Saturday, May 05, 2007

Biggest Disappointment?

I'm disgusted. I'm ashamed. I'm befuddled. But who's to blame? Today marks the return of the Saturday poll, as I will breakdown the candidates for biggest disappointment of the 2007 season. The Phillies record is now 13-16, bad enough for 4th in the NL East, ahead of only the Montreal Expos or Washington Nationals...does it really matter? Moyer was pitching brilliantly again last night, and it looked like the Phils would be able to pull within 1 game of .500, but alas Ryan Howard continues to suck, Wes Helms still can't do something right, and Charlie Manuel walked Bonds for no good reason leading to an Antonio Alfonseca meltdown.

Crapfest '07:
*Ryan Howard- The Mammoth, the Blaster Master, the reigning NL MVP is having an abysmal all-around season. His defense is suspect, his base running is unintelligent, and he's now as useless as a 2 dollar bill batting .200 on the nose. Along with that horrendous batting average comes only 4 homers and 37 strikeouts in 90 at bats. He is still getting walked, but it's only based on his reputation of the previous season as he wouldn't strike fear in a little leaguer with that aimless hack of his. How many more wins would we have, if the real Ryan Howard stood up?

*Adam Eaton- being called Gavin Eaton, Adam Floyd, and Adamn Eaton (because he's not worth "a damn" thing) is not flattery. Already being deemed a huge mistake by Pat Gillick for signing this turd torpedo to a 3 year 24.5 million dollar deal, his performance is suggesting we remove him from the rotation- 8.18 ERA, 1.78 WHIP, .315 average against and only 1 quality start in 6 attempts.

*Wes Helms- just like Eaton above, Helms is starting to be referred to as David Helms and Wes Bell. Why? His fielding is piss-poor (4 errors) and he is a ground ball double play waiting to happen at the plate (6 times this season already). He has a modest .277 AVG, but that's empty, because his OPS is a Bell-like .654, hell I think even David "H-Mo" Bell squeaked out better numbers than that.

*Freddy Garcia- he was supposed to be the stabilizing force in the rotation, our "rock" if you will, but it's more like rock bottom now. A 6.05 ERA, 1.66 WHIP, and a .325 average against does not inspire confidence, nor will it get you past the 5th inning too often. Between Garcia and Eaton we're going to need a designated reliever to log all those innings in mop-up duty. To look on the bright side of this, Freddy is only making 10 million this season.

*Tom Gordon- on the DL, 3 blown saves, 4.82 ERA, 1.71 WHIP, . 308 average against, 7 million dollars, and being lied to yet again by the Phillies organization. He is truly a "flash in the pan".

Who has been the biggest disappointment for the Phillies so far this season?
Ryan Howard
Adam Eaton
Wes Helms
Freddy Garcia
Tom Gordon free polls

Well I guess, I should stick up for myself,
But I really think it's better this way.
The more you suffer.
The more it shows you really care Right? Yeah!
(Offspring- Self Esteem)



GM-Carson said...

Howard gets my vote for biggest disappointment of '07. I know the others suck too, but he is supposed to be the guy in the middle of the order getting things done. He's not doing much of anything besides striking out and stranding runners though.

Bob D said...

I vote for Garcia but Eaton is a close 2nd. Only because Garcia was suppose to be so much better.

GM-Carson said...

I found this comment from Jacobin on Skeeter's Driven to Deep Center-
Here are some other great Phillies pitchers over the last decade that Adam Eaton can be compared to:

Scott Mathieson in 2006 (1-4, 7.47 ERA)
Gavin Floyd in 2006 (4-3, 7.29 ERA)
Gavin Floyd in 2005 (1-2, 10.04 ERA)
Paul Abbot in 2004 (1-6, 6.24 ERA)
Jose Mesa* in 2003 (5-7, 6.62 ERA)
Brandon Duckworth in 2002 (8-9, 5.41 ERA)
Amaury Telemaco in 2001 (5-5, 5.54 ERA)
Bruce Chen in 2001 (4-5, 5.00 ERA)
Paul Byrd in 2000 (2-9, 6.51 ERA)
Andy Ashby in 2000 (4-7, 5.68 ERA)
Chad Ogea in 1999 (6-12, 5.63 ERA)
Mike Grace in 1999 (1-4, 7.69 ERA)
Carlton Loewer in 1998 (7-8, 6.09 ERA)
Garrett Stephenson in 1998 (0-2, 9.00 ERA)
Calvin Maduro in 1997 (3-7, 7.23 ERA)
Bobby Munoz in 1997 (1-5, 8.91 ERA)

Wow, that's shitty!

