Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Broken Record

20-20, 21-21, 22-22, 23-23, 24-24, and now 26-26, looks like Manuel still isn't going to learn his "countin'" past the teens properly. Poor guy, must be tough growing up a useless idiot. Anyway, the Phils are back to the ultimate mark of mediocrity, .500 baseball. Bullpen, defense, and situational hitting has failed them the last two games. If that sounds like a broken record I apologize. I'm not in the mood to do a verbal beatdown on the deserving feces-flinger Ryan Madson, the overpaid playboy Pat Burrell, or any of the other buttmunches, so I'll leave you with a couple records that express my feelings.

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again.
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping.
And the vision that was planted in my brain,
Still remains,
Within the sound of losing.

They've lost that winning feeling,
Whoa, that winning feeling,
They've lost that winning feeling,
Now it's gone, gone, gone, wooooooh.



GM-Carson said...

More good news: 2006 1st round pick Kyle Drabek just hit the DL with right elbow inflamation. This is "cautionary" according to the Phils brass...yeah, right...more like gone for the season. All they do is lie!

BloodStripes said...

We need some scathing abuse on this blog. Thats when the Phils win. As soon as you get comfortable Carson, they lose.

C'mon you filthy Phillie dogs. Get goin'!

GM-Carson said...

Screw the Phillies.

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- The Tigers had a scout at the University of California-Riverside on Tuesday, as former Detroit closer Troy Percival threw a bullpen session there. ... Those who know Percival say his loyalty to the Tigers could be a significant factor in his decision, but the Philadelphia Phillies have also been active in their pursuit.

Tom Gordon said yesterday that his return to the Phillies bullpen wasn't imminent. He said he was hopeful he could pitch again sometime before the all-star break, maybe even before the end of June. But he isn't certain, either. Gordon has been on the disabled list since May 2 with inflammation in his right shoulder, but the shoulder isn't as much of a concern as the upper respiratory infection that put him in the hospital May 11-14.

Bob D said...

Gordon is not likely back till after the all star break now, however Meyers maybe back sooner.

We should already expect the following senario:
stay at or near 500 till September, then make a run at 1st or wild card only to fall short on the next to last day and finish 2 out. Sound familiar?

GM-Carson said...

With the current crew of characters we have in the bullpen, I'll be happy if we're around .500 and still in contention for a playoff spot come September. This team just seems sloppy and unfocused. They have talent in the lineup and rotation, but it gets wasted because they play stupid.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies Kicking Brian Fuentes' Tires
The latest from the prolific and well-connected Ken Rosenthal:

A member of the Phillies asks, "Is Brian Fuentes available?" Well, not yet — and maybe not at all if the Rockies' resurgence continues. The Rockies will discuss Fuentes, their left-handed closer, only if they fall out of contention. Fuentes, who turns 32 on Aug. 9, is earning $3.5 million this season, and eligible for free agency after next season.

The search for quality bullpen arms will likely be a theme that lasts throughout the season for the Phillies, given that Brett Myers has proven to be a mere mortal, unable of pitching two innings everyday and that Tom Gordon is probably used up.

From this phan's perspective, I fear that by the time some quality relievers shake loose from the trade tree, the Phillies themselves will have fallen out of contention.

Corey said...

dude, totally ripped you off. they just printed exactly the same thing you just wrote. i can't believe those jerk-offs are coming over here and stealing our stuff without giving us credit...

GM-Carson said...

Oh, you so funny Corey!

I usually credit my source, but I forgot to give MLBTradeRumors the dibs on this one.

Jacobin said...

As if you didn't need any additional reasons to hate Balco Bonds, he offered this statement when asked if he would donate anything to the National Baseball Hall of Fame:

"I'm not worried about the Hall," the San Francisco slugger said during a recent homer drought. "I take care of me."

And while we're on the notion of performance enhancing drugs and the San Francisco Giants, Mets reliever Guillermo Mota is due to come back from his 50-game suspension during the Mets' upcoming series against Balco Bonds' team. Considering Mota had a 1.00 ERA for the Mets last season, the team is apparently very excited to have him back and is welcoming him with open arms.

I love baseball. I hate MLBud Selig. I love the Phillies. I hate the sphincter sphinxes that own and fail to operate the Phillies.

Jacobin said...

Amusingly enough, " " and "" are both available for domain name registration. I'm surprised someone hasn't picked those up.

CLARE. said...

Abuse? Let's see what I can come up with:

You play crappy third base, Wes Helms!

Nice dashboard hula guy, Victorino! What, are you from Hawaii or something?

Know what my nickname for you is, Moyer? Grandpa Jamie. 'Cause you're old!

Hey, Chutley, that soul patch is really stupid looking! Shave that thing!

Pat Burrell, you're a man-whore!

With scathing material like that I predict a 12-5 rout of the D-backs tonight.

CLARE. said...

Upon further reflection, "rout" is not the right word. "Rout" implies a final score like 12 to -3. "Pasting" might be better.

Jacobin said...

Michael Bourn is about 70 feet off of second base when he is doubled off for the third out of the ninth inning... Bourn was already off and running on lined shot from Howard's bat that went right into the glove of an over-shifted Dback douche bag. Not only does our team lead the league in men left on base, but I'd venture to guess we're probably up there in players that run themselves out of innings.

This team can't buy a win (and won't either with the cheapass junta of assbandit owners that run this club). Sweep the Braves and then with all of that feel good momentum you come home and drop three straight to the friggin' Arizona Diamondbacks. Our manager is the posterboy for the anti-mensa society, our general manager last made some good moves a decade or so ago in the American League, and our ownership group is structured so that it cannot sell the team unless all owners are in unanimous agreement.

Any chance the Athletics would come back to town?

GM-Carson said...

My Grandpa is a huge A's fan, so he'd love it if they came back to town.

That game sucked, that series sucked, this season has sucked.

Losing baseball once again...