Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dispersed Droppings

Who's in our bullpen?
1. Tom Gordon, as I no longer will refer to him as Flash until he recaptures my trust. If healthy, he'll do a fine job locking down wins, but keeping him healthy like like keeping a batch of Sea Monkeys alive.
2. Ryan Madson- shh, he has actually pitched well this spring (1.86 ERA). The man has an excellent change-up, he just needs to be able to change it up with something else.
3. Antonio Alfonseca, aside from his 6 fingers, he really doesn't seem to have much to offer, but bottom line is we need him to perform well because Patty G didn't exactly stock the 'pen this offseason.
4. Gas-Can Geary, he's one of this blog's heroes and will continue to be so as long as he keeps pitching for the Phils.
5. Matt Smith? He's pitched like poop this spring, but he's going to be the lefty out of the 'pen as our relief troop is really more like a smelly diaper.
Questionable- Clay Condrey and Jim Ed Warden.
Sent Packing- Model Dictator Fabio Castro, Eude Brito, and spring success Joe Bisenius (1.80 ERA in 10 IP with only 4 hits surrendered and a 1.00 WHIP).

Candid Concerns:
*It's only spring training (a phrase I've heard one too many times), so I'm not overly concerned with Ryan Howard's struggles. However, Howard is concerned with Howard's struggles, which leads me to be concerned about Howard. Follow?
*My WSBGM's Phantasy League's starting 2nd baseman and buddy Bucco, Freddy Sanchez, is going to start the season on the disabled list due to a collision he suffered trying to turn a double play against the Phils about a month ago.
*Jayson Werth is our backup catcher? Yes, this seems to be the case. Rod Barajas is the starter and with Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste ailing, that leaves the man who hasn't played in the Majors for the past 2 seasons as the backup. Werth has been seeing time behind the plate during the last week and is getting "readjusted". I think this is an injury waiting to happen.
*Rumors abound- the Pirates are up for trading their entire team, minus Jason Bay. Well, not really, but Ryan Doumit, Shawn Chacon, Humberto Cota, Nate McLouth, and Jose Castillo are all on the trade block.



BenJah said...

i think at least 6 weeks of the season needs to pass before we get another "drama queen" rant! the season is LONG, so lets see them play games that count for a little while and figure out what we really have before going crazy about the roster. maybe we'll be buyers at this year's trade deadline instead of giving our shit away for free.

we knew the team wasn't perfect months ago, but no team is in the NL. if everyone sucks, i still like our suck more than most

Bob D said...

What do you think of the chances Pat G will trade for a RP? Right now Rowand is the likely canidate as Lieber is hurt. That would mean Bourn would be starting CF with Werth getting more playing time. I think this is likely to happen either later this year or starting next year, but they may just decide to make the changes now.

Only 1 lefty in pen.

GM-Carson said...

Rowand's trade value is going down because he still hasn't shown he can hit since the face bashing incident with the fence and then that slide tackle he put on Chase Utley. I love Rowand's grit and all-out play, but we need him to hit too.

We need relief help pronto!

Anonymous said...

Matt Smith had a terrible beginning to Spring Training, which bloated his ERA. But if you look at how he has pitched recently, his numbers are much more encouraging.

Todd Zolecki pointed out in his piece this morning that Smith allowed 8 earned runs in just 1 1/3 innings back on March 6 and 9 against Pittsburgh and Boston. But in his 7 appearances since then, his ERA has been 2.08. Smith admitted that he didn't have much on his pitches that first week of the spring season, and opposing batters ate him alive.

Yesterday he pitched 11/3 scorless innings against his former team, the Yankees. He didn't face a bunch of scrubs either. Abreu, A-Rod, Giambi and Matsui all batted against him. He struck out A-Rod and Matsui.

Smith should be a solid member of the bullpen. He needs to be....he is the only southpaw out there.

GM-Carson said...

McD- I loved what I saw of Matt Smith last season, albeit in limited action. We need him to be a solid contributor out of the bullpen, especially being the lone left-hander. I know he's not as bad as his spring ERA suggests, but he's also not as good as his miniscule ERA from last season either.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies right-hander Freddy Garcia, who is out with right biceps tendinitis, played catch and will have a bullpen session Tuesday. He was hurt in his last start last Wednesday.

goDuke said...

I'm always so happy to hear when one of our starters is back up to the same point as my eight year old son. Freddy Garcia played catch. Yay. goDuke's son will play catch today... If I only could have made him a lefty... he'd probably already have a spot in the Phillies' pen.

furiousBall said...

I think Matt Smith will be fine. Another good arm in the bullpen would be nice. Playing the role of doubting Thomas, I'd say watch for Burrell to slump early, the Dodgers realize they need more lumber in their lineup and we do a trade for that reliever...neither team makes the playoffs.

Skeeter said...

If Geary, Madson and Smith all pitch to what they are capable of and Gordon doesn't hit the DL once this season...will we no longer have a bullpen crisis?

Those are big "ifs" but it is entirely possible. I just hope it pans out.

GM-Carson said...

If Madson can register a sub 4 ERA, Gordon stays healthy, Geary replicates last season, and Smith is effective against lefties then our bullpen won't be as bad as I think it will be. But you're right, those are a lot of "ifs".

Maria said...

What happened to Fabio?

GM-Carson said...

Fabio Castro pitched like crap this spring and failed to secure a roster spot. He's probably going to Ottawa to work on being a starting pitcher. He has quality stuff, but his command is poor.

das411 said...

Here is the solution to all of our bullpen worries!


GM-Carson said...

Freddy Garcia is feeling better and could start April 7th, this is wonderful news. On the other hand is Donut-Eater and the Phils aren't optimistic about his injury and it looks DL bound for him.

Chris Coste also looks bound for the DL or Ottawa, either way not with the Phils. Karim Garcia and Greg Dobbs have locked down bench spots.