Friday, March 30, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: Ricky Williams

I bet I have some of you scratching your heads right now, pondering "I don't remember any Ricky Williams playing for the Phillies." Well, you're sort of right and sort of wrong. The Phillies drafted Ricky Williams, yes the pot-head, back in 1995 in the 8th round. Although he never saw time at the MLB level he did play outfield for the Batavia Muckdogs (a Phillies Class A affiliate) back in 1998 with a .283 AVG, 7 R, 3 RBI, 6 SB, and .597 OPS. As you can see, we weren't exactly missing out on anything when Ricky opted for football over baseball. TheBaseballCube has this listed on his player page, "Ricky is better known as an NFL player for the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins as compared to his baseball career." I tend to disagree, as I better know Ricky as a Mary J toking fool trying to get reinstated into the NFL so he can make more loot for more ganja. It's a shame Ricky didn't stick out his baseball career, as I'm sure Junior Dick-Dick Dubee (aka Richard Peter Dubee Jr.) would love to get in on that action.

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Just Say NO!:
*Rumor has it that the Phils are contemplating shipping an "excess catcher" to the Cardinals for Ricardo Rincon. Rincon is a left-handed specialist that really isn't all that special. I'd hate to see Carlos Ruiz or Chris Coste traded in haste for waste.
*Francisco Rosario is a wanted man, but not by our beloved Phillies. Gillick is high on this relief pitcher and he is a fire-baller that may be useful down the line, but he still is in need of polishing.
*The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting a David Bell siting outside the executive offices at Citizen's Bank Park. My guess he was groveling to be offered a minor league contract by the Phillies then officially "retire" (ala Doug Glanville).



goDuke said...

There should only be two bells in Philly... Taco Bell and the Liberty Bell. NO DAVID BELL... PLEASE!

GM-Carson said...

I love me so Taco Bell, hell yeah!

From Michael Bourn, who entered Thursday's game with a .286 batting average, certainly made a case for himself on Thursday, even after his roster spot was secured when Karim Garcia was released on Wednesday.

After opening the game with a hard line drive that richocheted off Pirates starter Chacon, the 24-year-old outfielder stole second with ease and then came around to score on Utley's double.

In the second inning, the Houston native demonstrated his speed when he grounded a hard-hit ball to short that he almost beat out, missing a safe call by a half-step. Then, in the bottom half of the inning, after Brad Eldred reached first on a walk, Bourn exhibited his skills in the field, tracking down a line drive in the gap and then doubling up Eldred at first.

Two innings later, with one out and men on first and second, Bourn beat out a double-play ball that would have ended the inning. One pitch later, he easily swiped second. Jayson Werth grounded out in the next at-bat, but Bourn, who now has eight stolen bases this spring, proved how invaluable his speed can be in late-inning situations.

Bourn is fast, really fast. With Victorino, Rollins, and Bourn- we have some of the top speedsters in the game.

Skeeter said...

No Quiero David Bell

GM-Carson said...

Rock the Vote!- go to and vote for the Phillies. We can't let those fart-knockin' Mets win this poll.

Bob D said...

Bourn is a huge improvement over Roberson, he even threw out a runner at 1st yesterday. He is a four tool player only lacking enough power to be considered a 5 tool player. Though some say he will likely develop that in the next few years. He may just play his way into the lineup before September.

GM-Carson said...

I really don't care if Bourn ever develops power as long as he can get on base at a decent clip (.350+), because his speed will lead to extra bases. He can fly in the outfield and his arm is decent too.

furiousBall said...

Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to smoke weed like I was going to win a contest if I smoked enough. I got so high one night during a dinner party we were having at my home in Atlanta that I couldn't find my bedroom. I asked my roommate at the time to draw a floorplan for me with a red arrow indicating the way to get to my bed. My roommate who wasn't quite as high as I was drew the arrow into a couple walls, which I of course slammed into. That's why they call it dope.

BenJah said...

i'll take a hit from the blog! but not the wall...thats a good story, furiousball

i thought the only reason gillick wouldn't trade rowand was the risk of having no outfield depth, but is that a moot point now with bourn playing well? can he step into the big leagues now?? what say you, gms?

Scotty said...

FuriousBall, you gotta love the old stoner stories. I myself had a similar incident occur with a college roommate of mine.

One nite after partying pretty hard we decided we were going to take some bong rips. At some point in the process, my roommate leans over to me and casually whispers into my ear; "Hey dude, where are we?" I looked at him and just ignored it.

About 10 minutes later he again leans over to me and says "No Seriously Dude, where are we?" stunned I turned to him and said "we are sitting in our living room!!" He looked at me glossy eyed and said, "That's right, I knew this place looked familiar!!"

Again, thats why they call it Dope!

In a related subject, my Grandfather's nickname is Dope, still to this day I dont know why! He always was a smoker though so who knows???

GM-Carson said...

First off- that Furiousball that was a hillarious story. I was laughing out loud, so naturally I shared it with my co-workers who are now laughing and recalling their own stories now.

Secondly- Benjah, I figured this post was right up your alley.

About Bourn- I'd hate to trade Rowand away to have Bourn fall flat on his face, but Bourn is probably ready to produce somewhat well (.265, .340 ob%, 30+ sb), but not bat leadoff. If Rowand could net a decent relief pitcher and Lieber an insurance outfielder like Ryan Church, then sure lets roll with Bourn.

GM-Carson said...

Scotty- is your Grandpa Willie Nelson by chance?

GM-Carson said...

