Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jump Around

Hero of the game, Chooch Ruiz, was quoted as to saying this following his walk-off blast in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs, "Pack it up, pack it in. Let me begin, I came to win.
Battle me that's a sin." Okay, maybe he didn't actually say that, but he did flex on Turnbow after his no-doubt-about-it bomb deep into the bleachers. Ruiz is turning out to be a solid contributor. I went on record as to saying he'd be a future All-Star if given the opportunity, well that may just happen. Right now he's probably the front-runner for NL Rookie of the Year, as he's playing well defensively and his batting line is .295 AVG, 15 R, 3 HR, 17 RBI, and a .811 OPS (all from the 8 hole in the lineup).

What the hell has gotten into Abe Nunez? Current batting average now stands at .310 (that's nearly 100 points better than last season). There's rumors abound that he was fed up with reading his nickname, "No-Hit", all over the Internet that some a-hole created, and wanted to shut that idiot up for good. Nunez had this to say in response to his recent hitting and some fans continued speculation of his baseball skills, "Tryin' to play me out like as if my name was Sega. But I ain't going out like no punk bitch. Get used to one style and you know I might switch. It up up and around, then buck buck you down." Damn, my bad bro, sorry for ever doubting a career .245 hitter.

I'll serve your ass like John MacEnroe.
If your girl steps up, I'm smacking the ho.
Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs.
I got more rhymes than the Bible's got psalms.
I came to get down, I came to get down,
So get out your seats and jump around.
Jump around, Jump around, Jump around.
Jump up Jump up and get down.


Goody-Goody Gumdrops:
*Adam Eaton had his second strong outing in a row. If he can keep giving the team a chance to win, maybe it's time to upgrade him from Gavin Eaton to Adam Lidle status.

*Brett Myers may have blew his first save of the season, but on a positive note- he won his first game.

*Greg Dobbs is relishing this opportunity to play regularly. When Ryan Howard returns from the DL, it would be wise of Manuel to give Dobbs a couple starts a week at 3rd base or possibly once a week in LF for Burrell.

*Cole Hamels takes the mound tonight versus Jeff Suppan. Look for King Cole to dictate the Phils to .500-land.



BloodStripes said...

This is where the Phils have trouble. Trying to get to .500 when only one game out. Good thing its the King on the hill.

Who would have thought our hot infield would include Nunez and Dobbs.

BloodStripes said...

C'mon Phillies!!!

I don't want to say it but do that thing where you remove dust from the floor.


Bob D said...

Carson really lucked out Saturday with Nunez. Rumor has it he was waiting in Lot Q with his bat to do some hitting with that guy who gave him the No-Hit nickname. Ever since then he has been mad and hitting that baseball

GM-Carson said...

I may have to get a restraining order against Nunez. I heard the bastard is out for blood.

BloodStripes- even after the Phils win tonight, it still won't be a sweep because it's a 4 game series not 3.

Anonymous said...

Top O' the morning to you. Loved the House of Pain references.

No Hit Nunez is quickly making his nickname obsolete. Gregg Dobbs is looking more and more like Roy Hobbs, and Carlos Ruiz is a stud. Good thing we have a $2.5 million backup in Rod Barajas.

GM-Carson said...

Question- Who would you rather have as the backup catcher- Rod Barajas at 2.5 mil, or Chris Coste at 380 k?

Who would you rather have as the lefty in the bullpen- Aaron Fultz or Fabio Castro/Matt Smith?


Jacobin said...

Oh wow, that's the argument that will work with the Phillies brass. Coste is more than $2 million cheaper than Barajas. If they see Coste is the cheap way to go, then they will go that way!

Ruiz has been a nice surprise so far. It will be interesting to see if he turns out to be the longterm answer behind the plate.

GM-Carson said...

Realistically, I think Ruiz can be the answer behind the plate for the next 3-4 years. That means we may never have to give him big money because by the time his arbitration years really kick in, he'll be 32 years old.

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- If the Phils still want Ron Villone, they will have to trade for him, but that might be tough. How dry is the trade market for bullpen help? "Oh, it's dry," Ruben Amaro said. "You will see very little movement unless somebody decides they're going to send two or three of their best prospects in their system for a middle reliever. It's supply and demand."

Phillies lefthander Cole Hamels made his big-league debut on May 12, 2006, in Cincinnati. In 31 career starts, he is 14-9 with a 3.90 ERA. That's notable when stacked up against the first full seasons of future Hall of Famers Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Randy Johnson. Maddux was 6-14 with a 5.61 ERA in 1987; Glavine, 7-17 with a 4.56 ERA in 1988; and Johnson, 7-13 with a 4.82 ERA in 1989.

Mike said...

Nice House of Pain references!

I hope to see Dobbs get a lot of PT at 3B after Howard returns.
At least until the Phils pick up Glaus. (In the Series, Glaus will DH, with Dobbs at 3B, in the games played at Fenway.)

.500 after tonight!

GM-Carson said...

Look at Mike predicting a BoSox vs. Phightins World Series...I'd love that.

Glaus may become a real possibility if the Blue Jays continue to free fall out of contention. It would take at least 2 top prospects to get him from Toronto (possibly Happ and Carasco). Glaus is 30 now, injury prone, and makes a lot of loot, but he'd look real nice playing 3rd for us.

GM-Carson said...

Looks like tonight might get rained out. That would suck. Stupid weather!

Jacobin said...

The rain has let up around here, hopefully they'll play tonight. Cole can get us to .500!

michael said...

yeah it stopped raining where i am (northeast philly). i think they will get the game in.

GM-Carson said...

Local weather-dude, Chuck Rhodes, just said Philly is getting hammered by rain right now, but it should move out by game time.

Lets go Cole!

Time to have fun being a Phillies fan again. Here comes optimism creeping back up on me.

I feel like the Ghetto Boys "Minds Playin' Tricks on Ya".

Los said...

I was at the game last night - helluva night ... great weather, dollar dog night, great seats, Adam Eaton pitching well (huh?).

Jacobin said...

The King was perfect through six (2-2 at the plate too!)... on the post-game radio interview Hamels admitted that he let the adrenaline get to him in the seventh, but added that he really enjoyed feeding off the crowd. 11 strikeouts and only one walk! Long live the King!

And hey, the team evened its record at 20-20 (I cannot wait for the eyesight and Barbara Walters jokes tomorrow). The climb to .500 is over, now we need to catch the Mets and Braves!!!

GM-Carson said...

Damn you Jacobin, am I that predictable? I was going to go with the 20-20 reference after last night's victory, and an awesome victory it was. Now that we're .500 we need to get on the positive side and stay there. Hamels is the man! Rowand has been the man so far too.

BloodStripes said...

What a great game. Hamels really is the King. The crowd was awesome cheering every pitch. He is gonna pack the joint every start.

Next game is good for me with the early start. Will catch every pitch before work.

BloodStripes said...

You're right GM. Hamels and Long Neck are the men.

Respectability is above .500. More to go Phils.