Saturday, April 28, 2007

WSBGM's Salute: Aaron Rowand

Aaron Rowand is on fire! Well, not literally, but he probably would run through flames to catch a baseball. The man is still idolized by some in Philly for "the catch", and that is something I will never forget. During the offseason, Rowand's stock plummeted and fans were hoping Gillick could spin him into a setup man, namely Scott Linebrink. I'm here to admit my wrongfulness and apologize to Rowand, as this team obviously needs him right now. He's had nicknames such as Fence-Face and A-Row, but today he's going as Long Neck.

Long Neck is an term of endearment, as I am on the Aaron Rowand bandwagon. The man has no shoulders and is shaped like and arrowhead, but right now that neck of his has superhero-like strength. He is batting .390 with 5 homeruns and a Bonds-esque 1.109 OPS. I do not expect him to flirt with the Splendid Splinter's, Ted Williams, .400 mark, but he has had a similar season of excellence at the plate before ('04- .310 AVG, 24 HR, .905 OPS). We all know about his defense, and the hype is actually better than the real thing, but he is a good center fielder instinctively. His lack of shoulders leads to a lack of arm strength, but hey, Lenny Dykstra's arm sucked too.

Long neck bottle, let go of my hand.
Hey jukebox don't start playing that song again.
'Cause there's a girl at home who loves me.
You know she won't understand.
Long neck bottle, let go of my hand.
(Garth Brooks)


Kickin' Mad Flava In Ya Ear:

*Homeruns: Utley 5 + Howard 3 + Burrell 1= 9. Jimmy Rollins 9...holy shiitake mushrooms!

*Tom Gordon- 3 blown saves, 5.40 ERA, 1.92 WHIP, .333 AVG against. Don't let him Joe Table our season.

*Has Ryan Madson found his niche in the bullpen, or is this the calm before the storm? 3.45 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, .243 AVG against, and unscored upon in last 8 2/3 innings pitched.

*Carlos Ruiz for NL Rookie of the Year- .322 AVG, 10 RBI, .819 OPS. I said if given the opportunity to start, he would be a future All-Star. Probably not this season, but Chooch can hit, and that's huge for a catcher.

*Pittsburgh is above .500 (11-10). The Buccos continue to get excellent pitching from some of their starters, as Ian Snell pitched 7 scoreless frames last night to lower his ERA to 1.59. I know the Pirates won't be an offense powerhouse by any means, but their offense will improve, and when it does this club might be able to contend in that weak NL Central.

*D-Train vs. Eaton Beaver...Phils win 'cause I say so.



Skeeter said...

This post has some of the best pictures of any WSBGMs post.

1- Giraffes are probably the sexiest animals in the animal kingdom, there is just no denying this.

2- High Life is a fantastic beer.

3- A woman cleaning her 'beaver'...need I say why this is great?

Skeeter said...

And Ruiz isn't only one hell of a hitter, but his catching duties have been excellent. He threw two men out last night, which is something Lieberthal couldn't do near the end of his career.

GM-Carson said...

High Life is my favorite beer. It's the champagne of beers afterall.

When I found the shaving beaver image, I couldn't resist.

Skeeter- curb your bestiality for minute, it's only a giraffe, it's not like it's a sexy poodle for crying out loud.

BloodStripes said...

Cheers to Long Neck and Chooch. Both had top games. Woo hooo!!!

Skeeter that woman is "shaving" her beaver mate. One better than cleaning it.

Long Neck Rowand. A term of endearment indeed. He is white hot with the stick and saving the Phils ass. Maybe we could go one further and just call him Giraffe. We already have an octopus. Ha!

BloodStripes said...

Long Neck is the opposite to the muscle bound football players who pump so many weights they end up with No Neck. There are plenty of No Necks who play rugby.

Our Long Neck may look funny but he is doing one hell of a good job. Salute!

BloodStripes said...

I cannot stop laughing my ass off after reading these sentences. "The man has no shoulders and is shaped like and arrowhead, but right now that neck of his has superhero-like strength". To funny GM.

GM-Carson said...

We could have a zoo for the Phils- Giraffe/Rowand, Octopus/Alfonseca, Mammoth/Howard, Cheetah/Victorino, Dodo Bird/Manuel...the list could go on.

BloodStripes said...

The Phils zoo. Some rare species in there. Dodo bird is good. How about 3 toed sloth/Manuel. And just for today 'Fish' Eaton Adam.

Them Pirates are doing O.K. Snell with a stinkin' win. It was a bit ugly in the end just like the Phils but a win all the same.

Go Buccos and Go Phillies!!!

GM-Carson said...

I hope my fantasy teams start to heat up like the Phils are. I'm ranked 11 out of 13, and 11 out of 15...that sucks.

GM-Carson said...

Gas-Can Geary has only allowed 1 of the 18 inherited runners to scored...fine job!

Ryan Howard is going to be doing Subway commercials. I hope we see him hitting a sub into someone's mouth like Happy Gilmore did.

dane said...

tom gordon is a drain on this team. how long can manuel continue to go to him in the 9th and watch him blow a game that they battled to win. its time to go to myers or somebody else.

Maria said...

