Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nice Mustache Tony

The Pirates signed Tony Armas as an amateur free agent in 1971. He played 4 games for the Buccos before hitting 250 homeruns for the A's and the Red Sox, not including the ones he hit for me in RBI Baseball for Nintendo. Well, hopefully the second generation of Armas plays more than 4 games for the Buccos.

The Pirates signed Tony Armas again on Thursday. Terms are unknown, but I doubt they overpaid.... Armas, once a very good prospect, was once traded with Carl "I Got With Alyssa Milano" Pavano to Montreal for Pedro Martinez. Yup, Pedro. Now? 48 wins and 60 losses later, he's a Bucco.

Last year, Armas started 30 games. The three years before that...40 games total. Reliable.

The big question is, what happens to Shawn Chacon? Duke, Snell, Maholm, Gorzelanny, Armas...I doubt they go to a six man rotation. Speaking of six starting pitches, is the Donut Eater traded yet?



Bob D said...

Donut eater still a Phillie (the baseball team Phillie not the horse Phillie). Good idea for these teams to bring to ST a 6th SP, just incase of injury or whatever.

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GM-Carson said...

I read the Armas contract is for 1 year 3 mil, with an option for '08 or 500k buyout. Armas is better than Chacon.

Fat-boy-fat (Lieber) is still a Phillie. He won't start the season as one though.

Brett Myers gets 3 years 25.75 contract...sweet!

Gillick is making some good moves this offseason. Next up- trade Lieber!

Corey said...

Ol' C. Fuqua Manuel wouldn't have any of this crap in his house.

furiousBall said...

I can't believe the deal the Phils reached with Myers...compared to the Eaton money, Myers is a steal.

BenJah said...

furiousball -- i agree...he's downright cheap. could there be an upside to his whole "boston-incident"??

goDuke said...

Booo... you can't say upside to belting his wife one... thats not right. You can however say that he did the Phils a favor, by being a jerk*ff. Thanks Brett... we fans appreciate it! (and yes... we'll still cheer as long as you pile up the W's)

GM-Carson said...

Wow, field trip with the kids today...LONG day!

Bucco tid-bit: Shawn Chacon's contract is not guaranteed, meaning he can be cut during spring training and the Pirates are only on the hook for 1/6 of his contract.

GM-Carson said...

There is a reason Abraham Nunez has the nickname "No-Hit"...he can't fricken hit! He only managed to bat .268 in the Dominican Winter League...pathetic!

Rule 5 pick, Alfredo Simon pitched well, to the tune of a 1.67 ERA over 31.3 innings.

Chris Roberson flourished in the Mexican League playoffs batting .333 and scoring 18 runs in 16 games.

Swing-happy Randall Simon faired well batting .331 in Venezuela...he loves those South of the Border hookers.

No-talent ass-clown Danny Sandoval only managed to scrape together a .244 average. He and Nunez should go jump off a cliff together.

Our hero and Model Dictator Fabio Castro had a nice and tidy 1.86 ERA and K'd 31 batters in 29 innings in the Dominican.

BenJah said...

i have tix to opening day .. anyone else going?

GM-Carson said...

My brother-in-law was supposed to get opening day tickets. I guess I should call him. I've actually never been to an opening day, so it would be quite exciting.