Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bring It On!

Showdown- Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves on April 2nd at 1:05 pm at Citizen's Bank Park.

Match-up- Brett Myers (54-40 4.34 ERA) vs. John Smoltz (193-137 3.27 ERA).

Key Players- Phillies: Jimmy Rollins (630 R .274 AVG 207 SB), Chase Utley (.290 AVG .867 OPS), and Ryan Howard(.304 AVG 1.023 OPS 82 HR 217 RBI in just 2 seasons)/Braves: Chipper Jones (357 HR 1197 RBI .304 AVG .944 OPS), Andruw Jones (342 HR 1023 RBI), and Brian McCann (.317 AVG .899 OPS).


Taking Inventory:
*I was in Philly yesterday to see my sister graduate from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and went to a cool pub called the Nodding Head afterward to celebrate (which had an awesome display of bobbleheads). I then wake up this morning to read that Brett Myers gets the official opening day "nod" from Manuel...coincidence?
*We all know Abraham Nunez cannot hit, hence "No-Hit", but he is supposed to be able to field. Then why 3 errors already this spring? The man literally has ZERO value.
*Don't get alarmed it's only spring training, but our Master Blaster Ryan Howard is in a huge funk at the plate (.239 AVG with 16 K) and has been quoted several times as saying he's "dissatisfied" with his swing. Rowand (.172 AVG) and Burrell (.200 AVG) are also having a rough go of it this spring.
*Speaking of Fence-Face, smarty-pants Fuqua Manuel decided with his infinite wisdom to send Aaron Rowand on a 2-day mental holiday because of his struggles at the plate. I'm sure that will cure all, that Manuel, he's so smart.
*Greg Dobbs is the man. The dude is mashing the ball, and I love it. I know this most likely will not continue once April 2nd rolls around, but for now I'm salivating over his .372 AVG, 4 HR, 14 RBI, and 1.161 OPS.
*Our bullpen is a crap-heap, or as Skeeter would say- "our bullpen is a port-o-potty". Well put my friend.



GM-Carson said...

From FoxSports- "I might think twice about trading a starter," Phils GM Pat Gillick said. "I might trade somebody else." That somebody else could be starting center fielder Aaron Rowand, who still is coveted by his old team, the White Sox. The Phils are desperate to improve their shaky bullpen, and dealing Rowand and a prospect to the Sox for reliever Mike MacDougal and utility infielder/outfielder Rob Mackowiak is a possible match. One NL scout said the Phillies have to do something to address their bullpen woes. "It’s not looking too good," the scout said.

The Phillies say they don't believe Freddy Garcia was damaged goods when he came over from the Chicago White Sox in December. "We did our due diligence on his health," assistant general manager Ruben Amaro said yesterday, the morning after Garcia was shut down with right-biceps tenderness. "We feel he was a healthy enough player that it was important to make the move." Garcia, 30, left Wednesday night's game against Toronto after one inning. His fastball barely hit 85 m.p.h., and he was racked for three runs. Yesterday, the pitcher pointed to the area where his biceps connects to his shoulder and said he was feeling soreness in the area. Garcia said that he was not worried and that he hoped to be ready by the team's April 2 season opener, but it is difficult to imagine that he will not begin the season on the disabled list. Several scouts who have watched Garcia this spring have remarked that his velocity was down late last season. The Phillies were aware of Garcia's reduced velocity but were not wary of making the trade.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

You kids are crazy, I gave you some love on my site. Thanks for the laughs this rainy Saturday...

GM-Carson said...

We are crazy (I'll take it as a compliment.

furiousBall said...

I REALLY don't like the way Amaro used this phrase "We feel he was a healthy enough player..."

Healthy enough?

Skeeter said...

thanks for the love. The bullpen is crappy

But what is even worse, right now, is our putrid offense. Thank God it is spring training. The Reds made us look like a special Olympics version of the kids from the Sandlot.

GM-Carson said...

Garcia, Freddy not Karim, better make 30 starts minimum this season or I'll be pissed!

Adam Eaton pitched like shit today...go figure. Quite predictable actually.

Pat Burrell and Ryan Howard continue to crap the bed. Good thing it still is spring training.

Our Model Dictator hasn't dictated anything except for the fact that he probably belongs in Ottawa. F'n 9.24 ERA...are you kidding me?!

At least Victorino, Helms, and Dobbs continue to get base hits.

I'm in pissy mood. Stupid Phillies!!!

Bob D said...

Mackowiak can replace Nunez (just cut him) and MacDougal can head to the pen. Bourn has played exceptional this spring and they can afford to have one rookie on the team as a starter. Werth may have some value as a starter if needed. And now we hear Leiber is hurt. Sergovia may end up with a start or two to begin the season. He has real potential

das411 said...

Isn't amazing how quickly this team replaced our optimism with the spectre of another 0-6 start or another 10-14 April?

Our beloved Phightins need to phigure out how to win some ph'ing ballgames dammit!!!

GM-Carson said...

It's basically a week until spring training...I'm concerned!