The 700 Level website said you can catch the Subway commercial during the Yankees/Red Sox game on Fox.

GM-Carson said...

With Victorino struggling mightily batting righty, and D-Train being a tough lefty, I say sit Vic for Werth tonight.

A win today and we surpassed the past 2 April's win total of 10, that's a good and bad thing. Good, because I thought we'd struggle to win 6 games in April as piss-poor as this season started. Bad, because that shows how shitty the Phils have been for 3 straight Aprils.

chuckm said...

I have to happily admit I was relly wrong about Rowand. I dont think what he is doing is a fluke as it looks like his approach at the plate is noticably different. He isnt swinging at pitches way out of the zone and when it is hittable he is connecting. Even his outs are loud. Keep up the good work A-Row.

p.s- C&C, you guys have really locked into a groove with the blog, especially with the hilarious image placement. Amazing thing is that the entries come first thing in the morning presumably before you go to work. Man, at 06:30 I am nowhere near awake. At risk of giving up your secrets, do you guys line-up images/ideas the night before and then bang it out the next morning
or do you pop out of bed and kick it?

GM-Carson said...

ChuckM- I usually just wake up and kick it. Some times I do get images ready the day before, but I like to let the mind wander and wonder. Thanks for the compliment.

chuckm said...

Carson, It would take me 2 Red Bulls and a morning jog for me to be in any shape to kick it like that. Anyway, I will be down the park tonight. Pitching matchup does favor the Fish, but the Phils have been able to get to D-Train so I'm guessing that its all or nothing, either the Phils chase Willis or Dontrelle closes the door. I will be modest and just hope for 2 of the next 3 games and if they are sitting @ 12-13 and say, 3 games out, I can live with that. If any WSBGM readers are planning on being in the house, drop me a line @ and we can meet up and have a beer and chat before/after the game.

Bumble said...

Great site guys, I just wandered over after perusing other blog sites such as You guys do post some hysterical stuff at 6:00 am and I am guessing you both must be freakish arbiters of pop culture with all of your witty and in depth quotes, clips, pics, etc.

No one has really spoken this in detail yet, but is anyone remotely worried that 2007 will be Ryan Howard's version of Pat Burrell's 2003? He isn't taking good cuts, looks completely lost, and seems to have lost that confidence that made him so daunting the past two years. Could be due to an off season on the buffet circuit (by the look of his bread basket) instead of in the batting cages. If it were a recent event, I'd be less worried, but he has sucked for 2-1/2 months now including spring training. Is this in any way starting to raise the warning flags? They are surviving without him, but he is such an easy out now that teams really don't seem to be taking him seriously and they shouldn't as he hopelessly flails at balls out of the strike zone, including balls that bounce to the plate. To me, this is a code red emergency that should raise some flags.

Bob D said...

DO we now consider Ruiz the starter at catcher? He has 61 plate appearances to Barajas's 31.
With that may appearances maybe its time to eat some salary and bring up Coste. And Coste can play other positions aswell - especially 3B so the other No Hit wonder Abe can continue to sit the bench.
Better yet, maybe Pat G should look for a reserve middle infielder to trade for. We can afford to use Barajas, Nunez, a minor leaguer, or even Gordon as trade bait. Maybe even get a RP back in a trade.

GM-Carson said...

I think we should all stand up from our keyboards and give Pat Gillick a round of applause for signing the current turd-torpedo on the mound, Adam Eaton, and Bag-of-Crap-Nuni...way to find the bargains! Seriously, Eaton sucks! And Nunez is one of the worst hitters I've seen get regular playing time in quite some years...he simply can not budge anything beyond the infield.

Thanks for stopping in Bumble. I am worried about Howard. I never expected him to duplicate his '06 numbers, but his start is down right shitty. I'm so glad we opened up the checkbook and gave him that record setting million dollar plus contract...wait, we didn't, oh that makes sense.

Bob D said...

Its about time that the owners put someone in that is willing to put a real good team on the field.
First replace Nunez with someone else - trade for Lugo, he is just wasting away in Tampa.
Second cut Barajas and recall Coste, he is a better fit with this team.
Third demote Gordon and use Myers as closer if he is staying in the pen. Gordon be the setup guy with Alfonseco.
Fourth trade for another relief pitcher. May have to wait till June 1 and use Eaton.

Most of this team looks good but with half of the bench hitting 200 or less and the pen unreliable this team will do nothing but contend all year and then pull the rug out from under the fans the last week of the season.
Ok I'm done venting for now.

das411 said...

BobD, would that be a trade for Julio Lugo, Red Sox shortstop or Ruddy Lugo, Devil Ray bullpen arsonist?

GM-Carson said...

Ruddy Lugo is Julio Lugo's cousin, but the comparison stops there. Julio is signed to a 4 year deal in Beantown I believe. Ruddy is a crappy reliever that Tampa doesn't even like.

Go figure, I dis on Nunez enough, and he actually got some hits.

Maybe I should dis on Wes Helms now, because his 0-5 last night was one of the worst I have seen in quite some time.

Bob D said...

I meant Cantu

GM-Carson said...

Cantu can play 3rd and 2nd, but SS might be a stretch.

Cesar Izturis who the Cubs want to unload might be a good fit for this club.