Monday, March 19, 2007

Top 10

Yesterday marked the first official WSBGM's Phantasy baseball draft. It is a 15 team league with each team having a 25-man roster, meaning the pickings got slim near the end. I'm sure it will be plenty competitive, a lot of fun, with tons of trash talking, hurt egos, bragging, and of course crying by fellow blogger Corey. I'm not quite sure why we're even bothering with the season as it's only a formality now, because I'm the obvious champ.

Top 10 WSBGM's Phantasy Picks:

1. Albert Pujols (by Skeet on the Mets)- the man is a fantasy player's wet dream. Career lows- .314, 34 homeruns, 117 rbi, 112 he sure does suck.
2. Jose Reyes (by Rico Suave)- he's a Met, he's gay, and I hate him. I will never consciously wish injury on a player, but c' know you're thinking it too.
3. Alex Rodriguez (by Master Batters)- guess he didn't get the memo that New York thinks A-Rod sucks. I on the other hand think Yankee fans are a bunch of retarded goombas, and don't know that they have one of the best athletes to ever play the game on their team and his name isn't Jeter.
4. Alfonso Soriano (by No-Talent-Ass-Clowns)- I'm a genius, I got OPS, power, runs, rbi's, and stolen me now. Not only am I the commissioner, I'm the winner.
5. Johan Santana (by MVPs)- the best starting pitcher in MLB by far in my opinion...too bad his future is in New York and by default will hate him.
6. Joe Nathan (by The 700 Level)- he went with closers early on, and none better than Nathan. Haven't heard of him? It's okay, he's a Twin.
7. Ryan Howard (by Honey Nut Ichiros)- hard to believe he lasted until the 7th pick in a Phillies fan league. Guess we didn't value him as much because of the measly $900k contract.
8. David Ortiz (by Fuquas-Wife-Hates-Me)- Corey likes it when you call him Big Papi.
9. Carlos Beltran (by Jobu's Rum)- see Jose Reyes above.
10. Chase Utley (by Baltimore Bums)- best 2nd baseman in the game without a doubt, and possible MVP. Also of note, he's trying to save our planet against global warming one broken bat at a time.

Best Pick: Mike Piazza (by Master Batters in the 8th round)- he's going to DH almost exclusively, but is catcher eligible.
Worst Picks: Kerry Wood (15th round by MVPs/injury prone), Mark Prior (12th round by GodisaWoman/may start season in minors), Gavin Floyd (23rd round by the 700 Level/he sucks!), Nick Johnson (15th round by Skeet on the Mets/broken leg), Mark Mulder (18th round BloodStripes/didn't his left arm fall off?), and Javy Lopez (23rd round by MVPs/unemployed).
Last Pick: Ron Flores...ah, who?


Top 10 Favorite Phillies:

1. Michael Jack Schmidt- 548 homeruns, 1,595 rbi, 3 MVP's, 12 time All-Star, 10 Gold Gloves, 'nuff said. Did you hear that Schmidt? Enough said!
2. Wes Chamberlain- I really don't understand my fascination with him, but I remember watching him play for the Harrisburg Senators while in the Pittsburgh organization and thinking he was stacked and had huge power potential. When he was traded to the Phils in '90, I thought "Holy crap, he's going to be a super-star". He never did pan out, but I still rank him high on my all-time list of Phils.
3. John Kruk- good ol' One-Nut. As evident by my "What the Kruk?" moments, I thought he was, is, and forever will be awesome.
4. Chase Utley- he may end up being #2 on my list when his career is over. I love watching him play. Will go down as one of the best 2nd baseman in history, partly because the Phils will win the next 7 World Series in which he will help guide them to.
5. Bobby Abreu- yes, that Bobby Abreu. He was one of the few hi-lights during a lot of miserable seasons as a Phillies fan. Too bad he's a crotch-goblin Yankee now.
6. Darren Daulton- he was in the organization forever (1982-1997), and he was a damn fine catcher while here. My mom would rank him #1.
7. Steve Jeltz- it's all about the hair bro.
8. Todd Pratt- Tankhead was exactly what I envisioned a backup catcher to be, an out of shape a-hole.
9. Steve Carlton- never got a chance to see him pitch, but it sure is nice looking back over the stat sheets and seeing all those dominant years turned in by Lefty.
10. Larry Bowa- the ultimate red-ass of all-time, and I truly hope he comes back to the Phillies organization in some capacity in the future.