Predictions from various prints:
Baseball Prospectus odds: 1st in NL East
Hardball Times staff consensus: 1st in NL East
Hardball Times data driven prediction: 82 wins, 3rd in NL East
Sports Illustrated: 3rd in NL East
Baseball America: 1st, World Series loss
Beerleaguer: 2nd, 88 wins, Wild Card birth
Sporting News: 2nd, Wild Card, World Series loss
Penthouse: 1st, World Series champions!
FoxSports MLB power rankings: 8th
Todd Zolecki, Inquirer: 87 wins, possible postseason
Jim Salisbury, Inquirer: 86-90 wins, possible postseason
Marcus Hayes, Daily News: 90-92 wins, Wild Card
Paul Hagen, Daily News: 88-90 games, 3rd
Bill Conlin, Daily News: 85-88, in the hunt

Larry Flynt is the man. I love me some Penthouse. Excellent hi-brow literature it is.

GM-Carson said...

Oops, Larry Flynt is Hustler not Penthouse. My bad.

From FoxSports- The Phillies are one of three teams to have made a trade offer for Toronto relief pitcher Francisco Rosario. Club officials scouted the 26-year-old righthander in Dunedin this week, but there doesn't appear to be a fit and a trade is unlikely, a source said last night. (aw, shucks)

Latest on the new rumors that Aaron Rowand will return to the White Sox from Philadelphia: "I'm assuming there will be even more," Chicago GM Ken Williams said. "There has been one every day since December." The Sox refuse to give up one of their main relievers for Rowand.

Frenchy Rheal Cormier is on the trading block. Believe it or not, I'd welcome him back.

Dan Kolb may be let loose by the Pirates, and he's had a decent spring.

GM-Carson said...

ESPn analyst predictions-
Peter Gammons, ESPN: 87-75 2nd in NL East
Jayson Stark, ESPN: 91-71, 2nd in NL East
Jerry Crasnick, ESPN: 86-76, 3rd in NL East
Buster Olney, ESPN: 94-68, 1st in NL East
Rob Neyer, ESPN: 85-77, 2nd in NL East
Tim Kurkjian, ESPN: 90-72, 2nd in NL East
Steve Phillips, ESPN: 90-72, 2nd in NL East
Keith Law, ESPN: 91-71, 1st in NL East
Jim Caple, ESPN: 90-72, 1st in NL East
Eric Karabell, ESPN: 88-74, 2nd in NL East

goDuke said...

I knew there was more then just the fact that Buster is always on Mike and Mike in the Morning that made me think he knew his stuff. It must be his faith in the Phils.

GM-Carson said...

Corey and my wife know this- Buster Olney and Jayson Stark are my homeboys!

chuckm said...

I am pretty eff yeah when it comes to Bourn. He has always rocked a ob% far ahead of his BA and plate discipline is one of these things that if you have it, you dont lose it. I see him as a future leadoff batter capable of .375 ob% or better. I was thinking that Bourn could use another season in AAA for batting development, but being that he would get plenty of work doing Burrell gimp duty, it aint gonna be like he sits on the bench rotting....anyway, I will be at CBP
for tomorrows game. Looking forward to the ole ball park and checking out Dice-K should be interesting. I'll be in McFaddens courtyard before the game having a brew (or 2), if anybody else is gonna be there, I will be wearing a Phillies hooded sweatshirt and the most beat-up Phillies cap in the house. Feel free to say hello

GM-Carson said...

ChuckM- we want a full report of the game and festivities.

In all seriousness, Corey and I are going to plan some WSBGM's tailgate parties/game gatherings.

GM-Carson said...

Wilfredo Laureano was released today. He was the guy we got for David Bell...go figure.

Sausage-Beater, Randal Simon, was also released today.

Others released: Bryan Hansen, Sam Orr, Dennis Diaz, Tim Moss, Zac Cline, Cory Dueitt, Maximo De la Cruz, Matt Olson, Talley Haines, William Capps, Michael Deveaux, Curt Miaso, Evan Tartaglia, Tom Gornati, Jacob Dempsey, John Brownell, Robert Moron, Cody Montgomery, Mark Kelly, Lenin Gazo, Nick Hall, Alan Schoenberger.

The only noteworthy one being Tim Moss, 2003 1st round draft pick. Way to go!

Corey said...

tim moss never was and never will be a first round pick. you must have him confused with some other worthless player.

Bob D said...

Tim Moss was a 3rd round pick that year. But it was the Phils 1st pick of the draft because of the Thome and Millwood signings.

GM-Carson said...

Ok, so I messed up on the Tim Moss thing. All I remember is him being the first player drafted by the Phillies that season, but I forgot we didn't get any picks in the first 2 rounds.

I'm sure glad spring stats don't count because Cole Hamels hasn't pitched well at all. He's currently being battered around by the BoSox.

GM-Carson said...

Freddy Garcia and Jon Lieber were placed on the DL today, both being eligible to come off April 7th.

GM-Carson said...

Hamels sucked today. His surrendering of longballs better have stopped with today's outing.

Our lineup of mostly regulars sucked too.

Piss poor effort.

Joe Bisenius has looked good all spring but didn't make the bullpen, yet Clay Condrey, who has been very hittable, has...stupid if you ask me.

das411 said...

Clay Condrey needs to stay on the roster with Geoff Geary and Antonio Alfonseca so that Manager R-tard can refer to his relievers by their one alliterative initial.

And even those statheaded foolios over at TheGoodPhight are high on Bourn right now. IF (and it's a big if) there is a decent deal out there to be had for Rowand, I don't see any reason why a platoof of Werth and Bourn in RF could not work, at least until the deadline rolls around and ideally a legit RFer (Reggie Sanders-type) becomes available. Or I hear there is a CFer with a ton of power who wears #25 and is going into his walk year and might be available, what do you fellas think of tryin to pick HIM up?