Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wagner Still Whining

That jackass Billy Wagner is running his mouth again. Here are some things he had to say about Philadelphia and it's fanbase to Inquirer write Jim Salisbury:

"People there expect you to perform, and when you do perform, they're still on your ass." - How many times did he get booed after a save? He would close out a game with a three run lead and nobody on base and would get a standing ovation. That must have been difficult to endure.

"In Philly, you can't have a good enough year. It's different in other places." - Let me repeat one thing he just said - It's different in other places. - Other places such as New York, the city he is currently in? The same city that for an entire year booed the reigning AL MVP as he put up a .290-35-121 season? You think if Pat Burrell puts up those numbers he is getting booed in Philadelphia?

"In Philly, you should never give up a run or you should hit a home run every time up." - Now he's just being stupid.

"Support them, good and bad. When a player is in a slump, look at his track record and say, 'It's just a slump; he'll be OK.' No one knows he stinks better than the player. Get on a guy when he doesn't run out a ball, but not when he doesn't perform well." - Does anyone get the feeling he would rather be playing T-ball? Maybe when he is done pitching the Mets trainer gives him a hot dog, some orange slices and a juice box before he rides his bicycle home.

If Billy Wagner doesn't want to get booed, maybe he should change professions, or at least refrain from giving up game-winning homeruns to midget second basemen in a game that costs his team the Wild Card.

Generally speaking, Billy Wagner is a rat and baby, and Brett Myers agrees with me. "You can't pay attention to it," Myers said. "That's why Billy couldn't make it here."

It's time for Wagner to shut up and just do what he does best, blow late inning leads in September...



BloodStripes said...

Dig the baby photos. Hopefully Wagner won't even get a chance to pitch in Philly this year. But if he does the crowd won't let him think with all the noise and abuse they will yell at him.

I just wanna bash the bloody poofter! What a complete and utter bastard.

GM-Carson said...

Oh hell no, Corey's got the Photoshop working. I can only imagine what is instore for me in regards to a Wheeler love-fest post.

Wagner and Abreu should hook up and do a charity event for ex-whiny-ass-bitches that played in Philly. I'm sure Scott Rolen would kick in a chunk of change.

Seriously, Wagner got cheered like crazy. When he was "booed" it was in jest, because he didn't he triple digits on the radar gun. In fact I think the fans were booing the freakin gun not him...grow a set for crying out loud!

GM-Carson said...

Just read an article over at about how Abreu "has fond memories of his time in Philly". Ok, then why'd you talk shit about the city just a short month ago? Pussy!!!

Return of "Drama Queen"- these spring scores are looking a lot like the good ol' Phils. Pitching sucks and opposition scores 8 and our offense is good but not good enough and we score 6, or our pitching is on point and allows 2 or 3 and our offense decides not to show up and score 0 or 1. What the hell?!

GM-Carson said...

Shane Victorino continues to belt the ball- .429 and 2 hits yesterday, everybody else in the lineup decided to crap the bed as the Yankees shutout the Phils 2-0, with the Phils only registering 3 hits total...c'mon!

GM-Carson said...

Man, I'm a busy boy this morning, lots of Phillies news and thoughts to share.

Quote from Manuel about Bobby Abreu- "He hits third in the Yankees lineup, doesn't he? That says something. People in Philadelphia asked me why I hit him third. That just goes to show you Joe Torre and I have something in common."

*Wow, did Fuqua just compare himself to Torre...he truly is a R-Tard.

Also of note, Cole Hamels got shelled by the D-Rays Triple A team yesterday. We all know Hamels is capable of awesome things, but he's sucked this spring. He needs to get himself straightened out, or BloodStripes 1st round pick will be a dud.

BloodStripes said...

Shutouts aren't good. Awesome if we win but getting zilch sucks. Especially against the yanks.

The Phils will pick up.

Good to see Vic kickin' it.

BloodStripes said...

Damn, what happened to the King in Cole. Come on son, start firing.

2 weeks left to spark it up Phils!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

I love and hate Spring Training at the same time. I was very optimistic before this spring started, but now I'm almost all gloom-and-doom. I love it because it means the return to baseball and we get to see players in the organization besides the 25-man roster. I hate it because I keep getting fooled into thinking that these stats and games actually mean something. April 2nd can't get here soon enough!

Skeeter said...

Hey, lets be fair now about Billy. September leads isn't all he blows. Don't forget about October leads and Jose Reyes.

BloodStripes said...