Least Favorite Phillies of All-Time: David "H-Mo" Bell and Rob Ducey.



Corey said...

could gavin floyd in the 23rd round be the best pick and the worst pick of the draft? i think so.

Corey said...

"Yankee fans are a bunch of retarded goombas" - isn't a goomba one of those stupid mushroom-looking things that you jumped on in super mario bros.?

McD said...

What about Von Hayes?????? And don't forget Dickie Thon. His name alone should get an honorable mention.

Skeeter said...

I am so pissed I forgot Nick Johnson broke his leg. When I saw him in the 15th round I thought "wow...everyone else is an idiot." I guess I proved them wrong.

And Pujols almost guarantees me to be a contender. Mix that with the fact that I picked up Alfonseca in the final rounds....who can beat me now?!

...also, I agree 100% on Reyes

das411 said...

Yea I actually went to a Pawtucket Red Sox game to get Wes's autograph a few years after he was with the Phils because he was just *that* badass, I totally see where you're comin from there Carson!

and did anybody draft 2007 NL strikeout leader (with, oh, I'll say 400 or so) COLE HAMELS?

Fat Ted said...

all the talk now obviously means nothing. i need to find the francisco liriano of this season and then i'm the champ.

GM-Carson said...

Corey- I agree Gavin Floyd was the worst pick, but also the best pick at the same time, because I literally laughed out loud.

Indeed a Goomba is one of those mushroom-looking things that you smashed for some gold coinage in Super Mario Bros., and also a dumb thug...hence the New York reference.

I like Von Hayes, but he didn't crack my Top 10.

I have a Harrisburg Senators' visor signed by Wes Chamberlain and bunch of other minor league nobody's.

BloodStripes said...

Hamels the 2007 K king is with me and so is the Myers the 2007 wins king. J-Roll too. Give me another streak Jimmy. Give us all another streak.

BloodStripes said...

Smooth top 10 Phils list GM. But don't forget the Dude.

GM-Carson said...

I liked Dykstra, but I was pissed when some questionable intoxication lead to the car crash that basically end his healthy productive career.

BloodStripes- your Phantasy team is stacked with Phils...lets hope that's a good thing.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah Flash too. I hope they kill it this year and not just because they are on my Phantasy team. I will gladly come last in this league if it meant a Phillies pennant.

April can't come soon enough.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah bad thing there with the Dude.

michael said...

the one thing i remember about wes chamberlin was when you would go to a phillies game and when he'd come up to the plate they would announce his name as. WESSS....................CHAMBERLIN. loved it.

GM-Carson said...

I remember the name David Bell coming over the loud speaker and the fans booing the hell outta him. I'm still obviously bitter.

furiousBall said...

Glad to see I didn't get a worst pick nomination.

Wait a damn minute...where the hell is Milt Thompson on that list?

Carson, you asshole.

GM-Carson said...

I think it should be mandatory that someone calls me an asshole at least once every day on here.

I encourage all to draft their own Top 10 Favorite Phillies of All-Time list and submit it in this comment section.

goDuke said...

Ok... top 5, and then next 5, no particular order though, within the two groups...

Mike Schmidt, John Kruk, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Curt Schilling

Danny Jackson, Juan Samuel, Pat Burrell, Ozzie Virgil, Glenn Wilson

GM-Carson said...

If Curt Schilling had a muzzle, he would have easily made my top 10.

Juan Samuel is a good one. I thought about including Whitey on my list, but I only knew him as an announcer.

goDuke said...

The fact that Schill can't keep his yap shut always cracks me up... part of the reason I like him. I mean he's an a-hole too.... but it kills me.

chuckm said...

