Friday, February 09, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: N.U.F.A.N.

Here at WSBGM's, we enjoy paying homage to the lesser known players that once graced the field in a Phillies uniform. This Phriday's phlashback goes to the extreme, as I did not even remember these two schmucks until I found their player page on Baseball-Reference. In fact the only reason I came upon these faceless wonders is I took a survey to get credited with $2 and ended up sponsoring their pages for a year (I'm a cheapskate). That's right, WSBGM's is now the proud sponsor of the no use for a name Ken Jackson and Brad Moore.

Ken Jackson came into the Phils system as a highly touted 1st round pick (17th overall). His illustrious career spanned all of 8 games during the '87 season, in which he managed to collect 4 hits. Those are the hi-lights...sad isn't it? He was a shortstop, and his path to the Majors was obviously blocked by the far superior glove and bat-wizard Steve Jeltz. Our other funded page holder Brad Moore had a bit more exposure at the MLB level. Moore, like Jackson, only played in 8 games, but he managed to space those ever-so-important games out over 2 seasons ('88 and '90). Brad finished his stellar career compiling 8.3 innings pitched, 6 bb, 3 k, and a eye-popping 1.08 ERA...why wasn't this guy a Cy Young candidate?

Next time you're bored, I suggest you go back through the years of Phillies rosters and see how many one-hit-wonders you can uncover. You'll be surprised how many Ken Jackson's and Brad Moore's there have been over the past couple decades. *By the way, BloodStripes- No Use For A Name and One Hit Wonder are both punk bands, check them out.



furiousBall said...

They had a one hit wonder playing third last year didn't they?

GM-Carson said...

Abe Nunez quite literally might be a one/1/uno hit wonder. He sucks so bad!

Mets signed Chan Ho Park for their beat up rotation.

BenJah said...

chan ho park?? philly batters should be licking their chops!

Moe Ville said...

How about Kite Man?

Skeeter said...


oh sorry... I'm just laughing at the chan ho park signing. For a team that was expected to pick up zito, all they have is park. I love it

GM-Carson said...

The Mets have an awesome lineup, but besides Glavine, they're rotation is not very good. Pedro is hurt, Maine is unproven, Orlando is old and banged up, and now Park...c'mon, we should light these bitches up!

BloodStripes said...

The Phils have to win this division or their lives might be in danger. Or at least mine might be. The time is now Phillies. just has to get done.

Great names for bands. Very punk.