoons in the text underscore his rant. Even so, tonight the team has a legitimate chance to edge above .500 ball for the first time in '07.

About last night's game, Carson says, "After reading my tirade, you probably thought the Phils lost. No, those ass-hats managed to win the game 8-7 in 10 innings."

GM-Carson said...

From Less than 13 hours after Phillies right-hander Brett Myers left the mound with an apparent shoulder injury, the team confirmed the diagnosis of a right shoulder strain on Thursday.
Myers was re-examined by Phillies head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan, and there was no change. The right-hander is listed as day-to-day. He's scheduled to head to Clearwater, Fla., the team's Spring Training complex, for an MRI on his right shoulder on Thursday.

Myers' injury was the most serious casualty of a wild ninth inning in Philadelphia's 8-7 win over the Marlins on Wednesday. Myers injured himself throwing a pitch to Miguel Olivo, immediately grabbed his right shoulder and left the field.

"I knew I shouldn't throw another pitch, and not risk doing something," Myers said after the game. "Just one pitch, you know?"

The Phillies hope that one pitch doesn't cost the team its closer for too long.

Bob D said...

How many times has Manuel's bullpen use been questioned? Thats not even mentioning the bench/pinch hitting/lineup use.

GM-Carson said...

Nice of Manuel to give Coste a start tonight before he probably gets shipped back to Ottawa tomorrown once Howard is activated.

We need Lieber to go deep in the game tonight and the offense to score plenty so it's not close at the end.

I can't believe that fat-ass-piece-of-shit Barajas is in the lineup tonight...amazing.

GM-Carson said...

Wow, Nunez gets a mild concussion from Miguel Olivio's follow through on his throw to 2nd. From the great movie Friday- "You got knocked the f*ck out!".

GM-Carson said...

Almost a bench clearing brawl. Lieber hits Aaron Boone and throws behind Willis. Then Willis throws behind Lieber and points that the Phils dugout while jawing. I hate those cocky bastards. They need popped right in their mouths and shut the hell up...bunch of jack-offs.

BENTZ said...

Seriously the Marlins are my least favorite team in baseball. I hate the Mets and don't care for, but respect, the Braves. But those teams are at least professional. The Marlins have to me the cockiest, most unprofessional players in the league. Cabrera loafs on every play, I'm sick of Dontrelle's act and Olsen is an asshole. Maybe I just don't have any respect for the way the franchise operates, but they are my without question least favorite team. Which is amazing considering how much I dislike the Mets, Red Sox and Cardinals. I can't remember the Phillies clearing the benches against anyone else over the last couple of years besides them. Anyone remember other bench-clearing incidents in the last 5 years or so?

GM-Carson said...

I dislike the Mets, they're in our division and good, so it's natural. I'm tired of the Braves but respect them. The Nationals are pathetic so they don't need any hatred cast their way. Other teams that I have ill feeling towards are the Cardinals and Yankees, but not nearly as much as I hate the Marlins. Their own fans don't like them, seriously nobody shows up to their games. They talk shit, smile and celebrate about every little thing, are hot-heads, and are overly-cocky...hate the bastards!

GM-Carson said...

Holy shit, that fat-lazy-piece-of-shit did it two nights in a row. Chris Coste just made a perfect throw to home and Barajas nonchalantly reaches back for the tag and the ball causually rolls out of his glove. He has just overtaken David Bell as my most hated Phillie of all-time, all in a matter of two nights, that's a difficult feat to pull off.

icarus236 said...

If Barjas loses this game for the Phillies I will flip out. He needs to go.

Bob D said...

Yes Barajas this time was there with the ball and we see now why he stood up yesterday. He couldn't handle the contact so he dropped it. Was a definite out.

Nunez got hurt? how bad? does Coste keep his spot? I missed that.

Bob D said...

Quoted from
"Why did manager Charlie Manuel use Brett Myers with a four-run lead on Wednesday?
Simply, because Myers was ready. The closer, who hadn't pitched since Sunday, warmed up quickly in anticipation of protecting a one-run lead in the ninth. When the Phillies added three more runs, two of them with two outs, Manuel didn't think to go with the inexperienced Yoel Hernandez or Francisco Rosario, because bringing either of them in likely would mean Myers would end up pitching anyway"

Doesn't help Hernandez and Rosario's confidence when he says things like that.

GM-Carson said...

I need Corey to vouch for this, because he actually pitched way more than I ever did, but just because a guy warms up in the 'pen does not mean he should be brought into the game. Throwing some pitches in the bullpen is far different from pitching to actual batters in a game situation. Not to mention it equals more pitches. I'm so tired of the idiotic excuse of "well, we warmed him up, might as well bring him in now"...that's retarded!

Jacobin said...

Dave Hollins would have knocked that prick Willis' teeth into the back of his throat. The '93 team was the Phighting Phils (hell, they brawled in spring training). This year's team so far is showing less pulse than Boris Yeltsin, and he's been dead for a few months now.

Burrell and Victorino quit on that ball in the 11th. It bounces on the warning track... could it have been caught? Maybe, but not by two guys that have already decided it's a home run ball! This team is mentally and fundamentally all-phucked up.

Bablefish tells me that "Barajas" translates to "Decks" in English. Another services tells me it means "Cards." Still another group suggests that "Barajas" means "to shuffle" or "to juggle"(though that would mean it is a conjugated version of the verb "barajar"... I finally used something from my mandatory 4 semesters of undergrad Spanish). I have no idea if that is right, but I do know that "Barajas" translates to "shitty catcher, shitty hitter" in Philadelphian.

GM-Carson said...

In my own little language that I've devised over the years, Barajas = lazy fat ass piece of shit.