I wont give a complete list, but will add some Phils of my childhood and adolescence:

#1 of them all-Lowell Palmer and his daddy-o shades and sullen punk rock demeanor (see my avatar). Palmer was a promising young first round draft pick in 1966 who was sent down from training camp to the Phillies AAA team in San Diego really quickly in 1968 after he started dating manager Gene Mauchs hot 18 year-old daughter (or so the story goes). Palmer had 3 uneventful years before the Phillies sold him to the ChiSox in 1971, but his cards always sported the shades and he remains an icon.

Dick "Dont Call Me Richie" Allen- The man killed it. All the adults hated him but us kids knew he was the bomb.

Cookie Rojas- Ultimate team player. Played all 9 positions during 1968 season

Tony Taylor- Very popular Phillie who used to pray before he stepped to the plate. He was a super-clutch pinch hitter.

Willie Montanez- Entertaining hot dog with his bat flipping and snatch catches who did have one big year in 1971

Dave Cash- Great 2nd baseman from 1974-76. He was a fave until he took the Cash and went with Montreal as a free agent instead of staying with the Phillies. But in the end, him vacating set up the stage for Manny Trillo in 1980 and no way would the Phillies have won the NLCS that year w/o Trillos MVP performance, so its all good.

HoneyNut said...

The fact that Ryan Howard was sitting on the table for me at #7 was astonishing. Now watch as he pulls an Abreu-style fade in the first half of the season, only to see me trade him away at the break for pennies at the dollar, then re-charges for the second half as the Phils make yet another futile late season surge towards the playoffs.

That sentence structure was disgusting.

SteveJeltzFan said...

I was always partial to Dave Hollins, don't ask me why.

furiousBall said...

Ok, here's my favorite 10 Phils

1. Mike Schmidt
2. Steve Carlton
3. Pete Rose
4. John Kruk
5. Garry Maddux
6. Ryan Howard
7. Juan Samuel
8. Chase Utley
9. Manny Trillo
10. Tug McGraw

Skeeter said...

I'm going to switch it up a bit

Top 5 current
....make it 6: Hamels

Top 5 All Time

Los said...

Allright - I'll ask. So, why isn't Burrell on your fantasy team? Why isn't he on your top 10 list of favorite Phillies? We readers need to know.

das411 said...

FWIW, 10 favorite Phils:

10. Scotty Rolen...i know, i know, but he was probably the best defensive player I will ever see.
9. did somebody say Kruk Month?
8. Jim Eis-en-reich. Gotta love a dude whose teammates nickname him "Jeffrey Dahmer" and he LIKES it!
7. Danny Jackson. the dude pitched in the playoffs for 5 different teams, get cooler than that.
6. Wes Chamberlain. just badass.
5. Chase! Utleyyyyyyy!!! my little bro and I waited around the Vet parking lot for like an hour after Millwood's no-hitter, and the whole time Chase was just kind of standing there waiting for somebody to recognize him...
4. Pete Incaviglia. Not only did he wear my favorite #22, but I also had one '92 card of him in quite possibly the ugliest Astro uni you will ever see...
3. the Dude. enough said.
2. Jeff Juden. One word: 8-25-95
1. Andy MLB debut EVER!!!

BloodStripes said...

A Top 10 Phillies list is hard to make because there are always a few extra players who deserve to be on the list but here goes.

The Dude
Bake McBride

GM-Carson said...

Los- in all honesty, I like Burrell, but he's not on my Top 10 list because I simply don't like him as much as the others. If he stays a Phillie for 5 more years or so, he'll easily glide into the ranks. Oh, and he's not on my fantasy team because he was drafted before I thought he should have went.

klkatz said...

goduke.. i'm not sure how you can hate Danny Jackson.. the man overachieved for us and helped us win the pennant...

I blogged about my Phavorite Phils a little while back...

Here are the highlights:
Mike Schmidt
Lenny Dykstra
Scott Rolen
Curt Schilling
Placido Polanco
Chase Utley

GM-Carson said...

It's nice to see Schmidt on everyone's list. He's one of the Phils few claims to fame.

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