Monday, March 19, 2007

Obtuse Observations

Phillies Philes:
*Pat Burrell hit his 2nd homerun, ending a 1-19 skid. He was nearly at Sebastian Bach level there.
*Brett Myers is ready to take over as ace of the staff after battling himself and his wife for that matter over the past few seasons. Yesterday he pitched 6 scoreless innings of 2 hit ball while striking out 7. He gets my opening day nod, but then again I'm not Charles Fuqua Manuel (thank goodness), as he may opt to throw Adam Eaton out there on April 2nd for all we know.
*Disney-destined Chris Coste isn't getting much playing time this spring...ah, why not? He reportedly has a strained hammy.
*Eude Brito was finally able to pitch in a spring game after an offseason car wreck. He threw 1 inning and didn't give up a run, which puts him smack-dab at the top of the crap-heap of bullpen contestants.
*Tom Gordon, to to hell with the "Flash" moniker, was allowed to hurl yesterday and lost the game...brings a double connotation to "hurl".
*The Phillies Grapefruit record now stands at a pitiful 7-11.


Bucco Bits:
*Youngster Andrew McCutchen looks ready for the prime time with a solid spring thus far- .333 (12-36).
*Starting pitchers Ian Snell, Tony Armas, Shawn Chacon, and Paul Maholm are all pitching well recording sub-4 ERA's.
*Lefty Shane Youman is making a case for himself to be in the bullpen, especially since big-boy lefty Matt Capps is experiencing arm problems.
*Dan Kolb has a 0.00 ERA...he was a minor league signing.
*My favorite Pirate, Ronny Paulino, is batting a cool .500 (14-28).
*The Pirate's record is even more disgraceful than the Phillies, standing at 6-12.



BloodStripes said...

The Phils and Pirates are just warming up to start the season on fire. Good things take time.

I hope Coste can get some more playing time soon. I wanna see him get a bench spot.

GM-Carson said...

Charlie Manuel really wants some lefties off the bench, giving Karim Garcia and Greg Dobbs the upperhand over Coste. I'd rather see the team go with Dobbs and Coste, because Garcia is a hack.

Corey said...

i think they bucs should put mccutchen in CF and let it ride, dude is a major talent.

how many HR does brad eldred have this spring? he may see time in RF, especially with nady ailing.

spring training records mean nothing, not matter what they are, the bucs will still lose 100 games a season...

GM-Carson said...

All-or-nothing slugger Brad Eldred has 4 bombs this spring and is batting over .300. He's going to make the team and play some outfield and firstbase. I see the Pirates trading him some time during the season though.

michael said...

without a doubt the spring training records mean nothing. i've seen KC at or near the top of the spring training standings many times but once regular season rolls around its back to losing 100 games a year.

GM-Carson said...

The Royals are taking the AL Wild Card this season Michael, get on the bandwagon now buddy!

I know spring training records count for nothing, but as a fan wouldn't it be nice to have your team winning?

michael said...

haha i'm already printing up the tshirts.

oh yeah i know you know. and yeah you have a point i would love for them (phils) to win every game they play i just know that this is the time when they try new things. situations, pitches, what batting order works for this situation which one doesn't, its all trial and error. also i know guys are giving 100% because they don't want to bust themselves up in a meaningless game and yes i know the same could happen to them walking across the parking lot but why increase it. all that matters is when it counts they step it up. honestly in spring training i dont look at any scores or standings.. i couldn't even tell you whos got a better record. but all of these things i've said i know all of you guys know already. oh and i thought there was going to be a draft recap today, wha happened?

Skeeter said...

Last spring, the Phillies had one of the best records in all of baseball. April proved that those numbers meant nothing. Winning is always nice, but the end of every spring training game is a AAA squad trying to beat another AAA squad.

Plus, I'd rather be 7-11 than 11-7. 7-11 sounds cooler

GM-Carson said...

There will be a draft recap coming tonight. I did a rough draft and went to publish it this morning, but for some odd reason the inappropriate content filter wouldn't allow me to do it. I'll have to do it from my home computer.

GM-Carson said...

From MLB Trade Rumors site- If there was a vote for Team Most Likely to Make a Trade as Spring Training comes to a close, it would likely be the Phillies that would win. An excess of starting pitching and an ever-growing lack of depth in the bullpen makes the team a target for trade rumors.

But, according to general manager Pat Gillick, Phillies fans shouldn't hold their breath waiting for a move. Gillick told the local scribes that he doesn't expect to make a deal for a reliever prior to the start of the season and that one of the excess starters will have to go to the bullpen.