We gotta remember the Phils are just ironing out the kinks. The serious stuff will come.

Billy blows every met and everything. Bloody wanker!

GM-Carson said...

Skeeter- that was beautiful, simply and utterly beautiful. You made my day with that comment.

chuckm said...

Man, eff Wagner. Doesnt that peckerwood even know how much Mets fans dislike him after NLCS?

Corey said...

i'll be laughing at skeeter's comment all day.

about the manuel quote about sbreu batting third, it proves how r-tardish he is. if the phils had jeter, no one would have been promoting abreu for the position. freaking idiot.

future post update: carson and chris wheeler took a vacation together this winter. kind of a boys getaway. pics and story are in the works...

also, i'm working on a lowell palmer poster, as i was inspired by chuckm's post yesterday refering to his "punk" attitude and shades.

carson, relax. it's spring training. it means nothing...unless your chris coste and riding the pine all the way to canada...

GM-Carson said...

Wow, ChuckM breaking out the "Peckerwood" comment...nice.

I still can't believe our Triple A squad will be North of the Border, Blame Canada!!!

I can't wait to see me and Wheels living it up together, sure will be good for some laughs.

Manuel is a R-Tard, he's given us substancial evidence.

furiousBall said...

Billy is a fucking idiot. He sounds like a teacher wanting his entire class on prozac and not keeping score during youth soccer games so no one feels bad about losing. Listen, Billy we like competing here in Philly. Honest competition, we don't sit on our hands here and politely clap when a guy getting paid $8 mill a year is hitting .220 comes to bat.

You know why? We give a shit here. We LOVE our teams. Real love, not teenage dry humping while listening to White Snake (all apologies to those ladies from Medford, during the years 85-89).

Oh yeah, and Carson, you're an asshole.

Corey said...

very well put furiousball. wagner is creeping up the list of biggest douches in baseball.

speaking of 80's music, i like whitesnake, they rock. i also like quiet riot, poison, winger, cinderella, skid row, motley crue...carson on the other hand likes dexies midnight runners, flock of seagulls, thompson twins, madonna, cindy lauper...not so good.

goDuke said...

I agree with furious... Carson is an ahole... "Just read an article over at about how Abreu "has fond memories of his time in Philly". Ok, then why'd you talk shit about the city just a short month ago? Pussy!!!"

You can't just do an about face on Abreu... he's your boy... you have to stick with him! =)

GM-Carson said...

I liked Abreu when he was here, now I detest him.

I LOVE 80's pop music. I know that is lame, but it's the truth.

GM-Carson said...

I'm constantly reminded how much of a collective pussy our society is has turned into over the generations. Over on BeerLeaguer I guy excused me of being offensive and a homophobe.

This is how it went down.

One commentor said in regards to Hamels- "He'll be fine (barring injury, and yes I just touched wood)."

My response- "You mentioned above that you "touched wood". Was it your own or someone else's? Just curious."

His reply, actually funny- "DQ, Cole excites me, y'know?

(actually, it was the desk, so I propably touched veneeer rather than wood and so doomed Cole to season ending knee injury when he bends over to reach for the remote, or something similarly ludicrous)"

Then again my response- "you better rub up on some proper wood pronto!"

The guy that called me offensive and a homophobe wasn't even involved. So to live true of his accusations, Shut up you f'n H-MO!

GM-Carson said...

Rumors- Renck does not think the Phils truly want to use Jon Lieber as a reliever, and mentions two scenarios floating around. Lieber could be paired with Aaron Rowand and sent to the White Sox, which I would think would require at least Mike MacDougal. Would be interesting to see Liebs back in Chicago if old pals KW and "Stand Pat" Gillick can work it out. Or, he could go to Milwaukee for Kevin Mench. Such a trade would have to push Claudio Vargas to the bullpen.

Corey said...

leave your girly slap-fights over at beerleaguer. we don't need that drama here. this is a no drama-zone.

"now I detest [abreu]" - if you detest your #5 favorite all-time phillies, what do think about the guys who didn't make the list?

speaking of top ten, i never put up my top ten phillies. in no particular order:

steve jeltz
jaun samuel
ben rivera
david doster
kevin sefcik
jaun bell
ricky otero
marvin freeman
eric valent
darrel akerfelds

goDuke said...

Whats the point in dealing for Kevin Mench? I need to add to my top 10 (make it 11) Jose DeJesus... the dude used to pitch with his cap so low it was a miracle he could see the plate.