Bob D said...

Why is Nunez pinch hitting for Ruiz?
Why has Alfonseco now let up runs in 3 or 4 straight games? Why have the last 2 games he's let up 3 runs each?
I question some of these moves.

I was watching the Weather channel and thought of this blog. I seen a road named Faqua Street and it had 5 feet of water. Just like the Phils it is sinking.

GM-Carson said...

It hasn't been said for a while, but the thought is always on my mind- Fire Manuel! Should have lifted Moyer against the pinch hitting right-handed catcher for Alfonseca or Geary. Should have never walked Bonds intentionally, but even after he did he should have had Castro warming up ready to face Sweeney. Steve Smith shouldn't have waved Howard around, because Ryan was pussy-footing it around 3rd. I hate our coaching staff with the exception of Davy Lopes.

BenJah said...

howard is the biggest disapointment -- we already knew the others would suck

my little league team has been playing philly-ball all year: we're 1-3 and despite scoring 30 runs in those four games, we've left another 30 on base....fuck

GM-Carson said...

Benjah- whip those lil' bastards into baseball shape and get them playing fundamentally sound ball.

McD said...

I am very glad I didn't stay up last night to watch the Giants' rally. I do however enjoy Jacobin's rundown of the infamous pitchers of yesterday.

My favorite has to be Mike Grace. Does anybody else remember when he was caught mooching a hot dog during a game at Shea Stadium? The cameras showed up begging some tailgaters beyond the bullpen wall for a snack. He got the dog and proceeded to eat it during the game!

GM-Carson said...

A man has got to eat doesn't he? If I were Fabio Castro, Yoel Hernandez, and Francisco Rosario, I'd be begging fans to go get me some beers because everyone knows Charlie isn't going to use them and it doesn't matter how well they pitch if he actually decides to use one of them, so may as well get liquored up and have a good time watching the Phillies suck at playing baseball.

Jacobin said...

You reprinted my list of Phillies crap pitchers! I think perhaps the most compelling pitcher to compare Eaton to would be Andy Ashby. They're both former Phillies that spent the significant bulk of their careers in San Diego, only to return to their mother organization (Philadelphia) and stink the joint up like a Taco Bell inspired bowel movement.

Oh, and I voted for Ryan Howard as the team's biggest disappointment. I mean, I expected him to do well... the other shitburgers on the list are not as surprising (Phillies' history seemed to indicate such possibility could be expected).

Maybe we should create the "Danny Tartabull" Award for the biggest piece of free agent shit the Phils' sign each year (if not for Tartabull's 3-game, 7-at-bat turd fest in 1997, I'd suggest it be called the "Lance Parrish" Award).

GM-Carson said...

The 2nd time Mike Jackson was a Phillies was horrible too. He got 1 year 1 million and didn't even pitch, got injured during spring training. Gregg Jefferies sucked the big one too.

Why does everybody suck once they become a Phillie? Jamie Moyer is doing well, but he's an exception to the rule.

Jacobin said...

I think most of the people we are considering don't start sucking because they come to the Phillies, it's just that because of age, attitude, injury, etc. that they are entering into years of their careers that simply suck (combined with generally inadequate managing in Philadelphia... other than Larry Bowa, who in the past 25 years do you consider a good Phillies manager? Okay, that's not fair since Paul Owens managed in 1984, and I will not bitch about the Pope).

The problem is the Phillies front office picks these guys up when they are primed to have shit seasons... it never dawns on them that maybe something is wrong with Freddy Garcia if his team is willing to trade him for Gavin Floyd?!?! I mean, c'mon!!!

Skeeter said...

well after the list of depression on today's post, at least you ended it with my favorite Offspring song.

Skeeter said...

Plus, I don't think Helms should be anywhere near the top of that list. He isn't Rolen, but no one expected it. I'd say he is just average, at best. Not to blame for 13-16.

Howard all the way

SirAlden said...

I would like to see the Manager using the Bullpen, one batter at a time match-ups using the guys who are never used.

How bad would it be to have a one batter lefty for Fabio Castro, or warming up a Rosario with the format that you pitch until a man gets on base - then you get the hook - and we roll you out tomorrow.

I do see Choley, acting scared, the was Worrell is brought out.

Time for a Dominant Captain Hook of a Manager.

Bob D said...

