Wednesday, April 11, 2007

12.5 % Of A Record

Date:       Opp:      Score       AB      H
Apr 9 @ NYM L 5-11 5 2
Apr 8 @ FLA L 4-6 3 1
Apr 7 @ FLA L 5-8 3 1
Apr 6 @ FLA W 8-2 4 2
Apr 5 ATL L 4-8 4 2
Apr 4 ATL L 2-3 3 1
Apr 2 ATL L 3-5 4 1
7 down, 50 to go. Look out Joe Dimaggio; JFK stole your girl now Burrell's coming for your record.

The streak is on the line tonight in NY.

Pat Burrell Hitting Streak 2007 !

So exciting, you may get go along with the nausea that the rest of this team gives you.



GM-Carson said...

I might be retarded here, but Roger Marris hit 61 homerun, and Burrell only has 1...not 7.

Burrell does have a 7 game hitting streak and the record for that is held by another Yankee, Joe Dimaggio, and stands at 56.

Am I missing something?

GM-Carson said...

Relief Options: So which relievers might be available, aside from the aforementioned Brad Lidge?

There's Byung-Hyun Kim, but he'd probably be a nightmare in Philadelphia. The Rockies can't seem to pawn him off on anyone.
The Phils would love to get Scott Linebrink, but the Padres don't have any reason to give him up and in fact might yet work out a contract extension.
Salomon Torres should be available, but the Pirates appear to fancy themselves contenders and already weakened their pen with the Mike Gonzalez trade. Still, if they want to sell high, they should deal him before he blows a few more saves.
The White Sox, with a deep bullpen, seemingly have a surplus. And Kenny Williams gets along with Pat Gillick. But with Bobby Jenks's status still in question, I don't see them moving anyone.
Chad Cordero, while not a dominant closer, is certainly better than anyone the Phillies have. Top prospect Carlos Carrasco would get Jim Bowden's ear, and Michael Bourn would fit nicely at the top of Washington's lineup. Those are the two I think Bowden would want for Cordero. Jon Rauch or Luis Ayala would be nice additions as well.
Akinori Otsuka could become available, and I'm sure he'll be a tad disgruntled from losing his job based on Eric Gagne's long-ago success. But I don't think Jon Daniels will use Gagne without a safety net.
If I'm Dan O'Dowd, I'm shopping Brian Fuentes while he's at his peak and still affordable. The lefty saved 61 games over the last two seasons but turns 32 this year.
Derrick Turnbow is off to a great start with four scoreless innings, six strikeouts, and most importantly, no walks. He'll make $5.5MM for 2007-08. It would be an ideal time for Doug Melvin to trade him, but I'm not sure what the Phillies could offer that the Brewers need. A smaller deal for Jose Capellan could make sense, if the Phils really think he's a back of the bullpen guy even though he couldn't crack Milwaukee's pen at all.
The Cubs don't seem to think too highly of Mike Wuertz, but the 28 year-old quietly had a very solid season last year.
Dustin Hermanson is out there, but he's not going to solidify this bullpen. And forget about Ugueth Urbina...he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for attempted murder. I'm all out of ideas as far as guys who would make the 'pen better in Philly. Did I miss anyone?

Skeeter said...

this confused me as well

Corey said...

yeah, i fucked up. trying to blog in the middle of heme/onc rounds, i guess my mind was elsewhere. right intentions though.

Los said...

Sad day in Philly land when we have to talk about the great year Burrell is having.

Corey said...

oh, and thanks for the history lesson asshole. joe dimaggio played for the yankees? who fucking knew.

and maris better look out also, cuz burrell is coming for his shit too. in china, it is the "year of the burrell"...astological and stuff.

Reagan316 said...

Burrell's hit streak ends, but the Phils win. I'll take that trade any day. We actually looked like a team tonight instead of a train wreck. I loved it. This is what I expected the whole first week. Eaton looked pretty damn good tonight.

Jacobin said...

I love the win, it just worries me that we had to get runs from walks and hit batters rather than driving a lot in. Another 14 LOB!

Oh well, the climb to .500 began today!

Anonymous said...

Ah, we can all breath a sigh of relief. This team can put together a good game against a quality opponent!

das411 said...

Quick! Lieber to the Yankees for either Mike Myers or Villone!! Because pr0FF3ss0r_F4rnsw0rth would be waaaaay too much to ask for without throwing in someone like Barajas...

BloodStripes said...

At last a good win.

Good news about the boy GM. Having a lefty. LOL! I like it. Good work mate.

GM-Carson said...

Corey- I wasn't trying to harass you, I thought you were making a joke that I didn't get. But for future reference, Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth were also Yankees.

I'll take a win any way I can get it, but lets not get overjoyed here. They still didn't hit worth shit as most of the scoring came on Oliver Perez's wildness. They still loaded the bases without coming through twice.

Mike said...

The Phils managed to find two ways to knock runners in without increasing their avg. with RISP.
Eaton earned about 6 bucks of the $24.5 million.
Not a bad night.

GM-Carson said...

The Mets were terrified of Burrell last night and didn't give him proper opportunity to extend his hit streak (2 walks). Plus David Wright robbed Burrell of a double and a nice play down the 3rd base line. Also, Dip-Stick Charlie pulled Burrell in the bottom of the 7th for Bourn and cost Burrell an at bat in the 9th.

michael said...

the phils lead the league in walks..who knew?

honestly any trade gillick does sarge needs to be thrown into it, half the time he has no idea where he's going with anything he says and pronounces name wrong all the time moises alou he said wrong all night. put one of us in the booth we'd do a way better job.

GM-Carson said...

Not to pat myself on the back, but if I were put in the the booth, I'd be like the second coming of Jesus. And that's Gee-Zus, not Hey-Zeus. Sarge sucks!