Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spring Trianing...Happy Holidays!!!

I may not be sitting in the bleachers under the beautiful Florida/Arizona sun with a beer and peanuts watching the spring training games, but they're inspiring nonetheless. Today's offering is simply in response to Corey's "Spring Training...Bah Humbug!!!". As in real life (not just spring training), Corey is a Scrooge when it comes to the holidays and I am a fanatic. I equate spring training to Thanksgiving- plenty of good eats (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, etc) and the prelude to an even better time in December. The regular season then equals Christmas- same good food as Thanksgiving with the addition of a ham, yummy cookies, and of course best of!!!

Things to love about Spring Training:
*Greg Dobbs absolutely dominating the Grapefruit League with a .700 average,2 long balls, and 6 rbi. How can you not believe these numbers aren't legit? This guy is obviously the steal of the offseason and is a future All-Star (sarcasm intended).
*Getting hyped up to watch a 3 inning masterpiece by Cole Hamels against the Yankees, to then be yanked (yet again pun intended) for no-name pitchers like Brian Mazone.
*Seeing that Joe Bisenius picked up a save against the BoSox and envisioning him as the future closer, because we all know that spring training stats hold so much merit.
*Having Burrell and Nunez both hitting .400 and wondering which one will win the batting title this season.


"What the Kruk?" Moment VI

Never knew he felt so close to Superman (Dean Cain).


When I first started these "What the Kruk?" moments, one of our loyal readers suggested throwing in a picture of Darren Daulton. My mom used to think he was a hot piece of man-candy, at which time my dad suddenly decided to grown his hair long and have us mysteriously refer to him as "Dutch".



GM-Carson said...

There's a clamor over at BeerLeaguer concerning the Phillies "cheap skate" Howard contract renewal. I had to chime in- Here to give my 2 cents on the Howard bitch-fest:

Let's all calm down and remove our panties from the bunch they're in. None of us are Ryan Howard and none of us are in the Phillies front office (even me, the self-proclaimed GM). Therefore we have NO idea what transpired in regards to Howard's contract being renewed for the recond $900k for a player of his stature. $900k seems measely, and will be considering the future pay-days he will get, but for the time being it is what it is...a record, but nothing amazing. For all we know Gillick and company tried to hammer out a nicer deal but alas ran out of time and just renewed his contract instead with the understanding that a more lucrative multi-year deal is in the works. So many people want to blast ownership and talk about how this contract was a slap in the face of Howard and how we might have just lost him. Hello...he's still a Phillie and will be for the next 5 years at least and possibly beyond. This organization has started to do "good faith" deals recently with players like Burrell, Abreu, Utley, and Myers. I believe they will do the same with Howard and Howard will accept it and be happy."

GM-Carson said...

Interesting side note- Gillick went to Dunedin yesterday to see the Blue Jays play. He visited their camp last week too. Rumors swirl that the Phils would like to try and get Alex Rios for a package containing Jon Lieber. And then trade Rowand for Linebrink. Is there something brewing?

BloodStripes said...

Ryan Howard will make a killing for years to come. To equal a record for most money ever paid to a 2 year player is awesome. Don't forget the indorsements, which must be coming from everywhere right?

Spot on GM. Everybody chill. There's no worries here. He's a Phillie who's massive pay-day will come. The brass will see to it. He is too valuable to ever let walk. Like Schmidt and Carlton before him, big Ryano will be highly regarded and kept a Phillie for a long and successful career.

Corey said...

anybody who wants to blast the phillies for the howard deal is a full of douche water. they could have given him far less and told him to suck it up. they don't have to get a deal done until 2011, by renewing him with the highest salary ever for a player with his sevice time, they are sending a message (at least to the fans) that they will compensate howard appropriately. from my perspective, it would have been stupid to give howard a huge contract now, it would have been a waste of money. rarely do players get substantial raises, let alone long-term contracts. derek jeter didn't get a deal until after 3 years of service (1 ROY, 1 world title, 3 palyoff appearances, 1 all-star, and 3rd in mvp voting later...)look at robinson cano, two years service, 1 all-star game, a silver slugger award, and he got renewed a little over 300K by the richest team in baseball, who will give a washed-up reliever 6 mil a year. the other example everyone points to is albert pujols. did st. louis renewing his contract hurt them when it came to signing a deal later? no. this is how is works. howard, his agent, and the phillies all know it. the only people who don't are the pole-smoking butt pirates who think the phillies made a mistake...

by the way, baw humbug!

chuckm said...

C&C- Excellent editorials. The worry-warts can go find something else as Howard will get his payday.

chuckm said...

re: Lieber for Rios: The Boo Hays could obviously use Lieber in the rotation, but I am pessimistic that they give up a Alex Rios or Reed Johnson for him as the BJs just dont have the outfield depth at this time. They have a decent LF prospect in Andy Lind, but he seems another season away and I am skeptical that the BJs would subtract a good young OF and go with Matt Stairs as a starter. I hope I am miscalculating.

Fat Ted said...

Thank you

michael said...

leiber for rios. i dont know don't under estimate gillick's mind control power.

GM-Carson said...

Fat Ted- the "Pass the DUTCHie" to the left-hand side sighting was for you. And if you don't get that reference, it was a cool raggae song by the Musical Youth in the 80's, also appearing in the Wedding Singer.

I hate the Yankees, even their no-name spring training players and fair-weather spring training fans.

GM-Carson said...

Salisbury brings word that Charlie Manuel isn’t a big fan of the Philly media:

They've been on my butt for two years," Manuel told the Akron Beacon Journal's Sheldon Ocker. "When we win, they're on my butt; when we lose, they're on my butt. I haven't made a good move in two seasons."

Sorry to break it to ya Fuqua, but the Philly media is dead-on in their assessment of this one.

chuckm said...

Anybody watch the game today?...Oh man, how brutal was Gary Matthews SR?
WTF. Sarge sounded like a guy they pulled out of the stands in an emergency. It has to be a plot by the Phillies to find somebody less qualified than Wheeler so that folks stop picking on Dave Montgomerys shoeshine boy

Skeeter said...

What if Dutch is right?

How awesome will 2012 be

icarus236 said...

I'm not a big fan of the Sarge either. It sounded like everything he said was forced.

GM-Carson said...

Sarge was brought in to make Chris Wheeler sound worked. Gary Matthews Sr. (non steroid user) is new to the Phils booth, and it showed during yesterday's game. His voice isn't pleasant, and he didn't seem to know what he was talking about. I do believe he thought long time left-handed specialist Mike Myers was a nobody minor leaguer with a high uniform number...silly Sarge.