Last year at this time, the Phillies most glaring need was a left-handed bat off the bench and just before the team came back north, Gillick was able to land David Dellucci. So, despite Gillick's pessimism, this situation bears watching over the next few days and weeks.

Don't forget, Gillick sometimes has bouts of pessimism, after all, he is the one that in July of 2006 didn't feel the Phillies could compete for anything until 2008.

michael said...

gillick's crafty he likes to keep everyone guessing. if people say he needs bullpen help he'll go nah we're ok and turn right around and trade for some.

excellent, can't wait for the recap. even though i was in it. haha.

furiousBall said...

I think a lot of those experts picking the Phils to make a trade are merely looking at the Liber and Burrell situation and thinking that's a done deal. Neither one of these guys will bring more than prospects at their current market value. I think they both need to put on a show during the regular season to bring any kind of serious offer.

Bob D said...

Looks as if this set back will cost Coste the bench spot. Dobbs has actually been good this spring while Garcia is well Garcia. I do not see the Phils trading any OFs they need everyone they have there now. Bourn looks like he is ready to play now full time and if Gillick sees that he may give him a roster spot over Garcia or via trade.
The bullpen looks like a mess but it is still early. This team may need 2 more quality RPs just to give themselves a chance. If not, then Leiber or Eaton may end up in the pen. Many say that Eaton takes 3 innings to build up speed, but last year he did hold batters to a 206 BA in the 1st inning (vs 1,2,3rd hitters).
Victorino looks good enough I may just add him to my yahoo fantasy team, he may just score 100+ runs with a dozen triples.

GM-Carson said...

I drafted Victorino in the 17th round, as I too think he's good for 100+ runs with some steals, double, triple and homeruns. I'd love to see him go double digits in all those categories.

I agree that we need two decent relief pitchers to sure up our bullpen. I'm not talking Mariano Rivera good, but I'm also not talking Mike Williams bad.

Corey said...

"The Royals are taking the AL Wild Card this season"

who are the Royals?

GM-Carson said...

Justin Germano was placed on waivers and claimed by the Padres, so we effectively gave Rheal Cormier away for free much like Vincente Padilla.

GM-Carson said...

Other Phillies moves today- Two players were optioned to minor league camp: infielder Danny Sandoval and righthander Brian Sanches and three players were re-assigned to minor league camp: righthanders Ryan Cameron and Kane Davis and first baseman Randall Simon.

michael said...

i cant believe they didnt keep germano to me he looked like he could turn into something useful hopefully the phillies are right in letting him go.

GM-Carson said...

Germano is still young (24 I believe) and induces groundballs and has had minor league success. He was out of options though, and therefore he's gone because I guess the Phils think the rest of the bullpen crap-heap will do better than him.

From Mailbag: "Why don't the Phillies trade for someone like Jason Bay or Matt Holliday?
-- Seth A., York, Pa.

Because those players aren't available. Besides, Burrell is the left fielder."

*The response given is like "you're a retard, do you even know baseball?"...good stuff

Corey said...

i want to congratulate seth in york for being the biggest retard ever to figure out how to send an email.

we gave cormier away for nothing. is that a bad thing?

the only two things in the world you can induce, labor and ground balls...

michael said...

wow, that seriously is the dumbest email ever.

i definately love/hate the phillies fans. many of them always love to come up with the craziest trade schemes or 'fixes' for the team that never ever realistically work.

Los said...

For fan appreciation night this season, the Phils should select a lucky fan each night to be their closer.

GM-Carson said...

Los- that idea is pure genius. You're working on assistant GM status. You hatred of Burrell is holding you back from climbing up the company ladder though.

Today's game- Eaton pitched about as good as we can expect from him- 3 runs in 5 innings. Bisenius got touched up and was wild again. Matt Smith had his 3rd consecutive scoreless outing, bringing the outrageous ERA down to 9.82. The Phils bats overall were pretty much silenced by Ian Snell and some Pirate relievers. Now having identical 7-12 records...yippie!

Corey said...

"Phils should select a lucky fan each night to be their closer" - at least this would boost ticket sales; jose mesa, john rocker, jeff brantley, and heathcliff slocum would probably buy season tickets.

Bob D said...

select a lucky fan each night to be their closer - What an awesome idea.
dumbest email ever - maybe it was the dumbest email ever picked to show up on Phillies