Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hitman: Rod Barajas

Hero of the game- Rod Barajas. He had one helluva game with the stick, mashing a homerun and mashing Braves' superstar catcher Brian McCann's hand on a catcher's interference. When Barajas hacked the mitt of McCann, who slays Phillies pitching, it effectively knocked him out, and that was the turning point in the game as the Hamels didn't have to worry about McCann's bat torching him again...too bad Barajas didn't cleat Chipper Jones. From now on when we want an opposing player disabled, we call on our hitman, Rod Barajas.

Rod Barajas began his time with the Phillies getting 1 hit in his first 13 at bats. Since then, he's gone 8-18, as he now has his average up to .267, 2 homeruns, with a .966 OPS. I'm not flip-flopping and saying the signing of Rod Barajas was a stroke of genius by Pat Gillick, because I still feel Chris Coste could have done a comparable job, but right now things do seem to be working out. Between Barajas and Ruiz the Phils have a steady 8 hole hitter and solid defense behind the plate.


*Ryan Howard's continues to toil without a positive outcome. I notice he is unable to drive the outside pitch like he did so well last season, as he's just turning over on them for easy ground outs. Sarge, who isn't exactly the smartest kernel on the cob, has suggested he move in towards the plate, and I agree that Howard should do so, until he gets his powerful swing back.

*Cole Hamels was far from dominate last night, but he battled through some control problems and effectively used his bread-and-butter to his advantage...damn fine change-up.

*Charlie Manuel may have stumbled upon something, batting Aaron Rowand 2nd makes sense. I love Shane Victorino, but he is slumping and flailing aimlessly at pitches for lazy fly outs. Plug Rowand in the 2-hole, that's just gross, while he's hot and see if that can ignite the offense for a week, month, or possibly even the season.

*Freddy Garcia takes the hill tonight, hopefully making it to the 6th inning for a change. I understand he's working his way back from injury and into shape at the same time, but we need him to be the top of the rotation pitcher he was hyped to be. In fact, I'd like to see Garcia, Hamels, Moyer, and Lieber have a season long contest to see who can be king of the hill.



BloodStripes said...

The Minutemen have a top tune called 'King Of The Hill'.

Good to see Barajas not being such a turd torpedo lately. Mashing McCann's hand could help us take the series. Ha!

C'mon Freddy fire up. No more pork chops. The Phils need seven solid ones.

GM-Carson said...

I didn't think the Braves offense would be this good, but the Jones' continue to hit, McCann is a good hitting catcher, Kelly Johnson is coming along nicely as a leadoff hitter, Renteria still hits, and Francouer is good...why are they always so stacked?

I mentioned yesterday that David Wright hasn't hit a homerun all season...cue first homer last night against the Marlins.

We need to punish Chuck James tonight. The Phils haven't hit him at all in the past, but we've seen him enough times to start making him pay.

McD said...

When I went to last Saturday's game, I bashed Barajas to a friend of mine visiting from Connecticut. I kept telling him how Barajas sucked and what a waste of money he was. The Hitman then promptly hit a home run to left field. Despite the fact that he made me look like a fool that night, I still do not like #2. Chris Coste would have done at least as well as Barajas(if not better), and would have come at a fraction of the cost. It is nice to see The Hitman doing better at the plate, but I still think signing him was a mistake.

The Braves got another stellar crowd at Turner Field last night. On a beautiful 85 degree evening, the paid attendance was 19,670. That is about 39% of the Ted's capacity, but anybody watching last night's game could tell that not even that many people showed up. As I have said before, Atlanta has the worst fans in baseball. Their team has won more division titles than I can count over the past two decades, and are currently in first place. Yet the fans down there are apathetic at best. What a waste!

GM-Carson said...

McD- I noticed the lack of crowd at the game too. I even mentioned it to my wife, who is a Braves fan. That got so used to winning that they've become complacent and don't even show up when the team is rolling and the weather is beautiful...what gives?

GM-Carson said...

Buster Olney reports Freddy Garcia won't be on a pitch count tonight. Hopefully he's pitching well enough that Manuel will leave him in until the 7th or 8th inning then. We need to take this series against the NL East leading Braves...make up ground.

GM-Carson said...

Just read that Hancock's SUV had some weed in it. Benjah did you plant it there?

GM-Carson said...

Wow, this place is dead today, and I'm reminded of what a big loser I am, as I'm talking to myself. Anyway...

There's a rumor being kicked around that the Yankees, who are pitching starved, are interested in Donut Eater Lieber. Not sure what they could give us in return...Bobby Abreu? I kid.

If Lieber is traded, J.A. Happ might be ready to take over a rotation spot. I'm hesistant to hand a rotation vacancy over to a rookie, or create a vacancy at all because Garcia hasn't been good and Eaton has simply been bad.

Wilson Betemit might become available through the Dodgers...let's swing a deal! He'd be a far better alternative to utilitiy infielder than No-Hit Nunez. I doubt Gillick does anything though, unfortunately we're stuck with Nuni.

Jacobin said...

I usually check in and banter a bit, but I had my final final of law school today. Hooray! It's mighty fine to be done with that bullshit.

I heard about the weed being found in Hancock's car. It's too early to say anything, but it's looking like another story to be told to high school kids about how drinking/drugs and driving do not mix and no matter who you are, you will die from it. It's really sad.

We need to beat the Braves tonight! We need to win every night! The Yankees might want Lieber, but we better make them pay through the nose for him if we do deal him. The Yankees are totally screwed with pitcher injuries, and there's no reason to help the evil empire unless you're getting some first born out of it.

Maria said...

I agree. We definitely need to get someone good if we want to trade Lieber to the Yankees. They're desperate for pitching right now and probably willing to give up something pretty valuable.

BenJah said...

i'm pretty sure even back in january i said rowand should be batting second -- and some self proclaimed GM called me an idiot for that. i'm not saying i'm not an idiot, but i got that one ;-)

BenJah said...

the stands are empty b/c atlanta is a crappy baseball town -- if the georga tech or the falcons won all the time it would never get old.

perfectly good baseball team wasted in that city

BenJah said...

i may plant the plant, but i wouldnt have left it in the car -- hmm, is it too early to joke like that?

Los said...

Barajas has been doing well, as well as Rowand, and that along with Burrell is the main reason the Phils haven't lost more ... Howard HAS to get out of this funk!

Bob D said...

Carson you hit a top need there for the Phils bench - Betemit would be a huge improvement as utility player. Heck we may even see some line drives and not just ground ball Nunez and hope it gets thru. I have never seen someone hit a ground ball almost every time.
Brian Lawerence is available I wonder if a signing then place him in AAA until he is needed would work.

GM-Carson said...

Brian Lawrence is getting attention from the Pads, O's, and Tigers. I also wouldn't be surprised to see the Yanks get involved.

Last night was a horrible loss. I'm going to blog about it shortly...Bad Baseball!

McD said...

Horribe is not a strong enough word to describe last night's loss. Is there time left for me to jump on the Red Sox bandwagon?