Thursday, March 01, 2007

Down with OPS?

You down with OPS? Yeah, you know me. You down with OPS? Yeah, you know me. You down with OPS? Yeah, you know me. Who's down with OPS? All the homies! OPS how can I explain it? I'll take you frame by frame it. To have y'all jumpin' shall we singin' it. O is for on base, P is for percentage, S is for ya get it?

OPS= On Base % + Slugging %...the higher this number the better, for example Ryan Howard's was an outstanding 1.084 last season. OPS is a great stat because it tells the regularity of which a player gets on base, and you have to be on base in order to score. The slugging percentage, which relays what type of extra base power and batting average the player has, combines with the on base skills to make a nice little nifty stat. OPS is not all-telling, and should not be the measure of success or failure, but it is indicative of giving your team the best chance at scoring runs. For example, the list of the top 10 players in OPS in MLB in '06- Pujols, Hafner, Howard, Manny, Ortiz, Berkman, Thome, Dye, Miguel Cabrera, and Beltran...not a shabby list. Other Phillies notables- Chase Utley at .906 and Burrell at .890 (told ya he doesn't suck!).


Nuggets of Joy:
*The mighty MLB Phillies triumphed over the NCAA Florida St. Seminoles 12-4. 19 year-old hotshot, Kyle Drabek, got roughed up a bit by the college boys. Utley went bombs away with a 3-run shot, and Burrell is batting 1.000 (2-2), and I expect that to last the entire spring and throughout the season...Burrell for MVP!
*The real Grapefruit League action begins to day with a showdown versus the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland. Grand Pappy Moyer is taking the mound, as needs to shake off the formaldehyde and embalming fluids from his winter siesta.
*The "X-Man", Xavier Nady, is having stomach/intestinal issues (possibly Crohn's) and is missing camp for the Pirates. They need him in the outfield to help score more runs and give that young starting rotation something to work with.
*My Boys, Burrell and Schmidt, were seen making nice yesterday afternoon having a nice chat during the game.
*Bobby Cox announced that John Smoltz will be taking the mound on opening day against the Phils. The Phils have handled him with some success in the recent past, but Burrell is 1-23 off of him...ouch.



GM-Carson said...

I apologize to Xavier Nady, his illness is NOT a nugget of oversight.

Another ailing NL East pitcher- Jason Johnson of the, shucks! Mike Hampton isn't fairing well for the Braves either.

goDuke said...

You're finally seeing the light... Burrell for MVP!

furiousBall said...

Did Jamie Moyer get a nose job to make his bigger?

GM-Carson said...

I love having Jamie Moyer on the pitching staff as he's reliable and a mentor...KWality!

Anonymous said...

Anybody who can create an OPS analogy with Naughty By Nature is dope in my book! I would be honored to share links with your fine site.


GM-Carson said...

McD- I will be hooking you up with a link shortly.

The Naughty By Nature reference today was sweet...lil' pat on the back for myself.

GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- If Brett Myers is ever asked to close, he said yesterday, he would do it. The Phillies begin their Grapefruit League schedule with six starting pitchers on their roster. They are expected to trade one of them - righthander Jon Lieber remains the likely candidate - to fortify a bullpen that remains a concern for the front office. But if the Phils can't find a fair trade, they have kicked around an intriguing possibility to solve their six-man conundrum: Keep all six and make Myers a closer. Don't jump to any conclusions. This is only a hypothetical discussed in one of many brainstorming sessions this off-season. It may never come to pass. "I'll do whatever helps the team," Myers said. "I wouldn't mind it. I wouldn't mind doing either one. Either way, the game is on the line."

*I think Myers could be a great closer, but a great starting pitcher is more available...therefore keep him in the rotation!!!

GM-Carson said...

The list of hurting NL pitchers grows- Taylor Tankersley, Marlins hoepful closer, has a bum shoulder.

GM-Carson said...

I wrote this comment on another blog and wanted to share it here as well- I love me some stats, but as most of us know, they aren't everything. Rowand isn't exactly an offensive sparkplug, but he's no slouch either. What he is, is a balls-to-the-wall, give you my all, wear my emotions on my sleeve style dirt-dog that's tries to do everything he's capable of and more. That type of player is a good thing to have on a club. I know these are intangibles and can not be measured, but just because they're unmeasurable doesn't mean they're not valuable attributes.

fans said...

Quick question -
The Brett Myers story was written by Inquirer reporter Todd Zolecki. Does he also post on FoxSports?

michael said...

honestly that brett myers story is the dumbest thing i've ever seen a philly sports writer write. a 3 year old daydreams more logically.

GM-Carson said...

Fans- no Todd Zolecki does not contribute to FoxSports. FoxSports has a rumor section that post reports from varying information outlets.

As many fear- Wes Helms may just be a butcher at 3rd. I want his offense, but he needs to at least field adequately. Error on his first play of the spring...yuck!

Phils losing 4-2 in the top of the 5th. Greg Dobbs hit his 2nd homerun of the spring already (one yesterday against Florida St. too). If he hits better than Karim Garcia this spring, he better make the roster instead.

GM-Carson said...

Greg Dobbs just hit his 2nd homerun of the game, that's 3 in 2 games. I know it's only spring training and it's early, but he's making an impression.

chuckm said...

Our Model Dictator ruled today. 3 scoreless innings with 2 hits, 0 walks and 2 K's.

GM-Carson said...

Heaven to my ears- picked the game up on my XM in the 6th.

Phils lose 9-7 with the help of a lot of sloppy defense.

*Correction- Dobbs only hit 1 homerun this game. How dare he?

Model Dictator "seizing" his opportunity.

I will blog more about the game tomorrow morning.

SteveJeltzFan said...

I that Myers speculation is the sort of thing that happens when you run out of human interest stories a few weeks into Spring Training.

Yes, with his pitches and mentality, Myers is the most likely current Phils starter to have success as a closer -- but he's also our ace. He ain't John Smoltz. At least not now.

chuckm said...

Jeltzfan- Yeah, thats what I thought when I read Zoleckis article. Looks like we will be seeing a few Dobbs stories after his performance in the first 2 games.

BloodStripes said...

Hows the baseball Queen doin' with the bun in the oven Carson? Any 2am cravings for vegemite yet?

The state of Pennsylvania won't know what hit it with a little GM on the way.

Hope all is well mate.

GM-Carson said...

Mrs. GM is now 13.5/14 weeks into the pregnancy, and all is well thus far. Besides reading Phillies/baseball I've been trying to read stuff about pregnancy and babies too...very informative.

And as you said ChuckM- a Greg Dobbs shout out is coming into today's piece.