Monday, February 05, 2007

We Love Facial Hair

I'm not sure why, but here at WSBGM's we love facial hair. Last year we took a liking to Sal Fasano and that gnarly fu-manchu, and even showed refuge to Rick "the Beard" White. A player could completely suck, but if they have some kick ass facial hair, they will hold a special place in our hearts. Rich Schu is a hero of ours...enough said. Speaking of facial hair...the Phillies are rumored to be looking at free agent Dustin Hermanson. He has a chronic back, but if healthy, he could be a nice addition to the bullpen. He was a closer for the ChiSox in 04-05 and has a decent career ERA of 4.21 and a WHIP of 1.36. I'm pretty sure it would only take a minor league contract at this stage of the game to land him...Gillick, take the chance!

*With the recent lock-ups of Utley and Myers, should the Phils roll out the red carpet and ink Howard long term or wait until next offseason?
*If Victorino learns the art of stealing (bases that is), how many is he capable of swiping?
*If you were Antonio Alfonseca, would you throw a 6-fingered palm ball?
*If you were related to Charlie Manuel, would you admit it?



michael said...

hermanson has got some gnarly facial hair, gillick should sign him just for that shit.

i think victorino is capable of leading the league in SB's if he learns how, he's got some insane speed i really dont understand why he wasn't taught earlier

GM-Carson said...

Vic used to steal bases in the minors (182 in 7 seasons) where catchers and pitchers aren't as well refined defensively and with their moves. Now he has to learn how to do it on the big league level.

furiousBall said...

I think Hermanson should save two six fingered hands into his beard in a sign of solidarity with Alfonseca.

The Big Dog said...

I think the Phillies should all mimic the facial hair of the Union Army during the Civil War...imagine the mustaches with curls, Rutherford B. Hayes long beards, curly mustaches with 6-inch long THAT would be some serious-ass facial hair.

GM-Carson said...

The Big Dog- I would absolutely love that! I'm all about baseball, but some good ol' facial hair increases the entertainment value for me personally.

BenJah said...

wait on howard until next offseason, and it can be done him the money

Skeeter said...

Would I admit be related to manuel?

Would you admit to being David Bell's ass-slave?

Bob D said...

wait until next offseason for Howard

Victorino can steal all 4 bases off the field as far as I'm concerned. There are 15 other teams in the league, so he could collect upto 60 during the season, then there area few interleague games.

Antonio Alfonseca should throw a 6-fingered cue ball at his coach.

*If you were related to Charlie Manuel, would you admit it? Yes, only if I was in the act of suicide.

Hope these answers help Carson.

Los said...

Hey Alfonso, which one is your middle finger?

das411 said...

Ok fine, I'll be the asshole who asks it: "Isn't Alfonseca's sixth finger on his glove hand, not the pitching one?"

And about Victorino's speed, can you even imagine how cool it would be to watch all of that monster Vet outfield being covered by Rowand and the Flyin' Hawaiian??

GM-Carson said...

Das411- I was under the impression that Alfonseca had 6 fingers on each hand. I didn't do any extensive research on this matter, so I could easily be wrong.

I predict Vic steals 23 bases this season...seems like a good number.

On being related to thanks.

On being David Bell's ass-slave...where's the line?!

Sign Howard long term next offseason.