Friday, April 06, 2007

Gone Fishin'

The fact that the Phillies have started the season with three straight losses has been lamented on here and many other websites as well. Dwelling on the pain and suffering of yet another dreadful beginning to the season is not going to do us or the team any good. Like Phil Mickelson choking on the 18th, I'm asking for a mulligan, and that opportunity presents itself tonight against the Florida Marlins. It's an absolute must-win situation for the Phils, and they will not disappoint. They've been coy with the NL so far and have been hustling them with that opening series against the Braves. Now that everyone thinks the Phillies suck, they come storming back and spear the opposition through their overly confident hearts. Have no fear, our boys have finally come to rule the roost. We're going to have ourselves a good ol' fashioned fish fry.

But then again, there's always the possibility that the Phils continue to find ways to lose and send me prematurely to my quiet resting place (no, really, I plan on being cremated and put in a Phillies urn). At least there God would surely grant me visions of Phils as World Series champs and let me chill with Whitey and Vuk.


Gone Phishin' Part II:

Yesterday Patty G broke out the big bucks to haul in Francisco Rosario ($100k), and now today he reeled in Rick Bauer and attached him to a minor league contract. It's obvious that Gillick is worried about the bullpen, and for good reason. Hopefully Rosario and/or Bauer can help. Bauer has previously pitched with Baltimore and Texas. For some reason the Rangers decided they didn't need him this season, that's scary in and of itself, and released him. He had a fine season in '06 racking up 71 innings in 58 games to the tune of a 3.55 ERA and 1.38 WHIP. If he can duplicate those numbers, he's more than worth the risk. My guess is that he'll actually start out in Ottawa and be summoned after a few more Ryan Madson meltdowns. I'm also holding out for the chance that he's related to Jack Bauer of 24...that dude kicks ass!



GM-Carson said...

Uninspiring beginnings to the season:

2004: 1-6 out of the gate
2005: 1-4 out of the gate
2006: 0-4 out of the gate
2007: 0-3 out of the gate

Wow, now that's just BAD!

Corey said...

horses that come "out of the gate" like that get shot...

SteveJeltzFan said...

When you've been within 1-2 games of the Wild Card the past few years, it's easy to point out 'what could have been.'

With the Braves and Mets stepping up, every game - even in early April - counts.

kentucky phils phan said...

well yall...we gotta get a win today fellas

BloodStripes said...

Old wise-man Moyer will do the job. Lets hope the pen can hold on if needed. I wanna see Vic back in today and Howard settle down for a couple of hits. And of course a Burrell bomb to send home an on base Ut and Ryano.

C'mon Phils C'mon.

Jacobin said...

Games one and two this year were killers, as compared to getting blown out by the Cardinals last year. I mean, these are games that they had won and let get away (hell, you cannot even blame Fuqua for those losses).

And that's what hurts. You know Charlie is going to cost them his fair share of games this season. Shit, I hated Charles in Charge with Scott Baio, and I really hate it with Fuqua and my beloved Phillies!

chuckm said...

Hope I didnt speak too soon but so far so good tonight in Miami (5-2 B5th). After that ugly opening series, the Phillies better salvage quickly by taking at least 2 of 3 against the Fish and Mutts of its going to be pretty ugly when they come back next weekend.

Jacobin said...

I'm listening to the game on the radio and the f$@#ing station goes to nonstop commercials rather than coming back from the break for the ninth inning! WEEU sucks. This is the same station that carries high school football on Friday nights in the fall, rather than Phillies games (which when you're in the wild card race is really, really annoying). WEEU's parent company sucks even more, but I'll refrain from getting into that.

chuckm said...

Nice win tonight. This is the results we want to see. Maybe Wagner is right about the fans impacting on the teams play as they looked pretty together tonight while in Philly they looked like they were pressing and trying too hard.

BloodStripes said...

Alright! Burrell's bomb scored 3 runs. Woo! I was only wrong about Ut being on base. Vic and Ryano will do me.

Good win Phils. We can all rest easy for a day.

Chuckm. The Phils are good on the road. Maybe they do feel a little extra pressure at home. Or maybe its just the players wanting to the please phans. They know how knowledgable and passionate we can be. They are maybe are a little to desperate to please. Just play hard Phils and we will be happy. You can't ask for much more then that.

das411 said...

Damn I picked the wrong week to sit Burrell!! Should've known he would raise his game when it's this damn cold outside and there is no sightseeing to be done at the ballpark, grr!!

And can we officially declare these bullpen pickups to be using the $$ we saved from dumping that chump Abreu last year? Just to bring it up to like a dozen players we could not afford with him on the roster?

GM-Carson said...

Phinally, a Phils win! I expected this opening day, but I'll take what I can get.

You're my boy Burrell, you're my boy! You called the homer BloodStripes...nice.

GM-Carson said...

Jon Lieber may be back with the Phils by Monday.

Freddy Garcia is probably in line for a April 15th return start.