Corey said...

these rumors are pissing me off. lieber for mench? what the hell, don't the phils need relief pitching. and lieber and rowand for macdougal, who can't throw strikes or for a whole year because of contast arm issues and who was traded by the ROYALS for two nobody minor leaguers, but we'll give up a decent SP and a starting CF????? either these rumors are wrong (which is likely) or the phillie are idiots for talking to these teams.

GM-Carson said...

I liked Abreu while he was here, now that he's gone, he's just not the same in my mind. For example, if Jeter were to come to the Phils I'd like him probably, but I hate him now.

Lieber for Mench doesn't make much sense, but that Lieber AND Rowand for MacDougal and bucket of piss makes even less sense.

Sorry for the drama fellas.

goDuke said...

Now if it was Lieber for Mench and a box of donuts... we got something goin.

GM-Carson said...

PhilliesFlow poses a good question- If Lieber were moved to the bullpen, would he have the stamina to do the jog from the 'pen to the mound?

Corey- the Darrel Akerfelds reference was sweet!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Wagner is just really, really bitter...

goDuke said...

Lieber would be fine coming out of the bullpen. It was just announced that Krispy Kreme is sponsoring the Krispy Kreme Kar to drive him to the mound from the bullpen.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Leiber's not that bad, he could well, be, um, David Wells...

Corey said...

bullpen pitching means less trips from the dugout to the mound and back. or think of it this way, when he was starting, he had to wait 4 or 5 or 6 innings before he could hit the buffet. now, one maybe two innings, then post-game spread here he comes!!!

speaking of bullpen cars, remember in Major League when the old catcher drives the bullpen car (golf cart with oversized hat) from the baseball field (which was near lake erie in northern downtown cleveland) to the suburbs/nicer area of cleveland and arrives at the girl's house he was chasing at the same time, despite her being at the game and being in a regular car. i know it's a move, but c'mon.

[also, i know "nicer area of cleveland" is quite subjective...]

goDuke said...

Great movie. I think he made it to her house in the bullpen cart quicker then he made it to first base on that bunt too.

Corey said...

give him a break, he did use the no-flap batting helmet...

goDuke said...

Thank God it was Willie Mays Hayes on third... if it was Jake Taylor trying to score from third instead of running to first, the Tribe would have lost.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Corey - don't forget, Major League was shot at the old Milwaukee County Stadium not in Cleveland Municipal Stadium, so they somehow seamed Wisconsin and Ohio together ...

PS -Corey/Carson - you guys available next week to help out with an NL Preview on a radio show?

GM-Carson said...

Like R.E.M. said "It's the end of the world as we know it"...Jon Lieber is the cover story currently on ESPN's MLB section of its website, article by Jayson Stark.

chuckm said...

Lowell Palmer poster?...Nice. Another Palmer story said that once Mauch sent him down to the AAA club, Palmer
decided to not to bother to show up for a few days and hung out at the beach instead.

Los said...

Has Wagner become as hated in this city as T.O.? I think this is a good thing to talk about - where does he rank as far as most hated ex-Phillies? Does Mitch Williams supercede him? Maybe once, but not now? Geez, even Brett Myers said that the fans are cool, even after last season.

McD said...

Wagner is such a jackass. He could have owned the fans in this town, but instead his stupidity got the best of him.

To say that New York is a less demanding place to play is absurd!

He needs to put his mouth in neutral and his brain in a gear a bit more.

klkatz said...

Wagner is definitely going to hear the boos now... he just set himself up.

ladies and gentlemen... let's welcome billy wagner back home April 16th, 7:05 somewhere in the later innings... or even better.. maybe he'll never pitch at the Cit this year... but we'll boo him anyway.

das411 said...

Wow...Corey, Dave Doster? Sefcik? Otero??? Someone else was just as scarred by those mid-90s Phils as I was!

Awesome Major League references though, I just watched that movie last week and now I need to find #2 before I get really desperate and do something stupid Major League 3. Or acknowledge that it exists.

And isn't it nice to know that those of us who were hating on Abreu before he left the team, were just ahead of our time? ;)

GM-Carson said...

Los- I never hated Mitch Williams. Sure that pitch sucked beyond belief, but we would have never been in the Series without him. I know he did get death threats though.

Wagner is a schmuck! Seriously, he needs to shut the hell up.

chuckm said...

Hahaha- Wagner lit up for 5 runs in one innings "work" by Atlanta scrubs.

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