Saturday, February 10, 2007


I don't know about the rest of you, but this frigid weather is more annoying than a Backstreet Boys reunion. Spring training is upon us, but waking up and seeing single digits on the thermometer isn't exactly warming. Regardless of how cold it is in PA, the boys will have enough warmth and sunshine to start getting down to business in Florida.

Spring training means the return of fantasy baseball. Corey and I would like to do a WSBGM's phantasy league. We're looking for 10 serious applicants to GM a phantasy team, which will bring the total to a competitive 12 team league. If you are interested please email us at


What the hell is going on here?



Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Corey/Carson: I'd be interested. Um, email me at or just leave a comment via the blog.

Also, I have a preview of your Phils' if you didn't see it - just go the blog and look to the left.

GM-Carson said...

The Cards may be interested in Lieber. They don't have much to offer us, but they have some intriguing bullpen options (Brad Thompson, Randy Flores, Josh Hancock, Tyler Johnson, Ricardo Rincon, and my wishful thinking Adam Wainwright). Just as long as they don't try and trade us anothe Bud Smith.

*By the way, still 6 slots open for the WSBGM's phantasy league.

furiousBall said...

I think he was looking for Mariah Carey's car keys

chuckm said...

Gillick doesnt look like much of a swinger, but maybe he can hook up a threesome with the Cards and some other team.

BenJah said...

jeter is farting in michaels' face b/c he's funkn derek jeter, bitch, and michaels is just michaels

Maria said...

I'll do the fantasy baseball thing if there's still room.

GM-Carson said...

Maria- consider yourself a member of the 1st WSBGM's Phantasy League.

*Still 2 more openings.

michael said...

hey i'm interested in joining the league. email me at with the details.

BENTZ said...

If you have any room, e-mail me at If not, it's cool...and Go Phils!!

GM-Carson said...

all slots philled for the wsbgm's phantasy league. thanks to all the interested parties.

Skeeter said...

you bitches are going down. I predict domination from team skeet

BloodStripes said...

Go Skeets!

I predict last place for team Blood. If I go higher I will consider it a success. Ha!

GM-Carson said...

"Team Skeet"- Lil' John would be so proud.

I believe my team name will be "No-Talent-Ass-Clowns"...appropriate.

Fat Ted said...

Damn, can't get in on this fantasy league. Damn me and not checking the internet until tonight.

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