13-17 now maybe the team as a whole has been disappoiting. Jacobin I love your idea - "THE DANNY TARTABULL AWARD"

SirAlden said...

I got what I wanted - Castro - Rosario - Hernandez.

See how well it all worked out!

michael said...

madson to the DL, condrey has been called up. horray. another shitty loss today..yuk.

Bumble said...

There are a lot of excuses to be made, lots of fingers to be pointed, but it's Cinco de Mayo and this realization has struck me, this team sucks. Talent-wise, they just don't cut it. Aside from SS and 2B, they have nothing but a bunch of over-rated players. Helms can't hit in the clutch and is an error waiting to happen. Cather by committee is OK, better than Leiby, but not good as Ruiz seems to struggle managing pitchers and Rod is only so-so. Burrell is what he is, an OK hitter who puts up some hollow numbers, never responds in the clutch, and cannot field. Rowand is a whirling dervish who has hit well this year but still seems to try to make the mundane look superhuman, thus causing him to misplay too many balls. Shane has potential but needs to grow up and play. Howard should be traded to an American league team as a DH because this guy has hoofs for hands and cinder blocks for feet. Cannot field, currently cannot hit. He isn't the biggest disappointment on the Phils, he is the biggest bust in all of baseball right now. He should eb the target of every fan's rage and should be booed lustily every time he steps to the plate as he is not doing a damned thing to adjust his swing, his stance, his eye, and his confidence. He is the biggest turd on the roster right now and should be sent to Ottawa.

The pitching staff, bench, and coaches all suck as well, as does the front office. Aside from loyal dyed in red fans like everyone who logs in here, this team's got nothing. OK, there is one thing, there are beer stands every 15 feet at the Park. if you gotta go down all the time, go down drunk.

Jacobin said...

Bob D -- Glad you like my "Danny Tartabull Award" suggestion. We need to come up with some other appropriate awards to hand out at the end of the season!

Our bullpen sucks and our offense is not carrying us. That being said, today's loss was a lot easier to swallow than some others we have suffered this year. I mean, our LOB was low today (we just didn't get anyone on base in addition to not driving anyone in). Today was the kind of loss you just accept and roll with... when your team hasn't been underachieving all year up to this point!

Blah, Hamels is pitching tomorrow for the ESPN Sunday night game. It looks like we need him to go at least 8 innings. If this keeps up, the kid might have to match the magic of Lefty... like in '72 when he had 27 of the team's 59 wins.

das411 said...

And yet if not for a bad first pitch fastball from Lieber to one of the best hitters in MLB history, a mistake by Rosario that was most likely a result of he AND his catcher Barajas not knowing the league yet, and the Model Dictator just plan melting down when facing that living legend wearing #25...this was an eminently winnable game.

That said, Howard should not be batting any higher than 5th until he finds his swing again, and those days when he was down in the 7-hole last season all of a sudden do not seem so far off...

Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and promises to be a terrific matchup between two teams' Uberprospects. As always, go Phils!

GM-Carson said...

Screw this team. Seriously, they're a bunch of assholes that play shitty, I'm tired of it. I'm tired of Charlie Manuel still being manager although the season is quickly being lost. I' really don't know what to say, besides screw it all!

BloodStripes said...

A PC rebuild has kept me out of cyberspace for a few days but I'm back. Unfortunately the Phils aren't. Once again we are pinning our hopes on Hamels to right the ship. I hope he packed his stuff.

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- I've been wondering where you were mate. Good to have you back, even if the Phils suck. Even if Hamels wins tonight, it means nothing. The Phils are digging themselves into a hole that they can't get out of...time to axe Fuqua.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah 6 games back isn't pretty. Braves and Mets looking the goods so far. Its gonna be tough to catch up.

GM-Carson said...

Braves have a way better offense than I gave them credit for at the beginning of the season. They're a really good team...just like they have been for the past 2 decades.

The Mets will only get better as soon as GM-Oman plugs the holes in the starting rotation, and he will because that's what good GM's do, unlike Patty G.

BloodStripes said...

Patty G has been filling his hole the Phils holes with butt nuggets!

BloodStripes said...

Howard wins this poll hands down. Even though he is up there as favourite Phillie I had to vote for him. Eaton is disappointing but his crappiness is not a huge suprise. Cmon boys get hot! All 5 of ya!

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies SUCK!

chuckm said...

I will give Howard a bit mopre time as he didnt get off to a good start in 2006. Garcia is the disappointment as he looks seriously weak.