Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting Lucky

Lucky- scoring 5 runs on 3 hits.
Lucky- allowing zero runs with the bases loaded in the 9th inning.
Lucky- we didn't trade Donut-Eater Lieber (2.50 ERA as starter).
Lucky- we didn't trade Fence-Face Rowand (.338 AVG .932 OPS).
Lucky- we're .500 (21-21) after a horrendous start to the season (4-11).
Lucky- Patty G traded for Grand Pappy Moyer.
Lucky- that as horrid as our minor league system is, it has produced Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Brett Myers, Cole Hamels, Jimmy Rollins, Geoff Geary, Carlos Ruiz, and Pat Burrell.

*It's nice to have Lady Luck on your side sometimes.



icarus236 said...

Right now Gilick's none moves seems to have paid dividends. But your right the Phils walked face first into a win last night.

GM-Carson said...

I know this saying is played out, but "a win is a win" and "we'll take 'em any way we can get 'em".

Grand Pappy Moyer on the mound tonight. Something tells me he's due for an implosion, especially since it's against an AL who have faced him many times before. I hope I'm wrong and we finally crack the positive side of .500.

Jacobin said...

Damn Mets won again. Boston already has a 10-game lead on their division, the Yankees could win these games against the Queens from Queens! You have to think the Met's geritol and HGH powered pitching staff will suffer a bit in the dog days of July and August (I was going to throw in a Methuselah's Children reference, but I respect Heinlein and hate the Mets).

Oh, and the thing about Troy Glaus and the possibility of him joining the Phillies... as much as I'd like to see someone like that at third base, I think Toronto would be more likely to trade him to a team that could give up something resembling a minor league prospect or two. What do the Phils have to offer? A few career minor leaguers hitting .280 in their 10th year in AA?

Maria said...

No implosion...hopefully. I want to be the positive side of .500 for once.

Luckbox said...

Hey man... got your comment over at Up For Sports... I'll get your link up!

--CJ (aka Luckbox)

chuckm said...

I was at the game last night and have to say that the Blue Jays are pretty shabby for a team that once used to draw 4 million customers a year. I mean, when Royce Clayton and Sal Fasano are your 7-8 hitters....

GM-Carson said...

Screw the Blue Jays!

They have to defensive specialist utility infielders that they rotate into their starting lineup (Royce Clayton and Jon McDonald). We need to sweep these Canadian bastards! Maybe they'll take back their brother Rod Barajas.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah!!! We need to whack these Blue Jay Bastards.

C'mon Grand-dad lets go!!!

Bob D said...

Lucky: Not resigning Aaron Fultz and his 3-0 record 2.02 ERA 0.75 WHIP 11 SO in 13 Innings - he would have made the rest of our relievers look bad especially the leftys

BloodStripes said...

Fultz was good enough to be re-signed. Lucky we didn't do it.

fans said...

Yankee pitchers when game is FOX Saturday game of the week. Today pitcher broke finger in first inning. 3 weeks ago pitcher broke leg on 1st pitch of the game.

Unlucky: Moyer. Nothing being called for strike - and many many hits.

Jacobin said...

Carson said Moyer was "due for an implosion." Was this prognostication or putting a jinx on the old man of the rotation?

SirAlden said...

No earned runs by

Rosario and
Castro (model dictator)

Whoops Clay Condrey!

Take a Mulligan Jamie Moyer!

das411 said...

Crap, sorry about this guys, I went out to dinner with the family to Outback last (Fri) night to celebrate graduating and we were talking about MLB expansion teams. When I got back to my dorm room I, having not seen or heard a Phillies game in several days, decided to crank up a game of MVP 2k5 using the two 1977 AL expansion teams and their awesome retro unis.

I ended up hitting a walk-off homer as Vernon Wells in the of Jamie Moyer. Sorry, that means this one is my fault! Oh well, now I am home and unemployed and can actually start listening to how bad Gary Matthews is...and btw, Bobby Munoz was the man!

GM-Carson said...

I didn't jinx Moyer, although if you'd rather blame me than him, that's fine. He was torched by the Jays while still in the AL last year. There big boys know how to wait out his pitches for juicy ones they like. 13-2 is a drubbing, time to kick their asses in the ruber match game this afternoon.